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why invest in silver and gold


how to investing in silver and gold in many aspect

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									Each discerning investor today worries about what they presently see in
the world: Reoccurring domestic and international strife, declining US
dollar value, increasing terrorism and lots of other factors are eating
away your nest egg.

Now the bond, real estate and stock markets also appear to be immensely
overvalued. Add to this the inflation thread, depression and recession,
and you can easily see that time ahead could be tougher than you could

In such an uncertain economic scenario, people should search for those
investment alternatives which could preserve and increase their money
over a long duration. This could be the first reason as to why you should
make investment in the silver and gold coins.

Many financial experts recommend that at least 25 % portfolio of investor
should consist of tangible assets like silver, gold as well as coins.
These coins are also a sort of solid hedge against the dollar which is

Moreover, silver, gold and many other precious metals are being traded
around the world and hence their value is not at all dependent on the
green back. This was also amply clear in 2003 and 2004 when prices of
gold and silver actually went up when US dollar prices were down sliding.

The silver and gold have immense profit and appreciation potential. When
during 2000, and (2007-2009) period when financial and stock market
crises wiped out immense wealth from the equities of investors, the
prices of gold and silver were appreciating and in fact increased by over
50% during this period! Most experts feel that this trend would continue
for a long time even now.

Purchasing silver and gold coins would be right decision in current
economic turmoil. There is surely a large economic storm which is in
making and people who are clinging to the dollar assets could suffer huge

There is a big talk going on here on economic recovery. Let me tell you
one thing for sure. NO recovery is going to happen here! Just see the
jobless rate and the markets.

So, silver and gold coins are what you should hold right now, because
these metals are important hedge against the inflation.

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