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A Monegasque delegation, representing Monaco Collectif Haiti, made up of
members of the Government of Monaco, the Monegasque Red Cross, Fight Aids
Monaco and ES-KO, made a trip to Haiti from 21st to 25th April in order to identify
one or several projects that could be funded very soon. The delegation was
welcomed by Haiti’s Prime Minister, who is keen to establish a long-term
relationship with Monaco, and met many players active in the field.

Monaco Collectif Haiti was created at the request of H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince,
following the violent earthquake that hit Haiti on 12th January this year.

Funds raised by the Group (Government of Monaco, NGOs, private sector and Monaco
City Council) so far amount to one million dollars.

3 months after the earthquake, a delegation representing the Group, accompanied by an
expert from the NGO, Planet Finance, travelled to Haiti to meet the local authorities and
identify projects in the health and education sectors, as announced to all donors at the
beginning. The ECPACT network enabled the delegation to benefit from 3 airline tickets
kindly donated by the airline Air France.

Upon their arrival in Haiti, the members of the delegation were struck by the extent of the
disaster. “Everything has been destroyed over an area of several kilometres. It has been
three months now since the earthquake struck, and we are still in the emergency phase
when we should be in the restoration phase. The emergency phase will continue until
November, that is how serious the situation is.” As told by Claude Fabbretti, from the
international section of the Monegasque Red Cross, on his return.

The meeting with Haiti’s Prime Minister, Mr Bellerive was particularly rewarding and
important. The Prime Minister qualified Monaco’s solidarity as extraordinary and unique.

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Excerpt from Mr Bellerive’s interview with Monaco Info

 “There is no such thing as minor aid and Monaco is a small State which has
demonstrated extraordinary solidarity. One of the interesting things, almost unique, is the
concerted aid from Monaco. Everyone from Monaco has come over to try and work
together - the public sector, the private sector and NGOs alike. They are trying to show
the Monegasque difference and this type of cooperation is what we are looking for in
Haiti. We would like every sector to work together in one direction: the Haiti people. The
Principality of Monaco has had this outlook right from the start. We hope that this type of
cooperation will be substantial and give ideas to other partners who perhaps have more
resources but less coherence in their action in Haiti.”

Among the various projects identified, one in particular attracted the delegation’s
attention. It is the global health project conducted by Dr William Pape, the creator and
manager of the 26 Gheskio healthcare centres in the country, precursors as far as
AIDS/HIV research is concerned. It should be noted that the HIV prevalence rate has
dropped from 13% in the eighties to 2.2%.

In the capital, for the past 30 years, the centre has provided integrated healthcare to the
most destitute. Before the earthquake, it treated 1 200 patients per day.

After the earthquake and providing emergency care, the centre must now develop its

Excerpt from Dr Pape’s interview with Monaco Info
“These people, after the earthquake, ended up with no shelter and occupied all the area
available on the campus. Everything had to be provided for them: drinking water, food,
healthcare... The hospital had to be set up to treat the emergencies, then rehabilitation
centres and schools, since today we are a nation of amputees. Therefore jobs had to be
created, a school opened, training colleges set up, as Haiti needs to be rebuilt. We need
qualified workers and at the moment Haiti has none.
Microcredit also had to be given to an increasing number of people, homes with enough
room to accommodate their families had to be found.
The global health project not only involves providing healthcare services as we know
them, it also covers everything that is outside the sphere of health but which is essential
to an individual's well-being and which will enable him/her to become a fully-fledged

 10, Quai Antoine-Ier                  Tél. : +377 98 98 22 22
 B.P. 458 – MC 98011 Monaco Cedex      Fax : +377 98 98 22 15    e-mail : presse@gouv.mc
          member of society. Almost everything has to be started from scratch but I am extremely

          Other projects in the education sector have also been put forward to the delegation. It is
          now up to the Group to select those who will benefit from the funds raised very soon.
          This is Monaco’s strength: the funds are immediately available and it is a matter of
          urgency for Haiti to begin reconstruction.

          The outcome of the mission, which very much marked the Monegasque delegation, can
          be summed up by Ms Gessie Bellerive, Executive Secretary of the Prime Minister, with
          the following Haitian proverb: Jen ou vini jen yo recevoua. (As you come, as you are

          A television report by Monaco Info will be broadcast on the local channel on                   at

For further information:
Department of External Relations
Office of International Cooperation (+377 98 98 87 89)

            10, Quai Antoine-Ier                         Tél. : +377 98 98 22 22
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