Medical Education in Russia

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					Medical Education in Russia
        Russian Federation is the country that always had very high level of medical education. It was

the first country in the world where was opened pediatric faculty (Russian State Medical University),

first country in Europe where was opened medico-biological faculty (Russian State Medical University), it

is the country where were made a lot of greatest medical discoveries, where were born a lot of greatest


        Nowadays the row of Russian Universities was placed in the ten best Universities of rating of

UNESCO. For example Moscow Medical Academy has the 2nd place in pointed rating. It proves that the

medical education in Russia always had and has the best quality.

        In accordance with national legislation of mature economies countries students that graduated

any University registered by WHO have the same rights. No matter where University is. Much more

important the personal merits of students. The most part of Russian Medical Universities is registered by


        The cost of medical education in Russia is much less than in Europe and USA. So foreign students

can get excellent education at acceptable price.

        When foreign students study in Russia they get a chance to learn the treasure culture of this

biggest country, to see the world famous places.

        There are different agencies who can offer their help with entering medical Universities in

Russia. One of well-known is Russian Educational Medical Center which can propose admission letters,

invitations, accommodation services and other kind of help. It works with students of all nations and

offers undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, nursing courses. For more information please visit web


        Use your chance! Get the best medical education with competitive price!

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