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					The question that seems to plague any investor is, "Is now the right time
to invest?" It is essential to research any potential investments and
know what you are getting into. It is also important, especially in terms
of silver, not to let indecision rule you. Many people put off investing
in silver, thinking they will have plenty of time. The truth is that
there is only limited time to buy silver at the current low prices. With
rising demand and shrinking supply, prices will soon climb. The question
you should be asking is, "How do I get started?"

Where Gold Goes Silver Follows

How are gold prices determined? Traditionally, when the markets are more
flush with money, gold prices decline. During times when there is less
money in the markets, like now, gold prices rise. Gold sells for an
astonishing $1000 per troy ounce, making it unrealistic for average
investors to purchase substantial amounts. But the positive side is that
silver is much less expensive at $16.65 per troy ounce. The prices of
these metals are vastly different, but they do travel on the same path -
and that path has been consistently upward. Bestselling author and
financial expert Robert Kiyosaki discussed recently with Investment
Rarities Incorporated why silver is a wise investment:

"Silver is an industrial metal. It is consumed and used in every cell
phone, TV, and computer. The supply of silver is low and gold is being
hoarded, so gold goes up. With silver, there is supply vs. demand."

Supply is low and demand is high: this is great news for investors
because current prices are still low enough for average investors to
purchase substantial amounts of silver. When the prices normalize, they
will skyrocket, and investors will see generous profits.

Invest in Silver Now

The   key is to invest now, before prices increase to signal actual supply
and   demand levels. Gold is rising - $1000 per troy ounce tells us this -
and   silver traditionally follows suit. Because of historic demands and
low   supplies, there is no doubt that silver will rise in value.

Are you still asking yourself if now is the time to invest? In five
years, you could either be enjoying the stability and peace of mind of
solid assets or you could be kicking yourself for not investing while
prices were affordable. Which will you be doing?

The only thing that I regret about my decision to invest in silver is
that I didn't do it even sooner. My Guide to Silver Coin Investing will
help you answer any questions and put to rest the most important question
of all, "Is it the right time to invest?"

Download my Free Guide to get started and see how silver coin investing
will benefit you and your future.