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              Sexual/Reproductive Health
  KEY INFORMATION                                                     key features
 What you Study                                  • Opportunity to gain advanced level professional knowledge
Core Modules:                                    • Teaching approach grounded in contemporary research
Applied Research Methods
                                                 • Specialist teaching input from senior clinicians
Trends in Contraceptive Methods
National and international perspectives          • Share experiences and engage in discussion and debate
on STI’s, HIV/AIDS and GUM
                                                   with others working in the field
Applied Psychology of Sexual &
Reproductive Health                              • Opportunity to develop research skills and to conduct
Sociology as applied to Sexual &
Reproductive Health
                                                   and disseminate your own research project
Applied Reproductive Science and                 • Opportunity to explore specific conditions, procedures,
Principles and Practice of Sexual Health
                                                   or organisational policies in greater depth.
Research Project

Entry Requirements
                                              This programme is likely to appeal to professionals of varied backgrounds
Applicants should have a degree               in the acute and community sectors including doctors, nurses and other
(preferably at Honours level) and
                                              professionals in allied health and other related aspects of sexual and
should hold an appropriate professional
healthcare qualification. Applicants will     reproductive health services such as:
normally have at least one year’s             • Registrars in obstetrics & gynaecology and genito-urinary medicine
recent practical experience in the field      • General practitioners and community doctors,
of sexual and reproductive health.
                                              • General practice nurses and other nurse practitioners whose jobs
Consideration will also be given to               involve aspects of women’s sexual health and cervical screening
applicants with non-standard qualifications
such as DipHE Adult Nursing or
                                              • Specialist nurses in GUM and infectious disease services
Midwifery, Advanced Diploma in                • Public health nurses/health visitors and community nursing staff in HIV/
Health Promotion and Dip HE in                    AIDS, STIs, and urology services
Childhood and Youth Studies.                  • Health advisors
Applications for Accreditation of Prior       • Specialist healthcare professionals in psychosexual service and sexual
Experiential Learning AP(E)L will also be         dysfunction clinics
considered. Holders of an approved
postgraduate certificate or equivalent        • Practitioners in child protection services and schools,
which articulate with this programme          • Professionals involved in young people’s organizations and youth dialogue
may be considered on an individual                initiatives, and specialists education officers involved in outreach education
basis. Relevant detailed documented               advice and signposting and young people’s sexual health & relationships
evidence and the original or copy of the
                                                  education initiatives
certificate of qualification will be
required for verification.                    • Health promotion officers and community education leaders
Applicants may be required to submit          The programme has been developed in response to the growing concern about
a portfolio of academic and professional      sexual and reproductive health at both national and international levels. It is
attainments, and may be interviewed.          designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to further your
Course Length        1 year (full-time)       career in this field while also enabling you to engage in discussion and debate
                     2 years (part-time)      about current practice and future trends in sexual and reproductive health.
Places Available     12                       The programme structure allows you the option of exiting with a postgraduate
SCQF Level           11                       certificate (PGCert), postgraduate diploma (PGDip), or masters degree (MSc)
                                              in Sexual and Reproductive Health. To attain the postgraduate certificate

                      www.abertay.ac.uk                                                              University
                                                                                                     Breaking Barriers
          Sexual/Reproductive Health

                                   students must complete four of the specific subject modules. To attain
                                   the postgraduate diploma students are required to complete all the core
                                   modules, with the exception of the Research Dissertation. The masters
                                   degree qualification is awarded to students who complete the modules
                                   required for the postgraduate diploma and who also complete the
                                   Research Dissertation.

                                   how you learn
                                   A range of teaching and learning strategies are used including lectures,
                                   discussions, and student-centred tutorials with interactive group work.
                                   Seminar presentations involve presenter-led discussions, class debates and
                                   student conference presentations to specialist and non-specialist audiences.

                                   how you are assessed
                                   Module assessments include essays, critical incident analyses, presentations,
                                   case studies, and reflective portfolios. The assessments are designed
                                   to enable you to demonstrate your ability to assimilate, integrate and
                                   effectively apply your knowledge.

                                   career opportunities
                                   We anticipate that graduates will seek to further their careers to advanced
                                   level practice and leadership posts in clinical practice, research or education
                                   and seek professional affiliation where applicable.


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                                                                                       Breaking Barriers

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