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									Which is better as an investment, gold or silver, or both?

If one was to ask a few people which one they think is a stronger asset,
the general census might be gold. However, that type of precious metal
might not have the most value or hold the highest worth for the long run.
Another item to consider when thinking about making investments is
whether or not a person will buy into small amounts and receive higher
returns on the investments or not. Below are some details about silver
and gold that can help a person decide whether to invest in just one of
them or both.

Some aspects of Silver

• Although volatile, the capability of its value increasing is higher
than that of gold
• According to statistics, the future of this precious metal looks
• In history, this material has always been less valuable than gold but
still has some sense of worth
• Silver tarnishes
• When silver tarnishes, it does not affect the value of it and it is
easy to shine it back up
• Has been around for over 2000 years
• In 2004, silver had a value of $6.55 per ounce
• More scarce than gold is (above ground materials)
• Obtained as coins, jewelry, products like picture frames, batteries,
• Costs less and is not as economical to sell and mine
• As of May 2010, the price was at approximately $17 per ounce
• Silver prices do not fluctuate a lot

Briefly: History and Details about Gold

•   In 2004, gold had a value of $391 per ounce
•   The price was at approximately $35.94 per ounce in 1970
•   As of September 2010, the price is at approximately $1300 per ounce
•   In 2000, when there was a record low, the price was $258 per ounce
•   Gold prices fluctuate all the time (rise and drop)

Some experts say that silver is the better choice for an investment for
the future, because this fine metal has a lot more manufacturing purposes
now than it used to. Silver has a partial supply, just the same as gold
does. That means that when the call for it rises, the price will rise as
well. The demand for silver is growing as more uses for it are

•   Solar energy
•   Water purifying
•   Medical needs
•   Mirrors
•   Product finishing
•   Coin collections are increasing
It is a good idea to learn more about silver and gold before making an
investment, especially when it comes to retirement and depending on
future gains. The future is something no one can determine, as far as the
economy goes, but one thing that is certain is that gold and silver will
still be in the future for everyone, either in the form of coins or
jewelry or products.

When it comes to gold and investing, many folks buy gold while other
people are buying stocks. It is kind of a trend in the history of
trading. When the economy begins to look bleak, many folks start to sell
the gold they hold.

Investing in silver and gold coins is a lot like making investments in
the stock market. The prices of these metals are usually flexible, and
the value goes according to the supply and demand of the precious metals.
Further research may be necessary to make a final decision about which
one, silver and/or gold is a better asset to invest in to secure the
financial future for retired individuals and their families.

My name is Tony Moniz and I have been collecting silver and gold coins
for some time now. To learn more about collecting valuable coins send me
an email requesting more information about Silver and Gold.

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