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					Price List

Gel Nails
Gel nail enhancements                                       £45.00
Natural nail overlays                                       £32.00
Replacement nail                                             £5.00          8 London Street
Free within 5 days
Infills                                                                      Oxon SN7 7AA
Within 4 weeks                                              £35.00          t: 01367 244344
Within 3 weeks                                              £30.00
Within 2 weeks                                              £26.00
Removal including solar manicure                            £26.00
                                                                             6 Grove Street
Packages                                                                        Wantage
                                                                             Oxon OX12 7AA
3 for 2 on all Spa Facials
Pay for two treatments and recieve the third treatment free. Payable        t: 01235 225522
on first appointment.
Course of electrolysis treatments
Book 6 appointments & recieve the next appointment free
Book 4 appointments & recieve the next appointment free
Gift vouchers available
 Wedding hair & make up specialists                                       Opening hours vary
 Whether you wish to visit the salon or require us to                     Late nights available
             attend at your location.

                 Sundays available on request.

                                                                           Retail stockists for:
                  Prices are subject to change.
                Prices correct at date of printing.
     Segais reserve the right to charge for any appointment
              cancelled without 24hrs prior notice.
Price List                                           salon     senior
                                         therapist therapist therapist                                                         salon     senior
                                                                                                                   therapist therapist therapist                                                         salon     senior
                                                                                                                                                                                             therapist therapist therapist

