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Oct 08 - The Not-So-Big Issue


									                                   Dominican College, Fortwilliam.

                         The Not-So-Big Issue
                       Volume 10 Issue 1     Monday October 20th, 2008.             10p
    New Careers, Music and Drama
           Suite Facilities
Extensive refurbishment and development of school facilities
                                 amounting to £250,000 was carried out
                                 at the end of the school year 2007/08.
                                 There was a need to extend opportuni-
                                 ties that will enhance the daily educa- The music department will strike
                                                                             the right note with Apple Macs.
                                 tion of all the girls in the school. The
                                 area previously housing the Junior library has been converted to a
                                 fully equipped drama suite comprising two purpose-built practice
                                 rooms. [The Junior library facility is to be more centralized]
                                        S3 has been modified to accommodate the thriving Careers
                                 department. A lot of investment here in furniture and a suite of
                                 computers will enhance the girls lives post grammar school educa-
                                 tion. The Music department is thrilled and excited in equal meas-
                                 ure about their upgrading. The purchase and installation of a 13
                                 station Apple Macintosh suite for S1 is an harmonious chord for
 The ever increasing popularity
 of drama has been recognized the pupils and staff alike.
  with state of the art studios.        Also catered for in the renovations are the 20 general class-
                                 rooms that had new roller-boards installed. The year 13 and 14 pu-
                                 pils will enjoy their brand new kitchen
                                 facilities in the sixth form area as a wel-
                                 come retreat from the academic de-
                                 mands of the school day. The children
                                 have a school second-to-none, every
                                 state of the art opportunity and a highly
                                 motivated staff to colour their week. No
  A brand new fully furnished                                                 Careers’ Computers: The world
                                 wonder our girls enjoy the happiest         will be at our girls’ fingertips and
Careers’ suite is a real boost. days of their lives in Fortwilliam!
                                                                             a worldwide web of connections.

                                                                     The Junior Library will be opening soon!
                                                                     Mrs.McCaffrey asks you to watch out for
                                                                     wall displays and the official, grand open-
                                                                     ing of the NEW Junior library in the very
                                                                     near future! Get ready for a reading feast!

European Day of Languages                                 Catherine Latimer, 14B
Upper sixth language students recently went to St Thérèse of Lisieux Primary School in order to celebrate the
European Day of Languages which falls on the 26th of September each year. With only one morning to tutor
Primaries One to Seven classes in both French and Spanish, we really had our work cut out for us - or so we
thought! We discovered to our amazement that most of the students were already learning at least one addi-
tional language, and children as young as Primary Two were able to sing the French alphabet with little to no
help from us! Our own singing skills were put to the test as we encouraged the pupils to join in the “Arc-en-
Ciel” song (or “The Rainbow” as it is known in English), which allowed them to learn the French colours and
reminded us not to try out for the X Factor any time soon! With prizes of shiny pencils (or, in the case of the
strangely more popular Spanish tutors, sweets), at stake, the students were more than willing to take part in
French and Spanish games, such as “Onze” and “Lotto”. By the end of their half-hour lesson, each child was
able to confidently recite to us what they had learned. We hope that the experience has helped to inspire a fu-
ture generation of language students, and we are pleased to have had the opportunity to participate in such a
worthwhile (and fun!) event.

Michael McKillop Grabs GOLD! Marie-Clare McCabe(Y14) reporting
Local teen Michael Mc Killop wins gold in the Paralympics, Beijing…Wednesday 10th Sep-
tember, 12.56am as Michael’s relatives, friends and supporters eagerly wait for the biggest
race of the paralympian’s life to begin.
