Is It Really Abstract? by ProQuest


The students seemed very open to it, so I decided to use the medium of clay to relate abstract design into a functional ceramic bowl project that would help retain what they had learned about this style. MATERIALS * Reproductions of famous abstract artworks * White earthenware or stoneware (may substitute self-hardening clay) * Potter's needles or straightened paper clips * Assorted colors of glazes and brushes * Tag board circular templates * Canvas or cotton duct to slab clay on * Colored pencils * Rolling pins * Pencils * Scissors * Plastic bowls LEARNING OBJECTIVES Upper-elementary students will ... * earn about abstract art and the lives of some of the master abstract artists. * implement the idea of abstraction info a piece of artwork. * understand basic concepts of good design. * gain knowledge in hand-building techniques with clay. * know that art is influenced by artists, designers and cultures. * know how the design of art changes its meaning. * learn basic vocabulary related to their study of art. * develop basic skills to produce quality works of art. * learn basic language used in art. * understand that artists develop a personal style that reflects who they are.

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