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Midstocket Parish Church Aberdeen


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									Midstocket Parish Church


      Parish Profile
Aberdeen expanded rapidly to the West at the end of the 19th century, and as new residential areas
opened up in the Mile End and Midstocket areas, two churches were built - Beechgrove Church (built as
a United Free Church in 1900 and united with the Church of Scotland in 1929) and St Ninian’s Church
(built as a Church of Scotland in 1900). Each church recognised its centenary during 2000 with a number
of successful centenary events.

Aberdeen Presbytery in its Presbytery Plan had been, for some time, of the will to unite the two churches.
In 2000 it agreed that each church should be allowed to induct a minister on the basis of a 5-year
reviewable tenure. At the end of that period, Presbytery resolved that the two churches should unite. A
new church, Midstocket Parish Church was created in November 2005, and following a process of
arbitration, the St Ninian’s Church building was designated as the place of worship. The Beechgrove
Church House (known as ‘Number 35’) and the St Ninian’s Halls became part of the Midstocket Parish
Church complex.

The two congregations are currently in the process of active integration. Both charges were vacant at the
time of the union and the new church now seeks a minister on an unrestricted call as it looks forward to an
exciting future, building on the achievements of the former churches.

Vision and Challenges of the new Midstocket Parish Church

Following the publication of the “Church Without Walls” Report, the congregations of Beechgrove and St
Ninian’s churches debated the findings and recommendations, and were supportive of the proposals.

The Vision and set of Challenges articulated below reflect the shared views.


Midstocket Parish Church aims to be a worshipping, witnessing sustainable Christian community, faithful
to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and offering a variety of opportunities throughout the community for
fellowship, prayer, spiritual development and shared activities for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Congregational Challenges

•   to involve and encourage members of all ages in a range of forms of worship
•   to build a welcoming, friendly and long-term sustainable worshipping community
•   to nurture the integration of the two former congregations
•   to develop new outreach initiatives for all ages in the community
•   to ensure that pastoral care is generously given
•   to examine how the new church can enhance the integration of children, teenagers and young
    adults into the life of the congregation
•   to develop shared mission and mutual ministry with other churches in the area
•   to identify the spiritual gifts of the members of the congregation and to grow the church using the
    talents of its members
•   to improve the communication processes between the church, its members and the community at
Parish Information

                                          Midstocket Church                            ‘Number 35’


    Maps courtesy of Multimap

The parish is situated west of the city centre. It is primarily in an area of owner-occupied traditional
housing of various types, close to Rosemount shopping area and adjacent to the Westburn and Victoria
public parks.

Within the parish boundary is:

•     Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
•     Mile End Primary School
•     Beechwood Special-Needs School
•     Raeden Special Nursery
•     Oakbank Residential School
•     Sheltered Housing schemes
•     The BBC Beechgrove Terrace studios
•     A number of local-authority and private nursing and care homes

The minister of Midstocket Parish Church is Chaplain to Mile End Primary School and has informal
interaction with a number of the other organisations.
Parish Statistical Information

Parish Population (2004 Parish Survey)                            5364

Congregational Roll (January 2006)                                   700

Seating Capacity of Sanctuary                                        800

Average number attending morning worship (January 2006)              188

Average number attending Sunday Club (January 2006)                   43

In the last demographic study carried out for the churches in the West-End of Aberdeen (in 2001), the age
profile of parish members for the combined Beechgrove and St Ninian’s parishes was as shown below.

Approximately 50% of the parish population is below the age of 40 years and 50% is above that age.

Much of the housing in the new Midstocket Parish is family-orientated, and there are opportunities in the
new Church to develop worship and special interest groups for new members.





                                                                                   Age ranges
                    0-15      16-24      25-39     40-64     65-80    Over 80

                                 Age Profile of Parish Population

The complex of buildings includes
   • The Sanctuary
   • Three Halls
   • The Church House (“Number 35”)
   • The Manse


                                      The church on Midstocket Road was
                                      designed by the architect William Kelly.
                                      The foundation stone was laid on October
                                      1898 and the dedication service took place
                                      on 5th September 1900.

                                      Both externally and internally, the church
                                      has distinctive features. The building
                                      follows the lines of Scottish mediaeval
                                      architecture. The exterior, whilst simple
                                      and unpretentious in design, is described
                                      as being ‘picturesque in effect and from its
                                      advantageous situation ….(has)….a quite
                                      commanding appearance’ ®.

                                      The design of the interior is ‘simple yet
                                      chaste and artistic’ ®. No elaboration has
                                      been attempted, but there is a quiet dignity
                                      about the building.

                                      The complex includes three adjacent Halls
                                      with seating capacities for 150, 20 and 50
                                      persons. Kitchen facilities are adjacent to
                                      the large hall.

                                      The main buildings are surrounded by
                                      gardens and grass areas.