    Just 1 minute and 59 seconds later, Michael smashes his own
T37 800 metres world record as he claims Irelands first gold medal,
3 seconds ahead of Australia’s Brad Scott. It was a phenomenal
race, with Michael pacing himself at the start and eventually surg-
ing forward with around 210 metres to go, leaving the other athletes
In celebration, Michael runs to grab his countries flag, stopping on
the way to celebrate with his coach who happens to be his father,
and recent winner of the Coach of the Year award. He rightly takes
a joyous lap of honour, telling BBC after that “Just like the Olym-
pics, paralympians deserve a lap of honour so I had to take my op-
When asked how he felt knowing that he was ahead, with around
100 metres to go, Michael replied, “I felt quite relaxed and also
really excited at the thought that I was about to become a paralym-
pic gold medallist, I knew what I had to do”.
    However, unlike other athletes, Michael does not take all the glory, and nobly praises his
other Olympic participants such as Paddy Barnes saying, “Paddy and I can be legends and
                         make Ireland proud!”
                              Inevitably, Michael had a squad of supporters to welcome him
                         home when he reached Dublin airport , including his mum Catherine
                         [one of the ladies in the Siena restaurant team], 3 sisters Sarah, Claire
                         and Ciara and girlfriend Ann-Marie, who have been nothing but sup-
                         portive of the talented teen. He was then interviewed on RTE’s “The
                         Late Late Show” before arriving home to be surprised with a party
                         the next day!
                         Following his success, Michael is now helping to promote sport
                         within schools, touring primary schools in Dublin, as well as return-
                         ing to his alma mater, St Malachy’s College. He is also a member of
 Michael McKillop staff within the sports sector at UUJ
                          With Michael’s dedication and commitment, his future looks very
promising, and at just 18, he obviously has time on his side. With the 2012
London Olympics, we suspect we have not seen the best from this athlete yet!                 2
                                    ear 12 pupils, with Mrs. M.Reid and
                                    Mr. P.O’Loan, enjoyed a wonderful
                                    few days at the Magilligan Field Cen-
                           tre, in County Derry in the middle of Septem-
                           ber. A group of eighteen girls went along to
                           study the course of the Curly Burn River.
                                    Our guide for the day showed us an
                                    engaging powerpoint of our agenda of
what                                the day would hold. We even had a
uniform for                       the day: Wellington boots, fluorescent
water-                       proof jackets I garish colours and protective
helmets!                     Oh, come on, now, how unbecoming for
                                             young ladies!
                                                    We were split up into
                                             groups of three and given recording sheets
                                             which told us the site investigation data. In total
                                             there were ten sites and each group did one of
                                             the investigations for the first six sites and then
                                             repeated them for the last four sites. It was a
                                             wonderful learning experience and we enjoyed
                                             the day immensely. B.Gordon/C.Stewart, 12d.

            n Saturday 11th October at 2.00pm, a Mass was held in the college
            chapel to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Sister Mary Jacqueline
            O’Reilly, a former principal of Fortwilliam (1968-1969, 1972-
            1976, 1992-1998). As a member of the Chamber Choir who
would provide the music on this special occasion, I could feel the buzz of ex-
citement and celebration around the school, as Sister Jacqueline’s family and
friends, and many current and past teachers all came to celebrate this very
important event. There were also a number of Dominican nuns present at
the ceremony, including Sister Rosaire Boden, our previous principal.
      The Mass was concelebrated by Father Cassidy, who was accompanied by two other
priests. The most serene moment in the Mass for me, was when Sister Jacqueline renewed
her vows, kneeling at the altar. It really expressed her devotion to God and how dedicated
she was to her vocation. The fact that she has committed herself to God in all aspects of her
life was evident, especially through the priest’s homily. Father …… said how Sister Jacque-
line had expressed her wishes for the homily to not so much focus on her life, but rather on
praising God who has worked through her and in her.
      The Chamber Choir provided an extra dimension to the Mass and the acoustics of the
Chapel really added to the sacred mood. We were accompanied on the organ by Sister Mag-
dalena and Mrs McKeon played the violin and harp to enhance the hymns. Two past pupils,
Marcella Walsh and Jennifer Gillespie also provided music for the service. Marcella sang a
beautiful solo of Laudete Dominum and Jennifer accompanied us on trumpet.
