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									          Mass Intentions for week beginning 23rd October 2010
                                                                                                         CHURCH OF THE ASSUMPTION
 Sat 23     30TH SUNDAY OF ORDINARY       6.00pm     Thomas Grey RIP
 Sun 24     TIME                          10.00am    Raymond Salter RIP                                          HAINAULT
                                          12noon     The People of the Parish                 98 Manford Way
 Mon 25     Feria                         10.00am    David Jeffreys RIP (anniv.)              Chigwell
                                                     followed by Novena Prayers               IG7 4DF
 Tue 26     St Cedd, Bp                   10.00am    No Mass (Eucharistic Service)            020 8500 3953
 Wed 27     Feria                         10.00am    Private Intention (CP)                   email:
 Thur 28    SS. SIMON & JUDE, APP.        10.00am    Intentions of Frank Smith                Parish Priest: Fr Jean-Claude Selvini
 Fri 29     Feria                         10.00am    Sean Dumphy RIP
 Sat 30     Of Our Lady                    9.30am    David Joly RIP                           Parish website:           Registered Charity No. 234092

 Sat 30     SOLEMNITY OF ALL              6.00pm     Henry Francis Rush RIP (anniv.)
 Sun 31     SAINTS                        10.00am    Margarita Vas (1st anniv.)               23RD/24TH OCTOBER 2010        30TH SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME
                                          12noon     The people of the Parish                                   (WORLD MISSION SUNDAY)
                     Confessions this Saturday 5.30 – 5.45pm
                                                                                                     From the Holy Father’s Address at the Prayer Vigil
     Your prayers are asked for the sick and housebound, especially:                                              at Hyde Park (Part 1)
Maria Helena Hirst, Joseph Aqualina, Marcus Prospert, Eoin Oliver, Roland & Madeleine
Selvini, Peter Hetherington, Bob Edgar, Mick Flack, Mary Holmes, Peggy Wright, Peggy
  Gajewski, Ted Trevillion, Susan Molloy, Noel Judge, Victor Francis, Irene Parker, Sid      My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
  Parker, Lino Da Cunha, Agnes Warren, Mary Evelyn Piotrowski, Derek Pyner, Gerald
 Rowe, Mary Brock, Ann Divine, Ann O’Donovan, Lillian Hill, Anthony Fonseca, Lola-           This is an evening of joy, of immense spiritual joy, for all of us. We are gathered
 Teresa Durojaiye, Margaret McQueen, Paul Westrop, Cathy Hall, Christine Hall, Frank         here in prayerful vigil to prepare for tomorrow’s Mass, during which a great son
Smith, Maria-Antonetta Clarke, Mary Conneely, Maria McLoughlin, John Phillips, Eileen        of this nation, Cardinal John Henry Newman, will be declared Blessed. How
  Scully, Roger French, Christopher Oliver, Mick Martin, Adriano Agatiello, Kay Fahy,        many people, in England and throughout the world, have longed for this moment!
 Tony Baldwin, Paul Doyle, Susan Coker, Kevin Draycott, Daniel Sutton, Tony Morton,          It is also a great joy for me, personally, to share this experience with you. As you
Janet Murray, Bernadette Thomas, Jane Anne Harvey, the Kitteridge Family, Maximilian         know, Newman has long been an important influence in my own life and thought,
Peluso, Patricia Theobalds, Jean Salter, Terry Eales, Fr Bart Lynch, Paul & Stephen Iwala,
                                                                                             as he has been for so many people beyond these isles. The drama of Newman’s
              the residents of Sherrell House, Belmont Lodge and Pinewood.
                                                                                             life invites us to examine our lives, to see them against the vast horizon of God’s
                                                                                             plan, and to grow in communion with the Church of every time and place: the
                          Mass Attendance last weekend: 414
                                 ………………………………                                                Church of the apostles, the Church of the martyrs, the Church of the saints, the
                    Offertory Collection last weekend: £753.53                               Church which Newman loved and to whose mission he devoted his entire life.
                                                                                             I am especially pleased to see the many young people who are present for this
   THE ASSUMPTION, Hainault, is twinned with the Parish of Our Lady of                       vigil. This evening, in the context of our common prayer, I would like to reflect
     Sorrows, Maria Ratschitz, in the diocese of Dundee, South Africa.                       with you about a few aspects of Newman’s life which I consider very relevant to
                                                                                             our lives as believers and to the life of the Church today.
