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									Columbia College
2006–2007 Annual Report

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From The Chair
s I complete my last year as chair of the Board of Trustees, I do so with a tremendous appreciation for the incredible energy that Caroline Whitson, faculty and staff, fellow board members and friends of the College have given to the strategic planning process in recent years. They have set Columbia College upon a course that will clearly set it apart from other institutions. The leadership agenda of the College leverages the integration of the College, the Alliance for Women and the Leadership Institute. Independently, they all do incredible work. Together, they set the stage for an unparalleled contribution to developing women leaders while creating social change in South Carolina and beyond. This new focus, which we refer to as the Imagine agenda, has already attracted investors that helped create an unprecedented year of giving. Cash and pledges totaling more than $14 million dollars this past year are largely a result of the excitement and confidence people have in the strategic plan for women’s leadership development at Columbia College. Though I am stepping down as chair of the board, I have agreed to chair the Imagine Campaign which is currently enlisting the leadership necessary for a successful campaign. I am pleased to make a gift to this campaign. Obviously, I did not attend Columbia College! Nor did I send a daughter or have any relative who has attended. I am blessed that my parents taught me the value of giving back to the community, and Columbia College is very important to our community and our state. As a business person, I am pleased to do this through an institution with a distinguished history and a clear vision for the future. Generations of women take pride in what Columbia College has established in its 153 year history. But, be even more watchful of the tremendous progress being made as the College takes a leadership role in improving the socioeconomic status of women and in the process contributes to improving the quality of life for all South Carolinians. Please join me in recognizing the donors listed in the following pages as part of an unprecedented milestone. I am pleased, as your board chair and upcoming campaign chair, to represent our collective interest and common bond. Thank you for joining the ranks of people who care for our College and invest in our future.


“Columbia College is very important to our community and our state.”


From the President
to all whose support is recognized in this Annual Report. We appreciate the huge difference your generosity makes in so many lives. It is encouraging to us on campus that your gifts tell us you are pleased with the vision we are creating for the College we all love. When people with greatly different history and experience with Columbia College, like Alawee Gibson Tucker ’39 and Joe Blanchard, both join the 1854 Society, we feel encouraged that our direction is clear and significant. Thanks to all of you, this has been an extraordinary fundraising year: we received $3,729,509 in gifts and an additional $11,549,232 in new pledges for more than $14,000,000! This is an exciting sign that you share our desire to imagine a new future for women. Important to achieving our vision is the decision, endorsed by the trustees four years ago, to maintain high academic standards even if it meant it would be costly not to admit some under-prepared applicants. By contributing to the Loyalty Fund and other scholarship support, you have made it possible for us to continue to compete for the best students in spite of our relatively modest endowment. We are, of course, especially excited about Janice Suber McNair ’59 and Bob McNair’s gift to create the McNair Scholars Program. Our first five McNair Scholars are in this fall’s class, and they are outstanding young women, who will make us all proud! Of course, central to our vision is helping women develop their leadership potential in order to fulfill our founding mandate “to educate women to be of service to the church, the state, and the nation.” Your gifts have both served as an important endorsement of that effort and provided important resources to help us succeed. This year our faculty worked energetically and creatively to infuse our entire curriculum with the 4Cs model of leadership development. You have provided the support to allow them to create for Columbia College an excellent liberal arts program with a distinctive enriching addition. Just as we challenge our students to exhibit the courage, commitment, confidence, and competence to empower them to change the world, we have committed ourselves to living by these same values as we reach out to provide programs for women and girls in the Leadership Institute and as we seek to address legislative and cultural needs for women through our Alliance for Women. It is encouraging to know that you have embraced our vision and supported it with your gifts. Research supports our position that one important way to build leadership skills for young women is through athletic opportunities. Support from Trustee Leonard Price and an important partnership with the city of Columbia (along with the 2002 pledge by Dollie Isgett Younts ’51 and Melvin Younts, which led to the creation of our soccer field) will now make completion of our athletic complex possible. Because the College is committed to competing for outstanding students and to providing them with an extraordinary education, our budget is often strained when it comes to our facilities. For that reason our long range plan calls for more than $20 million in facilities improvements and additions. Again, the alumnae and friends of the College have endorsed that vision with their gifts. Thanks to “Friends of the Library,” especially with a major gift by Rita Eldridge Vandiver ’64, our Edens Library is undergoing a long-needed renovation with the addition of a new reference center. Under outstanding leadership by Joe Blanchard members of the Board of Trustees have embraced the strategic plan and the Imagine Campaign it will launch. Their gifts to and support for our campaign under Joe’s leadership will transform the College’s ability to create a new reality for our students in a unique learning environment and the world beyond through our advocacy for women’s leadership. All of your gifts, from the largest endowment gift to support from a new graduate, tell us that you love the College and that you believe in our vision of a better life for our students and for all of those whose lives we touch with our vision.

It is a great pleasure to write a heart-felt thank you


Board of Trustees
Joe R. Blanchard Chair Jim B. Apple Vice Chair Nancy Cummings Humphries ’72 Secretary Quay W. Adams Charles P. Austin Sr. Lee C. Bines June Johnson Bradham ’68 Johnnie Cordell Breed Mary Cantando Susan Henry-Crowe Ellen Claussen Davis ’72 Jean E. Duke Cynthia Pryor Hardy ’98 Marion A. Knox Jr. Rebecca Laffitte ’77 John H. Lumpkin Jr. Annette Williams Lynn ‘75 James C. Meadors Dalhi Myers Leonard L. Price Jeffrey Selig Carol Rich Storey ’68 Mary Virginia Taylor Rita Eldridge Vandiver ’64 Marguerite Willis G. Larry Wilson Patricia Stone Wood ’64 Claire Wilson Yarborough ‘67 M. Edward Sellers Trustee Emeritus Columbia, S.C. Columbia, S.C. Atlanta, Ga. Marion, S.C. Columbia, S.C. Moncks Corner, S.C. Charleston, S.C. Jacksonville, Fla. Raleigh, N.C. Atlanta, Ga. Charleston, S.C. Columbia, S.C. Columbia, S.C. Columbia, S.C. Columbia, S.C. Columbia, S.C. Columbia, S.C. Charleston, S.C. Columbia, S.C. Kershaw, S.C. Columbia, S.C. Winter Park, Fla. Columbia, S.C. Charlotte, N.C. Columbia, S.C. Columbia, S.C. Asheville, N.C. Georgetown, S.C. Columbia, S.C.

Board of Visitors
Sheryl A. McAlister ’82 Chair Charlotte Berry Marcia Benson J. Scott Blackmon Betty Bruner Sharon W. Bryant Joe E. Burns Katherine Goodall Crosthwaite ’82 Lynwood Lee Duke ’89 Elizabeth Dunaway Elliott ’78 E. Anne Gillespie ’73 Elizabeth Gressette ’70 Delores D. Gulledge John Hauenstein Becky Hendrix ‘68 Jack S. Hupp Lucile Purcell Hursey ‘76 Cathy Jamieson-Ogg Jon Girard Keith Rita McKinney Margie Mitchell ‘83 Marsha Steele Moore ’70 Kay Price Phillips ’56 Elizabeth Monts Rauch ’62 Clary E. Rawl Maro Kouyoumjian Rogers ’56 Rebecca Joyner Shirley ’84 Cary K. Smith Laurel Moxon Suggs Ellen Turmo Wall ’66 Toni L. White


Fripp Island, S.C. Columbia, S.C. Columbia, S.C. West Columbia, S.C. West Columbia, S.C. Columbia, S.C. Columbia, S.C. Columbia, S.C. Columbia, S.C. Murrells Inlet, S.C. Columbia, S.C. Cayce, S.C. Columbia, S.C. Rock Hill, S.C. Blythewood, S.C. Columbia, S.C. Newberry, S.C. Blythewood, S.C. Orangeburg, S.C. Greenville, S.C. Columbia, S.C. Savannah, Ga. Spartanburg, S.C. Lexington, S.C. Florence, S.C. Lexington, S.C. Columbia, S.C. Columbia, S.C. Columbia, S.C. Greer, S.C. West Columbia, S.C.

*As of August 1, 2007


Financial aid plays a vital role in helping Columbia College remain competitive for the best students. In addition to participating in federal and state programs, Columbia College provides generous institutional scholarships and grants. The scholarships listed below are the primary merit-based programs sponsored by the College. There are many other aid programs including scholarships for art, dance, music, and athletics. Endowed scholarships also play a significant role in funding students’ need. Alums and friends of the College are continuously stepping forward to endow scholarship programs for our students.

Undergraduate enrollments have been increasing as a result of better recruiting and retention efforts. Alums and friends of the College provide an important service to the College by referring prospective students to us.

3-year Average Enrollment

Projected Fall 2007 Enrollment

Founders Program
Full tuition equivalent 1300+ SAT Critical Reading/Math 29 ACT

Women’s College

838 295 330

895 315 250

Presidential Program
$40,000 over 4 years 1180-1290 SAT Critical Reading/Math 26-28 ACT

Evening Program

Trustee Program
$32,000 over 4 years 1020-1170 SAT Critical Reading/Math 22-25 ACT

Graduate Program


Financial Performance
Current Fund Income and Revenue 2006–07: $27,500,000
Tuition $20,500,000 Room and Board $3,240,000 Gift Income $1,700,000 Auxillary/Other $1,200,000 Endowment Income $860,000

Current Fund Expenses 2006–07: $27,500,000
Personnel $13,500,000 Operations $6,570,000 Scholarship $6,430,000 Transfers/Debt $1,000,000

Development Fundraising Performance 2006–07 Cash Receipts: $3,730,000
Note: $1,700,000 was used to support current operations budgeted for 2006-07.
Unrestricted $1,450,000 Restricted Program $920,000 Capital $720,000 Endowment $520,000 Annual Scholarship Support $120,000


Figures are based on rounded amounts and not from an audited statement.

Endowed Scholarship Funds
The list below reflects the endowed funds at Columbia College. An endowed scholarship may be established with a minimum of $25,000. Thank you to all who supported our goal to improve the academic profile of our students with contributions to scholarship endowments this year. If you would like more information or have questions, please call the Office of Advancement at 803.786.3650. Named scholarships at Columbia College provided approximately $725,000 during the 2006—2007 academic year.
Scholarship names in bold and italics received gifts between July 1, 2006 and June 30, 2007. Contributors during this period are listed below each scholarship. Those with the ** are newly established.
Adair-Crocker Scholarship Eloise Hightower Addison Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Reppert Lynn George Addy Scholarship Aiken Scholarship Alexander Scholarship J. Barnwell and Mary Blair Allison Scholarship Maymie C. and Mattye C. Allison Scholarship James Milton Ariail Scholarship James M. Ariail Scholarship Joye Lynn Asbill Memorial Scholarship Bailey-Collins Scholarship Rai and Lucille Baillie Scholarship Walter Fleetward and Worthe Rowland Baker Scholarship Judith Baker Brigman ’67 Mr. and Mrs. John V. Pugh (Rebecca Baker ’62) Fannie Salisbury Banks Scholarship Banks Construction Company G. Reid Banks Helen Jeffords Barham Scholarship Robert T. Barham Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Barham (Helen Jeffords (H)) Marthalyn Barham Schimsa ’77 Kathryn Wise Baxley Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Baxley (Kathryn Wise ’47) Anne Beebe Memorial Scholarship Joseph Lay and Della Bellamy Bell Scholarship Annie Laurie Bell Atkinson ’34 Anne Lee Bennett Endowed Scholarship Bethea-Bostick Scholarship Cecil H. Bierley Scholarship Blackstone Scholarship Blackwell-Gray Scholarship Sarah B. Blanton Memorial Scholarship William N. Bobo Memorial Scholarship Phyllis O. Bonanno Scholarship Edna Lloyd Ott Bonnette Scholarship Kathleen Porter Boshamer Scholarship Annette Henderson Brewer Scholarship Patricia Shelly Britt ’65 and The Reverend W. Donald Britt Scholarship Patricia Shelley Britt ’65 Charlotte Potter Stone ’64 Brooks Family Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. John J. Brooks (Jane Castles ’58) Mary Adams Brown Scholarship Carol Fanning and Calvin H. Brown Scholarship Betty L. Bruner Scholarship **Patrecia Martin Burnett Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Judson F. Ayers Betty K. Baldwin Charlotte Barmore Dr. and Mrs. Charles B. Bobo (Mary Stuart ’62) Sally M. Bourne Doris P. Brockington Elberta S. Burnett Robert F. Burnett Gladys B. Butler Mr. and Mrs. James A. Butler Juanita K. Carmichael Anne Rish Coakley Mr. and Mrs. DeVore Compton Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Crawley (Shelby Martin ’59) Joseph C. Fagan Jr. Vernon L. Fash Mr. and Mrs. William Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Fugate Emily I. Goldsmith Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goodman Kay R. Gregory Mr. and Mrs. George M. Grimball S.L. Hamrick Mr. and Mrs. Flynn T. Harrell (Anne Turner ’57) James F. Hodges Hilda V. Jackson Dr. Larry A. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Jayne James W. Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Bobby F. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Winston F. Jones Frankie L. Lawson La Rue Lineberry Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. McAlexander Mr. and Mrs. Sam E. McGregor (Betty Ulmer ’51) Palladian Study Group Patricia A. Parr Patricia R. Pastor The Honorable and Mrs. Charles V. Pyle (Suzanne Reynolds ’71) Gail S. Robbins Doris D. Sandberg Linda C. Self The Honorable Curtis Shaw Glenda Best Smith Mildred S. Still Claudia G. Stokes J. Grady Strom Prudence Taylor Betty Hurst Teal Marjorie Tollison Jeanne Treeter N. Jane Turner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Whatley John H. Wilde James H. Wood Thomas A. Wood Mr. and Mrs. John Alton Woods William W. Butler Scholarship William E. Bynum Memorial Scholarship James L. Caldwell Scholarship Julius F. Campbell Scholarship DeArmond E. Canaday and Jule Kelly Canaday Scholarship Thyra Gowdy Castles Memorial Scholarship Dorothy Rhinehart Caughman Scholarship Dorothy Rhinehart Caughman ’46 Cauthen Scholarship George P. Chandler Scholarship Class of 1922 Scholarship Class of 1933 Scholarship Class of 1934 Scholarship Class of 1935 Scholarship Class of 1936 Scholarship Class of 1937 Scholarship Class of 1938 Scholarship Class of 1939 Scholarship Class of 1940 Scholarship Betty Weber Holz ’40 (D) Class of 1941 Scholarship Class of 1942 Scholarship Class of 1943 Scholarship Class of 1944 Scholarship Class of 1945 Scholarship Maude Felder Coffey ’45 Smithie Gibson ’45 Thelma Rast ’45 Dorothy McLeod Stucke ’45 Class of 1946 Scholarship Dorothy Rhinehart Caughman Class of 1947 Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. James M. Cannon Jr. (Kathryn Verdery ’55) Carolyn Rice White ’47 Class of 1948 Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Jacob W. McAlhaney (Ethel Jones ’48) Sara Bruner Psillos ’48 Class of 1949 Scholarship Reverend and Mrs. Baylis Corley (Barbara Dennis ’49) Class of 1950 Scholarship Class of 1951 Scholarship Nell Jumper Cooke ’51 Annette Derrick ’51 Class of 1952/ Patricia Hilton Cook Memorial Scholarship Class of 1953 Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. William B. Hynds (Anne Barrington ’53) Mary Gooding Smith ’53 Class of 1954 Scholarship Betty Frierson Dawkins ’54 Sue Hammond Hance ’54 Charlotte Brashier Knight ’54 Mary Louise Smith Morgan ’54 Henrietta Rosson Morton ’54 Margaret Williamson Waugh ’54 Class of 1955 Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Hubert W. Blizzard Sr. (Margie Spradley ’55) Mr. and Mrs. James M. Cannon Jr. (Kathryn Verdery ’55) Virginia Ann Poston Chinnes Reverend and Mrs. Eugene Eaddy (Drucie Connelly ’55) Jerolyn Dennis Fanning ’55 Dr. and Mrs. Lea B. Givens (Mary Glenn Fishburne ’55) Grace Nolan Henderson ’55 Mr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Humphries Jr. (Betsy Shealy ’55) Jackie Littlefield Kinsey ’55 Mr. and Mrs. N. Everette Kneece (Martha Smith ’55)


Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Matthews (Annette Hill ’55) Geraldine Halford Palmer ’55 Betty Fowler Pearson ’55 Beth Humphries Stilwell ’80 Jane Ann Edwards Varn ’55 Patricia Cave Whitaker ’55 Polly Jackson Williams ’55 Class of 1956 Scholarship Mary Alice Floyd Cox ’56 Mr. and Mrs. John S. Creech (Tumpy Payne ’56) Helen Hall Fridy ’56 Mr. and Mrs. J. Luke Hause (Edith Collins ’56) Mary Lou Patrick Hord ’56 Mary Floyd Lindley ’56 Bet Jones Martin ’56 Helen Hayden Riddle ’56 Loretta Darr Stephenson ’56 Janet Byrd Thigpen ’56 Pal Crenshaw Wrenn ’56 Class of 1957 Scholarship Janice Rosson Brewton ’57 Nancy Evans Cadmus ’57 Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Campbell Jr. (Elizabeth Norton ’57) Henrietta Meachum Cannon ’57 Peggy Felder Carr ’57 Betty Tune Davison ’56 Frances Avant Dodd ’57 Sarah Carrigan DuBose ’57 Patricia Mozley Evans ’57 Shirley Pendarvis Guyton ’57 Harriet Lancaster Hutto ’57 Dorothy Rivers King ’58 Grace Dukes Livingston ’57 The Honorable and Mrs. Robert Mallard (Ruth Hills ’57) Ginger Brabham McCully ’57 Shirley Orvin Munn (H) Sarah Frances Parker ’57 Shirley Huckabee Patterson ’57 Jeri Baker Phillips ’57 Jacqueline Sturdivant Pullen ’57 Winifred Hanna Spears ’57 Barbara Courtney Thomas ’57 Merle Joy Thomason ’57 Molly Anne Price Thompson ’57 Carolyn Shealy Tucker ’57 Eleanor Shuler West ’57 Gladys Ruff Wood ’57 Carole Leigh Kafer Zimmerman ’57 Class of 1958 Scholarship Class of 1959 Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Hames Sr. (Llewellyn Hiott ’59) Class of 1960 Scholarship BettyJo Marsh Carson ’60 Peggy Busbee Castanes ’60 Lucinda Edwards Daniels ’60 Mary Watson Duffie ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Hazel E. Ellerbe (Martha Davis ’60) DeAnn Teaster Evans ’60 Dr. and Mrs. James M. Hayes Jr. (Barbara Evans ’60) Jewell Powell Hill ’60 Connie Kay Bannister Hughes ’60 Barbara Cope Inglett ’60 Martha Ann Hardwick Johnson ’60 Dr. Mary Hewitt Marshall ’60 Martha Ashley McWhite ’60 Cornelia Whisenhunt Pannell ’60 Sarah Gardner Shaw ’60 Arlene Foster Shuler ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Sam W. Stokes (Frances “Tunkie” Cole ’60) Mary Frances Cunningham Thomas ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Marion C. Thompson (Sadie Brunson ’60) Nancy Harvard Webb ’60 Class of 1962 Scholarship Dr. and Mrs. Charles Joyner (Jean Dusenbury ’62) Class of 1964 Scholarship Class of 1967 Scholarship Class of 1971 Scholarship Eleanor Lynn Weatherford ’71 Class of 1976 Scholarship Mr. Richard S. and Dr. Vivia L. Fowler (Vivia Lawton ’76) Class of 1988 Scholarship Class of 1997 Scholarship Close Scholarship Ella Morris Coleman Scholarship Collins-Hause-Friesen Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Collins Mr. and Mrs. J. Luke Hause (Edith Collins ’56) Sara Morgan Collins Scholarship Columbia College Alumnae Association Scholarship Janet Alexander Cotter Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. L. Arlen Cotter (Janet Alexander ’56) Sarah A. Creech Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Creech Louise Springs Crews Scholarship Crook-Witt Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Chad L. Beauchamp Etolia McDonald Culler Scholarship Cunningham Memorial Scholarship Thomas Cuttino Scholarship

Zach C. Daniel Scholarship Anne L. Darby and Susan Darby Pearce Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Darby (Anne Langley ’61) R.G. Darby Rental Guthrie Darr Scholarship Davis-York Scholarship Mary Demosthenes Scholarship Christine M. Demosthenes Cato-John P. Derham Sr. and Loula McGougan Derham Scholarship Tom and Mary Ann Moorhead Dunaway Scholarship Elizabeth Dunaway Elliott ’78 Martha Ann Howell Dunbar Scholarship Elizabeth DuRant Scholarship Marcus R. Durlach Jr. Scholarship Marni Rothschild Pictures, LLC Emma Parker Eaddy Scholarship Catherine Eaker Scholarship Hugh Gene Eaker Scholarship Leroy S. Epps Scholarship Lennie Evett Scholarship Edith Edens Baker ’52 Betty Barnes Clegg-Taylor ’49 Ferrell Gibbons Crowley ’49 Mr. (D) and Mrs. Woodrow “Dutch” W. Evett (Lennie Goldson ’41) Mrs. Randolph W. Hope Sr. Mr. and Mrs. F.H. Lewandowski Hildreth Jordan Love ’45 Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Mills Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Pinckney Mr. and Mrs. William A. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Harry O. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Strickland Sr. Tally and Roberts LLC Fair-Wall Scholarship Margaret Martin Fishburne Scholarship Edith Gramling Fisher Scholarship **Lessie Tiller Fleming Scholarship Catherine M. Fleming (D) John R. Folsom Business Scholarship Frances Woodle Fowler and Foster B. Fowler Scholarship Reverend and Mrs. Foster B. Fowler Jr. (Frances Woodle ’48) Rickenbacker-Freeman Music Scholarship Robert E.L. Freeman Scholarship Freeman Senior Music Scholarship Cornelia Rickenbacker Freeman Scholarship Leroy H. Friedlander Memorial Scholarship Hattie Hook Shull and Mabel Shull Gantt Scholarship Josephine Harvey Gelzer Memorial Scholarship Annie Laurie George Scholarship Annie Laurie Kennerly George ’33 Gibson Religious Studies Scholarship Louella Gibson Scholarship Robyn Gibson Scholarship Smithie Gibson Scholarship Betty Mull Gladden Scholarship Jackie Gladden Bean ’86 Tina Gladden Sparks ’89 Beulah Glover Scholarship Ludy Godbold Scholarship Leon S. Goodall Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Leon S. Goodall Jr. Anna Goolsby Scholarship Gowdy-Friedlander Scholarship Philip E. Graef Scholarship Amy Graef Huckaby ’82 Lenora Rhame Granade Scholarship Elizabeth Stewart Gravely Scholarship Sylvia Gray Scholarship for Transfer Students Wil Lou Gray Scholarship Willie Green Scholarship Anne Frierson Griffin Scholarship Dr. and Mrs. Selden K. Smith (Dorothy Gasque ’61) Helen G. Grooms Scholarship Melanie Gulledge Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Van S. Gulledge Lee H. Lumpkin Nellie Layton Gwinn Scholarship D.J. Haigler Scholarship Elizabeth Moss Haigler Scholarship George O. Hallman Scholarship Hamm Scholarship Laura Verenes Hampton Scholarship Hardee-Hill Scholarship Anne Turner Harrell Scholarship T.J. and Fay Harrelson Scholarship Harris Scholarship Frank Z. Harris Scholarship Daisy Geiger Hawes Scholarship Belva and M.S. Haynesworth Scholarship William M. Haynesworth Scholarship Minnie Thompson Green Hearon Scholarship William Randolph Hearst Scholarship Clelia Derrick Hendrix Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. H. Gardner Hendrix (Clelia Derrick ’41) Marilyn Hendrix Shedlock ’72 Mildred Kennerly Hendrix Scholarship Annie Laurie Kennerly George ’33 Mildred Kennerly Hendrix ’44 John and Jennie Cottingham Henry Scholarship Walter C. Henry Ruth Allen Herbert Scholarship


Lillie Edens Herndon Scholarship Lillie Edens Herndon ’86 Meta McJunkin Hewell Memorial Scholarship Anne Brookbanks Hill Scholarship Robert R. and Jewell Powell Hill Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Hill Sr. (Jewell Powell ’60) Aubrey Thompson Hodges Scholarship Holler Scholarship Holler-Hobbs Scholarship Kay Holley Memorial Scholarship Martha Danner Horne Scholarship E.O. Hudson Memorial Scholarship The Humphries Endowment Charles L. Hunley Scholarship Jill Fielder Huntley Scholarship Dr. Ellen C. Fagan ’76 Elizabeth “Buffie” Cross Hutto Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Russell Cross Jr. Celeste Cross Singletary ’64 Hannah Salley Ivey Scholarship Jackson Scholarship Jeffords Scholarship Barbara Ferry Johnson Memorial Scholarship Dan Johnson Scholarship Gussie Kennerly Johnson Scholarship Annie Laurie Kennerly George ’33 Charles R. Goldman Elizabeth Jones Jones-DuRant-Cannon Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Cannon (Judy Jones ’74) Dess M. and J. Roy Jones Scholarship Mary Alice Jones Scholarship Queen Elizabeth Jones Scholarship Judd Scholarship Richard F. Daughtry Jr. Thelma Dugosh Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Gibson Reverend and Mrs. Frank J. Griffith Jr. (Josephine Matheny ’64) Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Hames Sr. (Llewellyn Hiott ’59) Amelia Hunter Mr. and Mrs. James F. Hutchison Dr. R. Michael Johnson Carolyn J. Leitner J.A. Leitner James A. Leitner Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Looney Donald F. Looney Sr. Patsy R. Mainous Dr. Billy M. McCathern Riley Milhous Robin Moseley Dr. and Mrs. E.W. Nunnery

Nina P. Phillips Louise A. Sales Dr. and Mrs. Selden K. Smith (Dorothy Gasque ’61) Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Stoudemire Dr. George H. Widner Elizabeth and Milton Kennedy Scholarship Kennedy-Hodges-Hauenstein Scholarship Dr. Jill Hauenstein ’70 Joan Snowden Kennerty Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. William C. Kennerty (Joan Snowden ’49) Lina Barr Kinard Scholarship Kneece Scholarship Gail Wright Knight Music Scholarship J.P. Wright Jr. Betty Jordan Knisley Scholarship Dr. Elaine Kirby Ferraro ’70 Charlotte Knox Scholarship Juddie Chaplin Knox Scholarship Marion A. Knox Sr. Mary Lyles Aiken Knox Scholarship Rachel Spivey Knox Scholarship Barbara Knox Cobb Marion A. Knox Sr. Mary Lou Kramer Scholarship Leah Johnson Lake Scholarship Sarah Linda Lake Scholarship Ann Ellison Lake ’50 Lawton-Hodges Memorial Scholarship Sibyl Causey Leggett Scholarship Lewis-Strachan Scholarship Imogene “Peggie” Lipscomb Scholarship Jane Morris Ledgerwood ’73 Lisa Kennerly Livingston Scholarship Annie Laurie Kennerly George ’33 Lisa Kennerly Livingston ’91 Vermelle Brearley Long Scholarship Elsie Hough Lopez Scholarship Julius G. Lopez Dorothy McColl Lupold Scholarship Susan Scott Lynch Scholarship Dr. Louise T. Scott MacLaura Scholarship Irene Maddox Instrumental Scholarship Virginia Gee Maddox Memorial Scholarship Marilyn Beth Mahoney Memorial Scholarship Lula Crider Matthews Scholarship Van and Addie McAlister Scholarship Sheryl A. McAlister ’82 Margy Oppenlander McCall Scholarship Nancy Jane McConnell Scholarship McCravy-Willson-Patton Memorial Scholarship **Brenda Pugh McCutchen Scholarship Bonitz Contracting Company, Inc. Brenda Pugh McCutchen ’65 Margaret Murchison McDonald Scholarship