      The Mass ended with the song, ‘How Many Are Your Works;’ a fast paced, celebra-
tory hymn, a perfect end to such a joyous occasion. Before leaving to attend the reception in
the main school, we presented Sister Jacqueline with a crystal vase and a card. She was de-
lighted with her gift and complimented us on our singing. She very kindly gave each mem-
ber of the choir a little box tied up with ribbon which held beautiful little rosary beads, a
great memento to remember such a special day.
                            Report by Hannah Webb,14C                                    3
                                Brónach’s interests                ham pie with veg-
                                1. She loves not-camping!          tables..beautiful.
                                2. Her favourite singer is            * Recently became Senior
                                Bruce Springsteen                  Recruitment Officer for S.V.P
                                3. Her favourite film is
                                                                      * Last year I represented the
                                You've Got Mail                    school at the S.V.P Lourdes pil-
                                4. Her favourite CD is the         grimage as a carer to a group of
                                soundtrack for Juno                disabled children- it was fantas-
                                5. She has read Jane Eyre ten      tic!
                                times                                  * Enjoys going on the annual
                                6. Her favourite meal is           Ski Trip with all the teachers
                                Chicken Biriyani                   and upper 6ths (this will be my
                                7. Her favourite city(so far) is   4th year and hopefully gold cer-
    Head Girl, 2008/09                                             tificate)
      Rebecca Dalzell                                                 * Excited about the year
                                8. She loves Avoca lattes
                                                                   ahead and the changes that we
Rebecca’s Lifestyle             9. She wants to be a famous
                                                                   can hopefully make for every-
                                architect                          one in the year group.
                                10. Her favourite shop is Bra-         * Really pleased to be work-
*She is studying Art, History zil                                  ing alongside two friends
and History of Art
                                                                   Becca and Bronach :)
*Rebecca would like to study
                                                                      * In my spare time I go to my
Architecture at university and                                     part time job in House of Fraser/
contribute to conservation.                                        hang out with my friends/ go out
* Rebecca enjoys travel and                                        now that I'm 18! and do home-
viewing architecture; she has                                      work of course
visited Canada, Corfu and the                                         * Favourite quotation comes
Czech Republic.                                                    from Ralph Waldo Emerson-
* Rebecca is a keen fan of                                         "To have succeeded is to know
Liverpool F.C.                                                     that one life has breathed easier
* She has danced with the                                          because you have lived."
Reid School of Irish Dancing                                          * Best thing about 6th year
                                                                   life- the banter and of course the
and still stays in touch
* Weekends are devoted to
my friends and films.
* Rebecca has been to every            Deputy Head Girl
Westlife gig in Belfast…..but        Brónach McGuinness
her favourite band is The Ea-
gles.                           10 things you didn't know about
* RD’s favourite party venue Rachael Rossborough;
is The Box.                      * I hope to study a 4years law
* Rebecca’s favourite artist is course in Northumbria Univer-
                                sity (Newcastle) next year.
Juan Gris
                                   * I am currently studying Me-
* Rebecca’s dad was the star dia, Drama and Geography-
player on the St.Mary’s CBS (English As)
team that won the All-Ireland      * Favourite film- Hairspray
Colleges’ Hurling crown in         * Favourite moment of the
1972.                           school week- Friday
                                  * Favourite food from our 6th         Deputy Head Girl,
                                   year centre- Chicken and            Rachel Rossborough
                                              tanding on court in Bristol    of the winning team and to have
                                              and Bath, listening to the     played the whole match, just a mo-
                                              UK school games anthem,        ment none of us could describe.