                                                                                             Let me begin by recalling that Newman, by his own account, traced the course of
                                                                                             his whole life back to a powerful experience of conversion which he had as a
                                                                                             young man. It was an immediate experience of the truth of God’s word, of the
                                                                                             objective reality of Christian revelation as handed down in the Church. This
experience, at once religious and intellectual, would inspire his vocation to be a        the school Infant Office. Closing date for receipt of completed applications is Saturday
minister of the Gospel, his discernment of the source of authoritative teaching in        15th January 2011. For further enquiries please contact the Infant Office: 020 8554 1919.
the Church of God, and his zeal for the renewal of ecclesial life in fidelity to the      ******************************************************************
apostolic tradition. At the end of his life, Newman would describe his life’s work        ST. JOSEPH’S CONVENT SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, WANSTEAD: Interviews are
as a struggle against the growing tendency to view religion as a purely private and       now being held for applicants for entry, September 2011 to Nursery (born between 1st
                                                                                          September 2007 and 31st August 2008) and Reception (born between 1st September 2006
subjective matter, a question of personal opinion. Here is the first lesson we can
                                                                                          and 31st August 2007). OPEN MORNINGS will take place for Foundation Stage and
learn from his life: in our day, when an intellectual and moral relativism threatens      Key Stage 1 between 9.30 and 10.30am Tuesday 2nd and Thursday, 4th November
to sap the very foundations of our society, Newman reminds us that, as men and            Please telephone the School Office for an appointment 020 8989 4700
women made in the image and likeness of God, we were created to know the                  ******************************************************************
truth, to find in that truth our ultimate freedom and the fulfilment of our deepest       THE NEW HAINAULT WAR MEMORIAL situated on Manford Way outside the
human aspirations. In a word, we are meant to know Christ, who is himself “the            Public Library will be dedicated next Sunday at 12noon.
way, and the truth, and the life” (John 14:6).                                            ******************************************************************
                                                                Benedictus PP. XVI        BRENTWOOD CATHEDRAL CHORISTERS: Applications are invited for boy
******************************************************************                        choristers for the Cathedral Choir which sings on Sundays in term time and also major
                 TEA & COFFEE are served in the Parish Hall after the 10.00am             Feasts of the Church. Boys should be between 8 and 10 years ideally, although we would
                Mass every Sunday. Please come along, even if only for a few              be happy to audition boys from as young as 7 years and up to the age of 12 years
              minutes, to meet and chat with your neighbour.                              depending on their singing ability. This is a wonderful musical and educational
                                                                                          experience and a very important ministry for the cathedral and diocese. Full details from
                                                                                          the Cathedral Music Office at
THE CHARISMATIC PRAYER GROUP meets on Tuesdays from 7.30pm to
about 9.00pm at St Teresa’s Catholic Church, Newbury Park. Exposition of the
                                                                                          SICK AT HOME OR IN HOSPITAL: if anyone is seriously ill at home or is in
Blessed Sacrament and prayers for healing. Everyone welcome!                              hospital, it is most important that a priest be informed so that the sick person may receive
******************************************************************                        the spiritual help of the sacraments. Relatives or friends should inform their parish priest
            THE LEGION OF MARY meets this Wednesday at 7.00pm                             and/or the Catholic chaplain of the hospital (at King George Hospital, Fr Adam Sowa
******************************************************************                        8590 9026; at Queen’s Hospital, The Catholic Chaplain 01708 447761; at Whipps Cross
                                                                                          Hospital, The Catholic Chaplain 8520 5877).
    month of the Holy Rosary), the Rosary is recited                                      GOING INTO HOSPITAL? May I draw your attention to the Sick Parishioner Care
    publicly half-an-hour before Mass. Why not arrive a                                   forms at the back of church. Please take one if you are going to hospital and wish the
    little earlier and join in?                                                           Catholic chaplain to look after you!                                         Fr Selvini
******************************************************************                        MASS INTENTIONS/OFFERINGS: special envelopes are available at the back of
QUIZ in aid of the Alzheimers Redbridge Café on Saturday 20th November.                   church. If you would like a Mass offered on a particular anniversary, please let the Parish
Tickets £6 includes supper. Starts at 8.00pm. 8 to a table. Tickets from Sheila           Priest know well in advance – the sooner the better! Thank you for your co-operation.
(8500 0073), Vonnie (01708 761317) or the Bar.                                            ******************************************************************
******************************************************************                                                  PARISH CONSULTATION
                                                                                                        ON THE RATIONALISATION OF MASS TIMES
informal open morning at Alder House Cheshire Home Lambourne Road, Chigwell IG 7
6HH on Monday 1st November from 10.00 till 12.00. You can meet the Residents, Staff
                                                                                            At the instruction of the Bishop it is proposed that the number of weekend
and other Volunteers, have a look round and join us for a cup of coffee and a chat. For     Masses at Hainault be reduced from three to two. Over the weekend of 6th
more info phone Christine Barber on 0208 501 1124.                                          & 7th November, parishioners will be given the opportunity to express their
******************************************************************                          preferences for Mass times – for this purpose forms will be available at all
ST AUGUSTINE’S CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL: Application forms for parents                       Masses.
wishing to apply for a place for their child in our Reception class in September 2011
(children born between 1st September 2006 and 31st August 2007) are now available from

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