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									Sarah Markley
                                                                                 (425) 802-2828

SUMMARY:       I have worked in the entertainment industry as an intern and artist and graduated
               from DigiPen Institute of Technology on May 1st of 2010. I desire to further my skills
               as an artist and build my career by learning and applying knowledge on the job.

EDUCATION: Senior at DigiPen, with three additional years of college at Western Washington
               Major: BFA (in animation) specializing in concept art, previously Design/Illustration
               at Western Washington University with a minor in Creative Writing

     Conceptual                   Digital                       3D
     creature design              Adobe Photoshop               3D Studio Max
     character design             Corel Painter                 Maya
     environment design           Adobe Flash                   unwrapping/texture art
     storyboarding                Adobe Illustrator             modeling
     vector design                Traditional                   animation


   Contract Artist- 2d and 3d artist and animator (Oct 2010-Present)
   Cricket Moon Media
   Seattle, WA
   Description: I work in both 2d and 3d software packages, primarily Flash and Maya 8, to
   create and animate assets for web games that include clients such as Disney Online Studios,
   Nick Jr., and other major names of children’s entertainment. My duties have so far included
   creating assets in Flash, animating assets in both Flash and Maya, tweaking layouts, rendering
   and other assorted parts of the Flash game pipeline.

   Visual Data Specialist (May 2010-October 2010)
   Kirkland, WA
   Description: I helped to create worldwide maps for Google Maps, but cannot further specify
   my tasks as I am under NDA. However, my tasks involve a great deal of attention to detail,
   doing tasks for a long period of time, and flexibility with ever-changing guidelines.

   Concept/2D Artist (Jan 2010-May 2010)
   Exato Games
   Seattle, WA
   Description: I produced concept art and character design, design UI, texture models and
   paint backgrounds for their unreleased, independent Xbox LIVE Arcade title "Progenitor". My
   job requires meeting strict deadlines, texturing low-poly models, painting backdrops,
   designing/fixing UI elements and working with a small, tight-knit team on a very unique,
   interesting mixture of RTS and puzzle.

   Comic Artist at Creative Edge Press
   Puyallup, WA (April 2010-June 2010)
   Description: Creative Edge Press is a brand-new independent comic book publisher based in
   Puyallup, WA. I created the art for a new comic called "Slow Burn” and have illustrated a full-
page image and lithographic print to showcase their new stories, which sold at the Emerald
City Comicon and at Comic Evolutions in Puyallup.

Contract Artist/Intern (2008-Dec 2009)
Motus Digital in Plano, TX
Description: I contracted various remote freelance works including storyboards for a music
video, concept art, pitch pieces and illustrations. The music video was for a new musician
named Ryan Laird, and was shown at the Nashville music convention but not yet released to
the public.

Game Tester (2009-Jan 2010)
VMC in Redmond,WA
Description: As a full-time functional and hardware game tester of Xbox 360 titles, my job
exposed me to games of all styles, familiarized me with the Xbox 360 and its games, and relied
on teamwork to cover all aspects of software and hardware testing.

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