                                              this time one year ago I                  Our next two matches
                                    never thought I would be here, rep-      were against England North and
                                    resenting Northern Ireland Volley-       South. We lost both these matches
                                    ball!                                    but we nearly brought England
                                              I started playing volleyball   North to a third set. Their manager
                                    about 10months ago just for a bit of     came up to us afterwards and said,
                                    fun with my friends and after our        “Thank goodness, I thought you
                                    whole school team played for Bel-        were going to pull another Irish
                                    fast RDS at the Northern Ireland         stunt on us!” We were so happy
                                    Youth Games, the Northern Ireland        that all the training had paid off as
                                    Volleyball coach asked me to come        we had played so well throughout
                                    and train with the team. When he         the whole tournament and we ended
                                    rang me up a month later to ask me       up finishing in a respectable 5th
                                    to play in the UK School Games at        position.
    Nicola Largey, our new          the end of the summer, I was so                     On the final night there
         Head Mentor                excited I couldn’t wait to go!           was an official closing ceremony
                                              So here I was, standing on     where we all watched highlights of
                                    court at my first match, all of our      the previous 3 days and the UK
 10 things you might like to        names had been called out and we         School Games flag was handed
      know about me!                were standing listening to the an-       over from England to Wales as
                                    them (which was more of a rave           that’s where they are going to be
*I am the eldest of four children   than an anthem!). We were about to       held next year.
*Of those four children I am the    play England North, we had to play       I absolutely loved my time at the
only girl                           5 games over the course of 3 days        UK School Games; I met so many
*The subjects I study are:          and I couldn’t wait to play!             new people and learnt so much
Chemistry, Biology, Physics and               We lost our first two          from different athletes and coaches.
History                             matches against England North and        I was so glad I got to go as it was
                                    South but this wasn’t a hint of what     the experience of a lifetime and one
*My favourite subject is History
                                    was to come! The next day we             I will never forget!
*My ambition is to read medi-       faced Scotland East in our first         Niamh Cooper, year 12
cine, preferably at Trinity Col-    match. We lost the first set 25-8 and    £303.74 was raised for Cancer Re-
lege, Dublin.                       going into the second set we had a       search UK from a Bun and Book
*My favourite food is straw-        target of reaching 10 points, but we     Sale on Tuesday 30 September. A
berry yoghurt                       did more than that! We went out          big thank you to everyone who
*My favourite movie is The          and played so well that we were          helped and bought buns/books.
Pursuit of Happiness                found ourselves down by one point        By Mrs O’Halloran / Miss Breen.
*My most embarrassing school        at 25-24. At this stage other fan-
memory is falling up the            scame to the match to look at the
                                    thought of Northern Ireland win-
                                    ning a set, so we fought hard and
*My favourite band is Coldplay      won the next 3 points to take the
*The superpower I would most        second set! At this we were
like to have is telepa-             jumping around we were so
thy…..aaggghhh!                     happy as a Northern Ireland U16
     Volleyball Report              team had never won a set before!
                                    We went into the third set
                                    amazed that we had totally
                                    smashed our target and deter-

                                    mined to win the final set. In the                   oung Enterprise came
                                    end we won the 3rd set 15-13 to take                 to the school on Octo-
                                    the game and make Northern Ire-                      ber 16th and 17th and
                                    land Volleyball history! The atmos-                  put on a wonderful dis-
                                    phere was just amazing the whole         play for Mrs. E. O’Halloran’s LLW
                                    crowd was cheering and even the          pupils in Aquinas hall. It was a
                                    Scotland captain came up to us and       great success.
                                    said that she was genuinely happy
5                                   for us! I was so happy to be a part
                              “Please, Sir, I want Some More!” ‘OLIVER’
                              ‘Oliver!’, the classic musical interpretation of Charles Dickens’
                              novel, Oliver Twist, was very much in demand during the month
                              of May. The junior school decided to give this time-honoured
                              text a new interpretation and it worked a treat! Now, how could
                              such a simple tale and a group of young girls pull off such a fa-
                                                     mous and successful show?
                                                           Add a fabulous support choir, amaz-
                                                     ing drama teachers and maybe even a spot
                                                     of professional lighting, well
                                                     ……….YOU’VE GOT A SHOW!!!.........
