Chardham Tour To Attain Moksha In Life

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					The word Chardham was first used by Hindu reformer and Philosopher “Sri Adi Sankaracharya”.
The char or four dhams or abodes are the four dwelling places of four Gods of Indian mythology.
According to him visiting these four places can make the sins of your life time vanish away. So
go for this and make a full change in your life. Chardham Tour was first conducted by “Sri Adi
Sankaracharya” and still now it is the most auspicious pilgrimage journey in India for Hindus.
During every pilgrimage season (April to November) around 250000 people gather here to make
their life free from sins. These four dwelling places are Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and
Yamunotri. All of them are located in the Himalayas. The abodes can be coved with one journey

The Chardham Tour can be done staying in Haridwar. This is the place where river Ganga
reaches plan. This is also a very auspicious place for Hindus. The Hotels in Haridwar are fully
facilitated for the tourists to cover their journey of a life time. Some people are even found to
book hotels to rest here while coming back. They are clean hygienic and furnished for the
tourists from around the country to rest. The hotels in the city can be booked online. People from
around the country gather in city by train and from here starts their journey to the four abodes of

The first spot of Chardham Tour is Sri Yamunotri Dham. As the name suggests this is the origin
of the River (goddess) Yamuna. The regular prayer and pujas are offered here. The daily arti is
one you must not miss. The second destination Sri Gangotri Dham, is the birthplace of River
Ganga or Goddess Gangs. A bath here can make you free from all sins of several lives. This
makes people to gather here facing many problems. During this journey you can stay in the
hotels of Pahata, Pipakoti. They are really cool with their fine ambience and great food.
The Chardham Tour then moves to Sri Kedarnath Dham. This is the dwelling of Lord Shiva.
This is also one of the 12 “jyotirlingas” of the Lord Shiva. So people coming here from various
parts of the country can get moksh with only a view of it. The last destination, Sri Badrinath
Dham is the dwelling place for Lord Vishnu. Here the journey of a life time ends and you are
sure to get the purity of human life by conducting this wonderful journey.

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Description: The journey of Chardham Tour is described in the article along with the features and staying options in various cities. Going for this tour means attaining sin free “moksh” of life.