Spider Login Problems by dfsiopmhy6


									Spider Version 7 FAQ
1.   You are unable to enter a username and password in the Spider
     login screen.
     You are prompted to install a piece of software called JInitiator when you
     first click on the Spider link. When the installation is complete you should see
     a window with four buttons. You must click on the Grant Always button,
     otherwise your mouse and cursor will freeze on the Spider login screen. If you
     have been unable to click on the Grant Always button before the login screen
     appears then follow these steps:

     ● Press down the Alt | Tab buttons simultaneously.
     ● This should switch from the Spider login window to an Internet Explorer
     ● There should be 4 buttons displayed within the Internet Explorer window.
     ● Click on the Grant Always button.
     ● Switch back to the Spider login (Alt / Tab again) and try to enter the
       username, password and the database (spider).

2.   Your Internet Explorer session shuts down with an error
     before you reach the Spider login screen.
     Your computer needs a certain amount of memory to run Spider. If you cannot
     get to the Spider login screen, the likely cause is insufficient memory on your
     machine, usually the result of a virus or adware.

     Find and remove any viruses from your computer:

     ● Run a Sophos virus scan. Sophos will automatically neutralise any problems
       it finds.
       This webpage http://www.liv.ac.uk/csd/security/sophos/index.htm explains
       how to run a Sophos virus scan.
     ● Install (if not already on your computer) and run a Spybot virus scan.
       This webpage http://www.liv.ac.uk/csd/security/spybot/ explains how to run
       a Spybot virus scan.

     Remove non-standard toolbars from Internet Explorer:

     ● Close all Internet Explorer windows.
     ● Open a new Internet Explorer window.
     ● Click on View, then Toolbars.
       Only the Standard Buttons, Address Bar and Links toolbars should be
       ticked. Remove any non-standard toolbars by clicking on (un-ticking) them.

     Remove any software that you no longer require:

     ● Click the Start button. Select Settings, then Control Panel, then Add or
       Remove Programs.
         In the next window, highlight any unwanted software and click on the
         Change/Remove button.

     Make sure that all Toolbars have been disabled, sometimes they can still be
     enabled even though you can’t see them on the toolbar of Internet Explorer, this
     will also interfere with Spider running successfully.

         Click on Tools, Manage Add-ons, Enable or Disable Add-ons. Anything
         that is listed as Yahoo, Google, MSN, Live Messenger etc, highlight it, and
         click on Disable which is below the window.

     The JInitiator install may have failed due to a lack of memory. Try reinstalling
     this software:

     ● Click the Start button. Select Settings, then Control Panel, then Add or
       Remove Programs.
       In the next window, highlight Oracle JInitiator and click on the
       Change/Remove button.
     ● You will be prompted to re-install JInitiator next time you click on the
       Spider link.

     Any of the above steps may work in isolation, so check whether you can access
     Spider after each stage.

     If you are still unable to run Spider session after following these steps then you
     may have to reinstall Windows to ensure that all non-standard software is
     overwritten. Refer to http://www.liv.ac.uk/csd/mws/install/#intro for Windows
     installation instructions.
     Please, ensure that any documents or pictures on the hard drive that you require
     are backed up before reinstalling Windows. You can export Internet Explorer
     favourites to the M: drive from File | Import and Export in your Internet
     Explorer session.

     If when you log into Spider, you receive this message:

     java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: oracle.forms.engine.Main

     This is an error with jinitiator, Click on Start, Install, MIS, Patch for Spider
     WebForms. This should fix this error.

3.   You cannot save and print Job Submission reports in Spider.
     The default Internet Explorer settings must be changed to allow Job Submission
     reports to be printed from the form GJIREVO:

     ●   Select Tools, then Internet Options.
     ●   In the next window, click on the Security tab
     ●   Click on Custom Level button
     ●   In the subsequent list, scroll down to Downloads \ Automatic prompting
       for file downloads
       Set this to Enabled.
     ● Click the OK button.
     ● The warning message ‘Are you sure you want to change the security settings
       for this zone?’ will be displayed. Click the Yes button.

4.    Losing Spider Login Sessions
      With Version 7 being internet native, if you click on a link in an email etc, you
      may lose your login to Spider. If this happens, you need to change your
      Internet Explorer settings.


      Internet Options

      In the list, is a sub-heading called Browsing, under this heading is an option
      for Reuse Windows for Launching Shortcuts, uncheck this box.

5.    Printing Registration Forms
      With Spider now using the internet, when you print out a registration form,
      you may have to do an extra step before hand if the form does not display.

      Open Internet Explorer
      Select Tools
      Select Internet Options
      Select Security
      Select Custom Level
      Scroll down to Downloads and check the button for enabled next too
      Automatic Prompting for File Downloads.


      Another thing that will prevent you from displayed registration forms, is if you
      have any installed toolbar on Internet Explorer, e.g. you have installed the
      Google search toolbar. You must uninstall this item.

6.    Making Screen Prints Larger
      To make a Spider screen print larger (it will fill an A4 page landscape), follow
      these instructions:

      Click on Start
      Printers and Faxes
      Select your printer from the list
          From your print dialogue box select:

          Printer/Printer Preferences/Finishing

          Check the landscape button and OK. Remember you will need to change this
          back if you want to revert back to portrait for general printing.

7.        Looking up Decisions for Applications using SAAADMS

          When looking up an admissions decision on SAAADMS, make sure you are
          on the very first page, labelled Application. Select from the menu, Options,
          and about a third of the way down, select Assign Decision to Application
          (SAADCRV). You can also access the menu by right clicking in a space on
          the screen. If you move onto another tab within SAAADMS, this option will
          not be available.

     8. Problems with viewing documents with SWASDO C
     If when you select a document in SWASDOC to view, a new window does not
     open for downloading the document, you may need to change your internet
     settings to allow your web browser to ask you what type of file is to be
     downloaded, as follows:-

     1.   In Internet Explorer, go into Tools | Internet Options.

     2. Click on the Security tab.

     3. Click on the Custom level button.

     4. Scroll down the Security Settings list.

     5. Just under half way down the list is Automatic prompting for file

     6. Make sure the Enable is set for this option.

     7.   Close down Internet Explorer and start a new Spider session.

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