Gemma McAlliste                                      Auditions for the show had begun in March
and Fiona Donnelly.                                  with pupils trying their hardest to win over
                                                     teachers in their attempt to grasp a leading
role. After a lot of
soul searching,
deliberation and
measured consid-
eration, the parts
were allotted. Although there was a
limited number of parts, the majority of
pupils were accommodated in the show.
       As the show preparations pro-
gressed, the rehearsals became more
frequent and tension/exasperation set
in, it was a joy to rely upon the calming
influence of Mrs. J.Webb. Throughout
April and May pupils practised hard
right up to performance night. Finally, Some of the very talented cast of the Dominican College,
after bucket loads of perspiration and      Fortwilliam, production of Dickens’ “OLIVER!”, May 2008.
oodles of was time for cur-
tain up…..
       Backstage, tension, excitement and enthusiasm were at fever
pitch in equal measure. Occasionally the dreaded word, “Macbeth!”,
was mentioned more than a few times.
       Finally, it was time to take our places in the wings. With nerv-
ous thumbs up, many reassuring waves to each other and possibly a
few cases of jazz hands, the music started and the show began.
       Overall, the night was a roaring success and many of the
teachers and pupils were congratulated on their effort, performance
and stage presence. The pupils seemed delighted with their performance and stage presence.
The pupils seemed delighted with their collective, creative efforts. Their eyes lit up as they
took the footlights to dance through the finale. A wonderful night of dance and drama to re-
[Reporting by Fiona Donnelly (10a) and Melissa McCabe(10a)]
       [The cast, in order of appearance: Mr Bumble – Melissa McCabe; Mrs.Corney —
Catherine Quinn; Oliver—Gemma McAllister; Dodger—Lara Crawford; Fagin—
Dominique Daly; Mr. Brownlow—Rebecca Sowney; Bill Sykes—Aoife McKeown;
Nancy—Fiona Donnelly; Mrs. Bedwin—Beth McGarvey; Dr. Grimwig—Cliondha
Craigwell]                                                                                       6
       Aware.Defeat! Depression talks
              with year 12 [Maria Vize 12B]

          n Wednesday 17th September 2008 a talk was held for the girls of
          year 12 in the Lecture Theatre. The talk was presented by Rhona
          Gibson who was representing a support group called Aware De-
          feat Depression. The objective of Rhona’s visit was to make us
aware of depression, its symptoms and to let us know that there is help
for us if we or our friends are depressed or need someone to talk to.
        Being in year 12 myself I went along to the talk. I found the talk
very interesting. Rhona made it an enjoyable experience by putting in
snippets of music by popular artists making the talk less formal. This
helped to get our attention and make a difficult subject a bit easier to listen to. Rhona talked about her own experi-
ences and other’s experiences that she knew of. She got the audience involved and really made us think about depres-
sion. The talk was presented in an easy to listen to style but you came out with an in depth understanding about de-
pression and felt reassured that people do care for others with depression.
        The talk helped me to understand more about depression and its symptoms. I feel that I am more familiar with
the signs of depression and what to look out for among my peers. Also I feel in a better position to help others if they
are experiencing depression.
       Some of the signs of depression are below. This may help you or your friends.
Depression - How to Recognise it?
• F eeling - depressed, sad, anxious or bored
• E nergy -tired, fatigued, everything an effort, slowed movements
• S leep - waking during the night or too early in the morning, oversleeping or trouble getting to sleep
• T hinking - slow thinking, poor concentration, forgetful or indecisive
• I nterest - loss of interest in food, work, sex and life seems dull
• V alue - reduced sense of self-worth, low self esteem or guilt
• A ches - headaches, chest or other pains without a physical basis
• L ive - not wanting to live, suicidal thoughts or thinking of death
If 5 or more of the above FESTIVAL symptoms are present for more than 2 weeks, this would probably be an indicator
of a depressive episode and this person would need support. REMEMBER there is ALWAYS someone to help you just
The New Teacher Slot: Miss C.Hasson of ICT
Name: Miss C.Hasson
Last Teaching Post: Liverpool
Favourite Music: The Kings of Leon, Stereophonics,
The Eagles, The Killers, RHCP and Coldplay
Favourite country visited: Hawaii
Favourite food: Pizza and chocolate, not together though
As the chocolate would melt!
