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					                         Marshall’s Cheat Sheet
•   Your section is the course from where you are to the next marshall down hill from you
•   Your call sign is the name of your marshall station (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc)
•   When a cartie approaches your section, display the appropriate colour flag to indicate the
    status of your section to the approaching cartie and blow a single long blast on your whistle
    to notify anyone in your section
•   Always state your marshall station name when making radio calls. E.g. “Sunray this is Foxtrot,
    Sunray this is Foxtrot, message”
•   If there is an incident on your section;
     Incident Type       Example                            Actions
     Minor Incident      •    Cartie stopped on course      1. Display yellow flag

                         •    Cartie spins                  2. Radio message “location Yellow Flag
                                                               nature of incident”
                         •    Low speed collision
                                                            3. Wait for instructions
     Major Incident      •    High speed collision          1. Display red flag

                         •    Cartie overturns              2. Radio message “location Red Flag
                                                               nature of incident” and repeat until
                         •    Unauthorised vehicle on
•   If you see an accident and you think “I wouldn’t want to be in that”, then neither did the
    driver. Call “Red Flag” and request first aid immediately.
•   If there is a red flag downhill from you, raise your red flag too. Do not copy Green or Yellow
•   Broadcasts you must act on;
     Message                             Meaning                          Action
     “All Stations Red Flag Red          This is a full course red flag   Display red flag
     Flag Red Flag”                      issued by the control team.      immediately.
                                         All carties MUST stop
     “location Red Flag...”              A marshall station has           Check downhill and and
                    or                   reported a red flag condition    display the same colour flag

     “All Stations Check Downhill”

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