Aileen Gramling McGill Scholarship Betty Ulmer McGregor and Sam Evans McGregor Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Sam E. McGregor (Betty Ulmer ’51) Mr. and Mrs. James R. McGregor Elizabeth McGregor-Simmons Jean M. Trice Isabel McCleary McKay Scholarship Hannah Campbell Meadors Scholarship Bishop Marshall L. Meadors Jr. Jefferson Sullivan Meares Scholarship Ruth Harrelson Meares Scholarship Medlock Sunday School Class (Trenholm Road UMC) Scholarship Donald and Nathalie Mercer Scholarship Meyers-Barham Scholarship Ruth Crary Miller Scholarship Milliken Scholarship Ralph T. and Blanche A. Mirse Scholarship Bill Mishoe Scholarship Emil B. Mitchell and J. Joseph Mitchell Scholarship J. Joseph Mitchell Scholarship Peter T. Mitchell Scholarship Rebecca P. Mitchell Scholarship Stephanie E. Mitchell Scholarship Catherine Causey Moore Scholarship Colonel Roy C. Moore Scholarship Fairy Clay Moore Scholarship Nancy F. Moore Memorial Scholarship Robert J. Moore Scholarship Sara L. Mott Scholarship Carol Hill Mundy Scholarship John T. Mundy Scholarship Jennifer Mungo Scholarship Celeste Fincher Blackmon ’83 Marlena Lewis Myers Scholarship DeLane S. Lewis (H) Kevin J. McKeown Jr. The Honorable and Mrs. Berlin G. Myers Sr. (Marlena Redfern ’64) Birdie Suggs Naugher Scholarship Sara Elizabeth Neely Scholarship Omicron Delta Kappa Scholarship **Overton Scholarship in honor of John Pritchett Nell Williams Overton ’43 Elizabeth G. Owen Scholarship Frances Owens Scholarship Marie Vaughan Owings Memorial Scholarship Laura Talbert Padgett Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Billy Y. Padgett Mamie Beebe Padgett Scholarship Lanny Palmer Scholarship Dottie R. Allen ’01

Wilfred Palmer Carolyn and Fred Parker Scholarship Parker-Cushman Scholarship Parker Scholarship C. Patterson Parker Music Scholarship Harris H. Parker Scholarship Martha Susanne Parker Scholarship Dr. and Mrs. Harris H. Parker Jr. (Susan Culclasure ’58) Dr. and Mrs. Selden K. Smith (Dorothy Gasque ’61) Mary Alice Carter Parker Scholarship Partners of the Americas Scholarship Payne-Creech Scholarship Tom and Ann Pearce Scholarship Lennis Brown Pearcy Scholarship Peele-Ritter Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. James C. Ritter Sr. Sara J. Pendarvis and Edmond T. and Ruth Borders Scholarship Peterson Memorial Scholarship Charles G. Pfeiffer Scholarship Marie Locker Hill (H) Reverend and Mrs. Charles G. Pfeiffer Abvonser “Buthenia” Pinckney Scholarship Virginia Wharton Plyer Scholarship Edna E. Powers Scholarship Powers-Lorick-Abrams Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Powers Sr. (Lucy Lorick ’59) Purcell Scholarship Quattlebaum Scholarship Titus Reaves Sr. Scholarship Ira C. and Miriam N. Redfern Scholarship Iris Redfern Emery ’84 The Honorable and Mrs. Berlin G. Myers (Marlena Redfern ’64) Clara Street Redmond Scholarship Myrtle Spaugh Reeves Scholarship The Reeves Endowment Lula Crouch Rhinehart Scholarship Dorothy Rhinehart Caughman ’46 Dorthy Ann Rhodes Scholarship Jerry R. Rhodes Margarette Richards Music Scholarship Holladay Johnston Richardson Scholarship Risher Fund Harold B. Risher Kathryn Ann Rivers Scholarship Dr. and Mrs. C. Ford Rivers Sabrina Robinson Memorial Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Claude L. Robinson Paul F. Rodesiler Scholarship Rogers Scholarship Henry B. Rollins Scholarship Mary Rollins Cann ’67


The Honorable and Mrs. Robert Mallard (Ruth Hills ’57) Mary Chandler Roper Scholarship Rush Scholarship Richard W. Hitch Elizabeth Waring Martschink Sara P. McLeod Becky Rush Park ’45 (D) Robert J. Robinson Marsha W. Tolson Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Tolson Mr. and Mrs. David Townsend Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. Wachter John Mack Walker III Carolyn James Weaver ’59 Erma Kizer Rushton Scholarship Nonie Hiott Rutledge Scholarship Sansbury Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Sansbury Sr. (Shelby Davis ’64) Jerold J. Savory Scholarship Ardis Savory Adrian Daniel Schmitt Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. David Gunnells (Peggy Huggins ’65) Martha Jean Basden Marshall ’65 Scoggin Scholarship Debra W. Scott Distinguished Educator Scholarship D.L. Scurry Scholarship D.L. Scurry Foundation Mary Mayer Senn Scholarship Lynn Nevius Sessions Scholarship Aracelis G. Shaw Scholarship Ed Shay Scholarship **Agnes Shuler Shealy Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Shealy (Agnes Shuler ’51) Ruth Bird Shearouse Scholarship Nina Felicia Sisk Scholarship Felicia Sisk ’48 Linwood Small Scholarship Cary Kincaid Smith Jr. Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Cary K. Smith (Marilyn Worley ’64) Hannah Whitall Smith Scholarship Martha Meares Smith Scholarship Miriam King Smith Scholarship Sarah Fore Smith Scholarship Selden K. Smith Scholarship Smith Sisters Scholarship Thelma Witt Smith Scholarship Wannelle Witt Lefkowitz ’70 R.H. Smith and Toni White Scholarship Mary Blue and R. Wright Spears Scholarship R. Wright Spears Class of 1977 Scholarship Deborah Randall Bruce ’77 Rebecca Laffitte ’77 R. Wright Spears Kiwanis Scholarship R. Wright Spears Scholarship Spears-Brockwell-Rowden Scholarship Reverend and Mrs. Charles W. Brockwell Jr. (Mary Ann Spears ’59) Sara Brockwell Mallory E.C. Spivey Memorial Scholarship Barbara Knox Cobb Louise Wilson Springs Scholarship Stackhouse Scholarship Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. Broome (Charlotte Stackhouse ’75) Peter G. Steinhauser Memorial Scholarship Charlotte Stevenson Memorial Scholarship Isabel Ferguson Stone Scholarship Rebecca Glover Swanson Scholarship Elizabeth White Swenson Scholarship James L. Tapp Scholarship Susie B. Thomas Memorial Scholarship Thompson-Paysinger Scholarship Lorene McGuire Tilton Scholarship Tucker Fund Carl M. Tucker Jr. Memorial Scholarship J.M. Tull Scholarship Martine Joyner Tuller Scholarship Debi Turbeville Scholarship Denise Turbeville Barker ’76 **Mildred Stansell Vaughn Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. Coombs (Nancy Vaughn ’73) Carol S. Vaughn ’71 Claude R. Vaughn Jr. **Richard Veale Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. John D. Ban Carol Bates Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Bodie Mr. and Mrs. James M. Bowen (Anne Vanderford ’69) Mr. and Mrs. James R. Brady (Angela Justice ’99) Dr. and Mrs. Walker L. Breland (June Price ’59) John M. Cooper Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Frank Crews Jr. (MaryAnn Smith ’59) Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Cuttino Mr. and Mrs. Guthrie Darr Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Deller Mr. and Mrs. Doug Derrick (Wanda Neese ’88) Thelma Dugosh Mary “Polly” Morris Dunford ’73

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Etheredge (Deborah Cross ’71) Gene Ferguson Gerald Floyd Nancye G. Formo ’69 Cornelia Rickenbacker Freeman ’33 Mr. and Mrs. Elmer F. Frick Julia Helen Garris ’59 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gibson Mary Louise Romanstine Grant ’38 Dr. and Mrs. Donald Gray Dr. and Mrs. George O. Hallman Belva Smith Hamer (H) David Lee Hanner Larry W. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Hennecy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Herlong (Jane Jenkins ’78) Mr. and Mrs. Wayne F. Hill (Andrea “Andi” Blakeney ’75) Dr. Laurie B. Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Jaeger Jr. (Linda Sue Knight ’67) Cathy D. House ’79 Mr. and Mrs. William B. Hynds (Anne Barrington ’53) Cathryn Ruff Jaeger ’96 William C. James Jr. Regina O. Janvrin Reverend and Mrs. Thom C. Jones Keenan Energy Company, Inc. Dr. Norma J. Kirkland W. Allen Kling Rebecca Laffitte ’77 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Laufman Janice Lombardi Mr. and Mrs. George Long Mary Betts Long (H) Mary M. McFadden Mr. and Mrs. Tom McLean Mr. and Mrs. Jason C. McMillan (Jennifer Handley ’96) Mr. and Mrs. David K. Minion (Cynthia Styles ’74) Debra L. Musgrave ’03 The Honorable and Mrs. Berlin G. Myers (Marlena Redfern ’64) Sara L. Nalley ’63 Dr. Sandra Robertson O’Neal (H) Dr. and Mrs. Harris H. Parker Jr. (Susan Culclasure ’58) Mr. and Mrs. Phillip K. Planton (Kathie Mahaffey ’77) Mr. and Mrs. John T. Poole Jr. (Carolyn “Boo” Howell ’71) Mr. Dave Quackenbush and Dr. Lillian A. Quackenbush Mr. and Mrs. William R. Sandberg (Elaine Lengle ’97) Ellen Douglas Schlaefer Dr. and Mrs. Selden K. Smith (Dorothy Gasque ’61) Barbara Harris Sorkin ’67 C. Russell Sox Jr. Dr. Leigh Ann Spell Mr. Raymond A. Steppling and Dr. Mary L. Steppling Mr. and Mrs. John David Stoudenmire II (Myungsook Song ’90) Dr. Rebecca Glover Swanson ’57 Mary Risher Tatum ’50 Mayme E. Tyler Mr. and Mrs. John R. Veale Mr. and Mrs. Jim Veale Paul G. Veale Mr. and Mrs. T. Ervin Veale Theodore E. Veale Jr. Robert G. Waites John S. Walker Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. Watson (Mary Carolyn Tatum ’53) Dr. Caroline B. Whitson Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Wyndham (Carol Bowman ’84) Mr. and Mrs. Phillip T. Young (Joy Beard ’89) William Wakefield and Sara Ham Scholarship Lucile Geddings Walker Scholarship Ellen Turmo Wall ’66 Scholarship Marion Gravely Wallace Scholarship Theodore H. and Pegilie Price Walter Scholarship Margaret Sowell Waters Scholarship Ellen Stanley Watkins Scholarship Mary Carolyn Tatum Watson Scholarship Dr. Mary Beth Watson Manheim ’79 Caroline N. Watson ’82 Dr. John T. Watson Maude Kirkland Watts Scholarship Carolyn James Weaver Scholarship Bonnie Bethea Weeks Scholarship Susan Wheeler Scholarship Amy Whitaker Scholarship Dian Shaylor Hammett ’60 Mr. and Mrs. William F. Littlejohn (Elaine Horton ’55) Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarship Virginia Williamson and Theodore Offterdinger Scholarship Wilson Scholarship E. Clyburn and Ruth Riddle Wilson Scholarship Elizabeth Wilson


Helen Addison Wingard Scholarship Ariail Chapter Alumnae Club Arie H. Abecassis Lynn Tollison Barnette Lucy Shand Edmunds Donna J. Goldman Donald J. Greiner Dr. Christine H. Hait Eleanor B. Hammer Carolyn R. Hennies Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hipp Anne T. Hodge Sophie Horton William C. Hubbard Guy P. Johnson Henrietta Johnson Mr. and Mrs. A. Hart Kohn Jr. Peggy Langdon Margaret Ledly Wannelle Witt Lefkowitz ’70 Dr. George A. Lippard Jr. Loblolly Society Alice B. Lucas Maria B. Maccaulay Mr. and Mrs. William S. McAninch Jon Moritsugu Mr. William and Dr. Thomasine Muzekari (Thomasine Dabbs ’83) Dr. and Mrs. Harris H. Parker Jr. (Susan Culclasure ’58) Margaret B. Schuber Audrey H. Shifflett Dr. and Mrs. Selden K. Smith (Dorothy Gasque ’61) Martha Burgin Sund Marie W. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. William B. Thesing Nancy Washington Jane Williams Laura R. Woliver Evelyn Barksdale Winn Scholarship Yager Scholarship **Claire Wilson Yarborough ’67 Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Yarborough (Claire Wilson ’67) Youmans-Kaufman Scholarship

Annual Scholarships

The list below reflects annual scholarships funded at Columbia College and awarded between July 1, 2006, and June 30, 2007. Those with the ** are newly established. For more information call the Office of Advancement at 803.786.3650. Belin Trust Fund **Edyth B. Best and Margaret W. Hayllar Memorial Annual Scholarship Joseph B. Bethea Scholarship Fund Breed International Student Scholarships Bernice Rebecca Buchanan Student Book Scholarship Linda H. Collier Scholarship Nancy Vaughn Coombs Scholarship Margaret Lee “Mickey” Rogers dePrater Annual Scholarship Evening College Alumnae Scholarship Honors Scholarship Fund International Scholarship Fund Dr. Esther Kramer Annual Scholarship Fund Irene Maddox Scholarship Naniscivik Practicum Kyra Hoffmeyer Nettles Annual Scholarship Parents Scholarship Fund Libby Patenaude Dance Scholarship Richland Sertoma Annual Scholarship The State Newspaper Scholarship Katherine J. Trimnal and Demetra C. Janetos Annual Scholarship United Methodist Scholarship Saluda Van Metre Dunbar Scholarship Carol Vaughn Annual Scholarship Lettie Pate Whitehead Annual Scholarship Wil Lou Workshop Nan Wilson Scholarship X.J. Honeycutt Scholarship

Where in the World is Susannah Fields?
Visiting the Great Wall of China


ields and usannah F


p Desmon

Senior Susannah Fields astounds even her mom, “She amazes me, and I’ve had to get used to being out of touch with her, at least for short periods of time.” During the Spring 2007 semester, Susannah spent 100 days aboard the MV Explorer, a Semester-at-Sea vessel, which took her to twelve ports around the globe beginning in Nassau, Bahamas with stops in Puerto Rico, Brazil, South Africa, Mauritius Islands, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Japan, Hawaii, ending in San Diego. Susannah joined 701 other students to study shipboard, completing a minimum of twelve credits during the voyage. Archbishop Desmond Tutu was among the distinguished guest lecturers. The honors student recalls, “We had breakfast together a few times and I would stress about conversation topics. What do you say to a Nobel Peace Prize winner? Pass the milk? We talked about cricket. He’s a huge fan.” Susannah set her sights on completing a semester at sea as early as her freshman year, “because it takes some planning to work it in and graduate on time.” And the cost was no small hurdle for the child and family studies major, with total expenses for the program at approximately $18-19,000 per student. With encouragement from her honors program advisor Dr. John Zubizarreta and her mother Dr. Joyce Fields, Susannah was one of just thirty sophomores in the nation to become a Department of Homeland Security Scholar, selected annually to receive a full tuition scholarship. The scholarship pays for her studies anywhere during her junior and senior years, including the Semesterat-Sea program. Most of the scholarship recipients are hard science majors, and Susannah is one of only four majoring in a social science. Susannah’s educational travel experiences began early in her college career. As a freshman she traveled solo to present a paper on the Columbia College leadership model at the Women’s International Leadership Conference held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The following year she traveled with a fellow honors student and two faculty members to Abu Dabai, also in the United Arab Emirates. Both experiences gave her a sense of being a global citizen, and the opportunity to meet influential women from many cultures who are working to affect positive change in the world. Susannah is returning to Columbia College this fall after completing a summer internship in Seattle, Washington, with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Her special project has been to research domestic hate groups and their commonalities with terrorist groups. As for life after graduation, she is weighing her options. Possibilities include a position with DHS, or perhaps a stint with the Peace Corps. Recalling a memorable moment aboard the MV Explorer, when a woman of distinction strode confidently across the deck, Susannah says, “Columbia College is the kind of place to ensure the confidence and personal growth in me to become that woman, proud and sure of my steps….” tu
d Tu


The individuals and organizations recognized at the Society level have made gifts of $50,000 or more over their lifetime. Due to the loss of gift records during the 1964 fire, it is possible that we have omitted someone. If so, please let us know.

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Orders Susan Darby Pearce ’86 Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Phillips (Kay Price ’65 ) Mr. (D) and Mrs. Eugene B. Ross Jr. (Lucy Eaddy ’49) Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Sansbury Sr. (Shelby Davis ‘64) Dr. and Mrs. Dwight H. Smith Sr. (Miriam King ’44) Springs Close Foundation Estate of Foy Stevenson Estate of Elizabeth White Swenson ’33 Estate of Paula Tabler The Knoll Foundation The State-Record Foundation Wachovia Bank of South Carolina Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Wall (Ellen Turmo ’66) William Randolph Hearst Foundation Inc. Mr. and Mrs. G. Larry Wilson Helen Addison Wingard ’35 (D) Eva Davis York ’34 Mr. and Mrs. Melvin K. Younts (Dollie Isgett ’51) Gregg-Graniteville Foundation Mr. and Mrs. H. Gardner Hendrix (Clelia Derrick ’41 ) Estate of Betty Weber Holz ’40 (D) Dr. Laurie B. Hopkins Arthur L. Humphries (D) Institute for Educational Inquiry Janirve Foundation Mary Alice Jones ’45 Kaplan School Supply Corporation Kraft Foods Inc. Rebecca Laffitte ’77 Dr. and Mrs. Lauchlan McKay (Dianne Smith ’74) Mildred Duvall Moore (D) National Bank of South Carolina Nord Family Foundation Orders Distributing Company Inc. Palmetto Richland Medical Center Becky Rush Park ’45 (D) Fred H. Parker (D) Mary Alice Carter Parker ’45 (D) Sara J. Pendarvis ’37 Mr. (D) and Mrs.(D) Keitt Purcell Mary Chandler Roper ’30 (D) Mr. and Mrs. E. Lea Salter (Ann Buckwalter ’55) South Carolina Bank and Trust T. B. Stackhouse (D) Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Stark Lalla Stevenson ’24 (D) Ida Crawford Stewart Mr. (D) and Mrs. E. Randolph Stone (Joanna Batson ’47) United Methodist Higher Education Foundation W. K. Kellogg Foundation Mr. R.H. Smith and Reverend Toni L. White Dr. Caroline B. Whitson William B. Cockroft Forum for Free Enterprise Elizabeth Wilson and Ruth Riddle Wilson ’16 (D) Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Yarborough (Claire Wilson ’67)

1854 Society

$1 million and above
Estate of J. Barnwell and Mary Blair Allison Allen K. (D) and Johnnie Cordell Breed Mr. and Mrs. N. Everette Kneece (Martha Smith ’55) The Kresge Foundation Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Inc. Robert J. Maxwell Jr. (D) Mr. (D) and Mrs. R. Roy Pearce The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation (Janice Suber ’59) South Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities Mr. (D) and Mrs. Carl M. Tucker Jr. (Alawee Gibson ’39)

Lipscomb Family Foundation Inc. John T. Mundy (D) The Honorable and Mrs. Berlin G. Myers Sr. (Marlena Redfern ’64 ) Dr. Cynthia W. Nord Nell Williams Overton ’43 Mr. (D) and Mrs. Gerald C. Paysinger (D) (Virginia Thompson ’39 ) Leonard L. Price Estate of Clara Street Redmond ’24 Mr. and Mrs. (D) Harold B. Risher (Margarett McNeill ’39) SCANA/SCE&G Sodexho Management Services Rita Eldridge Vandiver ’64

Legacy Society

Belin Trust Fund Belk-Hudson Group of Orangeburg William N. Bobo (D) Cary C. Boshamer Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John J. Brooks (Jane Castles ’58) Barbara Knox Cobb Coca-Cola Foundation Colonial Life and Accident Insurance Company/UNUM Continental American Insurance Company Mr. and Mrs. Rowan D. Crews Sr. (Louise Springs ’42) Virginia L. Crocker ’73 D.L. Scurry Foundation Ellen Claussen Davis ’72 Mr. and Mrs. George C. Fant Jr. First Citizens Bank First Citizens Foundation Estate of Catherine M. Fleming (D) Ford Foundation The Estate of Mabel Shull Gantt ’38 David C. Goodall W. J. Greer (D) Dr. Ambrose G. Hampton Jr. (D) Mr. (D) and Mrs. T. J. Harrelson Jr. Jennie Cottingham Henry ’28 (D) Estate of Kay Holley E.O. Hudson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. E.O. Hudson Sr. (D) Nancy Cummings Humphries ’72 Jenzabar Foundation John Ben Snow Foundation Dr. W. David and Barbara Ferry Johnson (D) Charlotte Clack Knox (D) Sibyl Causey Leggett ’50 (D) Albert D. McAlister Caroline McIntyre Meredith ’53 Estate of Ruth Crary Miller ’18 Estate of Ruth Emmala Miller ’72 (D) Milliken and Company Janie Farmer Myers ’37 (D)

Heritage Society
Josephine B. Abney Mr. and Mrs. Joe M. Anderson Jr. Baker and Baker Real Estate Developers Anne Beebe ’50 (D) Belk Foundation Sybil Shaffer Blackstone ’28 (D) E. T. Bowen (D) BB&T Elizabeth Mixon Brockington ’47 (D) Brooks Brown III Betty L. Bruner J. Robert Burnett (D) Cato Corporation Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated Mr. and Mrs. William J. Colvin Jr. Mr. and Mrs. L. Arlen Cotter (Janet Alexander ’56) Katherine Goodall Crosthwaite ’82 Estate of Etolia McDonald Culler Richardine Parker Cushman ’29 (D) Daniel-Mickel Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Daniels Sr. (Cameron Greer ’61) Mr. (D) and Mrs. (D) Thomas W. Dunaway Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John S. Dunbar III (Jane Coker (H)) Voridian/Carolina Eastman Chemical Company Fluor Daniel Inc. Frances Woodle Fowler ’48 Nancy Hamm Gause ’87 Smithie Gibson ’45 Dr. Wil Lou Gray ’03 (D)

Old Main Society

Joe R. Blanchard BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Estate of Homozel Mickel Daniel Mr. (D) and Mrs. Robert E. L. Freeman (Cornelia Rickenbacker ’33) Annie Laurie Kennerly George ’33 Mr. and Mrs. (D) Marion A. Knox Sr. National Science Foundation Estate of Juanita Neeley ’26 The Reeves Foundation Estate of Sarah Emma Ham Thomas

Cornerstone Society
Bank of America BellSouth BellSouth Foundation Harriet Gray Blackwell ’18 (D) Mary Adams Brown (D) Mr. (D) and Mrs. (D) J. Drake Edens Sr. Harriott H. Faucette Mr. and Mrs. Leon S. Goodall Jr. John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Marion A. Knox Jr. Mr. (D) and Mrs. Thomas P. Knox Jr. Mr. and Mrs. (D) Guy F. Lipscomb Jr.

R. Wright Spears Society
The R. Wright Spears Society recognizes individuals who support Columbia College with $25,000 or more through will provisions, trusts or assignment of assets. Please let the College know if you belong to this newly created society. Lynn George Addy ‘73 Valerie Hill Aiello ‘81 Dr. M. Donald Alexander Jr. Mr. (D) and Mrs. Joe B. Asbill Robert J. Barham Valerie M. Barham Charlotte Stackhouse Broome ’75 Reverend and Mrs. DeArmond E. Canaday


The Office of Advancement and Alumnae Relations make every attempt to accurately report the names and giving levels of donors. Please advise us of any corrections or inadvertent omissions by calling toll free 1.866.456.2527.

