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					The strength of the American dollar has become a topic of concern to
America and the world. Our national debt has increased substantially over
the last 10 years and it is still increasing. Every hour the America's
debt is increased by approximately 120 million dollars.

If distributed evenly among every American, the individual debt
accumulates to $50,000.00 per person and is steadily increasing The
American dollar is not backed any longer by the rare commodity such as
gold coins. The US dollar is not worth what it used to be and the
increasing state of the national debt raises concerns.

Historically the dollar was stronger when it was backed by gold. The
strength of the dollar has weakened since the time that it was backed by
Gold. It is not too late to start investing in gold coins. All families
in the United States should secure their portfolio by investing at least
some portion of their finances in actual physical gold. When investing
into your future and the future of you family you should always buy gold
just as you would invest in an IRA or the stock market.
The numismatic gold coins have the ability to remain stable despite
economic woes or future downturns. The gold coin is backed up by the very
gold that is produced with. The American dollar is only backed up with
the name of the government which is stamped on it and it ultimately has
the value of paper. Are you willing to invest in paper? Would you cash in
your 401k and go to every base ball collector card shop and invest your
entire savings into baseball cards? This is not wise. But it offers a
clear picture of what many are doing when they are putting all of their
money into savings accounts without any additional savings being created
with Gold Coins.

We owe it to ourselves and our children to secure our future buy
investing some of our income each month into gold and silver coins. Every
investor in America and that includes every family should have at least
20% of their investments in silver coins. When investing in gold coins it
is also wise that you take notice of the quality of the gold coin which
you are saving. One of the favorite numismatic gold coins is the walking
liberty dollar. The most sought after coins are the numismatic gold coins
with a MS70 grade. This grade is a nearly perfect coin without human

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