Spa Body Treatments                                                         Choco Beauty
                                                                            Full body & face                 1hr £42.00 £45.00              £48.00   Eye Treatments Enhance & define your eyes
Aromassage                         1hr £40.00 £44.00               £48.00   Full body                        1/2hr £37.00 £40.00            £43.00   Eyelash Tint*                           £12.00 £17.00            £20.00
Your beautician takes into account your general condition and your                                                                                   Eyebrow Tint*                            £7.50 £9.50             £11.50
body’s needs to choose the best adapted techniques and massage
balms for you. All your stress is released. You feel invigorated and
                                                                            Spa Facials                                                              Eyebrow Shape                            £7.50 £9.50             £11.50
“restored” from deep within your being.                                     Decléor Aromassage*              1hr £44.00 £46.00              £48.00
                                                                            The relaxing aromatic facial                                             Eyelash Perming*                        £20.00 £26.00            £32.00
Aroma Envelopment                  1hr £40.00 £44.00               £48.00   Decléor Aromaplastie*            1hr £46.00 £48.00              £52.00   Eyelash Tint & Perm*                    £30.00 £36.00            £42.00
At the heart of these treatments is a rich, creamy mask with plant          The classic aromatic facial                                              * requires a skin test min 48hr prior
extracts, chosen according to your needs and applied all over your
body. Before and after the mask, your body is treated to relaxing,          Decléor Aroma Expert*            1hr £48.00 £50.00              £56.00   Hopi Ear Candles                        £12.00 £17.00            £20.00
draining or stimulating massage techniques, depending on your               The specific aromatic facial
needs. You feel wonderfully replenished. Your major needs are met to        *Choose from the following skin types:
                                                                                                                                                     Make Up                                 £24.00 £29.00            £33.00
perfection and your skin feels soft, smooth and velvety.                                                                                             For that special occasion - weddings to birthdays allow us to create
                                                                            Essential - for all skin types    Purify - for combination & oily skin   that unique look, full consultation & colour advice.
                                                                            Lift - for mature skin            Radiance - for dull & pigmented skin
‘Purifying Back’ Massage 1/2hr £22.00 £28.00                       £34.00   Nourish - for dry skin            Soothe - for sensitive skin            Make up Lesson                           £32.00     £36.00       £43.00
A unique diagnostic massage combined with deep cleansing, purifying                                                                                  Let our team guide you through the process of product selection &
and balancing of essential oils, to hydrate & restore clarity to this       Decléor ‘Vital Eyes’                £8.00           £10.00      £12.00   colours, application techniques & aftercare.
delicate area which is easy to neglect.                                     An ‘add-on’ treatment - All skin types
                                                                            A unique intensive anti-ageing eye treatment that melts away tension.
Therapeutic Massage                1hr £32.00
                                   1/2hr £18.00
                                                                   £30.00   A heavenly treatment, which soothes irritations, helps decongest sinus
                                                                            problems, eliminates dark shadows & smoothes fine lines.
                                                                                                                                                     Manicures & Pedicures
A tailored massage with the potential to restore the individual                                                                                      Spa Manicure                            £24.00 £28.00            £33.00
physically, psychologically & spiritually, with stimulating, uplifting,                                                                              Cold weather, dry heat, washing, shopping - your hands go through
toning, relaxing & sedating techniques & rhythms.
                                                                            Decléor ‘Vital Eyes Solo’         £22.00 £26.00 £32.00                   a lot. Wear & tear takes its toll & maintaining well-groomed hands is a
                                                                                                                                                     challenge. This modern manicure treats your hands as delicately as
                                                                            Decléor ‘Alpha’             1hr £36.00 £40.00 £46.00                     you treat your face.
Dermalogica Body Scrub                                                      A treatment offering additional Skin Refining – All skin types
Full body              1hr £32.00                     £38.00       £47.00   Occasionally every skin type becomes more needy. If after your           Solar Manicure                           £17.00     £20.00       £23.00
Back only              1/2hr £18.00                   £24.00       £30.00   normal skincare routine, your skin appears dull & less smooth then       Combines the exfoliating properties of Dead Sea Salts with Solar Oil’s
An invigorating treatment using body brushing, exfoliation and body         indulge in an Alpha Aromatic Facial. Your skin will be smooth, refined   natural blend of Jojoba Oil, sweet Almond Oil & Vitamin E.
mask to remove dead skin cells. Leaving your body moisturised and           and radiant with health.
refreshed.                                                                                                                                           Express Manicure                         £10.00      £12.00      £14.00
                                                                            Dermalogica Prescription Facial                                          For those needing a quick remedy for their nails, filing & varnish only.
Indian Head Massage                1/2hr £22.00 £26.00             £32.50                             1hr £35.00 £40.00                     £45.00
A non-intrusive massage offering relief for physical & emotional            The ultimate Prescription Facial, using Dermalogica Face Mapping to      French Polish (add on)                   £6.00
conditions, improving circulation & reducing muscle tensions, helping       look deeply into your skins health, to design a specific & individual    For that extra special finish, additional painting added to one of the
to disperse toxins & inducing a feeling of calm & well-being.               treatment. Includes a relaxing face, neck & shoulder massage.            above manicures.
Hot Stone Therapy                  1hr £35.00 £45.00               £55.00   Express Facial                   1/2hr £20.00 £25.00            £30.00   Spa Pedicure                            £28.00 £34.00            £43.00
                                   1/2hr £20.00 £30.00             £40.00                                                                            Tight shoes, stairs, jogging & power shopping - what have your feet
The original hot & cold stone treatment - using the theory of Geo-                                                                                   gone through recently? Give your feet that ‘facial’ experience using
Thermotherapy combined with massage techniques to promote                   Hair Removal                                                             revolutionary spa products created especially from botanicals &
comfort & relief from swelling & soreness, helping to encourage the         Electrolysis                     15 minut-es        £12.00      £15.00   natural sea extracts.
bodies natural healing process.                                                                              30 minutes         £19.00      £23.00
                                                                            Waxing                                                                   Spa ‘Mini’ Pedicure                     £24.00 £28.00            £33.00
Fake Bake Tanning                         £32.00      £37.00       £43.00   Full Leg & Bikini                       £25.00 £29.00           £35.50   Providing similar benefits to the Spa Pedicure, time effective care for
                                                                            Full Leg                                £20.00 £25.00           £33.00   your feet.
Detox                              1/2hr £22.00 £26.00             £32.00
Total body detoxification & cleansing; helping to improve the               Half Leg                                £14.00 £17.00           £20.00
Lymphatic system, general circulation and metabolism; also offers
relief to migraine, headache & menstrual pain, improves liver & kidney
                                                                            Bikini Line
                                                                            Under Arm
                                                                                                                    £8.00 £10.00
                                                                                                                     £7.00 £9.00
                                                                                                                                            £11.00   Ear Piercing                             £10.00
function, & skin conditions.                                                Facial                                   £7.00 £9.00            £11.00   Plus the cost of the earrings

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