Judy Jones Cannon ‘74 Mr. and Mrs. L. Arlen Cotter (Janet Alexander ‘56) MaryAnn Smith Crews ‘59 Virginia L. Crocker ‘73 Beverly Williams Daniel ‘74 Ellen Claussen Davis ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. George C. Fant Jr. Felicia Hause Friesen ‘81 Nancy Hamm Gause ‘87 Annie Laurie Kennerly George ‘33 Brenda A. Greene (H) Dr. and Mrs. James M. Hayes Jr. (Barbara Evans ‘60) Dr. Laurie B. Hopkins Asbury L. Hudson Rose Emily Jackson ‘81 Mary Alice Jones ‘45 Mary Margaret Judd ‘72 Marion A. Knox Sr. Reverend Dr. and Mrs. David A. Long III (Vermelle Brearley ‘59) Dr. Annette Williams Lynn ‘75 Rose P. Magee Sarah Blackstone Marut ‘63 Albert D. McAlister Mr. and Mrs. Sam E. McGregor (Betty Ulmer ‘51) Dianne Smith McKay ‘74 Dr. and Mrs. Peter T. Mitchell Marlena Redfern Myers ‘64 Sara L. Nalley ‘63 Dr. Sandra Robertson O’Neal (H) Dr. and Mrs. Harris H. Parker Jr. (Susan Culclasure ‘58) Mary Leslie Hudson Parsons ‘72 Liz Johnston Patterson ‘61 Patricia Marut Reagin Mr. (D) and Mrs. Eugene B. Ross Jr. (Lucy Eaddy ‘49) Marthalyn Barham Schimsa ‘77 Priscilla “Cissie” Scoggin ‘85 Drs. Steven J. (D) and Aracelis G. Shaw Carol Stackhouse ‘74 Ida Crawford Stewart Drs. Donald A. (D) and Rebecca G. Swanson (Rebecca Glover ‘57) Mr. (D) and Mrs. Carl M. Tucker Jr. (Alawee Gibson ‘39) Caroline Watson ‘82 Elizabeth Owen Westveer ‘87 Kathy Wheale ‘69 Claire Wilson Yarborough ‘67

Founders Society

The Founders Society includes those individuals who have established a testamentary gift to benefit the College in the future. Anonymous-12 Donors Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Ackerman (May Morgan ‘57)

Lynn George Addy ‘73 Katherine Gardner Adkins ‘67 Valerie Hill Aiello ‘81 Dr. M. Donald Alexander Jr. Dorothy R. Allen ’01 J. Barnwell and Mary Blair Allison (D) Belva Haynsworth Ariail ‘25 (D) Mr.(D) and Mrs. Joe B. Asbill Annie Laurie Bell Atkinson ‘34 Jan Oldham Ayers ‘74 Laura Mabry Ballenger ‘79 Helen Jeffords Barham (H) Robert T. Barham Valerie M. Barham Robert J. Barham Edna Lloyd Ott Bonnette ‘35 (D) Billie Ann Hardee Booth ‘69 S. Wyman Boozer (D) Edmond T. Borders Ruth Pendarvis Borders ‘36 (D) James G. Bouknight Annette Henderson Brewer (D) Joni Miller Brock ‘78 Charlotte Stackhouse Broome ‘75 Dr. Michael C. Broome Carol Fanning Brown ‘39 (D) Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Buchanan (D) Louise Rowland Burns ‘69 Julius F. Campbell (D) Reverend and Mrs. DeArmond E. Canaday Mary Rollins Cann ‘67 Reverend George R. Cannon (D) Judy Jones Cannon ‘74 William J. Castine (D) Dorothy Rhinehart Caughman ‘46 Rufus V. Caughman Anne Maner Clardy ‘62 Robert D. Coleman Jr. (D) Elizabeth McLaurin Cooke ‘47 (D) Mr. and Mrs. L. Arlen Cotter (Janet Alexander ‘56) Tumpy Payne Creech ‘56 Louise Springs Crews ‘42 MaryAnn Smith Crews ‘59 Virginia L. Crocker ‘73 Etolia McDonald Culler (D) Richardine Parker Cushman ‘29 (D) Dr. Thomas E. Cuttino Dr. Beverly Williams Daniel ‘74 Homozel Mickel Daniel (D) Ellen Claussen Davis ‘72 Sarah M. Dawsey Margaret “Peggey” Zeigler Dodds (H) JoDee Douda ‘93 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Dunaway Jr. (D) Annie Whetstone Dunivant ‘30 (D) Elizabeth DuRant ‘50 Linda Jones DuRant ‘68 William DuRant James Gayley Edens (D) Dolores Russell Ellis ‘87 Iris Redfern Emery ‘84

Mr. and Mrs. Gene B. Epting Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Estes (Josie Whigham ‘82) Claire “Doadie” Evans ‘68 Dr. Ellen C. Fagan ‘76 Mr. and Mrs. George C. Fant Jr. Kathleen Sellers Faulk ‘25 (D) Kathleen Kelley Fish ‘64 Reverend Robert E. Fisher (D) Betty M. Fitts ‘45 Catherine M. Fleming (D) Dresden Smith Floyd ‘85 Rebecca Ricks Floyd ‘74 Dr. Vivia Lawton Fowler ‘76 Cornelia Rickenbacker Freeman ‘33 Felicia Hause Friesen ‘81 Janice Rauton Gamble ‘86 Mabel Shull Gantt ‘38 (D) Dr. and Mrs. Darrell H. Garber Nancy Hamm Gause ‘87 Annie Laurie Kennerly George ‘33 Natalie Robelot Gibson ‘69 Carol Flowers Green ‘54 Brenda A. Greene (H) Sarah Emma Ham (D) Joe Hardin (D) Fay Harrelson T.J. Harrelson (D) Dr. Jill Hauenstein ‘70 Edith Collins Hause ‘56 Dr. and Mrs. James M. Hayes Jr. (Barbara Evans ‘60) Mr. and Mrs. Gary Heeseman III (Elizabeth Tyson ‘89) Mr. and Mrs. H. Gardner Hendrix (Clelia Derrick ‘41) Jennie Cottingham Henry ‘28 (D) Ann Hatchett Herlong-Bodman ‘53 Jane Dawkins Hicklin ‘72 Clifford E. Hill (D) Lula Hardee Hill ‘35 (D) Marie Locker Hill (H) John and Annie Martha Hills ‘39 Kay Holley (D) Betty Weber Holz ‘40 (D) Evelyn Harden Hook ‘43 (D) Sam S. Hook Sandra Hawk Hook ‘90 Dr. Laurie B. Hopkins Asbury L. Hudson Betsy Shealy Humphries ‘55 Patricia A. Jackson ‘83 Rose Emily Jackson ‘81 Mary Colclough Jeffords ‘34 Alison Moody Johnson ‘87 Thomas Johnson Mary Alice Jones ‘45 Mr. (D) and Mrs. Dan S. Judd Mary Margaret Judd ‘72 Flora Kennedy ‘65 Bruce D. Kenyon Marion A. Knox Sr.

Mary Eloise Haigler Leake ‘67 Margie Y. Leaman Wannelle Witt Lefkowitz ‘70 Mr. (D) and Mrs. Stanley V. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Jon Patrick Liles (Jo Ann Rainey ‘61) Frankie Fennell Limehouse ‘62 The Reverend Dr. and Mrs. David A. Long III (Vermelle Brearley ‘59) Dr. Annette Williams Lynn ‘75 Rose P. Magee Sarah Blackstone Marut ‘63 Annette Hill Matthews ‘55 Lula Crider Matthews ‘27 (D) Robert J. Maxwell Jr. (D) Reverend (D) and Mrs. Harry R. Mays Albert D. McAlister Mr. and Mrs. Sam E. McGregor (Betty Ulmer ‘51) Dianne Smith McKay ‘74 Annette Brandenburg Meachum ‘65 Hazel Myers Melia ‘38 (D) Anne Nichols Miller ‘86 Ruth Crary Miller ‘18 (D) Ruth Emmala Miller ‘72 (D) Elizabeth Clyburn Minus ‘62 Dr. (D) and Mrs. Ralph T. Mirse (Blanche A. Mirse (H)) Emily Stone Mitchell ‘44 J. Joseph Mitchell Dr. and Mrs. Peter T. Mitchell Mildred Duvall Moore (D) Sarah Risher Moore ‘39 Dr. and Mrs. Ted R. Morton Jr. (Henrietta Rosson ‘54) Reverend Diane A. Moseley ‘67 Dr. Sara L. Mott John T. Mundy (D) Elizabeth Rickenbaker Myers ‘38 (D) Marlena Redfern Myers ‘64 Sara L. Nalley ‘63 Marilynda M. Nease ‘76 Juanita Neeley ‘26 (D) Dr. Sandra Robertson O’Neal (H) Nell Williams Overton ‘43 Dr. and Mrs. Harris H. Parker Jr. (Susan Culclasure ‘58) Dr. Mary Leslie Hudson Parsons ‘72 Liz Johnston Patterson ‘61 Virginia Thompson Paysinger ‘39 (D) Susan Darby Pearce ‘86 Rebecca Duffie Penland ‘86 Ethel Cayce Pettigrew ‘74 Jane Clifton Pfaffenberger ‘64 Virginia Wharton Plyler ‘35 (D) Patricia Marut Reagin Curtis S. Redden Clara Street Redmond ‘24 (D) Mr. and Mrs. Clarence T. Reynolds (Doris Rawl ‘48) Gayle Hanley Reynolds ‘84 Frances F. Rhame ‘45


Jerry Rhodes Mary Ann Rhodes (D) Mr. and Mrs. (D) Harold B. Risher (Margaret McNeill ‘39) Dr. and Mrs. C. Ford Rivers Clara Marshall Rogers ‘69 Annie Roseborough (D) Mr. (D) and Mrs. Eugene B. Ross Jr. (Lucy Eaddy ‘49) Mary Cobb Ruff ‘70 (D) Cynthia English Rusher ‘63 Dr. Jerold J. Savory (D) Marthalyn Barham Schimsa ‘77 Priscilla Cissie Scoggin ‘85 Dr. Steven J. (D) and Dr. Aracelis G. Shaw Agnes Shuler Shealy ‘51 Mr. (D) and Mrs. Marshall A. Shearouse James H. Sikes Felicia Sisk ‘48 R. Wright Spears Carol Stackhouse ‘74 Foy Stevenson (D) Lalla Stevenson ‘24 (D) Ida Crawford Stewart Frances Cole Stokes ‘60 Drs. Donald A. (D) and Rebecca G. Swanson (Rebecca Glover ‘57) Elizabeth White Swenson ‘33 (D) Paula Tabler (D) Mitchell Hardee Taylor ‘36 (D) Dorothy Derrick Thomas ‘35 (D) Holcombe H. Thomas (D) Mr. (D) and Mrs. Carl M. Tucker Jr. (Alawee Gibson ‘39) Nell Turbeville ‘36 (D) Mr. (D) and Mrs. John Van Deusen (Linda Marie ‘83) Dee Vaughan ‘78 Richard E. Veale (D) Robert G. Waites Lillian Fair Wall ‘28 (D) Reverend and Mrs. Theodore H. Walter Virginia N. Wannamaker (D) Margaret Sowell Waters ‘36 (D) Caroline N. Watson ‘82 Carolyn James Weaver ‘59 Ellen Corley Wecker ‘73 Helen E. Weed (H) Dr. Joanne T. Wells ‘56 Andrea Lee Jerome West ‘84 Elizabeth Owen Westveer ‘87 Kathy Wheale ‘69 Reverend Toni L. White Ann Gilchrist Whitmire ‘55 James L. Wilkes (D) Mildred Winesett ‘70 Jeanette Dobson Wood ‘66 Christine Hamilton Wylie ‘86 Claire Wilson Yarborough ‘67 Eva Davis York ‘34 Dollie Isgett Younts ‘51

Partners Club
Kay Price Phillips ’65 Betty L. Bruner Sheryl McAlister ’82 Dr. Ronald G. White


Annual Giving Levels
Ambassadors Club $25,000 and above Partners Club $10,000 to $24,999 Sustainers Club $5,000 to $9,999 Trustees’ Club $2,500 to $4,999 President’s Club $1,000 to $2,499 Dean’s Club $500 to $999 Associates Club $250 to $499 Sesquicentennial Club $150 to $249

Sustainers Club Trustees’ Club

Brenda A. Greene (H) Joye G. Hipp John D. Jones Amy S. Lanier Dr. Edward Sharkey Jr. Dr. John Zubizarreta

Maro Kouyoumjian Rogers ’56 Cary K. Smith

Associates Club

President’s Club

Charlotte L. Berry Joe E. Burns Katherine Goodall Crosthwaite ’82 Elizabeth Gressette ’70 Marsha Steele Moore ’70 Clary E. Rawl Rebecca Joyner Shirley ’84 Toni L. White

Dean’s Club

Ambassadors Club
Joe R. Blanchard Marion A. Knox Jr. Leonard L. Price Rita Eldridge Vandiver ’64 Larry Wilson

Scott Blackmon Jr. Elizabeth Dunaway Elliott ’78 Delores D. Gulledge Jack S. Hupp Cile Purcell Hursey ’76 Jon G. Keith Ellen Turmo Wall ’66

Associates Club

John A. Cadena E. Anne Gillespie ’73 John A. Hauenstein Sr. M. Hayes Mizell Jeannette Richardson Price ’65 Laurel Moxon Suggs Sharon W. Bryant

Dr. Sandra McAlister Ayers ’69 Dr. Julia P. Baker Lynn Tollison Barnette Susanne J. Brown Gretchen Morris Crosswell ’96 Claude Crumlin J. P. Donohue Jr. Carolyn B. Emeneker Iris Redfern Emery ’84 Ann M. Fleshman Gabyann K. Hickman Julie Arseneau King ’88 Dr. Randolph D. Love Betty Erwin McDonald ’75 Laurie A. Mozley ’04 Dr. Lynne Noble Ana C. Oliver ’98 GB Olsen Susan Hodges Powell John C. Pritchett Charles G. Shaw Dr. Scott A. Smith Donna S. Turner Helen E. Weed (H) Mildred “Mitzi” Winesett ’70

Partners Club

Sesquicentennial Club Contributors
Lynwood Lee Duke ’89 Cathy Jamieson-Ogg Elise (Leigh) Svetlik McElveen ’96 Rita M. McKinney Elizabeth Monts Rauch ’62

Sesquicentennial Club
Martha A. Brim Dr. Michael C. Broome Mary L. Bryan, J.D. Mary R. Cross Robyn L. Gibson Dr. Christine H. Hait Julie R. Hawkins Reverend Valerie Knox-Mireb Lisa Kennerly Livingston ’91 Stephanie S. Morris Rebecca B. Munnerlyn Sara L. Nalley ’63 Dr. Sandra Robertson O’Neal (H) Lanny Sullivan Palmer ’53 Dr. Lillian A. Quackenbush Dr. Madeleine J. Schep Dr. Roger P. Schmidt Dr. Leigh Ann Spell Dr. Helen Tate Amanda Maxfield Therrell ’02 Dr. Diane L. Thompson Dr. Ute Wachsmann-Linnan Candy Y. Waites

Nancy Cummings Humphries ’72 Patricia Stone Wood ’64

Sustainers Club

June Johnson Bradham ’68 Ellen Claussen Davis ’72 Rebecca Laffitte ’77 Carol Rich Storey ’68 Marguerite Willis Claire Wilson Yarborough ’67

Partners Club
Dr. Laurie B. Hopkins

Trustees’ Club
James B. Apple John H. Lumpkin

President’s Club
Quay W. Adams James C. Meadors Lee C. Bines

Sustainers Club
Dr. Caroline B. Whitson

Trustees’ Club

Associates Club Sesquicentennial Club
Jean Ellen Duke Jill Hauenstein ’70 Jeffrey H. Selig

Stephanie McNulty Kelley Dr. Linda B. Salane Dr. Mary L. Steppling Carol S. Vaughn ’71

President’s Club
Dr. Elaine Kirby Ferraro ’70 Dr. Vivia Lawton Fowler ’76 Thad A. Henry Dr. Nieves A. McNulty Dr. Harris H. Parker Jr. Beth Westbury

Mary M. Cantando Mary Virginia Taylor


Harvey A. Ackerman III Teresa “Tessie” A. Andonaegui Thomas R. Battenhouse


D. Dale Bickley Michelle Booker-Poindexter David B. Branham LaNae R. Briggs Rosemary E. Broughton Cynthia Bryant Dr. Tamara L. Burk Sandra J. Burke Dr. Christopher J. Burkett (M.Ed.’02) Jacqueline S. Campbell Mary E. Carlisle Bryant Carlos Leslie Catoe Tammy D. Childs Deedra Clinton Jane Clyburn Vanessa E. Coleman-Lebby Amy Wrenn Cook ’04 Howard M. Cook Julia M. Cunningham Marie Cunningham ’94 Melissa Cunningham ’01 Lowell B. Cupps Dr. Beth Droppleman Colette R. Dryden ’90 Joanna Eargle Kim Edwards Dr. Mona R. El Shazly Randy Epting Patrick M. Faulds Pamela T. Felder Dr. Joyce W. Fields Lil J. Fuller ’03 Mary B. Gilkerson Anna B. Gore ’06 Patricia A. Graham Thelma Graham Julie Grainger Keya D. Gray ’05 Virginia J. Green Dr. Martha M. Griffin Dr. Lisa M. Hall Dr. Jack Hamilton Michelle L. Harter ’95 Sarah L. Hood Dr. Charles M. Israel Susan M. Ivsan Aaron Jacobs Wayne K. Jamison Dr. Sharon L. Jones Katherine (Deanie) J. Kane Willie B. Keenon Dr. Amelia S. Kinard Champayne C. Kincaid ’06 Dr. Norma J. Kirkland Lois A. Klemy Dr. Richard C. Krejci Lin C. Lake Dr. Maria B. LaMonaca Dr. James C. Lane Dr. Doris G. Layton Sandy Leach Dr. Randy Lee

Jackie L. Leverett Fiona Lofton Kyle B. Love Ray A. Lyerly Stephen L. Lyons Christin Teal Mack ’03 Consuelo Marmolejo Sophia Marmolejo Alice Taylor Martin ’90 Bernadette Mason Susan McClam Anna McClinton Dr. Sandra G. McCloy Dr. R. Tandy McConnell Jr. Amber McKissick David P. Medeiros Dr. Kirt E. Moody Timothy Morris James R. Morrison III June G. Mullinax Dr. Jason B. Munsell Kay Leitner Muri ’00 Stephen R. Nevitt David J. Oberly Peggy Ondrea Serena L. Padua ’06 Faye R. Pantsari Barbara Buddin Parker ’65 Lyndsay Wheeler Pickens Tony A. Pickett Heather L. Reyes Virginia A. Ricker ‘98 Holly M. Riggs Lavennia S. Roberts Maria Luisa Rodriguez Dr. Hyman S. Rubin III Deborah Valerio Ruth ’00 Carmen Salaz Dr. Howard P. Sanders Halima Sarir Pete N. Saville Diane C. Senn (H) Dr. Paula W. Shirley Kyle A. Sorell Dr. James E. Spell II Debra M. Stayner Jay Swygert Dr. Nancy L. Tuten Jane P. Tuttle Dr. Lisa Unterseher Mary A. Walker Mary E. Wall Jeffrey L. Washington Dr. Alan Weinberg Angela S. White Sylvia J. White Dr. Michael Wiederman Mary Ann Young Richard Young Dr. Sandra L. Young

Bank of America Grant to Support Statewide Leadership Program for Department of Juvenile Justice Female Students
For the first time ever, Columbia College is taking its Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) program behind the fence to high school girls at the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice. A $25,000 grant from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation is enabling Columbia College’s Leadership Institute to take this bold step. LEAD will work with DJJ’s female population to instill leadership qualities and to assist them in developing a plan for a more successful transition back to their home communities. LEAD will give the DJJ students the opportunity to strengthen their personal and leadership skills while they learn to celebrate the unique abilities they have as women. Often, there has been a deprivation of quality leadership and positive role models in their lives and they have made serious mistakes. LEAD is designed to re-direct behaviors and foster a supportive environment to explore challenges and uncover potential, hopes, dreams and promise.

Kim Wilkerson of Bank of America (right) presents grant to Dr. Caroline Whitson, Dr. Linda Salane, and Inez Tenenbaum (from left)


Ambassadors Club
Annie Laurie Kennerly George ’33 Mr. and Mrs. Leon S. Goodall Jr. Mr. and Mrs. N. Everette Kneece (Martha Smith ’55) Leonard L. Price

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Russell Cross Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Guthrie Darr R. June Bailey Davis ’59 Reverend and Mrs. Eugene Eaddy (Drucie Connelly ’55) Mr. and Mrs. Hazel E. Ellerbe (Martha Davis ’60) Mr. and Mrs. Don Ellis (Helene Rowe ’68) Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Gamble (Juana Davis ’47) Mr. and Mrs. John L. Gramling Jr. (Betty Lane Cherry ’58) Mr. and Mrs. David Gunnells (Peggy Huggins ’65) Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hall Dr. and Mrs. James M. Hayes Jr. (Barbara Evans ’60) Jackie Spann Hewitt ’39 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hicks Jr. (Susan Hornsby ’71) Mr. and Mrs. Rolfe Holbrook III The Honorable and Mrs. William T. Howell (Gail Dooley ’64) Reverend and Mrs. Preston B. Huntley Jr. (Nell Brasington ’64) Mr. and Mrs. William B. Hynds (Anne Barrington ’53) Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Lawson Sr. The Honorable and Mrs. Robert Mallard (Ruth Hills ’57) Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. May Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Murdaugh III (Elizabeth Alexander ’61) Drs. Alan R. and Barbara Nourie (Barbara Livingston ’68) Mr. and Mrs. Sidney J. Palmer (Lanny Sullivan ’53) Reverend and Mrs. Charles G. Pfeiffer Mr. and Mrs. Marion G. Pittman (Jane McClimon ’66) Julie C. Rogers Harriet Chandler Sample ’64 Dr. Louise T. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Ricky A. Shull Mr. and Mrs. Marion C. Thompson (Sadie Brunson ’60) Mr. and Mrs. Steve C. West (Karen Cribb ’64) Dr. and Mrs. Francis M. Young Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Berry Bonds (Marcia Hite ’66) Edyce Jackson Brasington ’46 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence N. Bridgers (Nan Buddin ’69) Martha Dennis Buddin ’46 Mr. and Mrs. Porter Bull (Newell Jeffords ’46) Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Cantrell (Connie Stephens ’78) Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Clark (Ann Rogers ’99) Mr. and Mrs. William C. Crane Jr. (Edwina Garrett ’50) Doris Duffie Culvern ’44 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Cunningham Jr. (Marie Cunningham ’94) Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Curran (Beverley Brigham ’64) Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Deller Mr. and Mrs. William L. DuBose Jr. (Claudia Cooper ’60) Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Duvall Jr. (Allianne Turner ’65) Mr. and Mrs. Duane A. Earles (Eme Mundy ’76) Mr. and Mrs. Van E. Edwards III (Bettie Fort ’69) Mr. and Mrs. James V. Epps (Dot Rast ’51) Mr. and Mrs. Rodney F. Epting (Margaret McCaughrin ’65) Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Evans Jr. (Mary Lou Nelson ’46) Dr. Joyce W. Fields Mr. and Mrs. David B. Fleming Mr. and Mrs. James K. Floyd (Blanche Williams ’40) Mr. and Mrs. William A. Gardner (Katherine McNeill ’40) Mr. and Mrs. Laurin V. Gardner (Nancy Snyder ’69) Julia Crider Garris ’30 Iris Corbin Gary ’46 Mr. and Mrs. David N. Gay Betty Sue Jones Gibbons ’53 Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Clifton C. Goodwin III Mr. and Mrs. William M. Gordon (Elizabeth Drennan ’63) Mr. and Mrs. John W. Green (Carol Flowers ’54) Mr. and Mrs. Frank V. Grobusky Mr. and Mrs. Riley C. Grubbs (Janice Collins ’79) Mr. and Mrs. Dale M. Grunsky (Patricia Phillips ’69) Mr. and Mrs. William M. Harper (Marian McFadden ’50) Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy E. Hart Jr. (Leslie Gill ’61) Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Hedgepath (Miriam Lyles ’67)

Partners Club
Barbara Knox Cobb

Sustainers Club

June Johnson Bradham ’68 The Honorable and Mrs. Berlin G. Myers (Marlena Redfern ’64) Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Yarborough (Claire Wilson ’67)

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Reeves Sr. (Anne Kizer ’63) Jerry R. Rhodes Mr. and Mrs. Claude L. Robinson Reverend E.W. (D) and Mrs. Margaret Rogers Mr. Richard A. and Reverend Rebecca J. Shirley (Rebecca Joyner ’84) Dr. and Mrs. Selden K. Smith (Dorothy Gasque ’61) Claude R. Vaughn Sr.

Dean’s Club

Trustees’ Club

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Blount Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Brooks (Jane Castles ’58) Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Darby (Anne Langley ’61) Mr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Humphries Jr. (Betsy Shealy ’55) Dr. and Mrs. George E. H. Moore (Sarah Risher ’39) Mr. and Mrs. Cary K. Smith (Marilyn Worley ‘64) Mr. Raymond A. Steppling and Dr. Mary L. Steppling

Dr. and Mrs. Allan P. Bruner (Helen Banks ’55) Arthur L. Genoble Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Hiers (Eugenia Crosby ’49) Dr. and Mrs. Henry L. Laffitte (Ann Cassels ’47) Dr. and Mrs. C. Ford Rivers

Associates Club

President’s Club

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff D. Amberg Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Baxley (Kathryn Wise ’47) Mr. and Mrs. Hubert W. Blizzard Sr. (Margie Spradley ’55) Lucinda Bethea Bostick ’35 Mr. and Mrs. James M. Cannon Jr. (Kathryn Verdery ’55) Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Caughman (Mary Carole Smith ’64) Mr. and Mrs. Gary Correll Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Daniels Sr. (Cameron Greer ’61) Mr. and Mrs. John S. Dunbar III (Jane Coker (H)) Mr. Richard S. and Dr. Vivia L. Fowler (Vivia Lawton ’76) Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Hames Sr. (Llewellyn Hiott ‘59) Mr. and Mrs. H. Gardner Hendrix (Clelia Derrick ’41) Mr. and Mrs. Edward V. Mirmow Jr. (Barbara Loadholt ’53) Dr. and Mrs. Harris H. Parker Jr. (Susan Culclasure ’58) The Honorable and Mrs. Grady L. Patterson Jr. (Marjorie Faucett ’49) Mr. and Mrs. J. Randolph Peeples (Ruth Pate ’40)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Barham (Helen Jeffords (H)) Reverend and Mrs. Lee C. Bines Mr. and Mrs. James R. Boylston III (Louise Norwood ’74) Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Campbell Jr. (Elizabeth Norton ’57) Reverend and Mrs. Baylis Corley (Barbara Dennis ’49) Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Creech Ann Ledbetter Green ’40 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Harmon (Nancy Keisler ’65) Mr. and Mrs. J. Luke Hause (Edith Collins ’56) Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bodman (Ann Hatchett ’53) Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Kohn (Jacqueline Tumbleston ’67) Bet Jones Martin Dr. and Mrs. Douglas McDonald (Betty Erwin ‘75) Mr. and Mrs. Dewitte G. McIntyre (Jane London ’68) Mr. and Mrs. M. Hayes Mizell Mr. and Mrs. William H. Price (Jeannette Richardson ’65) Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Svetlik (Lisa Haile ’71) Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Turbeville Jr.


