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					                                                                                             P: 1-360-601-5838
      Phillip Heckinger                                                                      E:
                     Experienced Technical Art Lead

 I am looking to work with a team interested in pushing both the creative and technical aspects of games to new levels,
 while creating original and interesting experiences.

Work Experience
Tech Art Lead                              Airtight Games (Xbox360 Natal)                               Early 2010-Present
  Recent unannounced projects have involved Natal as the primary control interface. These projects have ranged
     from static gameplay levels to full locomotion-based levels and full interactive physics-based levels. The wide
     range of gameplay between these systems has given me unique industry knowledge for Natal based productions.

Tech Art Lead                               Airtight Games (Xbox360/PS3/PC)              2005-Early 2010, Redmond, WA
  I have worked at Airtight in many roles over the years: Character Artist, Environment Artist/Lead, and CG
     Supervisor. For the past three years I have been the Tech Art Lead where I have managed, created, and scheduled
     all tech art related tasks for Dark Void and all prototype projects.
  Some of the features I have helped to create/manage were skin shaders, anisotropic hair shaders, BDRF clothing
     shaders, water shaders, multi layer gore/gut shaders, advanced character lighting, radiosity lighting tools, next-gen
     post process effects, content management/organization features, level streaming, SpeedTree, advanced physics
     system, etc. I recently helped to prove and create assets using the new Nvidia Turbulence tech in UE3.
  Being on the Airtight team from the company’s beginning as a startup, I helped to develop the art production
     pipeline, naming conventions, performance standards and oversaw performance and memory of all art
     departments for PC, Xbox360, and PS3. During my time at Airtight I have helped work on and oversee every
     demo, milestone and product that the company has shipped.

3D Artist (Contract)                      S.O.E. (Fire Ant) (PS3/PC)                      mid 2004-2005, Redmond, WA
  Designed first iteration of character clothing model swap rules and sample files for an unreleased MMO.
  Created in game character clothing models and LODs.
  Created particle systems for game play and in-game demo levels/videos including muzzle flashes, tracers,
     explosions from various source types, bullet impacts, landslides, etc.

3D Artist/Technical Artist                    Airtight Games (PC)                              2004-mid 2004, Redmond, WA
     Worked extensively on the Ageia PhysX demo before the PhysX card was released to the public.
     Created all of the physics assets for the PhysX demo, including rigid body, skeletal, and fluids. I designed and built
      the skeletons, created collisions, tuned skeletal constraints, physics materials, orchestrated in-game events,
      recorded and edited real-time publicity videos.

Degree in 3D Modeling, Texturing, FX - Graduated with Honors                     2003-2004, Vancouver Film School
  An intensive production based education completed in 2004 with an emphasis in 3D Modeling and texturing using
     XSI, Photoshop, ZBrush, Maya, and After Effects.
Associate of Fine Arts Degree                                                                                   2001, SCCC
     Associate of Arts degree with an emphasis in Fine Arts and Philosophy.

Software / Languages
     XSI, Maya, Photoshop, Mudbox, DeepPaint, Unreal Engine 3.5 (5+ years), Unity 3D, SpeedTree, Javascript, C,
      Arduino, Unity Script, Perforce, Office Suite

      Available upon request