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									Let's face the facts: our economy is in desperate straits: millions of
people are jobless and even more are having their homes foreclosed on.
Yet silver and gold prices are rising.

In a time when the dollar is all but worthless and the real estate market
is so full of For Sale signs that the value of property is at record
lows, there is one reassuring trend - gold prices are still rising. The
upward trend in the price of gold and silver comes as no surprise to long
term investors and advocates of precious metal investments though.


Three years ago finance expert and bestselling author of Rich Dad, Poor
Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, said in his Yahoo! Finance blog, "In the late
1990s, when people were pouring money into the tech and dot-com stocks,
my dollars moved into oil, gold, silver, and real estate, when prices
were low. Today, because the dollar continues to drop in value, I keep
moving my money into those same asset classes."

In the three years since he made that statement, gold prices have risen
over fifty percent and the trend is showing that the value of silver is
following suit, though right now it is in a far more accessible price
range than is gold. What better time to begin an investment in silver
than now when we aren't even sure if the bank that is supposed to protect
our money will even be in business in a few weeks?

Though the value of precious metals may fluctuate, silver and gold prices
have never been zero and all indicators point toward their value
increasing well above the current market rates.


Regardless of what may happen with the market I feel better knowing that
my family is safer because I chose to protect my savings by making an
investment in silver coins. Beginning an investment in silver doesn't
have to be as scary as you imagine it to be. There is a great free online
booklet called, A Guide to Silver Coin Investing, that can give you a
solid understanding of the process as well as the importance of investing
in silver now while the market is poised to send the cost of precious
metals through the roof.

Don't let yourself be one of those folks who look back ten years from now
and say "I wish I'd have invested in silver." Invest in it now and prove
you are one of the smart ones.

Many people are curious about how to protect their money, but often
overlook the many benefits of silver coins. Take a look at our Free Guide
to get started today.

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