Sesquicentennial Club
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Bassford Dr. and Mrs. Harvey F. Blanchard (Cile Hunter (H)) Mr. and Mrs. John C. Branham (Cheryl Branham ’78) James E. Brogdon Mr. and Mrs. James G. Clamp (Carolyn Eleazer ’57) Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Cody

Mr. and Mrs. Newell Z. Andrews Jr. (Norma Silliman ’55) Judith Avant Antley ’64 Annie Laurie Bell Atkinson ’34 Myra O. Barton ’81 Mr. and Mrs. William E. Benton (Estamel Hicks ’63) Reverend and Mrs. Hugh J. Bickley Carol Ballentine Black ’60 Mr. and Mrs. James E. Bodie Sr. (Idella Fallaw ’46)


Mr. and Mrs. Gordan M. Herndon (Gloria Tyler ’48) Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hines Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hipp Reverend Dr. and Mrs. Adlai C. Holler Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Wayne M. Hollinger Mr. and Mrs. Irvin D. Hook (Mary Raynor ’90) Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Hull (Anna Paxton ’59) Rae McIntyre Hunter ’56 Dr. and Mrs. Stanford James (Mary Huggins ’53) Mr. and Mrs. Grover C. Jenkins Jr. (Betty Harris ’87) Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Johnson (Patricia Spell ’59) Reverend and Mrs. Thom C. Jones Mr. and Mrs. William R. Jones II Mr. and Mrs. William L. Jowers (Joan Marsh ’55) Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Keadle (Bruce Keadle ’73) James and Deborah Kelly Mary Frances Vause Kennedy ’56 Mr. and Mrs. Erik R. Kling (Jean Andrews ’60) Brenda Ward Langley ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Lee (Betsy Blizzard ’63) Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Lee (Judith Schreiner ’62) Mr. and Mrs. Marion B. Lee Jr. (Nancy Lewis ’62) Carolyn Williamson Lemmon ’53 Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey W. Lever Sr. (Sara Cauthen ’46) Mr. and Mrs. William T. Lewis (Janet Caldwell ’65) Emma Coleman Long ’41 Mr. and Mrs. James A. Lowder (Kathy Riley ’67) Joyce Hart Mann ‘57 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Marchione (Lorraine Burke ’50) Alice Taylor Martin ’90 Mr. and Mrs. James V. Martin (Ann Sheriff ’69) Joyce Eurey Matthews ’49 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. McAbee (Marie Stroud ’60) Mr. and Mrs. James A. McArver (Jane Brackett ’69) Sheila McLamore ’05 Mr. and Mrs. Neil A. McLeod Jr. (Dale Newton ’63) Edwa Mitchell Meek ’92 Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Mikulik Riley Milhous Al E. Miller Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Mixon (Cathy Long ’65)

Mr. and Mrs. Danny Moran Ella Jones Mulkey ’46 Mr. and Mrs. Barry Mullinax Mr. William and Dr. Thomasine Dabbs Muzekari (Thomasine Dabbs ’83) Mr. and Mrs. James R. Newman (Sharon Cassels ’74) Mr. and Mrs. James J. Nichols (Trudie Hipp ’52) Dr. and Mrs. William S. Ogden (Lou Gray ’61) Mr. and Mrs. Billy Y. Padgett Mr. and Mrs. Dalton A. Parker (Barbara Buddin ’65) Dr. and Mrs. John W. Parler (Ann Miller ’61) Gertrude O’Neal Patrick ’41 Hattie Mae Best Polk ’55 Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Polk Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Raney (Bonnie Smith ‘70) Mr. and Mrs. Billy G. Ratcliff (Edna Zobel ’63) Patsy Rauton ’76 Mr. Francis L. Rawl and Dr. Miriam Rawl Mr. and Mrs. James R. Rhodes Jr. (Melinda McTeer ’64) Mr. and Mrs. John E. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Ruth (Deborah Valerio ’00) Dr. and Mrs. Harold W. Sanford (Catherine Rigby ’63) Ida Satterwhite Mr. and Mrs. Gordon D. Schreck Mr. and Mrs. William E. Sentelle III (Jane Brock ’65) Mr. and Mrs. Odell Shuler Jr. (Connie Peagler ’63) Mr. and Mrs. Manning Shuler Jr. (Jeanette Elliott ’63) Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Slocum Dr. and Mrs. Hugh E. Smith (Martha Meares ’47) Marion Moye Smoak ’50 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Smoak (Shelby Watford ’59) LTC. and Mrs. Allen S. Snell Jr. (Cynthia Lominick ’68) Dr. and Mrs. James E. Spell II Mr. and Mrs. Harmon B. Sprott Jr. (Nell DuBose ’56) Reverend and Mrs. Porter L. Stackhouse Davie R. Surrett Reverend and Mrs. T. Reginald Thackston Mr. and Mrs. Allen B. Thomas (Gail Bonnett ’62) Mr. and Mrs. George H. Tisdale Jr. (Glenda Goodson ’65) Mr. and Mrs. William H. Varn Jr. (Sophie Shuler ’43) Lois Watts-Harper Vaught ’48

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Volk (Maria Ramos ’70) Mr. and Mrs. George F. Waddell Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wade Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. Watson (Mary Carolyn Tatum ’53) Mr. and Mrs. John A. Webb (Kathryn Hair ’69) Mary Walden Wellons ’53 Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Wells (Betty Kearse ’51) Helen Millender Whetstone ’56 Kathryn Rast Williams ’50 Mr. and Mrs. Johnny F. R. Young Carole Leigh Kafer Zimmerman ’57

Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Gordon Walter C. Henry Mr. and Mrs. Jack S. Hupp Dr. Harold Jablon John Klinedinst Mr. and Mrs. George Long Elizabeth McGregor-Simmons Bishop Marshall L. Meadors Jr. Lenora Price R. Wright Spears Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Sullivan Jr. Trenholm Road United Methodist Church Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Waters Martha Jo Wilder

Associates Club

Ambassadors Club
Robert F. Burnett Catherine M. Fleming (D) Marion A. Knox Sr. Cynthia Nord Leonard L. Price Mr. M. Edward Sellers and Dr. Suzan D. Boyd

Joe Denton Jim Edwards P.W.E. Harris Sophie Horton Cynthia Phillips Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. McAlexander Hyman Rubin Jr. Mr. and Mrs. C. Bruce Shealy Michelle Phillips Sullivan J. P. Wright Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Britt Jr. William Cain Jr. Colonel and Mrs. Liston L. Edge Mr. and Mrs. William Harris Dr. George E. Holland Jr. Dr. R. Michael Johnson Horace H. Leysath Jr. Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Phillips Dr. and Mrs. Francis M. Young Jr.

Partners Club
David C. Goodall Elizabeth Wilson

Sesquicentennial Club

Sustainers Club

Robert M. Bennett Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Dolny Elwood James Bruce D. Kenyon Harold B. Risher Paul G. Veale

Trustees’ Club

Central United Methodist Church Woodrow W. Evett (D) Mr. and Ms. Fred Stitt


President’s Club

G. Reid Banks W. C. Buchanan (D) Alec Chaplin Mr. Terry Collier and Dr. Linda H. Collier The Honorable George H. Davis Jack D. Fuller Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Gordon Richard W. Hitch Mr. and Mrs. David G. Hodges Julius G. Lopez Mr. and Mrs. James R. McGregor Wilfred Palmer Romie T. Rikard Ardis Savory Mr. and Mrs. Claude R. Vaughn Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Wehner Bruce T. Williams John H. Wright

Dean’s Club

A. Dick Cannon Mr. and Mrs. Sam Elkins

Arie H. Abecassis Jeley H. Adan Mildred S. Ayers Betty K. Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. John D. Ban Charlotte Barmore Jane A. Barnhill Mr. and Mrs. Chad L. Beauchamp Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Bodie Sally M. Bourne Jerald A. Breitman Doris P. Brockington Keith Buchanan Elberta S. Burnett Gladys B. Butler Mr. and Mrs. James A. Butler Shirley J. Butler Juanita K. Carmichael Mr. and Mrs. William Chafin Anne Rish Coakley Mr. and Mrs. Clayton H. Collins Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Collins Renee R. Collins Margaret S. Compton Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Connor Jr.


Catherine S. Cook Charles H. Cook Harry T. Cooper Jr. John M. Cooper Jr. Kathleen B. Coskrey Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Cuttino Richard F. Daughtry Jr. Hubert Davis Sarah M. Dawsey Georgina M. Dempsey Thelma Dugosh David Dunn Joel Eaton Lucy S. Edmunds Joseph C. Fagan Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Allan G. Fanjoy Vernon L. Fash Mr. and Mrs. William Feldman Gene Ferguson Gerald Floyd Morris Francis Mr. and Mrs. Elmer F. Frick Catherine H. Furney Barbara Glasscock Mr. and Mrs. James B. Goldfinch Charles R. Goldman Donna J. Goldman Emily I. Goldsmith Cheria Goodman Dr. and Mrs. Donald Gray Kay R. Gregory Donald J. Greiner Dorothy G. Grimball Dr. and Mrs. George O. Hallman Eleanor B. Hammer S.L. Hamrick David L. Hanner Eva B. Hard Larry W. Hayes Mary K. Hennecy Carolyn R. Hennies Anne T. Hodge Mrs. Randolph W. Hope Sr. Martha A. Howell William C. Hubbard Mr. and Mrs. Asbury L. Hudson Amelia Hunter Margaret U. Hutchison Hilda V. Jackson J. Rhett Jackson Jr. Dr. Larry A. Jackson William C. James Jr. Regina O. Janvrin Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Jayne James W. Jenkins Cora B. Jiles Mr. and Mrs. Bobby F. Johnson Guy P. Johnson Henrietta Johnson Elizabeth Jones Winston F. Jones W. Allen Kling

The Honorable Curtis Shaw Audrey H. Shifflett James R. Shirley Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John T. Sifly Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Smith Glenda B. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Harry O. Smith Mr. and Mrs. William A. Smith C. Russell Sox Jr. Mattie Ruth B. Stevens Patricia D. Stewart Mildred S. Still Claudia G. Stokes Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Stoudemire Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Strickland Sr. J. Grady Strom Mary W. Sturtevant Martha B. Sund Marie W. Taylor Prudence Taylor Reverend Stephen P. Taylor Betty H. Teal Mr. and Mrs. William B. Thesing Amanda Thompson Anna Bess Tisdale Marjorie Tollison Mr. and Mrs. David Townsend Jeanne Treeter Jean M. Trice N. Jane Turner Mayme E. Tyler Mr. and Mrs. John R. Veale Mr. and Mrs. Jim Veale Mr. and Mrs. T. Ervin Veale Theodore E. Veale Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. Wachter Robert G. Waites John S. Walker Nancy Washington Dr. John T. Watson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Whatley Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Wheeler Elizabeth W. White Dr. George H. Widner John H. Wilde Harriett B. Wilder Mrs. Jane Williams Margery P. Williamson Frank C. Wilson Sr. Sandra F. Winnick Marian H. Withington Laura R. Woliver James H. Wood Thomas A. Wood Mr. and Mrs. John Alton Woods

Jenzabar Sodexho Management Services

Mr. and Mrs. A. Hart Kohn Jr. Peggy Langdon Mr. and Mrs. Steve Laufman Frankie L. Lawson Margaret Ledly Carolyn J. Leitner J.A. Leitner James A. Leitner Jr. Mr. and Mrs. F.H. Lewandowski La Rue Lineberry Dr. George A. Lippard Jr. Janice Lombardi Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Looney Donald F. Looney Sr. Alice B. Lucas Lee H. Lumpkin Maria B. Macaulay Patsy R. Mainous Elizabeth Waring Martschink Mr. and Mrs. William S. McAninch Dr. Billy M. McCathern Mary M. McFadden Mr. and Mrs. Tom McLean Sara P. McLeod Virginia B. McLeod Mr. and Ms. Thomas P. Meehan Mr. and Mrs. James W. Middledorf Riley Milhous Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Milligan Mr. and Mrs. Jacques J. Moore Sr. Jon Moritsugu Robin Moseley Mary Stewart Murphey Joseph H Nesbitt Dr. and Mrs. E. W. Nunnery Claire Palmer Jack Parker Patricia A. Parr Patricia R. Pastor Nina P. Phillips Claudia D. Pickett Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Pinckney Mr. and Mrs. Marion E. Pitts The Honorable Glenn G. Reese Julia S. Reid Dr. Clyda S. Rent Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Reppert Drs. James H. Rex and Sue Smith-Rex Jeannette Richardson Mr. and Mrs. James C. Ritter Sr. Gail S. Robbins Robert J. Robinson Mary L. Roper Heather L. Rosing Louise A. Sales Doris D. Sandberg Ellen Douglas Schlaefer Margaret B. Schuber Linda C. Self Mr. George R. Sharwell and Dr. Josette P. Sharwell Dr. Aracelis G. Shaw

Partners Club

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated Continental American Insurance Company Southern Mutual Church Insurance Company

Sustainers Club

Corporate DevelopMint National Bank of South Carolina Tipperary Sales Inc. Wachovia Corporation

Trustees’ Club

R. G. Darby Rental Eastman Chemical Company SC Eastman Chemical Company TN First Citizens Bank The State Newspaper Turner Padget Graham and Laney

President’s Club

Bank of America Banks Construction Company Branch Brothers and Trust/Boyle-Vaughan Insurance BellSouth Budweiser of Asheville City Nursery Farm Collard’s Custom Cabinets Inc CRA RogersCasey Haynsworth Sinkler & Boyd P.A. Keenan Energy Company Inc. LTC Associates Meadors Construction Corporation The O’Dell Corporation SCANA Corporation SCBT Financial Corp. South Financial Group Time Warner Cable

Dean’s Club

American Insurance Association C.C. Canada Forestry and Realty Company Business Development Corp. of South Carolina C. F. Evans and Company Camden Insurance Agency First Community Bank Kyle and Company P.C. Palmer Memorial Chapel Pearson Services Inc. Portable Services Inc. Rowe Incorporated Southern Payroll, LLC Woods and Water Outdoor Suupply Company

Associates Club

Ambassadors Club
BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Blanchard Machinery Company Bonitz Contracting Company Inc.

6585 Billing Services Inc Action Transmission Service Arbemarle Corporation Ducksback Inc. Duke Energy Foundation Fairfield Construction Inc Hilton Artworks Irmo Insurance Agency Inc.


Leisure Time Unlimited Inc. Package Supply and Equipment Company Plex Indoor Sports Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund South Carolina Palmetto Shop Studio G Photography Sylvan and DuBose Jewelers Watson Tate Savory Architects Inc. Winterhouse Inc.

Trustees’ Club

D.L. Scurry Foundation The Wachovia Foundation

President’s Club

Sesquicentennial Club
Bank of America Carolina Business Equipment Inc. Emily Ray Jewelry Fox Trail Farms Lang Rivers’ Forestry Inc. Savage Royall and Sheheen L.L.P. Snelling Personnel Services

Brooks Family Foundation Coastal Community Foundation General Electric Foundation Foundation for the Carolinas Milliken Scholarship Program B.C. Moore Foundation South Carolina United Methodist Foundation The Mary Elizabeth Avinger Charitable Foundation


The Art Gallery The Art Shop Bejouled Buzby Video Productions Century 21 Bob Capes Realtors EdVenture First South Bank Galloway and Moseley Inc. Gun and Rod Shop H.C.S. Communication Services Harrelson, Kellett and Lockhart Hermitage Farms Shooting Sports Hip Hip Hooray Irmo Elementary School The Ivory Tower Jim ‘n Nick’s Jordan Welch Inc. Klinedinst Attorneys at Law Loblolly Society Forrest Mckie and Company My Email Now LLC Palladian Study Group Palmetto Firearms Progress Energy Quick Communication Services Marni Rothschild Pictures LLC Tally and Roberts LLC W. Lee Taylor Jr. Agency Taylors Music and Dance Studio Three Daughters Julie Waugh Photography

South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities provides support to its member colleges. Gifts and grants from corporations, foundations, and individuals are distributed to the member colleges by a formula method and by specific designations to particular institutions. George N. Acker Lynette L. Allston Alwinell Foundation David W. Arnes Joe M. Anderson Jr. Aramark The Arkwright Foundation Atlantic Coast Life Insurance Company Bailey Foundation Bank of America Bank of South Carolina BB&T Charitable Foundation The Barnet Foundation Trust Michael J. Barnett Henry E. Barton Jr. BellSouth Charlotte L. Berry BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Michael R. Brenan George J. Bullwinkel Jr. James E. Byrd Jr. Darrell M. Campbell Meri F. Code Charles W. and Elizabeth H. Coker Foundation Joan Sasser Coker Colliers Keenan, Inc. Colonial Supplemental Insurance Virginia L. Crocker Daniel-Mickel Foundation Dargan Foundation B. James Dawson Diamond Hill Plywood Dickson Foundation

Ambassadors Club
Bank of America Charitable Foundation Central Carolina Community Foundation Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Inc Robert and Janice McNair Foundation

Partners Club

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“U Need 2 Know” Radio
The Leadership Institute at Columbia College is featured every other Friday this year on WOIC’s talk show “U Need 2 Know” hosted by Frank Knapp. The segments feature Dr. Linda Salane, executive director of the Leadership Institute and the South Carolina Alliance for Women, and other special guests who discuss issues affecting the social and economic status of women in South Carolina. The segment starts at 5:25 p.m. and ends around 5:39 p.m. Tune into the show live on WOIC (1230-AM) or listen to the live audio stream at www.strnetwork. com. The recorded shows are posted each week on the Columbia College website too! For the latest Columbia College news visit us online at


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Eileen DeVillier Schell

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Betty Weber Holz (D) Ruth Pate Peeples

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Henrietta Heriot Clark

Nell Williams Overton

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Sara Avant Erexson Esther Coxe Kelly Sara Gillespie Neeley Earline Truesdale Porterfield Sara Fridy Purser Mattie Green Suber Sophie Shuler Varn Ellen Easterling Vejarano

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Becky Rush Park (D)

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Dorothy Rhinehart Caughman Margaret Suggs Prince

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Ann Murph Barry Rose Connor Blackstone Idella Fallaw Bodie Dorothy Corbin Bonnette Edyce Jackson Brasington Martha Dennis Buddin Newell Jeffords Bull Inez Smith Causey Bonnie Clemons Donlan Mary Lou Nelson Evans Constance Wilson Fowke Louise Thomason Hodges Anne Galloway Hubbard Sara Cauthen Lever Ella Jones Mulkey Lois Redford Parrott Dot Ott Plummer Marguerite Crosby Smith Edna McMillan Todd

Bertha Mae Raffield Wactor Lillian Williams Watson Elizabeth Gamble Webber Vallie McCutchen Welch Carolyn Rice White Jean Dawsey White Julia Moorer Williams

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Ann Ledbetter Green Margaret Gillespie Holroyd

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Frances Woodle Fowler Felicia Sisk

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Mary Stewart Klinedinst (D) Nellie Cross Williams

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Estelle Ohlandt Lassiter Ethel Jones McAlhaney Doris Rawl Reynolds


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Mildred Kennerly Hendrix Mary Shaw Tiller

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Dorothy Williams Bratton Nancy Shirley Cary Doris Duffie Culvern Dorothy Butler Fuller Emily Stone Mitchell Connie Reynolds Nelson Sarah L. Nettles Georgie Whetsell Norris Beneva Black Ouzts Hilda Putnam Stapleton Edith Parker Vincent

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Lennie Goldson Evett Clelia Derrick Hendrix Lucille Calhoun Hinson Neila Riley Whitlock


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Marie Still Buist Betty Kellett Goewey Meredith Meng Ham Margaret Hudson Hedgepath Emma Coleman Long Gertrude O’Neal Patrick Doris Felder Rogers Mary McIntyre Rogers Adeline Rainsford Stehle Helen Morgan Weed

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Kathryn Wise Baxley Olivia Page Floyd

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Thelma Rast

Elizabeth Mixon Brockington (D)

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Smithie Gibson Ruth S. Green June Kennedy Higgons Louise Dial Tucker

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Alma White Braaten Ann Cassels Laffitte Mary Catherine Merritt Smith Joanna Batson Stone


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Grace Lybrand Pauline Jackson Shuler Rachel Creel Benton Margie Crum Dean Juana Davis Gamble Katherine Rhoad Ness Devon White Turner

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Evelyn Wall Bettis Louise Springs Crews Emily Cribb Moise

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Mary Derrick Accola Mary Gordon Carroll Faye Wolfe Fruit Charlotte Galloway Law Agnes Burgess Owings Julia Paysinger Putnam Carolyn Carns Riley Lellan Jumper Smith

Annis Sims Beach Rosalie Lucas Brown Maude Felder Coffey Betty M. Fitts Iris Corbin Gary Cleo Ross Goodwin-Jones Mary Alice Jones Hildreth Jordan Love Helen Ray McCormick Elizabeth Wiggins McDonald Rae Morris McDuffie Carleen Turbeville McGinn Dorothy A. Norton Marinelle Fridy Peery Daisy Ritter Rippy Dorothy McLeod Stucke Dorothy Black Tindal Betty Gibson Trotter

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Frances Jenkins Atkinson Eleanor Duke Avant Mary Singleton Broadway Miriam McDonald Childress BettyRuth Ayer Crews Mary Jordan Crouch Frances Leaphart Dudley (D) Louise Barber Fulmer Margaret DuRant Hall Gloria Tyler Herndon Leila Walker Hogan Sarah Harvin Keels Lieze Connor McDaniel Sara Free Rogers Betty Inman Sanders Alma Easterling Savedge Ila Jolly Scott Mary Rast Smith Lois Watts-Harper Vaught JuAnne Kennedy Weeks

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Joan Snowden Kennerty Marjorie Faucett Patterson Alice Anne Springs Scarborough


Catherine Terry Andrews Jean Ward Haynsworth Marilyn Fox Hightower Patricia Steadman Hill Billie Wannamaker Johnson Evelyn Guyton Johnson Louise Simmons Jones Helen Faucett Lide Ann Carter Mackay Margaret Bishop Murray Dorothy Coleman Parler Jenny Inabinet Pierce Martha Meares Smith

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Eugenia Crosby Hiers

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Miriam Best Altman Virginia Eskridge Coble Foye Jones Covington Bess Brown Duke Sara Deloache Gibson Roberta Simmons Josey Joyce Eurey Matthews Elizabeth Danner McLeod Lillie Glover McLeod Alice Gunter Miner Ruth Raines Tillman Elizabeth Koon Timmerman Jane Evans Wilson

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Jeanette Edwards Coward Elizabeth DuRant Martha McGee Goodwin Alice Edens Newman Juanita Fallaw Nicholson

Norma Wilson Anderson E. Louise Turner Atherton Wilma Sompayrac Blackmon Helen DuBose Borden Emaline Kennerly Brown Nell Jumper Cooke Dot Rast Epps Anne Smith Gattis Carolyn Snow McAlister Agnes Heriot Montgomery Jane McIntyre Neely Anne Reynolds Stewart Sylvia Best Sykes Stella Wallace Betty Kearse Wells Dollie Isgett Younts

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Betsy Peavy Murdock

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Henrietta Rosson Morton Betty Frierson Dawkins

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Sue Hammond Hance Margaret Williamson Waugh

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Maro Kouyoumjian Rogers Mary Ann Reeves Phillips

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Judith Wilder Allen Janet Alexander Cotter Mary Alice Floyd Cox Betty Tune Davison Anne Solomons McFarland Nancy Overton Clover Edith Collins Hause Mary Lou Patrick Hord Betty Jones Martin Loretta Darr Stephenson


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Edith Edens Baker

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Rose McCutchen Landrum Jean Black Langston Hannah Stogner Leutz


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Nancy Miller Bartlett Mary McFadden Clanton Edwina Garrett Crane Mary Dee Tyler Cribb Mary Freeman Ferrell Sara McCall Goza Janette Furman Hamilton Marian McFadden Harper Willise Still Keel Ann Ellison Lake Betty Brown Law Lorraine Burke Marchione Mary Cooley Raines Mary Beth Moore Sjoberg Marion Moye Smoak Anita Huntley Swygert Sarah Graham Tarrant Mary Risher Tatum Carolyn Moody Thomas Betty Ann Brown Truesdale Kathryn Rast Williams Anita B. Wright

Laura Harrison Adams Margaret Smith DuBose Rosa Ulsh Good Carol Flowers Green Jeannette Blakeley Hatzenbuhler Charlotte Brashier Knight Gloria Pearson Lynn Woodley Shingler McEachern Mary Louise Smith Morgan Betty Jones Moyer Charlotte Finklea Munn Barbara Best Shelley

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Mary Polk Bryant Pamelia Sale Cromer Norene Hardwick Davis Julia Cloninger Halford Trudie Hipp Nichols Ruby E. Nolan Shirley Wells Teaster Patty Cox Wingard Lucy McDaniel Woodruff

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Patsy Smith Bagnal Helen Hall Fridy Carolyn Bayne Hamby Ruth Bryan Jones Mary Floyd Lindley Mary Brabham Rivers Janet Byrd Thigpen Joanne Wells Hamlin McBee Withington Joan Vaughan Young

Martha Smith Kneece

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Betsy Shealy Humphries

President’s Club
Margie Spradley Blizzard Kathryn Verdery Cannon Ann Buckwalter Salter Patricia Cave Whitaker

President’s Club
Barbara Loadholt Mirmow


Dean’s Club

Dean’s Club

Loubie Whitaker Harrington

Helen Banks Bruner Betty Fowler Pearson

Associates Club

Associates Club
Grace Nolan Henderson Polly Jackson Williams

Ann Hatchett Herlong-Bodman Belle Drake Perrow Mary Gooding Smith Anne Barrington Hynds Lanny Sullivan Palmer Adelyn Grant Price Louise O’Tuel Warren

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Mary Ann Harper Allen Sally Bookhardt Boggan Virginia Ann Poston Chinnes Drucie Connelly Eaddy Jackie Littlefield Kinsey Joann Gamble Sanders Sylvia Felder Smith Jane Ann Edwards Varn

Sesquicentennial Club

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Agnes Shuler Shealy Betty Ulmer McGregor

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Sarah Wise Benbow Lindy Griffith Hutchison Elizabeth Ann Stoudenmire Mary David Allen Sara Cook Andrews Elizabeth Hunley Barrett Annette Derrick


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Mary Byrd Derrick Betty Sue Jones Gibbons Betty Youmans Greene Mary Huggins James Mary Anne Easterling Jones Elizabeth Haigler Keisler Carolyn Williamson Lemmon Kelly Shealy McDonald Susan Reaves Mitchell


Mary Speaks Audet Louise Collins Ballew Jerolyn Dennis Fanning Mary Glenn Fishburne Givens Peggy Hall Hughes Joan Marsh Jowers Betty Britt Kidd

Joan Ramsey Bailey Sara Breeden Martha Peterson Coble Tumpy Payne Creech Camille Eadon Daniel Cecilia Knowles Diehl Mildred Glass Elliott Patricia Mozley Evans Libby Evans Green Judith Banks Holford Ann Utsey Howard Rae McIntyre Hunter Sammie Weaver Jacobs Mary Ann Lewis Johnson Mary Frances Vause Kennedy Novyce Carter King Joyce Hart Mann Betsy Ann Rae Helen Hayden Riddle Sarah Jett Robinson Grace Wingard Shumpert Nell DuBose Sprott Mary Stanford Tewell Rachel Windham Watford


Helen Millender Whetstone Joan Byrd Woolard Pal Crenshaw Wrenn

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Jane Castles Brooks Ann Gasque Depta

MaryAnn Smith Crews Becky Risher Jenkins Lucy Lorick Powers

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Katherine Clark Lewis Ginger Brabham McCully Barbara Courtney Thomas Merle Joy Thomason Carolyn Shealy Tucker

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Susan Culclasure Parker

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Ruth Nealy Garrison Varena Fulmer Henry Patsy Powell Farr Dorothy Rivers King Anne Brewer Mattox

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Virginia Cottingham Baucom Mary Ann Spears Brockwell Barbara Mackey Burbage Ruth Osborne Lesesne Maxine Harley Mizell Inis Lipham Salisbury Unita Mikell Usher Margaret Best Woods Jennifer E. Atkinson June Price Breland Pollie Goodson Bristow R. June Bailey Davis Kay McQuage Dillard Sarah Calhoun Gillespie Kay Rogers Jordan Betty Lewis Lathem Marilyn Hardwick Long Edith M. Smoak Florence Martin Waibel

Henrietta Meachum Cannon Anne Turner Harrell Rebecca Glover Swanson

Sesquicentennial Club

Sesquicentennial Club
Betty Lane Cherry Gramling Amy Timbes Jenkins Mary Lowe Morris Jo Anne Nichols Ann Morton Pitt Dorothy Glover Prior

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Elizabeth Norton Campbell Connie Carter Galloway Shirley Pendarvis Guyton Shirley Huckabee Patterson Carolyn Eleazer Clamp Frances Avant Dodd Ruth Hills Mallard Sarah Frances Parker Jeri Baker Phillips Eleanor Shuler West

