Rising silver and gold Prices

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					There is a bright spot on the dismal financial scene: gold and silver
prices are rising. During a time when housing and industrial markets are
sinking, precious metals have not only retained their value, they have

The value of the dollar has dropped; properties values have dropped;
investor portfolios have been reduced by fifty, sixty, seventy percent
and more. And yet gold and silver prices are increasing. Long-term
investors are seeing the value of their precious metals climb, which is
exactly what they expected.

Sound Advice

While precious metals investing has been "discovered" recently,
proponents have been urging people to diversify their assets and put
money into silver and gold for years. Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich
Dad, Poor Dad, wrote over three years ago:

In the late 1990s, when people were pouring money into the tech and dot-
com stocks, my dollars moved into oil, gold, silver, and real estate,
when prices were low. Today, because the dollar continues to drop in
value, I keep moving my money into those same asset classes.

While dot-com and tech stocks have tanked, gold prices have increased
over fifty percent in the last three years. Silver, too, is poised to
take off. Now is a great time to invest in silver because prices are
still low enough to allow most people to invest.

Gold prices make that metal out of reach for most investors, but silver
is still very much attainable. Banks are no longer the solid repository
where our money will be secure. To ensure that your money is as safe as
possible, and will grow, invest in silver.

Why are silver and gold safe investments? Because even though the values
do fluctuate, silver and gold will always be worth something. They will
never be worthless, as most dot-coms are now.

Long-term investors are predicting that the value of silver and gold will
only increase. If, like Robert Kiyosaki, you had invested in silver and
gold early, you would be seeing large profits. Because the price of
silver is still low, you can invest now and finally have good financial

The Safety of Precious Metals

In the current economy, it seems as though there is nowhere left to
invest, nowhere left to place our trust. But silver offers security and
rising profits for those who invest before prices explode. How do you get

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the information you will need about the silver market and the importance
of investing now while prices are still low.
There will never be a better time to invest in silver. The demand is not
being met by the limited supply, and when prices correct themselves to
reflect this, silver will net much higher profits than at any time in
history. Silver prices will rise, so invest now while it is still easily
affordable and available.

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