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the best silver and gold coin invest by mikesiera


how to investing in silver and gold in many aspect

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									Lots of silver and gold coins go up and down in value every day. If you
look carefully, you will see that there are lots of silver/gold coins
worth thousands and lots of silver/gold coins that are only worth a
couple of dollars. The truth is, nearly all of the valuable silver coins
you see today all started off at a couple of dollars. Not all silver
coins will go up in value like that. But wouldn't you like to know which
ones will be worth a lot in the future?

The secret is buying coins before they become unaffordable. There are
lots of coins that show a lot of promise. Many of them are extremely
affordable. But the longer you wait, the more it will cost you. So, I
will list my silver/gold coin picks in random order. You decide which
ones you like or don't like. Please note that all investments carry their
own risks, so you invest at your risk.

1.   2008   Reverse of 2007 Silver Eagle MS70
2.   2001   Buffalo Dollar MS70
3.   2006   W Silver Eagle PCGS MS70
4.   1999   no W Gold Eagle MS69 to MS70
5.   1995   W Silver Eagle PR69

These were my top 5 picks for 2009. All of these coins are fairly new.
Many did not have a chance to explode in value yet. But all of the coins
listed have strong reason to go up in value. I think buying them when
they are still cheap is the best way to build future value. The first 4
coins can be had for less then $2,000 dollars (currently). In the next
couple of years, you may not be able to buy them for less then $3,500 to
$4,200. So, I suggest buying a couple of each coin. I personally like the
2006 W Silver Eagle PCGS MS70. They are about $240 to $300 each. Any
twitch in its' market value can easily make you a small fortune. This
coin will definitely go up in value because there were only 209,000
minted and only 335 graded MS70 (at the time of this publication). So
some of the best silver and gold investments are not expensive at all.
Keep that in mind when looking for good investments.

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