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Norma Silliman Andrews Shirley Hilton Baird Janice Rosson Brewton Aloha Baker Broome Betty Jane Young Brown Nancy Evans Cadmus Peggy Felder Carr Sarah Carrigan DuBose Betty Floyd Carroll Bennett Godwin Mary Ida Chaplin Hall Harriet Lancaster Hutto Mary Lou Dickey Johnston Anne Harrelson Kelly Grace Dukes Livingston Barbara Brown Lyerly Minnie Miller McMillan Jane Padgett Moeller Claire Jenkins Moise Anne Newsome Oswald Carolyn Threatt Plyler Jacqueline Sturdivant Pullen Margaret Eadon Robertson Dorothy Ropp Winifred Hanna Spears Shirley Stallings Steiss Molly Anne Price Thompson Jane George Townsend Nancy Chastain West Es’Dorn Harvey Westbrook Gladys Ruff Wood Carole Leigh Kafer Zimmerman

Annette Crouch Beale Jean Gilchrist Brannon Sandra Ezell Bridges Anne Neill Caughman Campbell Betty Lee George Chandler Betty Anne Cribbs Elizabeth Holman Davis Frances James Davis Sylvia Anne Turner Derrick Corinne Durham Friday Donna Dantzler Fuller Elizabeth Poole Godfrey Jo Carolyn Hammond Evelyn Crutchfield Hane Lu Ann Godbold Haywood Susan Jones Helms Marion Orcutt Hubbard Anne Moore Lee Jackie Ulmer Martin Katherine Brasington McIntosh Barbara Bair Proctor Betty Banks Ramage Delores Spell Reeves Mary Ward Rentz Betty Farr Rice Mary Blackmon Richardson Patricia White Rouse Charlene Gibson Smith Margaret Bigelow Smith Geraldine Murray Spivey Ruth Gordon Steffen Lenora Albright Vasoti Martha Jo Barnes Wilson



Janice Suber McNair

Ambassador’s Club President’s Club
Llewellyn Hiott Hames

Julia Gaddy Alsbrooks Marjorie Long Bass (D) Susan Berry Beall Jewell Taylor Booth Nancy Goodwin Breland Frances Thomas Butt Ann Thrailkill Cannon Rene Bradley Cary Jill Colbert Caviness Eleanor Ridgeway Chamberlin Shelby Martin Crawley Elizabeth Dickson Dupre Julia Helen Garris Ramona Mabus Hallman Lucy Boozer Harward Beverly Bradford Hill Anna Paxton Hull Donna Davis Hurst Patricia Spell Johnson Marlene DeLoach Lamar Vermelle Brearley Long Eleanor Kinzle McCoy Rae Bundrick Miles Gail Breeden Moore Marilyn Hucks Moulton Ina Whetstone Porter Mary Hammett Reid Shelby Watford Smoak Ann Kohler Stockman Florence Livingston Tomlinson Carolyn James Weaver Ann Dalton Winchester

“Overall, this was an amazing experience. I learned to be confident in myself and others. I learned how to speak in public and effectively manage my time. I hope to come back to the LEAD 08 program next year.”
— Leadership Camper

Trustees’ Club
Jewell Powell Hill

Dean’s Club

Loretta Brown Colcolough


President’s Club Dean’s Club
Cornelia Whisenhunt Pannell Lucinda Edwards Daniels Janet Shuler Delk Connie Kay Bannister Hughes Mary Hewitt Marshall Patsy Garrison Nutt Sarah Gardner Shaw Frances Cole Stokes

Jean Dusenbury Joyner Margaret Ward Pace

(D) DECEASED (H) HONORARY Contributors Associates Club
Frances James Ackerman Jane Cullum Anderson Catherine Fleming Beadles Sharon Gault Benston Estamel Hicks Benton Katherine Greiner Brabham Elaine Taylor Brantley Carolyn Ridgeway Brown Lynn Knobeloch Brown Elizabeth Taggart Campbell Jayne Gault Cowsert Caroline Donnan Curry Elizabeth Drennan Gordon Mildred Robinson Gunter Jean Gasque Hilton Bonnie Egleston Holstein Tommie Crouch Howey Martha Bouchillon Hursey Etta Mitchell Jenkins Marian LeGette Josey Mary Price Beckman Kapp Betsy Blizzard Lee Hazel Cleveland Lee Linda Shaw Lupold Annette Bishop McAlister Linda Lockard McCarter Sharlie Byrd McGriff Dale Newton McLeod Carolyn King Mendenhall Bonnie Beall Moore Ruby Bartell Moore Joanne Ashley Phillips Edna Zobel Ratcliff LaRose Reaves Richardson Catherine Rigby Sanford Connie Peagler Shuler Jeanette Elliott Shuler Patty Rogers Smith Frances Copeland Stanley Miriam “Mimi” Fellers Werntz Margaret O’Cain Zeller

Trustees’ Club
Anne Langley Darby Cameron Greer Daniels Liz Johnston Patterson Dorothy Gasque Smith

President’s Club

Associates Club

Associates Club

Mary Lutie McLaurin Fletcher Jacquelyn Boyles Walker

BettyJo Marsh Carson Peggy Busbee Castanes Cecilia Anderson Caton Janice Lawrence Causey Margaret Ann Atkinson May Martha Ashley McWhite

Sesquicentennial Club
Sarah Potts Bates Penn Henderson Dean Suzy Bruner Holloway Caroline Simmons McLain Elizabeth Alexander Murdaugh Juanita Abston Starling Carolyn Carter Stewart Judy Haselwood Wells Margie Coleman Yarbrough

Diane McElveen Askins Mary Stuart Bobo Hope McLeod Cappelmann Mary Harriet Wiggins Carter Sodecia Taylor Davis Beverly Williamson Gibbons Betty L. Hudgens Martha Price Platts Sally Kennedy Slocum Becky Lineberger Buie Patricia Cantey Johnson Bess Shuler Long Elizabeth Clyburn Minus

Sesquicentennial Club

Sesquicentennial Club
Martha Davis Ellerbe DeAnn Teaster Evans Barbara Evans Hayes Barbara Cope Inglett Mary Frances Cunningham Thomas Sadie Brunson Thompson




Patricia Owens Amick Virginia McDuffie Ariail Nancy McKinnon Bell Carol Ballentine Black Harriett Henderson Daniels Linda Cribb Davidson Judy Watkins Davis Delores Buddin Derrick Claudia Cooper DuBose Mary Watson Duffie Genie Munnerlyn Duncan Jane Livingston Flake Betty Glover Flowers Nancy Sloan Goodman Belva Finklea Greene Dian Shaylor Hammett Jacquelyn Moore Harrop Sylvia Mixon Harvey Martha Ann Hardwick Johnson Virginia Shives Johnson Emily Dinkins Kannon Jean Andrews Kling Deborah DuBose Law Mary Margaret Willis Lyles Marie Stroud McAbee June Tanner McCracken Millie Key McMillan Jane Proctor Morris Cecelia Colvert Reynolds Betty Ann Turner Schroeder Arlene Foster Shuler Helen Moss Summer Carole Rogers Summey Nancy Harvard Webb

Coby Alexander Bowers Virginia Kizer Brown Elizabeth Wallace Cone Elizabeth Ann “Fiffy” Covington Cottingham Sarah Ann Woodard Crenshaw Peggy Jones Crosby Esther Houck Dufford Sydney Glover Friddle Sarah Spearman Futrell Lucy Crumpton Gordon June Duffie Griffeth Leslie Gill Hart Ann Hardy Herring Ann Satterfield Kanipe Arden Harrell Kate Betty Sloan Kelly Mac Reta McLeod Kennedy Ann Taylor Kneece Jo Ann Rainey Liles Sara Rast Lineberger Susan Hiatt Maybin Nancy Coker McFaddin Rebecca Ballantine Miller Lucy Tucker Moore Lou Gray Ogden Ann Miller Parler Marjorie Hendricks Preiss Jane Younginer Prewett Betty Jo Hyatt Pruett Diann Hammond Sieling Nina Augustine Spell Gladys Gray Sullivan LeGette Stubbs Whitney

Carolyn Holly Beiers Judy Kittles Bigby Florence Blackwood Carroll Frances Powell Cooper Angeline Brown Dorrell Claire Eadon Judith Dunston Epps Eva Harmon Ezzell Faye Hartley Fetzer Catherine Bruce Gleaton Pattie Chaffin Hay Mary Anne McLean Hughston Tootsie Dennis Kline Emily Fulton Knobeloch Martha Walsh Lackey Judith Schreiner Lee Nancy Lewis Lee Emilie Kelley Lesesne Betsy Ward Lunney Sara Brockwell Mallory Evelyn Ann Peters Murphy BobbyJean Carsten Osmer Kay Martin Payne Carolyn Carter Powers Elizabeth Monts Rauch Madeline McMasters Sawyer EmilyAnn Bennett Skews Gail Bonnett Thomas Jean Medlen Timbes Jean Breeden Usher Elaine Tidwell Whatley Emma Inman Williamson

Rita Eldridge Vandiver Patricia Stone Wood

Ambassadors Club Partners Club Sustainers Club
Marlena Redfern Myers Marilyn Worley Smith

President’s Club
Anne Kizer Reeves

Trustees’ Club President’s Club Dean’s Club
Mary Carole Smith Caughman Shelby Davis Sansbury Roberta Lindler Ferrell Sylvia Slagle Shoemaker Linda Sue Neal Smith

President’s Club
Betsy Stockman Cureton Frances Herbert LaRoche Rebecca Baker Pugh

Associates Club

Allison Cooper Dillard Betty Shuler Moses Katherine Childers Rowland Betsy Patton Boaze Sara L. Nalley Willa Lynn Wrenn

Sesquicentennial Club

Dean’s Club
Anne Maner Clardy

Associates Club
Janice Thompson Bethea Patsy McCutcheon Brown


Kathleen Kelley Fish Josephine Matheny Griffith Robin Riser Hunsinger Sarah Sloan Kreutziger Wilmer Chandler Richardson Judy Moseley Rougeau Mary Helen Moore Spradlin Charlotte Potter Stone Jean Browne Thompson Forrest Potts Allen Bettis Wolfe Bryant Martie Hardin Curran Gail Dooley Howell Nell Brasington Huntley Lib Calhoun Lovvorn Rachel Dobson Price Harriet Chandler Sample Celeste Cross Singletary Karen Cribb West

Partners Club
Kay Price Phillips Lynn Scanlan Lawton

President’s Club Dean’s Club
Ann McClendon Altman Flora Kennedy

Sesquicentennial Club

Associates Club


Judith Avant Antley Libby Judy Atwell Penny Hall Bartlett Katherine Campbell Battle Patricia Meng Bouknight Sissi Williamson Broaddus Faye Still Broadway Barbara Mishoe Case Susan Scurry Chappell Beverley Brigham Curran Jackie Davis Sarah Floyd Elliott Joann Leitch Etu Patricia Simons Fleming Barbara Knight Flowers Brenda Toney Freeman Miriam Watson Garner Pamelia Woods Goldman Linda Morgan Gremillion Mary Jim Wilkes Gunter Mary Coker Ham Tracy McDill Hamrick Edna Lewis Hite Darby Moore Holley Rebecca Lane Hopkins Denise Barwick Innes Roberta Carter Jeffords Roberta Neil Mabry Nancy Herlong McAloney Pat Jackson McDonald Anna Wade Hubbard Nolan Elizabeth Garner O’Neal Jane Clifton Pfaffenberger Melinda McTeer Rhodes Sheryl Fanning Shanholtzer Ann Terry Smith Fred A. Turner Jr. Carolyn Moss Wolfe Louise Speake Wood

Loretta Myers Atkins Nancy Jones Bradley Betsy Cave Carroll Carol Fick Fowler Nancy Keisler Harmon Sylvia Zeagler Klett Brenda Pugh McCutchen Robin Clark Nicholson Jeannette Richardson Price June Agan Prince Jane Patterson Satterfield Linda Craig Smith Katharine Munford Snavely Peggy Huggins Gunnells Patricia McCoy West

Sesquicentennial Club Contributors

Evelyn Rosamond Norwood Barbara Buddin Parker Martha Dickinson Peel Nancy Brown Pinson Donnaleen Nettles Plunkett Sara Lynn Rainwater Pyatte Elizabeth McCoy Ridgeway Janet Lewis Ross Elizabeth Jones Savage Ann Lenhardt Schafstedde Jane Brock Sentelle Evelyn Ellis Smith Lu Edwards Smith Harriet Smoak Jane Mabry Spann Linda Durham Starin Glenda Goodson Tisdale Kathleen Peterson Varn Linda Raines Walker Patricia Younger Weaver Sandra Rinehart Whitener Patsy Gray Williamson Jeanne Edwards Yarborough

Dean’s Club
Jo Carol Padgett Pulliam Ellen Turmo Wall Anda Bell Woodward

Janet Richards Garrett Nancy Rousey Hambrick Mary Funderburk Harley Selina Hopkins Hathaway Anne Willis Hudson Frances McCallum Kritzer Carroll Kay Luck Carole Hope Magann Elizabeth Durst Majeski Janice Luksha Martinson Earle Lee McConnell-Bennett Susan Lyles McLane Gayle Rivers McRoy Bonita Brewer Mullis Evelyn Anne Johnson Neal Frances Knight Patrick Susan Workman Payne Carolyn May Pugh Joan Slaughter Quinn Margaret Waters Rowland Anella Andrews Sansbury Patricia Hemby Schroyer Cherry Hemphill Searcy Rebecca Wimberly Turberville Nancy Campbell Vick Elizabeth Setzler Willingham

Phyllis Loadholt Babb Marie Fabrick Bainbridge Margaret Kizer Boineau Anna Lybrand Boyle Patricia Shelley Britt Evelyn E. Caldwell Janice Hitner Calvert Katherine Moss Carrier Dorothy Pericola Coleman Lynda Pugh Counts Sandra Creel Brenda Graham Crooks Patricia Welborn Crotwell Jacquelyn Johnson Dadin Brenda McLees DeFoor Allianne Turner Duvall Julia Breeden Easley Fair McLeod Edmunds Kathryn McQueen Eichelberger Amy Perras Eisele Margaret McCaughrin Epting Celia M. Gasque Martha Bostick Gunter Jane Douglass Manning Hyatt Lucile White Jackson Jane Smith Johnson Mary Coleman Johnson Jane Mellette Lester Janet Caldwell Lewis Nan Mauldin Manson Martha Jean Basden Marshall Nancy Ayer Maxwell Annette Brandenburg Meachum Cathy Long Mixon Mary Epps Monroe Mary Elizabeth Epps Newman

Sustainers Club
Claire Wilson Yarborough Nancy Eldridge Rawl

Associates Club

Carol Gault Black Jane Vehorn Mahon Diane Caskey Pearson Ann Riley Stone Penny Missroon Thompson Jeanette Dobson Wood

President’s Club Dean’s Club
Katherine Gardner Adkins Sandra Cooper Owen Mary G. Rogers

Sesquicentennial Club
Nancy Felder Bull Patricia Cook Craine Frances Moore Horton Shirley Holt Huggins Jane McClimon Pittman Katherine Magness Ramsaur Marjorie Pregnall Simmons

Associates Club

Rose Pendarvis Bell Linda Culp Brown Jacqueline Tumbleston Kohn Katherine Graham Leland Joan Brogdon Potter Donna Lawrence Stone Annie Coleman Bates Carol Clark Coston Pat Rand Hargrett Bonnie Lawrence Harper Nancy M. Moody Sherrill Siegmund Norton Barbara Harris Sorkin Lynne Morris Sturtz


Sesquicentennial Club

Harrietta Preacher Allen Karen Carter Arthur Judith Steedly Bartholomew Marcia Hite Bonds Virginia Brooker Linda Harris Brown Patricia Haddon Cockfield Eugenie G. Comer Dorothy McCarley Crowther Beth Marvin Daniel Judith Freeman Davis Sylvia Seymour Davis Sarah McDonald Derrick Rebecca Motes Dougherty Susan Wamer Edmonds Patricia Mauldin Elmore Barbara Bailey Garrett


Karen Schultz Anders Donna Erben Blackburn Judy Montgomery Brennan Judith Baker Brigman Willa McKee Burdette Cynthia Livingston Burdick Mary Rollins Cann Judy Hoyt Chavis Johna Williams Cochran


Nancy Richardson Compton Ann Corbett Julie Morgan Culbertson Eugenia McArver Davis Margaret Rogers Deprater Jane Garrick Dyke Louisa Rice Goebel Dale Shuler Goodwin Sandra Blackwell Goza Rebecca L. Graves Carole Linder Hall Miriam Lyles Hedgepath Lillian Waldrep Hoeschen Betty Cunningham Hornsby Linda Sue Knight Horres Christa Hydrick Hunter Nancy Youngblood Jordan Mary Eloise Haigler Leake Marsha Lominack Lee Jane Lewis Kathy Riley Lowder Barbara Wamer Massey Hazel Knobeloch Matheny Mary Green McFaddin Karen Raines McGehee Carol Beaty McQueen Martha Parker Paula McCall Parker Ginger Sims Risher Anne Walton Rivers Janelle Laney Rivers Alice J. Sauls Betty Jennings Searcy Judy Murph Smith Donna Cain Stone Julia Barnes Thompson Kathryn Hemphill Tilghman Jennifer Wright Walken Mary Wade Haselden Ward Sarah Parler Watkins Marilyn Cole Williams Marcia Glass Wolfe Judy Young

Sesquicentennial Club
Clare Moss Allen Rieppe Clark Brooks Mary Spurrier Carroll Donna Polk Fisher Natalie Robelot Gibson Gloria Grainger Quick Candy Rogers Reynolds Kay Kasting Rohde Rebecca Rivers Sullivan Carolyn Holliday Sweatt Karen Kirkegard Wehman Kathy Wheale Elizabeth Gressette Lynda Poston Huseman Marsha Steele Moore


Linda Jones DuRant Missy Plowden Edwards Helene Rowe Ellis Marsha E. Fanning Susan Harrill Greer Carole Hinnant Gunter Lib Ann Merritt Harrison Sylvia Tims Johnson Barbara Livingston Nourie Sylvia Weathers Tomberlin

Dean’s Club

Sandra Barrett Welch

Associates Club
Janet Horner Brown Virginia Wilson Flanagin Mary Leath Griffin Frances Shelley Hill Wannelle Witt Lefkowitz Suzanne Gaskins Muldrow Katherine Rhodes Smith Claudia Lightsey Ware Mitzi Winesett Clara E. Addis Edna Harrison Crews Jill Hauenstein


Sustainers Club
June Johnson Bradham Carol Rich Storey

President’s Club Associates Club
Diane Smith Ervin Aliene Shields Humphries Angela Patterson King Jane London McIntyre Janice Rhodes Pearce Sherri Jones Rivers Margaret Caldwell Smith Toni Carpenter Childers Lynn Wiehrs Cromer

Jane Agan Sara McKerley Barrett Dixie Lee Beckwith Nita Williams Busbee Kay Fickling Buzby Nanci Perras Case Karen Herbert Clark Harriet Coleman Cox Lucy Shuler Cunningham Jane Smith Davis Carol Cook Duggan Zilphy Hunsucker DuRant Elizabeth Fryga Cecile McTeer Garbade LaLine Smith Gibson Barbara Watson Gilstrap Suzanne Stackhouse Grant Bonnie Baker Hamilton Elizabeth Bowers Hanks Sylvia Herlong Kelly-Stone Angela Katsos Kiehling Nancy Cook Law Frances Futrelle Lewis Ann Boykin Ligon Dawn Schulin Linthicum Patricia Hayes Maroska Elizabeth Lovell McCutcheon Nancy Tucker McDuffie Susan Barber Schuhmacher Irene Baker Seel Gwendolyn Croom Shealy Delores Alsbrook Simpson Ginger Edwards Smith Cynthia Lominick Snell C. Ann Taylor Leslye Hoffman Terrell Laney Goldsmith Thompson Trudy Porterfield Wohlford


Ruth Anne McCarter Collins Becky Hines Hendrix

Dean’s Club
Beth Dickert Beach Dee Quackenbush Walsh

Associates Club

Sesquicentennial Club


Sandra McAlister Ayers Irene Scarborough Brinkley Louise Hawes DeLoach Myra Mullen Eskew Dianne Holland Galloway Susan Harris Grady Dianne Horton Risher Frances Clayton Welch

Johanna Corbin Aiken Lib Nichols Alston Mary Harvley Berry Susan Lindsay Bishop Jane Hutcherson Boney Jan Jones Borg Resel Gosnell Bourne Anne Vanderford Bowen Sandra Whitesides Brannen Nan Buddin Bridgers Joyce Thompson Bumgarner Judith Diane Burgess Elizabeth Daniels Chappell LaDell Williams Dixon Donna Gregory Dowling Anne Reese Doyle Louise Marshall Easterling Bettie Fort Edwards Mary Ben Clyburn Faust Nancye G. Formo Julia Lackey Freeman Nancy Snyder Gardner Mary Ann Donnan Gilbert Karen McDonald Greer Patricia Phillips Grunsky Jeannie Sprouse Jeter Margaret Platt Jordan Barbara Jo Burroughs Lackey Ann Sheriff Martin Jane Brackett McArver Frankie Chinnis McLean Jayne Corder Moore Hilary Wilson Mullins Judy McCain Pennell Betty Hudson Reagan Clara Marshall Rogers Elizabeth McConnell Rushing Eugenia Stuart Sellers Lynn Mathias Shealy Cynthia Perry Smith Mace Lemon Strickland Kathleen Bowman Thompson Kathryn Hair Webb Anna Parker Williams Dianne Hiers Wood

Sesquicentennial Club


Daylene Mercy Altman Jane Todd Bell Mary Spearman Bryan Anne Tennent Cecil Anne Bouknight Collins Georgianna Foxworth Connell Pamela Porter Crabtree Donna Nichols Culclasure Carolyn Gault Dallara Juanita Malone English Elizabeth Frowein Folks Louise Brogdon Galloway Leah Chisolm Gore Janice Mathis Griffin Mary Leslie Shaw Hall Caroline Oliver Hester Carol Smart Jones Emily C. Kearse Nieves Kohl Lehmann Elisabeth Sottile Lewin Judy Lister Lowry Rosa Motes Marinak Nancy Wall Mischker Elizabeth Prickett Olson Bonnie Smith Raney Ann Schoolfield Simpson Cheryl Huggins Strickland Rebecca Bishop Sutusky Lee Elf Taylor Rebecca Long Tenny Maria Ramos Volk Mary Montgomery Wates Mary Gene Holstein White Kathleen Sampson Wise

Trustees’ Club
Carol S. Vaughn

President’s Club
Elaine Kirby Ferraro

Dean’s Club

Lynn Moore Brewer Kris Chandler Burns Betty Anne Griffin Sloan

Associates Club
Deborah C. Etheredge Kay Allison Norris Laura Cole Quantz Lisa Haile Svetlik

Juanita Wilkes Summers Christine Edens Wiggers Cookie Baker Adams Carolyn Snidow Leonard Karen Ingram Odiorne Anne Wannamaker Pate

Associates Club

Denise Corley Godowns Betty Roper Piper

Sesquicentennial Club
Dianne Nash Barnes Patricia Hodges Clark Doris Daniel Cole Sally Moffat Cooke Jane Morris Ledgerwood Penny Merritt Merriman Harriet Peeples Young

Sesquicentennial Club
Elayne Glover Bennett Evelyn Robison Gibson Donna Hill Hendrix Susan Hornsby Hicks Susan Adams Howard Carolyn Howell Poole Nancy Patrick Pursley Suzanne Reynolds Pyle Mary Plyler Riner Sandra M. Steele Eleanor L. Weatherford

Sesquicentennial Club
JoAnn Taylor Brunson Carol McCord Commander Evelyn Boykin Coombs Ruth Morton Creticos Jo Anne Mines Griggs Jane Dawkins Hicklin Deborah DuRant Hicks Sandra Williamson Hinson Robin Hoerner Porter



Brenda Belangia Barry Chandler London Boyd Brenda Stewart Bryant Gail Ruff Buchanan Cathy Craig Condon Susan Jones Crabtree Linda Altman Dennis Jean Jordan Ellis Judy Cheek Ethridge Alice Palmer Evridge Susan Gardner Farrar Susan Cross Foster Susan S. Gramling Dorothy Morrow Hanson Shirley Thornal Hebert Charlene Northcutt Herring Betty McArver Holland Diane Truluck Jordan Phyllis Land Mays Lynn Grimsley McElveen Carol Hunnicutt Millen Lydia Latto Mims Lynn Riser Rogers Jo Marshall Roper Jane Coffey Sandel Nancy Brockwell Shumaker Jean Byrd Taylor Kathleen Couch Walsh Patricia Warne


Jeanne Beebe Bouton Annie Walker Boyce Emily Poole Carpenter Janice Lineberger Carter Debbie Shuler Collum Sandra Yarborough Connors Jamie Hefner Corrigan Jane Sheriff Davis Jennie Cottingham DuBose Charlotte Hall Fowler Mary Ann Chaney Harris Josephine Hope Hewitt Bette Jamison Inglett Mary Blackwell Kilby Ruth D. Layne Paula Malone Emma Jeanne Regan McKenzie Lynn Fletcher Miles Sharon Plaxico Peery Mary West Rambow Carol Hydrick Riley Wanda Horrar Schmitz Marilyn Hendrix Shedlock Julia Johnson Taylor Patricia Foster Thompson Laurie Aiken Tiller Debbie Swindal Walters Roxanne Dusenbury Wilson

Ruth Emmala Miller (D)

Trustees’ Club
Nancy Vaughn Coombs

Ambassadors Club Partners Club
Ellen Claussen Davis Nancy Cummings Humphries

President’s Club
Sally Anthony Davis Katherine Adams Lawson Kathy Aughtry Randall Edna Staubes Roberds

Sustainers Club
Belinda Friedman Gergel Karen Johnson Williams

President’s Club Dean’s Club

Dean’s Club

Mary Beth McMillan Asma Terrie Kilgore Ball Dorothy Gaddy Bethea Kathie Bozard Karen Farver Carter Charlie Queen Coffey Mary Ann Phillips Crouch Mary Morris Dunford Carol Edens Epps Susan Knoche Fox Mary Ann Brunson Foy Beth Means Gaddy Harriette Phillips Hamblett Linda Wood Hoffmeyer Meredith Valois Hyman Harriet Cloninger Johnson Laura Mobley Joseph Cecilia Copeland Kane Bruce W. Keadle Margaret Kennerly Claire Mullen Kinney Sydnor Rosalie Laffitte Melba Stabler Lindler Elise Spencer Lindsay Rebecca Smith Livingston Deborah Floyd Lockwood Elizabeth Wallace MacIntyre Anita Hart Maness Judy Burwell Martin Donna Smythe May Ellen Easterby Monahan Cherry Sprott Muldrow Suzette Nettles Patterson Susan Prescott Petty Rozanna M. Pfeiffer Frances Crawford Sauls Denise Elmore Schweizer Beth Carr Smith Norma Nunn Spivey Kaye Strother Belinda Chandler Todd Gail Gulledge Watson Ellen Corley Wecker Susan Cone Wheeler Anne Springs Wilson

“Thank you for suggesting that I call my guidance counselor even though the date had passed to change my classes. She was so moved by my story of how I gained the courage from the camp that she made an exception! Now my science class has been bumped up to honors biology and I exchanged my second art class for engineering.

