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Job Title:                  Civil Engineer                        Date:                [January XX, 20XX]
Job Description:


             Participating in analyzing survey reports, maps, drawings, aerial photography and the topographical
              and geotechnical data for civil projects. Review and comment on all civil engineering related designs
              and project cost estimates.
             Providing technical leadership on all civil related activities for the project and maintain civil standard
             Pro-actively liaising and coordinate with the Project Engineers and other parties as required to ensure
              that all Civil related matters are cleared and managed in an efficient way.
             Optimizing civil designs and specification to ensure fit for purpose deliverables. Review the projects
              civil scope of work drawings and specification during design and construction and identify any
             Reviewing as-built drawings of completed projects before handover to Drawing Manager and
              highlight any discrepancies. Positively participating in civil structures or material inspections as
              required by Projects or Operations departments.
             Participating in tender evaluations for all civil aspects in all contracts relating to projects
             Delivering reports to his line supervisor on all aspects of his field. These reports may include- Weekly
              highlights, monthly progress reports.
             Identifying new technology in order to allow existing facilities and future developments to be
              optimized in terms of life cycle cost, operability, maintenance, safety and environmental impact.
              Supporting the review with listing prospective vendors and service providers.
             Ensuring that all activities are conducted in a safe manner and that Company HSE system is adhered

Job Location:               [Country]                             Company              [i.e.: Consulting Services
                                                                  Industry:            ,Construction,
Job Role:                   [i.e.: Civil Engineering.             Joining Date:        [February XX, 20XX]
                            Engineering, Consulting Services
Employment Status:          [Full-time, Part-time]                Employment           [i.e.: Employee, Internship,
                                                                  Type:                Contractor, Temporary
Monthly Salary Range:       [$9,000-$12,000]                      Manages              [Yes or No]
Number of Vacancies:        [2]                                   Other:

         Design & Construction Management, Civil Engineering, Cost Control
         Architectural Visualization, Project Planning, Tender Management
         Contractor Coordination, Procurement & Materials Management
         Formulating Briefs, Client Relationship Management, Project Modification, Inspections
         Communication & Interpersonal skills

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