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Job Title:                  Financial Analyst                     Date:                [January XX, 20XX]
Job Description:


             Responsible for finalizing year end financials and internal audit assignments of the organization.
             Identifying/assessing areas of risk and recommending corrective measures to upper management to
              mitigate losses.
             Designing budget, managing revenue projections and liaising with appropriate personnel to analyze
              budget needs, tracking budgetary versus actual performance and devising methods to negate
             Ensuring accurate record keeping of A/R aging, flash reports, billing reports and bank facilities status
              reports. Implementing / maintaining new accounting systems, policies/procedures as per
              organizational goals/objectives.
             Managing company's cash flow, annual budgeting, forecasting/financing and structuring financial
              strategies to ensure accurate and timely reporting/compliance.
             Reviewing statements including transfer vouchers, wire transfers, cash/account balances, yearly
              closing of accounts, aging analysis reports and other cost-benefit analysis of financial management
             Assuming responsibility as an Internal Auditor as per ISO/GAAP requirements; scrutinizing financial
              data of the group's companies to ensure accuracy and appropriateness of documentation, and
              recommending apposite solutions to queries pertaining to financial documents.

Job Location:               [Country]                             Company             [i.e.: Accounting, Auditing,
                                                                  Industry:           Manufacturing & Production,
Job Role:                   [i.e.: Finance]                       Joining Date:       [February XX, 20XX]
Employment Status:          [Full-time]                           Employment          [i.e.: Employee, Internship,
                                                                  Type:               Contractor, Temporary
Monthly Salary Range:       [$9,000-$12,000]                      Manages             [Yes or No]
Number of Vacancies:        [2]                                   Other:


             Financial Analysis & Management, Financial Control, International Accounting Practices/Procedures.
             Financial Structures / Procedures, Financial Reengineering, Business Projections.
             Planning / Strategizing, Financial Accounting & Auditing, Business Risk Assessment.
             Procurement & Inventory Accounting, Credit Analysis, Internal / External Auditing.
             Budgeting, Report Generation, Cash Flow, Management Reporting, Cost / Benefit Analysis.
             Business Development & Restructuring, Ratio Analysis, Internal Controls, Accounting Standards.
               Team Building, Motivating, Analytical Skills, Communication & Interpersonal Skills, Leadership Skills.
               Networking, Synergy, Creative Problem Solving, Accounting Packages, Training & Development.
               MS Office Applications & Internet Usage.


               Bachelor's degree/higher diploma
               Associate Chartered Certified Accountancy

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