Thank you for helping me to accelerate my education and motivate me to do my best!”
— Leadership Camper

Nancy Burch Bunch Betsy Baker Nunnery Mary Leslie Hudson Parsons

Gaye O’Neal Harper Carolyn Wienges Laffitte Candy Crane Shuler Elizabeth Stuckey Wilson E. Anne Gillespie

President’s Club
Katrina Brown Harrison Jenny McCulloch Alice L. Paysinger

Associates Club


Ethel Cayce Pettigrew

Clara Celestine Martin Stone Susan King Traver Patricia Cheatham Vassy Marsha Patterson Whittington

Dean’s Club

Andrea “Andi” Blakeney Hill Suzanne Head Merrell

(D) DECEASED (H) HONORARY Associates Club
Jean Cottingham Clifton Cheryl Caton Cook Martha Tiller Foster Mary Benson Keenan

Rebecca Ricks Floyd Patsy R. Hammett Dianne Smith McKay


Associates Club
Louise Norwood Boylston Myra Starnes Ann Pridgen Howell Penelope May Nobles Nancy Cureton Ogletree Jennifer Johnson Todd Cathy Lindsey Zaniewski

Sesquicentennial Club


Elizabeth Mellette Andrews Donna Wofford Askins Jean Fletcher Aylor Eileen Bonner Bain Deborah Jacobs Bise Ann Rollins Bundrick Virginia Farmer Butler Judy Jones Cannon Peggy Pinson Carver Sparkle Donnelly Cooper Dorothy Traylor Couch Diane Capp Creveling Beverly Williams Daniel Patricia Kay Deaton Jeannie Lister Dobson Elizabeth Hucks Ervin JoEllen DeSpain Freeman Ruth Harrill Griffin Dianne Stroud Harrell Ellen Dobson Henson Vicki Vassy Holler Ginger Cuttino Jones Barbara Lollis Kirby Toni Berry Mace Barbara Baker Maxwell Stephanie Marsha McCabe Anna Traywick McFadden Cynthia Styles Minion Becky Shuler Moody Libby Wilson Patenaude Carol Carpenter Sharpe Mary Ruth Allender Sizer Patti Ruff Smyer Nancy Strickland Truluck Debbie Luther Watson

Margaret F. Altman Miriam Eleazer Baker Cheryl Roddey Biconish Sharon Silver Binder Elinor Wylie Clarkson Nancy Lynn Cockfield Wendy Wideman Corbitt Sandra Broome Cromer Susan Breeden Cutler Linda Durden Dean Anna Paige Betsill DuRant Susan Fisher England Maureen Smith Hamilton Helen Martin Heinz Elizabeth Timmerman Jordan Laura Weeks Kendrick Celeste Lynch Yvonne Nelson Means Frankie Shealy Monteith Sharon Cassels Newman Georgia Perrin Rebecca Ann Pruitt Mary Lou Guthrie Sawyer Mary Gene Minick Singleton Eleanor Gray Smith Martha Virginia Smith Margaret Wannamaker Utsey

Sustainers Club
Rebecca Laffitte

Sesquicentennial Club
Cheryl Branham Elizabeth Shull Busbee Jane Jenkins Herlong Susan Council Montague

Trustees’ Club
Susan Gibbons Dew

Associates Club
Debra Davis Crews Julie Sharpe Isom Pattie Stoudemire Leitner Sally Stanton McCarter Isabel Roberts Barber Kathy Corley Brown Deborah Randall Bruce Jean Ellen Duke Susan Bowers Goins Marian Kinon Hanna Kathy Rabb McKinney Elizabeth A. Phibbs


Sesquicentennial Club


President’s Club
Vivia Lawton Fowler

Dean’s Club
Eva Fridy Edwards Cile Purcell Hursey Ann White

Associates Club
Dale Brogdon Lidikay

Sesquicentennial Club
Gessner Snowden Dunn Ellen C. Fagan Mary L. Gee Anneil Price Stringer


Dean’s Club
Dawn Anderson Cathy Swinnie Bouknight Debra Stewart Hester Carole Dunaway Howell Betty Erwin McDonald

Associates Club Sesquicentennial Club
Libby Dean Brissey Charlotte Stackhouse Broome

Sara Calas Arrants Lynne Best Atkinson Denise Turbeville Barker Eme Mundy Earles Sharon Thomason Glenn Rosanne Grubbs Laura Gardner Hancock Mary Jay Holman Penny Phillips Kemp Elizabeth McNeill Marks Mary Jane Johnson Maxwell Marcia Muir Nichols Cynthia Patterson Pierce Victoria Eisele Premo Patsy Rauton Ginny Fulmer Sapp

Glennie Fowler Ahern Margaret Johnson Archambault Teresa Thompson Bailey Joy Wilson Beck Rosanne Wallace Black Mary Fulmer Bugay Anne Humbert Carriel Eleanor Smith Cart Donna Bozard Cox Ann Caldwell Ellison Martha Craft Essig Karen Kelley Hall Karis Manley Hallman Doris Lackey Hawkins Kathy Hughes Horne Rosemarie Mayer Huebner Ann Davis Hunt Emily Chamblee Jones Virginia Douglass Jones Elizabeth Ann Lindblom Kefalos Elizabeth Lester Kiker Meri Kirby Lovelace Phyllis Hiers McInerney Beth Smith Patton Kathie Mahaffey Planton Martha Belote Rogers Marthalyn Barham Schimsa C. Sue Hogan Tysinger Bonnie Bethea Weeks Carolyn Eleazer White

Cecilia Psillos Atkinson Susan Sims Bates Linda Lees Bettis Cheryl Maxwell Boone Joni Miller Brock Billie Jo Bodie Brown Nancy Truere Bryan Sara Phifer Burnside Connie Stephens Cantrell Betsy Adams Cooper Kimberly Barnett Elliott Betsie Neely Forsythe Ginger McConnell Hamblin Judy Smith Jones Rose Gliarmis Jones Rebecca McAbee Lanford Cathy Hoefer McCabe Mary McLain Scales Virginia Kirby Schoonover Denise Andrews Shepard Cindi Henderson Smith Nancy L. Smith Betsy Banner States Tina Poucher Stokes Mimi Armstrong Wiland Kim Cork Williams Gardenia Crim Wright

Associates Club
Dorothy Pate Bridgers Shirley D. Mills

Sesquicentennial Club
Mary Beth Watson Manheim Susan Ahearn Mitchell Claire Flowers Shell


President’s Club
Ann Kneece Amick

Dean’s Club

Elizabeth Dunaway Elliott

Angie Dixon Bardin Sarah Shaw Benson Karen Rast Blackwell Ruthie Harris Cantrell Judy Turner Fox Helen Barrineau George Yvonne Martin Gray Janice Collins Grubbs Cathy House Lisa Jackson Mayes Elizabeth Butler O’Neal Jean Ford Reid Mary Rabon Rowell Elizabeth Douglas Smalls


Sally Watkins Wallace Priscilla Cloaninger West Sandra L. Williams

Partners Club
Amelia Jacobs Smith Kathryn Bruner Stone

Associates Club
Catherine Senn Hungiville Nancy Creswell Reed Janet Rauch Keen Gloria White Lassiter Sandra Cooper Mack Loretta Monts McEntire Beth Humphries Stilwell

Sesquicentennial Club


Elinor Murray Alston Margaret Robertson Ariail Nancy Boyd Bethmann Kathleen Cohen Brand Donna Morris Brown Karen Dyches Brown Vivian Perry Clower Lauralynn Gentry Cook Deborah J. Drotor Karen Stewart Fant Kay Wright Harris Gail Ashford Hinnant Lyn Anne Dallas Knudsen Jan Robosson Lowman Melinda Moody McGhee Linda Griffin Michalski Jennifer Adcock Shingler Renee’ Sullivan Snelgrove Martha McMurray Stoney Lucy McIntyre Strother Elizabeth Lawson Thompson Carolyn Rexrode Walters Kathy Elizabeth Bickley Ward Beverly Owen Weymouth Mary Lynne Wiggs Mary Margaret Harper Wilkins Catherine Buddin Williams Sherri Hunter Woodward

Tanya Garris Beshears Sharon Miller Cauthen Margaret Snowden Chandler Kim Allen DuRant Wanda Thompson Ellis Lynn Jenkins Hammond Dottie Yon Hampton Janice Smyre Hazel Linda Van Cleaf Jairl Brenda Ward Langley Staci Crocker Lyerly Margery Jonte Mahoney Chyleen Altman Mock Harriet O’Neal Pauling Sally Harman Plowden Popie Lown Roberts Carole Lipsey Rothstein Denise Morris Seay Nova Beatty Stephens Elizabeth Floyd Szostak Joyce Bley Thompson Julie Call Waugh

President’s Club
Joyce Matthews Preacher

Dean’s Club
Barbara Miley Jaco Margie L. Mitchell

Associates Club

Elizabeth Johnson Connelly Alison Whitley Hearl Barbara Edwards Hudgens Pamela Lowrimore Jenkins Gina Warren Buzby Kelly A. Russell Bootsie Harvie Wynne

Sesquicentennial Club


Sustainers Club
Sheryl A. McAlister

President’s Club Dean’s Club
Caroline N. Watson Lee Fisher Sheorn

Katherine Goodall Crosthwaite

Associates Club
Cynthia Harris Gibbs Marian Harris Moore

Sesquicentennial Club
Judith Carole Owens Baxley Sara Smith Koon Suzanne Perry


Associates Club
Tamara Cox Baker Lee “Moo” Gordon Brockington Stephanie E. Holler Lorraine Binnicker Kimball Wendy Hiott Clark Mary Lamar Sherrill Lyall Chandler White

Sesquicentennial Club


Valerie Hill Aiello Frances Whitley Amburn Myra O. Barton

Leslie Ferguson Bumgardner Felecia Guinyard Busby Jan K. Butler Ann F. Cadle Connie Scott Cawthorne Susan Ellis Crout Betty Baker Davidson Janice Foy Dinkel Dorothy Ann Frady Edwards Barbara Anne Hiers Amy Graef Huckaby Terri McCarrell Keaney Joan Warstler Kruger Mary Jane Estridge LeFevre Lois Sijon McAfee Lynn McElveen Gracie Lee Epps Montanez Carol Hicks Newell Teresa Denise Patterson Ray Linda Ashford Smith Pamela Demos Vasilos

Patricia Lynn Sims Alexander Elizabeth Edwards Bagnal Teresa Ann Moore Baker Lisa Clontz Bergwerff Celeste Fincher Blackmon Carol M. David Deannie Watson DuRant Rhonda Kleckley Gilliam Jenny Covington Hallman Melissa Dyches Hiott JoVanna Johnson King Mary Frances Roberts Lazzari Patricia Koon Martin Kelley Stavrou McMillan Emily Raby Metzger Lynn Stokes Murray Thomasine Dabbs Muzekari Sheryl Smith Owens Frances Chapman Poda Jacqueline E. Sawyer Eva Brown Shuler Cynthia Troxel Stall Dawn Bridges Tatum Kathryn Corbett Tucci Linda M. Van Deusen

Kimberly Campbell Hamilton Mildred Whitney Haynes Sjoukie Cooper Holt Gloria D. Irick Deborah Darby Johnson Deborah Windham Joyce Darryl Reynolds Laffitte Linda McKenzie Lamb Marcia Ashford Lindsay Theresa Jensen Malaga Jacquelyn Hood McFadden Elizabeth Rhoad Myrick Tracey Mathias Owen Beth Strange Parks Mary Easterling Turbeville Rosetta Sims Washington Terri Eaddy Wheeler Terri Jo Pardee Wilson

Associates Club
Jean Nickles Atkins Tracie J. Leonhardt Kimberly Dunbar Rhett

Sesquicentennial Club
Marcia Rushworth Beazley


President’s Club
Rebecca Joyner Shirley

Associates Club

Iris Redfern Emery Susan Newton Graebe Mary Catherine Oates Stuckey Carol Bowman Wyndham Denise Dewitt Floyd Ruth Jarrett Taylor

Sesquicentennial Club Contributors

Donnell Hornsby Boyd Sheree L. Bridges Sara Hewitt Brown Tracy Sarratt Brown Suzette E. DePriest Stephanie Bouknight Eaddy Fran Thackston Glaze

Anngela Roberts Baker Connie Cawood Berginski Bonnie Jo Craft Brice Terri DuBose Brock Dora Livingston Bullock Mary M. Cantando Constance Bruner Cendrowski Anita Tang Chui Laura Mattox Collins Addie Rutherford Fanning Cynthia Levin Folger Kerin Buckner Foster Davis Ellerbe Guerriero Carey Lee Hudson Donna F. Jarrell Donna Douglass Johns Laura Patchen Krejci N. Lewis Lapointe Pamela Jordan Line Suzanne Bryant Lott Patricia Miller Macaruso Virginia Teele Melotte Elizabeth Thompson Moore Jacqueline Francis Rampey Priscilla Scoggin Lauri Brown Stevenson Alice Huguley Tracy Kia Flynn Valentine

Dean’s Club
Lillie Edens Herndon

Associates Club
Julie Powell Caldwell Anne Nichols Miller


Sesquicentennial Club
Nancy J. Dreher Susan Mitchell Edenfield Pamela Roberts Fralick Angela Jones Rizzo

Paula Brown Birindelli Catherine T. Bostick Kimberly Oakley Case Norma Johnson Chandler Tina F. Dantzler Lynwood Lee Duke Ellen Adams Erskine Kristal Roberts Gibbs Susan Baston Gilmore Lawanda Joseph Holliman Patricia D. Johnson Tammy Ann Kednocker Susan Barnes Kennedy Dawn Pierce Ling Meraldine Hicks Livingston Jennifer Bartels McCauley Susan Chambers McDaniel Allison Tipton Milner Hazel Johnson Onunkwo Michelle T. Rice Mary Anne Edwards Rush Robin Walsh Salonich Carolyn Robin Robertson Stancik Veronica Samaras Sutton Cary Kaneft Walden Betty A. Walker Perilla Mason Woods Cecelia Sawyer Yonce Kristin Gray Youmans

Stephanie Kennedy O’Cain Susan A. Plemmons Elizabeth Gordon Pope Dana Whaley Price Ann Marie Hull Ricard Paige Rogers-Garrison Lisa Caldwell Salters Tamera Norton Smith Myungsook Song Stoudenmire

Sustainers Club
Martha P. Brown Julie Arseneau King Kay Woods Lewis

Associates Club Sesquicentennial Club
April Arnold Allen Lynn Ullom Ballentine Elizabeth Saunders Head Janine Starkey Roberts Michelle Glover Seabrook Mary Kimbrell Sherman


Susan Pruett Backman Jackie Gladden Bean Sherry Harvey Crain Robin Green Delaney Angela Seddinger Dew Bertha Nealy Florence Alisa Kelsey Knox Sonya Cox Lowe Teresa Stubbs McCurry Rebecca Duffie Penland Alyson Duffie Price Martha White Rengel Karen Stokes Shumpert Jenny Lynn Burnette Williams Melissa McAbee Woolard Christine Hamilton Wylie

Dean’s Club
Rebecca Laney Derrick Jacqueline Moye


Dean’s Club
Kristina McCall Blizzard

Associates Club
Judith Meredith Bessinger

Sesquicentennial Club
Jacqueline Wilson Cohens Elliott Easterby Crudup Helen West D’Agostino Virginia Cannon LaFitte


Kendall Epps Alexander Jana Dunn Carter Felicia Bickley Craig Lori Brabham DuBose Michele Poulton Fitz Lisa Furr Tommi Lin Berry Garrick Clara Price Gestwick Leah Jowers Greene Beth Gray Hopkins Betty Harris Jenkins Suzanne Burgin Jones Tina Farr Lindler Susan LeeAura Updegraff Marcum Stacy Coleman Marcus Pam Galloway McElveen Marsha P. McKenzie Julia Smith McLeod Alicia Greenleaf Parker Melanie Swann Parker Marylee Putnam Lisa Wheeler Rossi Carol A. Russell Yvette Sistare Sally Whitley Slough Linda Hall Wolverton

Tammy Crolley Achziger Paige Byars Bates Angela Smith Baughman Mary Anne Eubanks Booth Cindy Mattingly Bowman Julie Marie Brown Sherry Lynn Fogle Cade Lillian Hudgens Dennis Wanda Neese Derrick Marie Gibson Frye Lisa Sijon Hamberis Marti Limehouse Hooten Heather McLean Jenkins Kathryn Truluck Krogh Laura Benson Kuykendall Kim R. Lee Julia Sell Long Mary Sutton Long Jacqueline N. McKenzie Karen Dunlop McMullen Elizabeth A. Moore Angela Murry Mozie Amelia G. Napper-Kelso Stephanie Sullivan Olsen Tammy Needham Peterson Donna Fuller Rizer Michelle McDaniel Roberts Trudy Hartzog Robertson Susan Steele Rodewoldt Penelope Webster Roulston Elizabeth Schulken Karen Bull Shuler Trina Crews Tant Kathryn Bowers Wells Linda Wade Wells

Associates Club
Tammi Young Campbell Danielle Saunders Walsh Kristel Whitley Causby Lisa Kennerly Livingston Emma Hoyle White

Sesquicentennial Club


Dean’s Club
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Carr (Shawn Staton)

Associates Club
Kimberly Bunch Davidson

Sesquicentennial Club
Tandra Hatfield Alderman Diana L. Como Margaret Anne Price Creech Natalie Walter McCoy Diane Hodges Thomas


President’s Club
Tina Gladden Sparks

Associates Club

Sue Jordan Phelps Regina Mae Williams Shelley Robin S. Huskey Susan Schmidt LeGrand Joy Beard Young

Sesquicentennial Club

Lani Evans Adams

Sheila Post Bantz Kelly Rodgers Bedenbaugh Teresa Wingard Betsill Tara Surratt Bobb Wanda Gothie Braswell Janet Peek Caldwell Nancy Maples Cordova Claudette Steadman Cunnold Colette R. Dryden Joan Hardy Eison Doris L. Harrell Mary Raynor Hook Elizabeth Hammond Joyner Grace Bynum Kelley Janie Randall Kossak Alice Taylor Martin Lara Kennedy Mayers Sara Gayle Summer McConnell Staci Northam Mitchell

Melissa L. Adams Patsy Meek Boggs Kaki Burris Bowen Dixie Culler Brown Katie Peeples Cate Beth Bell Creech Marlisa Combs Fick Mary Anne Brown Gilk Toni Trapp Gunter Ann Riley Harmon Alexina Strozier Harter Tonya Rodgers Hayes English McGee Holland Liesha Wessinger Huffstetler Cynthia West Kennington Crystal Neal Lawrence Kelly Starnes Lucas Heather Barnes Mattingly Ann Allen Mullis Catherine Copeland Nordeen Robin Huggins Poston Laura Wagnon Rivers Amy Allen Sawvell Nancy Seay Sellers Mary Routten Simpson Julie Johnstone Stephens Lori Oates Stepp Robin Parler Taylor Lisa R. Weathersbee

President’s Club
Michelle O’Dell Harrison

Dean’s Club

Rachel Cobb McCutchen Elizabeth Senn Hook Doris Dyson Green Contributors

Associates Club Sesquicentennial Club


Sandra D. Bell Ginger Smith Carter Tami Price Cupp Sheri Smith Dunbar Kristina Seale Finlay Kimberly Best Fort Honoria Lang Futrell Elizabeth Dovell Gilbert Julieanne LeJeune Humowitz Patricia Jumper Jeffcoat Victoria Poling Johnson Jennifer Rose Kellahan Claudette Roberts King Mia Smith Kreimeier Nancy Lemmon Lane Dammie Bembry Marshall Susan Rheutan McDuffie Edwa Mitchell Meek Cindy Gaddy Parrish Emily Jo Clarkson Perkins Michelle Cook Pittenger Katherine Carmichael Schafer Julie Ann Shelton Andrea Williams Steele Vanessa F. Taylor Tracy C. Wactor Janice Dukes Wright

Sesquicentennial Club
Marie V. Hightower


Barbara Bailey Amanda Waymyers Brown Wendy Oxner Brown Sudie Moore Clem Marie Cunningham Heather Rowland Grant Linda Flowers Hayes Julie B. Huntley Carla Grant Kilpatrick Emory Musselwhite Langston Peggy McClinton Makins Katherine Geddie McCall Sonya Barrineau Monts Carla Lewis Moore Ruth Anne Reeves O’Cain Tiffany L. Sprinkle Michelle Hughes Stockman Camille P. Walters Keely Ingram Wells Jennifer Priester White Dawn Cook Zajk Shannon Hall Zeigler

Sheila M. DeWese Sandi Inman Engler Jennifer Millsaps Feid Edith V. Fisher Stephanie McCarter Frederick Mary Owens Gilstrap Jennifer Stepp Hall Jennifer Smith Howdyshell Cathryn Ruff Jaeger Patricia Kornahrens Jenkins Elise Svetlik McElveen Suzanne Jones Price Bridget Lowman Ridgell Deanna Galiano Smith Sally A. “Mandy” Spires Linda Roof Stiver Tammy Adams Stone Delores Tips-Roxas Nina Mixon Vaughan Patricia Bush Williams Amy E. Zielke

Dean’s Club
Ana C. Oliver Ricki Hillis Walker Debbie Kneece Johnson

Associates Club Sesquicentennial Club
Sommer Deal Hoffman


Rebecca Borgkvist-Crow Brandy Snyder Brennan Katherine Milhous Byrnes Jutta W. Harrison Michele Speck Havens Anna Jackson Johnson Amanda Duncan McAtee April Cann Ott Virginia A. Ricker Marla S. Sanders Bobbi Barrs Sexton Renee Cribb Wilson

President’s Club
Sarah Hayllar Wendell

Associates Club
Angela A. Elliott Joan Sinclair Green

Dean’s Club
Julia M. Kohn

Associates Club
Rachel Rutherford Scurry

Dean’s Club
Jennifer Dunn Fluke

Sesquicentennial Club
Christine Coleman Eubanks Stacy Garrett McConnell

Sesquicentennial Club
Jamila Harrington Hudley

Associates Club
Rebecca Wiegert Hassell Anna Barnett Berger Cheryl Mellard Housand Corliss J. March-Wise


Associates Club

Jennifer Bishop Cameron Sesquicentennial Club Beth Kirk Chamberlain Mary Ann Schooler Owens Meribeth Black Walton-Moore

Sesquicentennial Club




Lorelie Drew Brown Zeneta B. Carr Kelly Jean Eppley Amy M. Hayden Kay Gustafson Hensley Melanie Bryant Jordan Mary Anne Hambrick Lockard Kim Boese Lorick Amy Lowder Pamela Barnes Miller Donna Huey Moore Jane Bishop Nevitt Amy Lyles O’Leary Melody Blalock Oliver Carolyn C. Scott Dana Williams Smith Emily Felkel Temples Kim Connelly Terry Diane Jordan Welsh Christina Cape Westbrook

Deborah Phelps Ard Melisa Underwood Caughman Barbara Miles Chandler J. Marie Duckett-Green Michelle L. Harter Juli Jeffcoat Jones Kathleen Rowland Noonan Staci Boykin Page Lorraine Hicks Paxton Mary Addis Shivar Laura Bond Touchberry Laura Grill Williams Rebecca Evans Willis

Associates Club
Gretchen Morris Crosswell Jennifer Handley McMillan Stephanie Mitchell Schechter Latisha Gotell Faulks Lisa Derrick Main Emi Ohta Cynthia M. Burdett Amy Kubala Conklin

Sesquicentennial Club

Dean’s Club
Amy E. Stoudemire


Manisha Johnson Arceneaux Amanda Lipscomb Brewington Ann Marie Rawl Carroll Rebecca “Becky” L. Ellington Hazel M. Hall Amy Skipper Haselden Jennifer Grooms Helms Mary Richardson How Lera Williams Jackson Traci Gardner Lewis Amy Snyder Lott Kelly Mims Mangum Deana Barnett McCathern Marnie Smith McMurray Lorraine McClerklin Mickle Amy R. Murray Traci Litwin Peters Carrie Scott Ramella Kimberly Atkins Rhoad Caroline Spigner Ropp Elaine Lengle Sandberg Nancy See Christie Taylor Sill Angie Matthews Smith Brigitte Bartley Stroud Margaret M. Trimble Carrie Westlund Vereen Natalie Smith Weathers Lauren Riley Welch Claire G. Williams Margaret Anne Zeigler

Amanda Branham Beasley Tiffany Williams Blassingame Tanya Nesbit Bolton Hayley Driggers Bowers Angela Justice Brady Cynthia Pollard Brady Emily M. Bryan Monica Edwards Cagle Patricia Griffin Campbell Ann Rogers Clark Virginia Grier Covington Jennifer Crews-Chastain Susan Widejko Edens Charla D. Gottschalk Elizabeth Edson Griffin Debra Davis Jones Marie Kelly Jennifer Davis Lockhart Linda Wallace Maguire Wanda Herndon Mahon Jodi Jones McFarland Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Meech (Shawn Belter) Hope Avins Morris Susan McLeod Nesbitt Mamie Scott Pack Anna Mahoney Powell Amy Hamilton Quenneville Sara E. Snell Margaret E. Stokes Elizabeth Stowell Swindler


Amy Roof Hoffman Heather Miller Kirby

Jeannette Kroeker Siyana I. Kukularova Darlean S. Landy Lynnae Soules Lyons Charlene Floyd McDonald Deborah A. Pack Rebecca E. Phillips Jerry Williams Reed Rochelle M. Rombalski Forough Bazgir Shahidpour Brookes Sims Rebekah Rabon Summers Melinda M. Williams Jane Coker Dunbar DeLane S. Lewis Brenda A. Greene


Sesquicentennial Club Contributors

Samantha Jenkins Amick Georgia Wilkie Anderson Nancy Brady Bair Mollie L. Bame Allison King Barnes Laura Comess Clary Elizabeth Neal Dickard Andrea C. Drake Dana McKinnon Hilton Felicia Gold Miller Kay Leitner Muri Margie Webb Papajohn Cheri Reynolds Ramsey Deborah Valerio Ruth Jessica Allen Sims Ashley Shuman Smith Tyler Mignerey Stanley Isabel Nicolau Still Brenda Hodge Wider Jennifer Edgar Winters

Kathryn Freeman Bryan Brenda Curry Davis Jessica Golden Dorn Allison Cantrell Dyer Amanda Walls Fennell Ashley Butler Griffin Margaret M. Griffith Karen Russell Hartman Lynn Hazel Caimie D. Jensen Deborah Hite Minick Valerie S. Puckett Lori Ullom Sharpe Amos A. Slaymaker Jr. Kate Songer-Johnson Margaret A. Todd Joni Cooper Truluck Emily Ford Weaver O. Eugene Wicker Jr. Erica J. Williams

President’s Club Dean’s Club Associates Club
Helen Jeffords Barham Marie Locker Hill Linda McCord Schmidt Helen E. Weed

Sesquicentennial Club
Cile Hunter Blanchard Sandra Robertson O’Neal

Muriel Moore Anderson Linda Crisp Bell Nahaliel S. Billie Joy D. Darcy Brandi N. Derrick Keya D. Gray Megan E. Griffin Rebecca L. Harwood Terree Hall Korpita Amanda Anderson Mattson Sheila R. McLamore Ashley N. Milburn Melanie E. Neil Karen Engle Pan LaTanya N. Porter Sherry Rogers Rampey Tahlia Robinson Eileen DeVillier Schell Veneshia W. Stribling Lindsey W. Wilkes Cordelia K. Wilson Irissa N. Wilson


Associates Club
Debra L. Musgrave

Lavinia B. Anderson Leslie A. Bloss Kirby Byrd Boyce Leah S. Cherney Robin Baker Crowe Lil J. Fuller Crystal R. Hicks Cari A. Kepner Tiffany D. Knowlin Truc Lagger Atiya L. Lark Annie Y. Lee Rebecca T. Lee Christin Teal Mack Amanda Rogers Harriet Smith Young

Elizabeth Stackhouse Chase Margaret Zeigler Dodds Belva Smith Hamer Doris Kahn Georgia Free Laney Mary Betts Long Ossie Hamlett Martin Shirley Orvin Munn Diane Coward Senn Leslie Marrell Trotter

Kelley Boatwright Watson

Sesquicentennial Club Contributors
Dottie Allen E. Ashley Anderson Kirsten B. Atkinson Melissa B. Cunningham Cortina M. Evans Sheila B. Fabrizio Phyllis Crowley Gantt Paula Sandifer Hamm Jenny Henry Johansson Megan Ann Kelly Anne Livingston Jennifer Patterson McClary Jenna Micklash Jana Davis Porter Hilary R. Price Virginia Baker Probin Ciona D. Rouse William A. Schaufler Amy E. Sellers Katrina Eichelberger Spigner Melissa S. Tinsley Marlena Gordon Walker Connie R. Young

The United Methodist Church South Carolina Conference
Since its founding in 1854 under the direction of the South Carolina Methodist Conference, Columbia College has continued to build upon the spiritual values that inspired its birth. United Methodists from the South Carolina Conference have demonstrated an abiding interest in Columbia College. This year Columbia College received $387,766.37 from the South Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church. This scholarship money assisted deserving Methodist women in receiving an education at Columbia College. Those women represent the future of both institutions.