Personal likes: Sunny days, playing the guitar, classical music,
Spending time with my family and friends, sharing and smiles.
Personal dislikes: The Big Credit Crunch
Best advice I ever heard: “Don’t shake the tree, just let the apple fall!” by Miss C.O’Boyle.
Who in the world would you most like to meet and why? The late Albert Einstein—quite a
genius….. Mainly because I have a few questions to put to him.
                                            Welcome to Our
                                      New Celebrities in Year 8:
                           You are most welcome and we wish you Well
                                          N.Bannon, S.Beggan,
                       B.Boyle,C.Bradley,H.Brady, N.Breen,C.Cairns,
                                      E.Cosgrave, L.Cowan,L.Crozier,
                           F.Cunningham, A.Curran,M.Daly,M.Davidson,N.Dean,
                                    C.Donnelly, C.Doonan,V.Downey,L-
           E.Magee,C.Magill,A.Maginness, C.Mahon, C.Mahon, B.Mallon, A.Mann, R.Marquess,
                       S.McAleese, B.McAuley,J.McCann, L.McCarron, S.McCarthy,
                       M.McGurk,N.McKenna,C.McKillop, M.McLaughlin, M.McNally,
                       L.McQuiston,F.McTaggart,F.McVicker,B.Meighan, E.Mervyn,
               McAllister,S.Muldoon,E.Mulgrew,T.Mulvenna, C.MurphyA.Murray, C.Neeson,
          A.Ni Cheallaigh Bairr,C.Nolan,A.Nugent,M.O'Brien,K.O'Connor, C.O'Connor, Marsden,
            R.O'Halloran, D.O'Neill,G.O'Neill OO'NeillC.O'Rawe,E.O'Rawe, C.Owens, J.Quinn,
                                   N.Reeves, O.Reid, S.Rock, S.Rogers,
                          R.Scullion, A.Selestine,N.Service,C.Sheehy,C.Shields,
                                 A.Shirzada, I.Sokolowska, J.Toal, C-B.Tohill,
                                 C.Tolan, L.Toner,A.Vernon, N.Walsh, E.White.
                                      And New Faces in Other Year Groups Include:
                                        Sheron Shaji (9a), Megan Keenan (10d),
                                                Pamela Roberts (11d)
                                            And Marie-Claire Hughes (13f)
                                             Best Wishes on your
                                                  New Year!
                                     “The Not-So-Big Issue” is now into its tenth
                                     year in Dominican College. This year’s editorial
                                     team comprises the following contributors at
                                     present: [year14] Ann Marie Patton, Deirdra
                                     McAllister, Sophie McAuley, Marie-Clare
                                     McCabe, Natasha McCullough, Jordan Lavery,
                                     Sophie L.Kerr, Rebecca Curran, Catherine
Latimer, Gemma Hamill, Claire Louise Wilkinson, Niamh Logan [year 13] Ciara-
Louise Crowder, Edel McGruille, Sinead McLernon, Joanna Dillon, Zara Tahir
[year 12] Alisha Watters, Maria Vize, Sarah McGuigan, Jessica McQuiston,
Grainne O’Hare, Naomi Loonam. [Thanks to Mrs.D.Kane and Mrs.G.McGarry]
The editorial team welcomes correspondence from the wider Fortwilliam commu-
nity and we are always ready, willing and delighted to have new members join the
team. Meetings are held in classroom B.9 on Tuesday lunchtime at about one
o’clock during the senior lunchtime. Contributions are welcomed from everyone
and we are particularly keen to see a major contribution/input come from the Junior
end of the school. Helpful articles, suggestions and feedback can be sent to the edi-
torial                           Cartoon by
                                                              Rebecca Curran
Teacher-in-charge = Mr. M.P.McKenna.                   8      Year 14

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