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Job Title:                 IT Systems Analyst                   Date:              [January XX, 20XX]
Job Description:

Design solutions to improve productivity and efficiency of the company. Design work may be either for some
external clients or for internal clients, which may be some other department in the firm. Perform research on any
reported problem. Plan and propose solutions, advocate software and systems and coordinate the problem solving
process to ensure that the business standards and requirements are met. Take multiple approaches to solve a
problem and choose the most appropriate one out of them.


            Develop and implement the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.

            Plan a testing schedule for completing the system operations.

            Evaluate system specifications for business requirements.

            Develop and prepare computer solutions.

            Work closely with management to prioritize business goals and information needs.

            Interact with external or internal clients.

            Understand client’s operations and systems.

            Translate client requirements into technical specifications.

            Determine potential solutions and test them for both technical and business compatibility.

            Develop project feasibility reports.

            Present proposals to clients.

            Work with the software developers and other end users to ensure technical compatibility and user

            Implementation, support and inventory control of applications.

            Supervise proper implementation of new systems.

            Keep up-dated with technical sector developments in the industry.

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                                                                  Type:              Contractor, Temporary
Monthly Salary Range:       [$9,000-$12,000]                      Manages            [Yes or No]
Number of Vacancies:        [2]                                   Other:


         Must have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field.

         Minimum 4 years prior Information Technology experience required.

         Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.

         Maintains strong attention to detail in high-pressure situations.

         Solid understanding of business practices.

         Requires excellent computer skills.

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