Dean’s Club
Anna C. Amberg

Associates Club
Laurie A. Mozley Erin Orren Phalen Lisa M. Ragland


Sesquicentennial Club Contributors
Tanisha N. Belton Nan C. Binnarr Sheryl M. Brown Benjamin D. Bullinger Jennifer Goodwin Carpenter Yeshia M. Carter Virginia Owings Causey Amy Wrenn Cook Sarah A. Ford Stephen L. Fowler Kathy Barber Gilliam Ginger L. Keller Matlean Thomas Knotts

Sara Burry Henneman Amanda Maxfield Therrell

Sesquicentennial Club Contributors

Michele Pearson Andreas Elizabeth J. Boozer

Nazia Aslam Jennifer Alice Bolin Frances M. Bowden Kathy L. Douglas Jessica C. Fowler Anna B. Gore Yolanda A. Johnson Champayne C. Kincaid Robin B. O’Bryant Serena L. Padua Miranda A. Peay Michelle Stichter Ar’Reshi Stinson La’Reshi Stinson Katherine Taylor Stanislava S. Terzieva Jennifer Pineau Tyree


The Koala Callers
Celebrating 2006–2007 Looking Forward to 2007–2008
Not only are our Koalas outstanding on the playing field, in the classroom and community, they are AWESOME on the phone with our alumnae! These young women — better known as Koala Callers — believe in Columbia College and the importance of the Loyalty Fund and the support it provides for them and their classmates. The Koala Callers were given a goal of $100,000 for the 2006–2007 phone/mail campaign. In addition, to encourage more alumnae gifts, an anonymous alumna agreed to match the amount by which alumnae increased their gifts from their last gift, as well as the full amount of gifts from alumnae who have never given before, up to $100,000. The Koala Callers met their goal, and alumnae increased their giving, too. This resulted in a new record of over $225,000 in pledges to the College. Adding in the matching gift, the grant total raised during the 2006–2007 phone-a-thon was over $325,000! Also in 2006/2007, the College received a generous gift from the Honorable Berlin G. Myers Sr., in memory of his late wife Janie Farmer Myers `37. This gift enabled Columbia College to open the Myers Call Center (a.k.a. The Treehouse). The new technology provided by Mr. Myers’ gift was a key factor in the success of the 2006-2007 campaign. We look forward to conducting many more successful calling campaigns from our Treehouse! Although we continue to celebrate the success of the 2006–2007 campaign, we are now looking forward to the 2007–2008 year. Prior to the Koala Callers beginning their personal telephone calls this fall, you will receive a letter from our beloved President Emeritus R. Wright Spears. The letter will explain the College’s fundraising priorities as well as tell about him and his love for the College. We trust that this will give you the opportunity to reflect on your experiences with Columbia College. Shortly thereafter, the student callers will begin calling to share their experiences at the College and to ask for your support. As you consider your gift for the 2007–2008 year, please keep in mind that the percentage of alumnae who support Columbia College is very important as we seek to secure funding from foundations. Though it is great to receive large gifts, it is not always the size of the gift that matters — it is that you gave!
Studen ts in the working Myers C

The Hon

orable B

erlin G.

Myers S


all Cente



Class News
Cornelia Rickenbacker Freeman’s
granddaughter, Erin R. Freeman, is the associate conductor of the Richmond Virginia Symphony Orchestra. Jane, is married and is an interior decorator. Julia Moorer Williams and her husband Watson have four great-grandchildren.



BettyRuth Ayer Crews enjoys spending
time with her two children, their spouses, and her five grandchildren. She recently worked on a new pictorial history of Hampton County, “From the Salkehatchie to the Savannah,” that was published by the Hampton County Historical Society. Sarah Harvin Reid’s son, Harry Harvin Keels, 46, died on November 19, 2006.

Sarah Risher Moore’s granddaughter, Sarah Irene Watford, has completed her
first year at Columbia College.

Blanche Williams Floyd is a retired history teacher and writes a weekly history column for the Sun News newspaper in Myrtle Beach. She has also published six books.


grandson will attend the College of Charleston this fall. Novyce Carter King’s grandson, Stephen Barton Kirby, graduated from the University of South Carolina-Upstate in Spartanburg in May. Mary Brabham Rivers and her husband, J. Bentley, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in May 2006. They had a wonderful time with over 200 family members and friends to help them celebrate. Sarah Jett Robinson was named the 2007 Mother of the Year for Irmo.



activities in Oriental, the sailing capitol of North Carolina. Martha Ann Hardwick Johnson’s youngest daughter, Bethany, 26, was married on June 9. Martha Ann and her husband Charles visited Disney World with their two other daughters, their spouses, and six grandchildren. Martha Ashley McWhite has a new granddaughter, Ashley Grace Concannon. Ashley Grace is named for her greatgrandmother, Nora B. Ashley, who passed away on December 21, 2006. Helen Moss Summer is serving her second term as mayor of the town of Trenton.

Peggy Felder Carr has been teaching
Bible Study to the troops and their families stationed at Ft. Jackson for seven years. Ginger Brabham McCully enjoys spending time with her six grandchildren. Jacqueline Sturdivant Pullen and her husband Duane celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in December 2006 with their three children and four grandchildren.

Arie Black Guess has the honor of SC
Highway 304 being named for her. The Arie Black Guess Highway runs between the two towns of Blackville and Hilda. She also received the Carolinian of the Year award from the SC Citizens and Merchants Association and The Carolina Historical Foundation Society, Inc. for 2007.

Cleo Ross Goodwin-Jones retired from the South Carolina Department of Mental Health after 30 years as a social worker and director of volunteer services. Louise Dial Tucker welcomed a greatgranddaughter, Anna Lyn, on December 22, 2006. Anna Lyn’s parents are Bryson Dial Tucker and Sally Wallace Tucker.


Frances Hester Yon recently published a book entitled Just for Boys Real Answers For Getting Along In A Confusing World.


Idella Fallaw Bodie was named the Pickens-Salley Southern Woman of Distinction at the annual Pickens-Salley Symposium on Southern Women held on March 8. Ella Jones Mulkey continues to be blessed with good health and visits often with her children in Atlanta and Newport News. Her husband Jesse passed away in 2002. Lois Redford Parrott is very active in her church and recently enjoyed taking a cruise with all 15 members of her family. Marguerite Crosby Smith has three great-grandchildren: one boy, age 5, and two girls, age, 1. She participated in the International ADK conference this year.


Marion Moye Houck Smoak welcomed another great-grandchild, a boy, Matthew Ramsey, born in February. Marion is staying busy with her family, church, and civic affairs.



Elizabeth Holman Davis has a new
granddaughter, Alexandra Dawn White, born August 18, 2006. “Lexi” is the daughter of Mark and Dawn White. Betty Lane Cherry Gramling is celebrating 40 years in business at Betty Lane Models and Talent. She is serving her third term as president of the Modeling Association of America, International. Susan Jones Helms and her husband Joe will celebrate their 36th anniversary this year. Ann Timbes Jenkins and her husband George will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this year. They are also looking forward to George’s 50th class reunion at Clemson University. Ann and George have three children and six grandchildren ranging in age from 4 years to 22 years old. Ann Morton Pitt toured Rome, Florence, Venice, and Italy in April with her granddaughter, Katie Armstrong, and her daughter, Deborah Armstrong, as a graduation gift to Katie.

Jeanette Rast Davis is celebrating her 30th anniversary as the owner of Dance World Inc. in Irmo. She has five children and nine grandchildren. Nancy Lewis Lee is enjoying her eight grandchildren and traveling. Gail Bonnett Thomas and her husband Allen have one granddaughter, Abigail Dru Clemons, who celebrated her eighth birthday on St. Patrick’s Day.



Betty Ulmer McGregor was awarded
the 2007 Trinity Presbyterian Women Honorary Life Membership.


Rose Marie McCutchen Landrum
welcomed a new granddaughter, Parker Rose Landrum, on April 22.


Martha Smith Kneece was a recipient
of the 2007 Women of Distinction Award at the Girl Scout Council of the Congaree Area Awards Dinner held in March. Martha is past corporate secretary of Pond Branch Telephone Company. Jane Edwards Varn is enjoying life in Clemson and her ten grandchildren, one of whom is attending Clemson University.


Ann Carter Mackay and her husband
Joseph celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on August 9. Joanna Batson Stone’s husband, E. Randolph Stone, died August 16, 2006. She lives in Greenville, where she enjoys spending time with her two sons, Roger and Kirk, and one daughter, Dena. She has eight grandchildren ranging in age from 3 to 16 years old. Elizabeth Gamble Webber lives in Saluda, N.C., most of the year. She has joined the Episcopal Church. Her oldest daughter, Lawton, is married and is a district attorney, and her youngest daughter,


Brenda Byrd was the recipient of
the 2007 Jostens-Berenson Lifetime Achievement Award by the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association in Atlanta. Sammie Weaver Jacobs has been enjoying retirement for six years. Her

Ramona Mabus Hallman and her husband Dan celebrated 42 years of marriage on June 12. Glenda Swygert Hughes and her husband Phillip are currently participating in mission work.



Catherine Fleming Beadles teaches social studies at Mead Hall in Aiken. Estamel Hicks Benton and her husband Bill are enjoying retirement. Estamel’s youngest daughter, Amy Estamel Benton, was married to Derrick Shane Brinson in Charleston in October 2006. Her oldest daughter, Donna Benton Embrey, gave birth to their second grandchild, Sara Embrey, in October 2006. Mary Helen Coleman Bode recently retired from Bank of America where she was an executive assistant for 50 years. Betty Blizzard Lee has recently published her tenth childrens book. Details are available at www.learningbooks. net. Hazel Rolann Cleveland Lee retired in 2003 after teaching special needs children for 38 years. She worked as the editor of The Westminister News for two years. Katherine Childers Rowland’s husband Herbert retired from his second career as a high school teacher in 2006. He was elected to the Camden County (Georgia) Board of Education and is now serving as chairman.


Mary Watson Duffie and her husband
George are still enjoying lots of sailing



Rebecca Wimberly Turberville retired
in May. She has four grandchildren.

Joann Lietch Etu and her husband
David welcomed a new grandson, William Dawson Etu, on May 31, 2006. Joann and David’s daughter has three boys: Jacob, 13, Joseph, 10, and Jackson, 4. Patricia Simons Fleming’s 4-year-old grandson has succesfully completed two and onehalf years of treatment for his leukemia. Linda (Lin) Morgan Gremillion is a computer analyst at McLeod Health in Florence. Her youngest son, Thomas, graduated from Harvard Law School in June. Doris Moore Holley’s son Thomas was deployed to Afghanistan with the 218th Brigade in May. Nell Brasington Huntley’s husband Preston has retired from the active ministry in the Episcopal Church. Nell and Preston moved back to Cheraw in August. Nell’s daughter Nella Huntley Bishop ’91 lives in Chapin with her husband, Marc Bishop, and their two sons. Nell’s other daughter, Julie Brasington Huntley ’94, has recently moved from Denver, Colo., to Orlando, Fla. Nell’s son Brooks lives in Jacksonville, Fla. Sarah Sloan Kreutziger has two new grandchildren, Johnston Sloan Baumgarten, born August 16, 2006, and Ava Jane Kreutziger, born October 2, 2006. They join Ella, 5, Emily Baumgarten, 3, and Clara Anne Kreutziger, 2. Melinda McTeer Rhodes has a new grandson, James Roland Rhodes IV, born November 25, 2006, in Columbia.


Janice Hitner Calvert has just returned
from Cancun, Mexico, where her son Victor was married on the beach. Janice is enjoying retirement.


Sarah McDonald Derrick retired in
2003 after 30 years of teaching. She lives in the Shandon neighborhood in Columbia with her daughter, Marian McDonald Derrick. Rebecca Motes Dougherty and her husband Ted spent two glorious weeks in Greece celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. Anne Willis Hudson and her husband Russ live in Peachtree City, Ga., with six dogs and one African Grey Parrot. Carolyn May Pugh has retired after 20 years of teaching in the Clayton County School District in Riversdale, Ga. Katherine Magness Ramsaur lives in Williamsburg, Va. She has retired from teaching after 37 years and now works part-time as a consultant with the Virginia Department of Education.

Bonnie Huggins Whetstone and her husband have been married for 42 years. They have a daughter Caren and a son Brian. They have two grandchildren: Nathan, 3, the son of daughter Caren and Kayla, 3, the daughter of son Brian. Judith Baker Brigman enjoys being retired from teaching in the public schools. She is an adjunct instructor for the Limestone College Black Program in Florence, and she volunteers for the McLeod Hospital Cardiac Rehab Program. Her husband Charles is the transportation director for the State Department in Darlington County. Her daughter “BeaJay” is practicing family medicine at the McLeod Regional Medical Center System in Florence. Nancy Richardson Compton’s daughter Christa has received her Ph.D. in education from Stanford University. Ann Corbett has retired from teaching after 40 years. She says its time to hang up her eraser. Pat Rand Hargrett has moved to Lexington after 33 years of living in Atlanta. Her husband Hanes was moved there for his job. Patty Iler Krzak retired from J.P. Morgan Chase in 2007 after a 40-year career in the Investment Banking and Mortgage Industry. Patty spends her time playing golf and gardening since her retirement. Carol Beaty McQueen is a speech pathologist in the La Mirada School District in California. Nancy Eldridge Rawl’s husband Clary retired from General Electric in 2004 after 37 1/2 years of service. Clary is a member of the Columbia College Board of Visitors. Nancy’s daughter, Catherine Rawl Cooper, received a master’s of education degree in divergent learning in 2004 from Columbia College and was named the Teacher of the Year for 2006 at Horrell Hill, where she teaches third grade. Nancy’s son Edward graduated on May 11 from the University of South Carolina School of Law. He is employed by McAngus, Goudelock, and Carry Law Firm. Barbara Harris Sorkin is the musical director of IBIS Singers, IBIS Musicians, IBIS Children’s Choir and IBIS Players. She also serves on the IBIS cultural association board and her homeowner’s association board. Lynne Morris Sturtz and her husband Bruce welcomed their first granddaughter, Kailey Christine Sturtz, on September 4, 2005. Kailey is the daughter of their son David, and his wife, Christy Sturtz.


Ann Boykin Ligon opened Cottage and Vine in December 2006. Cottage and Vine features antiques, home furnishings, gifts, and special treasures. Suzanne Higgins Shennan is the director of Greer Relief and Resources and was named the 2007 Lions Citizen of the Year. Cynthia Lominick Snell has a new grandson named Luke, who was born August 2006.


Save the Dates!
Sporting & Family Fest
North Camden Plantation October 27 Call 803.786.3645


Louise Rowland Burns and her
husband James recently retired and closed their hardwood store business that had been in the family for 106 years. Mary Spurrier Carroll welcomed her first granddaughter, Virginia Taylor Sims, on January 5. Virginia is the daughter of Scott and Rhonda Sims of Nashville, Tenn. Barbara Jo Burroughs Lackey retired in July 2001 as the principal of Stone Mill Elementary School in Norcross, Ga. Gloria Grainger Quick’s daughter, Erica Camille, graduated from the Brodie School of Medicine on May 5. She will complete a four-year residency at Pitt County Memorial Hospital in Greenville, N.C., in the area of obstetrics and gynecology. Elizabeth “Libby” Prickett Olson has a new granddaughter named Kate. She shares the name “grandmother” with Karen Kirkegarde Wehman.

The Columbia College Medallion Awards Dinner
November 1 Call 803.786.3645

Food for Thought
Luncheon Series for Women Professionals

October 9 November 13 December 11 Reservations required Call 803.786.3729


Claudia Lightsey Ware teaches fourth
grade at Clemson Elementary School. She enjoys her grandchildren, Spires, 4, and Lightsey, 3.

Leadership in the New South
Register by September 1 Sept 26 & 27 Nov 28 & 29 Feb 20 & 21 Call 803.786.3729


Evelyn Robinson Gibson has retired
from Clemson University after 33 years of service. Evie’s daughter Paige, her husband Mike, and her grandson Josh are stationed in Alaska where Mike is a pilot in the Air Force. Her son Clay is a construction engineer in Grand Caymann. Susan Hornsby Hicks has a new grandson, Micah William Hicks, born May 7 in Evans, Ga. Lisa Haile Svetlik welcomed a granddaughter, Caroline Elise McElveen, born April 18, 2006. Caroline is the daughter of Leigh and Tripp McElveen and she has a five-year-old brother named John Haile. Lisa is the owner and brokerin-charge of The Svetlik Company Inc. Real Estate Services. Jean Byrd Taylor is the principal at St. John Elementary School in Darlington and was named Darlington County Educator of the Year for 2007.

Alumnae Weekend
April 18 &19 Call 803.786.3645 Visit Columbia College online for event updates and announcements


Class News
Carol Vaughn, after almost four years of
retirement and playing a lot of tennis, is the project manager for the Leadership Institute at Columbia College.

has been spending time with her three grandchildren, ages 7 months, 22 months, and 3 years old.


Elizabeth “Libby” Dean Brissey is
the manager of General Ledger accounting with the Greenville Hospital System in Greenville. Andrea Blakeney Hill retired from teaching in May and is looking for a new career. Her husband Wayne works for the United States Post Office in Florence. Their older son, Blake, is a junior at Wofford College and Louis, their younger son, is a senior at Wilson Hall in Sumter. Andrea Blakeney Hill teaches music in Sumter County School District Two. She is active in the South Carolina Music Educators Association (SCMEA) and is president-elect of the Choral Division. Andrea also plays the handbells in church.


Cookie Baker Adams retired from
teaching part-time at Midlands Technical College in June 2004. She has a grandson, Luke Ellis Bonaimé, who was born September 2, 2005. She enjoys traveling with her husband and she is very involved with the activities at Kilbourne Park Baptist Church. Nancy Burch Bunch is in her 16th year as tour director/curator of the South Carolina Governor’s Mansion. Ruth Morton Creticos’ daughter Kristen teaches second grade at Fern Bank Elementary School in Atlanta. Her son Alex graduated in May from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill with a double major in comparative literature and French. Dr. Belinda Friedman Gergel is running for the District Three Columbia City Council Seat that represents the Five Points, Shandon and Two Notch Road areas of Columbia. Deborah DuRant Hicks celebrated the birth of her first grandchild, Elizabeth “Ella” Lyde Atkinson, on August 15, 2006. Sandra Williamson Hinson has two children currently attending the University of South Carolina.

Karen Rast Blackwell is a resource teacher (kindergarten-3rd grade) at Marshall Elementary School. Her daughter Allison graduated in May from GardenerWebb University in Boiling Springs, N.C. Her son Grayson graduated in May from Calhoun Academy in St. Matthews. Sally Watkins Wallace teaches 8th grade American History in Rockford, Ill. Sally’s son Stuart is a sophomore at The Citadel.


from South Carolina State University in Orangeburg in 1988. She is teaching in Georgia in the Burke County School System. She also received an education specialist degree from South Carolina State University in May 2005. Tracey Mathias Owen works at Cherokee Trail Veterinary Hospital in Lexington. She has three children: Lauren, Micah, and Turner who all are involved in sports.


Annie McKnight participated in “Martin Lawrence Presents 1st Amendment StandUp Comedy on Starz Comedians take freedom of speech to a new level” in April.



Kelley Lannigan, a former poet laureate
of Columbia College, is a features writer, reporter, and photographer for The Baker County Press, an award winning weekly North Florida newspaper established in 1929. She lives in Macclenny, Fla. Louise Welch became the first female executive director of the Carolina Lowcountry Chapter of the American Red Cross in March.


Tommi Lin Berry Garrick is married to
Kevin H. Garrick and lives in St. George. They have three children: Gracie, 16, John, 12, and Sydney, 10. Tommi Lin is the finance manager for the Dorchester County Career and Technology Center. Her husband Kevin owns Carolina Redi-Mix in Summerville.

Dr. Vivia Lawton Fowler began her new
position as the vice president of academic affairs and dean of Wesleyan College in Macon, Ga., in July. Patsy Rauton is captain of SLED’s Special Victims Unit. Her daughter, Kimberly Habben, is a nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Jacksonville, Fla. Her son, William Lightle, plays on the Junior Tennis Team at Lexington High School. Nancy Nix Woodall’s mother recently passed away. Nancy teaches in Pickens County and has earned her master’s degree from Furman University.


Nancy Allen Purvis was named Teacher
of the Year for 2006-2007 at Ocean Bay Elementary School in Conway. Nancy has been teaching third grade for 25 years.


Ellen Adams Erskine is a lease
administrator in the Corporate Office of Edens and Avant located in Columbia. Diane Krell Florence is the art director for Lux and Associates in Columbia. Robin Huskey lives in Atlanta, and is a clinical therapist for Emory University’s Faculty/ Staff Assistance Program. Joy Beard Young is program director for Leadership and Organizational Development at the South Carolina Arts Commission. She lives in Chapin with her husband and three children.


Dr. Doris Daniel Cole works part-time as
an associate professor for the Institute on Family and Neighborhood Life at Clemson University. She retired from public education in 2003. Debbie Cooler was named one of the Top 50 Dale Carnegie trainers of the world. Debbie was ranked Number 45 and is a performance trainer and coach with Dale Carnegie Training of SC, LLC. Penny Merritt Merriman was appointed as a Summary Court Judge for Dorchester County in April 2005.



Margaret Johnson Archambault
is a district instruction facilitator for the State Department of Education at North Charleston High School. Margaret’s husband Ricky works for the City of Charleston. Kathy Corley Brown has two children: Alex, 16, a high school junior, and Rachel, 11, a sixth grader. Deborah Randall Bruce is interim principal of the Deaf School at the South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind. She is in her 30th year at the SCSDB. Peggy Blackwell Casey is the principal of Thornwell School for the Arts in Hartsville.

Gina Warren Buzby and her husband
Mark are stationed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where Mark is a rear admiral in the United States Navy. Alison Whitley Hearl’s oldest son, Matthew, will attend The Citadel this fall. Lynn Stokes Murray is president of The Advocacy Group, an international public affairs and government relations corporation, which provides a diverse array of professional advocacy services throughout the world. Joyce Matthews Preacher lives in Kansas. Her husband Rob was transferred to Kansas from Georgia with his job for John Deere. Helen Simmons Yeadon was recognized by The Times and Democrat, the local newspaper in Orangeburg, as a part of a periodic series about teachers who are making a difference in their schools. She has been teaching at Lake Marion High School for the past twelve years. She says “teaching is a passion and not just a job.”


Claudette Steadman Cunnold
earned a degree in interior design from the Atlanta College of Art in 2003. She owns Claudette’s Custom Interiors, Inc. Tamera Norton Smith presented “Maximizing Your Education Investment for Life” at the Spring Science Seminar sponsored by the Department of Biological and Physical Sciences at Columbia College.

Carol Carpenter Sharpe’s husband Ronnie had a lung transplant at Duke University Hospital on December 2, 2006, and died on April 7 of complications from stomach surgery. Patti Ruff Smyer has completed her fifth year of Teacher Employee Retirement Incentive (TERI) and 33 years of teaching. She teaches special education at Nursery Road Elementary School and is the district teacher leader for Alternate Assessment.


Cathy Hoefer McCabe is an attorney for the City of Spartanburg. Betsy Banner States was named to Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers and was also named the Teacher of the Year through the Association for the Retarded Citizens (ARC) for the 2006-2007 school year. She also teaches aquatics at Webb Street School, a school for the mentally and physically challenged students ages 3-21. She also



Tammi Young Campbell became
certified in business education this year. She teaches business education at the Newberry County Career Center in Newberry. Carol Rivers Holt is working on her doctoral degree in educational


Jacqueline Y. Jones received a degree
in special education and leadership


leadership at Georgia Southern University. Malissa Bright Johnson was recently highlighted in the Dickson Herald, a Dickson, Tenn., newspaper, as a Charlotte, Tenn., principal with a passion for education.

Ginger Smith Carter teaches 5-year-old kindergarten at West Pelzer Elementary School in West Pelzer. She has two children: Evan, 10, and Madeline, 7. Sheri Smith Dunbar is a buyer and purchasing specialist for Saluda Construction. Julieanne LeJuene Humowitz
was named the South Carolina Student Council Advisor of the Year for 2007. She is a teacher at Waccamaw High School in Georgetown. Sharon Eadie Knight was part of the 2006-2007 Distinguished Speaker Series at Lander University, where she teaches Spanish. Carole Coker Youngblood is a member of the Junior Service League of Spartanburg and oversees the Beautification Committee for the Converse Heights Neighborhood Association. She also teaches children’s church at First Presbyterian Church in Spartanburg.