                                      The 1401-pipe organ, installed in 1906,
                                      was built by E F Walcker of Ludwigsburg.

                                      ® “The Churches of Aberdeen” by
                                      Alexander Gammie
                                      Published by Aberdeen Daily Journal
                                      Office in 1909
Church House (“Number 35”)
                             A church community building, (the ‘Church House’
                             at No.35 Midstocket Road) built by the
                             Beechgrove Congregation in 1965, is owned by
                             the new church.

                             The building is ideally suited to outreach work and
                             is extensively used as a community facility. The
                             accommodation includes:

                             •   a large ‘L’ shaped lounge on the ground floor
                                 with comfortable chairs and furnishings
                             •   excellent kitchen and storage facilities
                             •   an upstairs meeting room with a seating
                                 capacity of 130
                             •   three smaller rooms (upstairs) suitable for
                                 committee meetings, discussion groups or

                             The facilities are currently used for:
                             o Special Church services
                             o Sunday youth breakfast club
                             o Meetings of the Kirk Session
                             o Meetings of the Congregational Board
                             o The Guild
                             o Specialist Talks
                             o Social Events
                             o Fundraising activities
                             o External Organisations


                             The manse at 156 Hamilton Place is within
                             walking distance of the church.

                             The dwelling is a well-maintained, traditional,
                             end-terrace granite villa situated in a highly
                             desirable residential neighbourhood just outside
                             the parish boundary.

                              The accommodation includes three public
                             rooms, study, kitchen and four bedrooms. It has
                             full gas central heating and provides excellent
                             family accommodation.

                             There is easy access to bus routes and the city
                             centre and the house is in the catchment areas
                             for Mile End Primary School and Aberdeen
                             Grammar School.

                             It is anticipated that redecoration, agreed in
                             consultation with the new minister, will take

Sunday worship is a one-hour morning service. Singing is led by the Choir. CH4 (including large-print
copies) and the NIV are used. The Sunday Club (Sunday School) children are present at the start of the
service and adjourn to the halls for teaching and other activities.

A crèche for young children is provided, and refreshments are provided in one of the halls after services.

Holy Communion is celebrated formally on three occasions annually and during the year a number of
special services are held, including occasional communion services, end-of term school services and
Christmas Eve services.

Monthly services are held in Forestgait, a nearby residential care home.

Inter-parish Holy Week services are arranged.

Services organised by specialist groups, including The Guild, the Overseas Committee, and Youth
Organisations form part of the church worship calendar.

The church supports missionary partners and Christian Aid

Following the union, the Session and Congregational Boards associated with the two former churches
were simply merged. The membership of the new Session (83) and the new Congregational Board (113)
will be considered during 2006.

Congregation Activities
A number of specialist group meetings were held by the former churches:
           • Prayer Groups
           • Bible Study Groups
           • Music instruction (Choir)
           • Overseas Mission Group
           • Office Bearer Annual Conferences

In addition, the former churches individually or jointly organised:
              • A Supper Club
              • Entertainment evenings
              • Fund-raising events for home and mission support
              • A Youth Holiday Club
              • “Simpsons Mania” – a monthly Saturday night youth club
              • A quarterly newsletter
              • A small Christian library lending scheme
              • A Fairtrade Stall

A review of the activities of these groups be undertaken to decide how best to continue with them in the
new united church.

There is a wide range of Church-based groups, including a Choir, a Guild, a Crèche, a Sunday
Club/School (Primary, Junior and Senior), a Breakfast Sunday Club (for teenagers) and a range of youth
organisation and special activity groups:
    • Lunch Club
    • Wednesday Group
    • Guide Company
    • 3 Brownie Packs
    • 3 Rainbow Units
    • Beavers Section
    • Cub Scout Pack
    • Scout Troop
    • Anchor Boys
    • Boy’s Brigade Junior Section
    • Boy’s Brigade Company

And finalIy, there are a number of community and external groups using the Church Halls and/or
‘Number 35’. These currently include:

   •   Keep Fit Club
   •   Over 60’s Exercise Class
   •   3 Mother and Toddler groups
   •   Badminton Club
   •   Dancing Clubs (Scottish Country, Tap and Ballroom)
   •   Luncheon Group
   •   Wednesday Group
   •   Weight Watchers
   •   Embroiderers’ Guild and Young Embroiderers’ Guild
   •   Soroptomists
   •   Caithness, Orkney and Sutherland Association
   •   Mile End Gardening Club
   •   Friends of Scottish Opera
   •   WRVS Association
   •   Rambling Club
   •   High School Former Pupils
   •   Franco-Scottish Society
   •   A Community Playgroup
   •   Scottish Swedish Exercise Association
   •   Aberdeen Youth and Music Theatre
   •   Trusty Ted’s Playscheme (Hospital nursery in summer and autumn)

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