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					              MASS TIMES
                 8th/9th JANUARY, 2011
Saturday (Vigil)    6.00 p.m.    People of the Parish
Sunday              7.45 a.m.    Elizabeth and Ralph Birchall,
  “                 11.00 a.m.   John Oglander’s Intentions
Tuesday             12 noon      Funeral Service for Jim Hoey,
Friday              12 noon      Funeral Mass for Ruby Stone,
   “                6.00 p.m.    Old Rite Latin Mass
Saturday            10.15 a.m.   Confessions and Exposition
                                 of the Blessed Sacrament
  “               11.00 a.m.
Sunday            9.15 a.m.      Sally Foulkes, R.I.P.
Tuesday           10.00 a.m.     Rosary and Exposition of the
                                 Blessed Sacrament
  “                              No Mass today
Monday                           No Mass today
Weekdays           9.30 a.m.     Mass
Daily              5.00 p.m.     Vespers
Sundays & Holydays 10.00 a.m.    Mass
Weekdays           9.00 a.m.     Mass
Daily              5.00 p.m.     Vespers
Sundays & Holydays 10.00 a.m.    Mass
Confessions                      At Request
                       ST. MARY’S, RYDE;
                    HOLY CROSS, SEAVIEW;
                 & ST. MICHAEL’S, BEMBRIDGE
                 St. Mary’s Church, High Street, Ryde, PO33 2RE;
                  Parish Office: 812127 (weekday mornings only);
                 Parish Priest: Father Anthony Glaysher: 562171
                        or 07891 850664 (urgent calls only);
                    Parish E-Mail Address:;
                        Parish Website:;
                         St. Mary’s Primary School: 562000;
                      St. Mary’s Pre-School Playgroup: 614023
                        ISLE OF WIGHT PASTORAL AREA
  Co-ordinating Pastor: Father Gerard Flynn: 752317 - Website:
                        8th/9th JANUARY, 2011
                  THE BAPTISM OF THE LORD - YEAR A
Opening Prayer:

A     lmighty, eternal God, when the Spirit
      descended upon Jesus at His baptism in
                                                   O    give the Lord you sons of God, give
                                                        the Lord glory and power; give the
                                                        Lord the glory of His name. Adore
      the Jordan, You revealed Him as Your         the Lord in His holy court.
own beloved Son. Keep us, Your children
                                                   : The Lord will bless His people with
born of water and the Spirit, faithful to our
                                                       he Lord’s voice resounding on the
First Reading: Isaiah 42 : 1 - 4, 6 - 7
                                                   T   waters, the Lord on the immensity of

T     hus says the Lord: Here is My servant
      whom I uphold, My chosen One in
      whom My soul delights.             I have
                                                       waters; the voice of the Lord, full of
                                                   power, the voice of the Lord, full of
endowed Him with My spirit that He may
bring true justice to the nations.                 : The Lord will bless His people with
He does not cry out or shout aloud, or make        peace.
His voice heard in the streets. He does not
break the crushed reed, nor quench the
wavering flame.                                    T   he God of glory thunders.       In His
                                                       temple they all cry: “Glory!” The
                                                       Lord sat enthroned over the flood; the
Faithfully He brings true justice; He will
                                                   Lord sits as king for ever.
neither waver, nor be crushed until true
justice is established on earth, for the islands   : The Lord will bless His people with
are awaiting His law.                              peace.
I, the Lord, have called you to serve the
                                                   Second Reading: Acts 10 : 34 - 38
cause of right; I have taken you by the hand
and formed you; I have appointed you as
covenant of the people and light of nations,
                                                   P    eter addressed Cornelius and his
                                                        household: “The trust I have now
                                                        come to realise” he said, “is that God
to open the eyes of the blind, to free captives    does not have favourites, but that anybody
from prison, and those who live in darkness        of any nationality who fears God and does
from the dungeon.                                  what is right is acceptable to Him. It is
                   This is the word of the Lord.   true, God sent his word to the people of
Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 28                       Israel, and it was to them that the good
                                                   news of peace was brought by Jesus Christ
: The Lord will bless His people with             – but Jesus Christ is Lord of all men. You
                                                   must have heard about the recent
 happenings in Judaea; about Jesus of               baptism from You,” he said “and yet You
 Nazareth and how He began in Galilee,              come to me!” But Jesus replied, “Leave it
 after John had been preaching baptism.             like this for the time being; it is fitting that
 God had anointed Him with the Holy                 we should, in this way, do all that
 Spirit and with power, and because God             righteousness demands.”        At this, John
 was with Him, Jesus went about doing               gave in to Him.
 good and curing all who had fallen into the        As soon as Jesus was baptised, He came
 power of the devil.”                               up from the water, and suddenly the
               This is the word of the Lord.        heavens opened and He saw the Spirit of
                                                    God descending like a dove and coming
 Gospel Acclamation:
                                                    down on Him. And a voice spoke from
 A    lleluia, alleluia!
      The heavens opened and the Father’s
      voice resounded: “This is My Son,
                                                    heaven, “This is my Son, the Beloved; My
                                                    favour rests on Him.”
                                                                   This is the Gospel of the Lord.
 the Beloved. Listen to Him.” Alleluia!
                                                    Prayer after Communion:
 Reading from the Holy Gospel:
          Matthew 3 : 13 - 17
                                                    L   ord, You feed us with Bread from
                                                        heaven. May we hear Your Son with
 J esus came from Galilee to the Jordan to
   be baptised by John.
   dissuade Him.
                            John tried to
                     “It is I who need
                                                        faith and become Your children in
                                                    name and in fact.

SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION                                MUSIC AT ST. MARY’S
   OF THE UNBORN CHILD                           Organ:         Toccata in A - J.P. Sweelinck
 There will be an appeal at all Masses this      Hymns:         720, 209, 120
 weekend for the Society for the Protection      Mass:          4
            of the Unborn Child.                 Communion:
Please take a leaflet (one per family please).    Saturday:-    O Holy Spirit - Tye
   Please be as generous as possible for                        Veni Lumen Cordium -
        this vital work. Thank you.                             M. Rizza
                                                  Sunday:-      Come Down O Love Divine -
          PEACE SUNDAY                           Organ:         Toccata for a Feast Day -
       Next Sunday is Peace Sunday.                             L. Smith
Please collect your Pax Christi envelope and
  prayer card this weekend and return the            FATHER SEAN FINNEGAN
envelope with your donation next weekend.
                                                        Next weekend, we will welcome
  Please be as generous as you can for this      Father Sean Finnegan who will be covering the
 important annual collection. Thank you.          weekend Masses for much of January, while
                                                   Father Glaysher takes a well-earned break.
     CAR PARKING PERMITS                          Father Finnegan has been here to offer Mass
  Please collect your car parking permits            on several occasions before, and we are
    from the back of the church if you                   delighted to welcome him back.
  have not already done so. Thank you.                 He will be hearing confessions this
                                                      Saturday, 15th January, in St. Mary’s
         PARISH WEB SITE                                         from 10.15 a.m.
   Please visit our parish web site for a           Please check the Mass times on the back
  comprehensive list of all parish events,              of the newsletter during this time.
reports, photographs and other information.        There is daily Mass at St. Cecilia’s Abbey
                                  and at Quarr Abbey.
         LEGION OF MARY                                   ST. MARY’S CRYPT
Next Sunday, 16th January, immediately after       In order to enable us to keep up the good
the 11.00 a.m. Mass, a DVD highlighting the      work, we would be very grateful for any good
 aims and objectives of the Legion of Mary,      quality saleable items you no longer require.
      will be shown in St. Mary’s Hall.            However, we regret that we are unable to
     The Legion of Mary is a lay Catholic             accept clothing or electrical goods.
   organisation whose members give service            The Crypt is open on Wednesdays,
      to the Church on a voluntary basis.                    Thursdays and Fridays
           Everyone is very welcome.                   between 10.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m.

                                     HOLY WATER
          You are welcome to bring a container and help yourself to holy water from
                    the large container at the back of St. Mary’s Church.

    There will be a White Flower Appeal at all Masses THIS
 weekend for the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children
 NEXT Sunday is PEACE SUNDAY - Pax Christi envelopes will be
  given out at the end of all Masses this weekend, to be returned
                       next weekend please
                            DATES FOR OUR DIARY
Wednesday, 12th January         6.00 p.m.      Meeting in the Convent for those interested
                                               in the Catholic Faith.
Friday, 14th January            7.00 p.m.      St. Vincent de Paul Society meeting.
Saturday, 15th January          9.00 a.m.      First Communion lesson.
Sunday, 16th January                           Peace Sunday - A Day of Prayer for Peace.
Tuesday, 18th January                          Start of Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.
Thursday, 20th January          2.30 p.m.      Christian Unity Service at Holy Cross,
Saturday, 22nd January          7.00 p.m.      Ecumenical Supper - Bembridge Village
Sunday, 23rd January            6.30 p.m.      Ecumenical Service - Holy Trinity Church,
Monday, 24th January            2.00 p.m.      Centering Prayer, in the Convent.
Sunday, 30th January            6.00 p.m.      Sung Old Rite Latin Mass, at St. Mary’s.
Saturday, 5th March             7.30 p.m.      Annual Parish Dinner, Yelf’s Hotel, Ryde.
Tuesday, 8th March              6.30 p.m.      Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Party in
                                               St. Mary’s Hall. More details later.
    Wednesday, 12th January is the Feast of ST. AELRED, Abbot
    Thursday, 13th January is the Feast of ST. HILARY, Bishop

         The collection last weekend for St. Mary’s
        and St. Michael’s was £725.47. Thank you.

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