Duckett Green has been reappointed to serve a second term as a commissioner on the Richland County Recreation Commission by Governor Mark Sanford and the Richland County Delegation Committee. Marcia Brevard Wynn (M.A. ‘02) recently published her first novel entitled Ain’t That a Mess: A Diary Among Friends (Champagne Books). Her first non-fiction book, entitled Things My Momma Never Told Me That I Want My Daughter to Know (Seaburn Publishing Group) was released in July.

Dr. Harris Parker Honored for Service

Lisa Derrick Main is a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker Coastal Properties in Charleston. Angela Taylor Mumford has been accepted into the Army Material Command (AMC) Fellows Program in Texarkana, Tex.



Manisha Johnson Arceneaux teaches
at Killian Elementary School in Richland District Two. Christine Coleman Eubanks retired from Colonial Life and Accidental Insurance Company in 2000 after 32 years of service. She is now a business analyst consultant for The Parent Company, UNUM, which provides services to Columbia, S.C., Chattanooga, Tenn., and Portland, Maine. Doretha Hibler Glymph works for MAXIMUS as a medicaid consultant. She works with 21 school districts across South Carolina and collaborates with both the State Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services. Lera Williams Jackson has three daughters: Lera Martha, Amelia, and Victoria. She teaches preschool at Simpsonville United Methodist Church and is the coach for the Junior Girl Basketball team at Simpsonville UMC, where they placed second in the State Methodist Tournament. Deana Barnett McCathern homeschools her three children ages 6, 4, and 18 months. Deana is also the owner of McCathern Media Inc., an advertising and media buying agency in West Columbia. Tiffany Smith Sullivan was a recipient of the 2007 Women of Distinction Award at the Girl Scout Council of the Congaree Area Awards Dinner held in March. Lauren Riley Welch is the undergraduate academic advisor for the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of South Carolina. Octavia Williams-Blake is the director of occupational health at McLeod Health in Florence.


Casandra Johnson Bell teaches at
Stone Academy in Greer and was named the Upstate’s “Teacher Who Makes Magic” by 98.9 FM.

Photo by Allison Trussell courtesy of the South Carolina Methodist Advocate


Peggy McClinton Maskins, a teacher
specialist at Alcorn Middle in Richland District One, was elected president of the board of directors of the Palmetto Teachers Association during the 2007 annual convention. Celestin White Parker retired in 2002 after working twenty-three years in social services and seven years in victim assistance. Shenya Smith teaches English at Hillcrest High School in Simpsonville with the Freshman Academy. Her son Zachary is in the 4th grade.


Deborah Phelps Ard received National Wendy Floyd Campbell, who teaches
English at Lugoff-Elgin High School, particpated in “Call Me MISTER,” a program that is produced through Clemson University and SCETV. The program is designed to address the need for AfricanAmerican men to return to teach in the South Carolina School System. J. Marie Board Certification in December 2006.

The South Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church selected Dr. Harris H. Parker to receive the Francis Asbury Award for excellence in and support of higher education ministries within The United Methodist Church. Named for one of the first bishops of American Methodism, this award recognizes Dr. Parker’s 50+ years of service to Columbia College. Parker retired from fulltime teaching seven years ago, but continues to teach one course each fall and spring semester. Since retiring, he has authored Daily Reflections on Life, Death and Destiny.


Class News
Shannon Stanton Brown is the coowner of Signature Speech Solutions, LLC in Lake City. Sommer Deal Hoffman was named Teacher of the Year 2006-2007 at Congaree-Wood Early Childhood Center in Lexington.

Alison Whitley Hearl ’83, M.Ed., Southern Wesleyan University, May 2007 Tammi Young Campbell ’91, M.Ed., divergent learning, Columbia College, August 13, 2006 Kristin Davidson Walker ’91 M.A., English, University of South Carolina 1993, Ph.D., English, University of South Carolina, 1997 Alanna Reeves Williams ’91, M.A., human resource management, Webster University, December 2006 Shenya S. Smith ’94, M.A.T., secondary English, Converse College, December 2006 Manisha Johnson Arceneaux ’97, M.Ed. with a specialization in literacy, Lesley University, October 2003 Lauren Riley Welch ’97, M.Ed., community and opportunity program, University of South Carolina, May 2006 Tiffany Presley ’01, M.B.A., Webster University, May 2007 Caimie Jensen ’02, M.A., French, University of South Carolina, July 2005 Kelley Greene Manuel ’03, M.A., counseling, Webster University, March 2007 Lindsay Garrett Armstrong ’03, M.Ed. plus 30, University of South Carolina, August 2006 Debra Musgrave ’03, M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary, June 4, 2007 Michelle Skinner Makarski ’06, M.S.W., University of South Carolina, May 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Karl E. Mack (Christin Teal Mack ’03) Amanda Rogers ’03 Mr. and Mrs. Kirk D. Sherrill (Mary Lamar ’81) Mr. and Mrs. Oliver E. Woodward (Sherri Hunter ’80) Dorothy Ann McMillan Belger ’55 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Eaddy (Drucie Connelly ’55) Anne Lee Bennett ’86 Kaye E. McCoy ’84 Arrie Fletcher Boyd ’66 Mr. and Mrs. William DuRant (Linda Jones ’68) Mr. and Mrs. Rutledge B. Leland (Katherine Graham ’67) Jackie Johnson Bozard ’48 Kathie Bozard ’73 Belinda Chandler Todd ’73 Patrecia Martin Burnett ’57 Doris G. Johnson Mildred S. Ayers Sally M. Bourne Elberta S. Burnett Robert F. Burnett Gladys B. Butler Anne Coakley Margaret S. Compton Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Crawley (Shelby Martin ’59) William Feldman Robert W. Fugate Cheria Goodman Dorothy G. Grimball Hilda V. Jackson Larry A. Jackson Christine W. Jayne Winston F. Jones Frankie L. Lawson Emma E. McAlexander Palladian Study Group Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Pyle (Suzanne Reynolds ’71) Linda C. Self Claudia G. Stokes N. Jane Turner Elizabeth S. Whatley Robbie S. Woods Mary Ann Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Harmon B. Sprott (Nell DuBose ’56) Ansley L. Carter Loblolly Society

Jayme Bee Brumfiel and her husband Andrew recently moved back to Charleston, where Andrew works for US Customs and Border Protection. Jamila HarringtonHudley works for the Chesterfield County School District as the supervisor of speech pathology. Jamila says that the most rewarding part of her job is the end result that comes from helping all of “her” students. Angela Halter Marshall is the director of christian education at Lyttleton Street United Methodist Church in Camden. Mamie Scott Pack received a $250 grant from Donors Choose for projects in her classroom at Stratford High School in Goose Creek.


School in Richland School District Two. Allison Cantrell Dyer is an advertising account executive at The Fayetteville Observer newspaper in Fayetteville, N.C. Her husband Matt has been deployd for the third time to Afghanistan, while stationed at Ft. Bragg. Amanda Potts is the project coordinator for the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) in Washington, D.C. Margaret (Maggie) Anne Todd is an account executive for Money & More magazine. Kerrie Yarnell lives in Tucson, Ariz., where she is a printer and gardener.


JoAnne Gregg Harvey is working
on her master’s degree in management and public relations at the University of Phoenix. Tiffany Knowlin is currently enrolled in a post-graduate program at the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University. Tiffany works for United Methodist Volunteers in Mission in Atlanta. Annie Young Lee is an exercise physiologist at Southeast Bariatric Clinic in Charlotte.

Caroline Moore Earp is the executive assistant to the director of the Jewish Heritage Museum, a living memorial to the Holocaust, in New York City. She recently performed the role of Eve in Haydn’s “Creation” with the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra, and will appear with the Symphony in spring 2008 as the soprano soloist in Sir Michael Tippett’s “A Child of Our Time.” Sommer Deal Hoffman was named Teacher of the Year 20062007 at Congaree-Wood Early Childhood Center in Lexington. Beverly Wilson Holmes recently presented, “A Model for Treating Adolescents with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and a Substance Use Disorder” at the National Association of Social Workers 2007 Spring Symposium held in Myrtle Beach



Melinda M. Williams is the director of
career services at South University. She is pursuing her master’s degree in education at the University of South Carolina in the higher education and student affairs program.

2005 2006

Karen Engle Pan is a public affairs
specialist for Saint Johns County, Fla.

Nazia Aslam is enrolled in the medical
program at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. Laura Laquenta Roberts is currently enrolled in the Lab Science Fast Tract Program of the South Carolina Hospital Association. She will be taking her national registry boards this fall. Traci Scott is a first-year student at Charleston School of Law. She is the vice president of the Black Student Law Association.


Josephine R. Baker Mr. and Mrs. John T. Johnson (Mary Coleman ’65) Fannie Salisbury Banks ’32 Banks Construction G. Reid Banks Sara “Libby” Nims Barrineau ’80 Lee “Moo” Gordon Brockington ’81 Columbia College Admissions Rebecca Laffitte ’97

Tiffany Presley works in Human
Resources for the South Carolina Department of Probation.


Kara Elizabeth Conder was named
the State Dance Educator of the Year for her successful work in the dance program at Hand Middle School in Richland County School District One in Columbia. Brenda Curry Davis is the literary and language instructor at Lake Carolina Elementary


Lisa Davis has been accepted into
the Lab Science Fast Track Program of the South Carolina Hospital Association. Alexis Dekine has been accepted into the Lab Science Fast Track Program of the South Carolina Hospital Association.


Claude D. Carter Rebecca Laffitte ’77 Anne M. Cobb Rebecca Laffitte ’77 Edgar L. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Cooke (Sally Moffat ’73) Everette M. Dean Mr. and Mrs. James M. Cannon Jr. (Kathryn Verdery ’55) Virlee Fanning Dr. Marsha E. Fanning ’68 Mary H. Godwin Rebecca Laffitte ’77 Helen Wingard Hill Martha B. Sund Lucy S. Edmunds Donna J. Goldman Robert M. Hipp Sandra W. Hipp Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Lynn (Annette Williams ’75) Maria B. Macaulay William S. McAninch Dr. and Mrs. Harris H. Parker Jr. (Susan Culclasure ’58) Audrey H. Shifflett Elizabeth Cross Hutto ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Cross Caroline Cannon Johnston ’56 A. Dick Cannon Sara Johnson Jones ’40 Mr. and Mrs. James K. Floyd (Blanche Williams ’40) Bercta P. Jordan Pal Crenshaw Wrenn ’56 Dan S. Judd Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Hames (Llewellyn Hiott ’59) Amelia Hunter Margaret U. Hutchison R. Michael Johnson Carolyn J. Leitner J.A. Leitner James A. Leitner Charles H. Looney Donald F. Looney Robin Moseley Peggy L. Stoudemire George A. Widner

Mary Clarkson Key ’27 Mr. and Mrs. William S. Guess (Arie Black ’49) Mary Stewart Coxe Klinedinst ’40 Allan G. Fanjoy Ruth S. Green ’45 Mr. and Mrs. John K. Hane (Evelyn Crutchfield ’58) Esther Coxe Kelly ’43 Charlotte Galloway Law ’42 Klinedinst Attorneys at Law John Klinedinst Marren W. Meehan Marie L. Middledorf Blanche H. Moore Mary S. Murphey Michael C. Phillips Heather L. Rosing Mattie R. Stevens Alice (Alawee) Gibson Tucker ’39 Teresa W. Tuerff Sandra F. Winnick Willie L. Koon Ferrell Gibbons Crowley ’49 Mr. and Mrs. William S. Guess Jr. (Arie Black ’49) Linda Lake Dr. and Mrs. Carl N. Gilbert (Mary Ann Donnan ’69) Adelaide Lightsey Thelma Rast ’45 Hazel Myers Melia ’38 Mr. and Mrs. Alexander B. Altman (Miriam Best ’49) Mr. and Mrs. William E. McIntosh Jr. (Katherine Brasington ’58) Summerville Alumnae Club Stephen P. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Marion C. Thompson (Sadie Brunson ’60) Becky Rush Park ’46 Jerald A. Breitman Mr. Farris C. Davis Jr. (Frances James ’58) Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund Richard W. Hitch Elizabeth Waring Martschink Sara P. McLeod Robert J. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Tolson Allyne S. Townsend Lindsay Wachter John M. Walker Mr. and Mrs. William N. Weaver (Carolyn James ’59)

Martha Susanne Parker ’89 Mr. and Mrs. James A. Lowder (Kathy Riley ’67) Lora Patterson 1899 James R. Owings Renee Kay Foster Peeler ’78 Lee (Moo) Gordon Brockington ’81 Ronnie Sharpe Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Floyd Jr. (Rebecca Ricks ’74) Carmen Sineath ’81 Lee (Moo) Gordon Brockington ’81 Janelle Beasley Sinnett ’58 Mr. and Mrs. William E. McIntosh Jr. (Katherine (Kitty) Brasington ’58) Alice Finklea Stephens ’35 Marian LeGette Josey ’63 Dorothy Derrick Thomas ’35 Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Hendrix (Clelia Derrick ’41) Elizabeth Avinger Tomlinson ’43 Mattie R. Stevens Florence W. Tuten Dr. Laurie B. Hopkins Richard E. Veale Mr. and Mrs. James M. Bowen (Anne Vanderford ’69) Dr. and Mrs. Jerry F. Crews Jr. (MaryAnn Smith ’59) Thelma Dugosh Mary Morris Dunford ’73 Mr. and Mrs. William DuRant (Linda Jones ’68) Nancye G. Formo ’69 Julia Helen Garris ’59 Mary Louise Romanstine Grant ’38 Donald Gray Mr. and Mrs. Wayne F. Hill (Andrea Blakeney ’75) Mr. and Mrs. George W. Horres Jr. (Linda Sue Knight ’67) Cathy D. House ’78 Mr. and Mrs. William B. Hynds (Anne Barrington ’53) Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Jaeger Jr. (Cathryn Ruff ’96) George Long Mr. and Mrs. Jason C. McMillan (Jennifer Handley ’96) Mr. David K. Minion (Cynthia Styles ’74) Debra L. Musgrave ’03

Remembering “Miss Winnie”

In April, we bid farewell to Mrs. Winifred L. Vosburgh ’81. Mrs. Vosburgh resided in West Columbia and died Tuesday, April 10, at the age of 91. She served for eleven years as a house mother for the resident students, and graduated at age 65 from Columbia College. Her daughter, Nancy Vosburgh is a 1966 graduate of Columbia College and recalls her mother’s everyday involvement with student life. “She was an empty-nester when she joined the College and loved campus life. She played piano and sang with the choir, and even played basketball and tennis with Miss Ludy Godbold.” The hundreds of students she advised and mentored remember her fondly. “I still hear from former students who loved and remembered her from their college years. She was a second mother to so many girls during their time at Columbia College.” Miss Winnie and her colleagues were a close-knit team, and were the last housemothers to serve the College before the program changed to its current peer-advisor model involving resident advisors and professional staff.


Class News
Dr. and Mrs. Harris H. Parker Jr. (Susan Culclasure ’58) Mr. John T. Poole Jr. (Carolyn Howell ’71) Barbara Harris Sorkin ’67 Mr. and Mrs. John D. Stoudenmire II (Myungsook Song ’86) Rebecca (Becky) Glover Swanson ’57 Mary Risher Tatum ’50 Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. Watson (Mary Carolyn Tatum ’53) Mr. and Mrs. Phillip T. Young (Joy Beard ’89) Winifred Lloyd Vosburgh ’81 Marian H. Withington Karen Schultz Anders ’67 Mr. and Mrs. John M. Brennan Jr. (Judy Montgomery ’67) Mr. and Mrs. Terry D. Cann (Mary Rollins ’67) Mr. and Mrs. J. Luke Hause (Edith Collins ’56) Rebecca Laffitte ’77 Rachel Dobson Price ’64 Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Rollins Mr. and Mrs. Chester E. Sansbury (Anella Andrews ’66) Dr. and Mrs. Selden K. Smith (Dorothy Gasque ’61) Mary W. Sturtevant Mr. and Mrs. William R. Turberville (Rebecca (Becky) Wimberly ’66) Elizabeth W. White Mr. and Mrs. William Wood (Jeanette Dobson ’66)

Amber Berry Heape ’00, a daughter,
Elizabeth Adelle “Ellie,” April 25, 2007

April McCants ’01 to Adrian Hairston,
April 28, 2007

Betsy Lay Littlefield ’57
Clermont, Fla. February 11, 2007

Allison Marie Bunn ’02 to Christopher Thomas Coggins, October 14, 2006 Gina Chapman ’04 to Miles Rawl, June
24, 2006

Jenny Dukes Livingston ’00, twin
sons, Carter and Harrison, January 13, 2007

Elizabeth Moore Martin ’35
Raleigh, N.C. January 15, 2007

Cheri Reynolds Ramsey ’00, a
daughter, Mae Berkley, May 29, 2007

Samantha Ericson ’04 to Captain Jason
Edward Turner, November 25, 2006

Hazel Myers Melia ’38
Summerville, S.C. March 21, 2007

Jennifer Patterson McClary ’01, a
son, Justin Terrence, August 13, 2006

Jenny Adair Dukes ’05 to Jason M.
Livingston, July 16, 2005

Christine Grooms Brandon ’02, a
daughter, Kathleen Elizabeth, March 29, 2007

Alice Finklea Stephens ’35
Dillon, S.C. June 21, 2007

Jennifer Sue Long ’05 to David Sean
Jordan. March 10, 2007

Sarah Kathryn Wilson ’06 to Jonathan
Michael Tillman. April 21, 2007

Lindsay Garrett Armstrong ’03, a son,
William Garrett, September 19, 2005 and a son, Gray Curry, January 23, 2007

Germaine Burke Stubbs ’56
Cheraw, S.C. April 20, 2007

Melanie Brooke Lambrecht ’06 to
Allen William Brent, April 14, 2007

Charlene Floyd McDonald ’03, a son,
McCallum Wayne, April 2, 2007

Sarah James Till ’34
Spartanburg, S.C. May 31, 2007

Keely Lane Rogers ’06 to Geoffrey
Dale Latham, April 7, 2007

Dorothy McMillian Belger ’55
Galena, Ohio March 17, 2007

Mable Singley Tindall ’55
Lexington, S.C. February 26, 2007

Sharon Lynette Wilkes Baucom ’92,
a daughter, Amber Faith, February 9, 2007

Hazel Freeman Utsey ’41
St. George, S.C. February 8, 2007

Audrey Ingle Horne ’51
St. George, S.C. March 21, 2007

Christina Cape Westbrook ’93, a son,
Isaac Hayne, July 21, 2006

Winifred Lloyd Vosburgh ’81
Orangeburg, S.C. April 10, 2007

Elizabeth Harville Adams ’95, a son,
Owen Quay, January 11, 2007

Wylma Marshall Jenkins ’30
Sullivans Island, S.C. August 9, 2006

Ann Marie Hull ’90 to Michael Ricard,
November 4, 2006

Barbara Kerr Waring ’59
Summerville, S.C. April 19, 2007

Rebecca Evans Willis ’95, a son,
Benjamin Hamilton Willis, February 2, 2007

Sara Johnson Jones ’40
Marion, S.C. March 19, 2007

Nancy Kay Ayers ’97 to Charles
Augustus Garren, March 24, 2007

Kelly Mims Mangum ’96 a son, John
Lake, May 26, 2005

Mary Clarkson Key ’27
Lodge, S.C. April 26, 2007

KelLeigh Elizabeth Benfield ’97 to Chad Howard Dantzler, March 3, 2007 Elizabeth Ann Austin ’97 to Donovan
M. Steltzner, April 2005

Manisha Johnson Arceneaux ’97, a
son, Jacob Arceneaux, August 22, 2004

Kelly Bayne Curry ’97, a son William,
February 20, 2003, and a daughter, LeAnn Elizabeth, March 31, 2005

Joyce Cunningham Kirchman ’84
Columbia, S.C. March 24, 2007

Sommer Faith Deal ’98 to Erik B.
Hoffman, June 2, 2006

Tracy Chamberlain Sosebee ’98, a
son, Benjamin Cody, March 27, 2007

Mary Stewart Coxe Klinedinst ’40
Bethesda, Md. April 4, 2007

Angela Hazel Rauch ’99 to Geoffrey
Miles Gordon, March 3, 2007

Courtney Aisylnn Snype Washington ’98, a son Jaiden
Christopher, January 23, 2006, and a son, Collin James, February 27, 2007

Estelle Culler Lambright ’28
Rocky Mount, N.C. May 22, 2007

Wanda Kay Herndon ’99 to Kristopher
Mahon, June 3, 2006

Amy Roof ’00 to David Hoffman, April
28, 2007

Deborah Larsen Hermann ’99, a son,
Noah Joseph, May 12, 2007

Adelaide Richardine Lightsey ’50
Brunson, S.C. May 13, 2007


Cultural Events 2007-2008
ART 803.786.3088 MUSIC 803.786.3810
Sept. 10 7:30 p.m., Concert Hall Faculty Concert, Tribute to Richard Veale Sept. 17 7:30 p.m., Concert Hall, Spears Music/Art Center Gregory Pepetone, Piano Oct. 2 7:30 p.m., Concert Hall, Spears Music/Art Center Bill McNair, Keyboard Oct. 15 7:30 p.m., Concert Hall, Spears Music/Art Center Ann Benson, Voice Oct. 22 7:30 p.m., Concert Hall, Spears Music/Art Center John Adams, Piano Nov. 2, 3 7:30 p.m., Cottingham Theatre ”The Fantastiks” * Nov. 12 7:30 p.m., Concert Hall, Spears Music/Art Center Opera Can Be Fun* Nov. 19 7:30 p.m., Concert Hall, Spears Music/Art Center Columbia College Chamber Ensemble Fall Concert Nov. 27 7:30 p.m., Cottingham Theatre Columbia College Wind Ensemble Fall Concert Dec. 4 7:30 p.m., Cottingham Theatre Fall Choral Concert Feb. 25 7:30 p.m., Concert Hall, Spears Music/Art Center Myung Sook Stoudenmire, Piano April 11-12 7:30 p.m., Cottingham Theatre Opera Production* April 17 7:30 p.m., Cottingham Theatre Columbia College Wind Ensemble Spring Concert April 21 7:30 p.m., Concert Hall, Spears Music/Art Center Columbia College Chamber Ensemble Spring Concert April 29 7:30 p.m., Concert Hall, Spears Music/Art Center Spring Choral Concert Goodall Gallery hours: Mon.-Wed., 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.; Thu.-Fri., 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. Sat.-Sun. 1-5 p.m. Sept. 3 - Oct. 3 Goodall Gallery Guy Lipscomb and Family: Four Generations Sept. 20 5:30-7 p.m., Goodall Gallery Reception for Guy Lipscomb and Family Oct. 25 - Nov. 30 Goodall Gallery Framing Space: Linda Fantuzzo, Mary Walker and Manning Williams Oct. 25 5:30-7 p.m., Goodall Gallery Reception for Linda Fantuzzo, Mary Walker and Manning Williams Jan. 4 - Feb. 4 Goodall Gallery Second Annual Art Teachers Invitational Exhibit Jan. 18 5:30-7 p.m., Goodall Gallery Reception for Second Annual Art Teachers Invitational Exhibit Feb. 18 - Mar. 18 Goodall Gallery One-Woman Show: Judy Hubbard Feb. 28 5:30-7 p.m., Goodall Gallery Reception for Judy Hubbard April 1 - May 7 Goodall Gallery Columbia College Senior Exhibit April 12 4-5:30 p.m., Goodall Gallery Reception for Senior Exhibit

DANCE 803.786.3778
Oct. 4 12:30 p.m., Cottingham Theatre To-Go Show (Informal Studio Performance) Nov. 8 12:30 p.m., Godbold 205 To-Go Show Nov. 16-17 7:30 p.m., Cottingham Theatre Fall Faculty Concert* Nov. 30 - Dec. 1 7:30 p.m., Cottingham Theatre Fall Choreographers’ Showcase* Jan. 25 6:30 p.m., Godbold 205 To-Go Show Feb. 8-9 7:30 p.m., Cottingham Theatre BFA Senior Concert* Feb. 21 12:30 p.m., Godbold 205 To-Go Show Mar. 20 12:30 p.m., Godbold 205 To-Go Show April 3 12:30 p.m., Godbold 205 To-Go Show April 18-19 7:30 p.m., Cottingham Theatre The Power Company April 25 7:30 p.m., Cottingham Theatre Spring Choreographers’ Showcase* April 26 7:30 p.m., Cottingham Theatre Columbia College Dance Alumnae Concert*

THEATRE 803.786.3749
Sept. 27-28 7:30 p.m., Cottingham Theatre Karen Eterovich in Cheer from Chawton, a Jane Austen Family Theatrical* Feb. 26 - Mar. 1 7:30 p.m., Griffin Arena Theatre Shorts 2008*

*$10 General Admission; $5 Students and Seniors (65+) Columbia College students admitted free with CC ID. Some events may contain material inappropriate for children. Please call the department responsible for the event. Cottingham Theatre Box Office - 803.786.3850 Box office is open 2-5 p.m. each day of event, beginning the day before first performance.


Planned Giving
Since 2000, 31 individuals have given more than $1.8 million dollars in planned or deferred gifts to support our mission. Currently, there are 341 members of the Founders Society, and 67 of whom are members of the R. Wright Spears Heritage Society.

Most Common Ways to Create Legacy Gifts
• Wills: designating Columbia College as a beneficiary of your will • Assignment of Assets: such as IRAs, land, stock, vacation homes and tangible property • Life Income Arrangements: trusts and annuities paying income to the donor • Life Insurance: designating CC as a beneficiary of life insurance policies

The Founders Society: Individuals who notify the College that they have
made any arrangements for a planned gift of any size and who give the College permission to recognize them publicly are members of The Founders Society.

The R. Wright Spears Heritage Society:
Members of The Founders Society who have established a planned or deferred gift of $25,000 or more are inducted into the R. Wright Spears Heritage Society. In 2007, this Society was established to honor the Rev. R. Wright Spears, president emeritus of Columbia College (1951–1977). He represents lifetime service, dedication and devotion to our College and represents legacy at its finest.

Most Common Motivations
• Love of Columbia College • Support faculty and programs at Columbia College • Honor, recognize or memorialize an individual(s) • Tax incentives • Estate leveraging • Creating life-income

“He never sees any wrong. He just made your day. Walking across campus or anywhere he would call any staff or student by name. He has an amazing mind—he just remembers the people. Dr. Spears is the most caring, compassionate and wise man I’ve known in my life.”
— Edith Collins Hause ’56 Former Executive Director of Alumnae Relations


Can a person reduce estate taxes, find current tax incentives, transfer more to a loved one, and support Columbia College at the same time?


Yes! Call GB Olsen for more details. GB Olsen, Director of Planned Giving 803.786.3360 or



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