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					                                     JOB DESCRIPTION


Job Title:                Lecturer - Pharmacy

Responsible To:           Team Leader

Directorate:              Business Development

Department:               Work Based Learning
Job Description                                     Establishment
Reference:                                          Reference:
Grade of Job:                                       PG Number:


Be responsible for the developing and teaching in their directorate.

Undertake a teaching load, which is fair and equitable with the aspects of the post.

Contribute to the process of continuous improvement in the quality of teaching and learning and the
students overall experience at Sandwell college, to include attendance, retention, achievement,
progression and value added measures.

The post may involve working with external agencies, college partners and local businesses and
employers to contribute to meeting the diverse needs of learners.

                                           Director of Employer Services & Marketing

                                         Head of Work                             Contracts &                          Curriculum
Course & Sales                          Based Learning                             Bidding                            Development
 Administrator /                                                                   Manager                              Manager

                      Administrator                          (P/T)                                Project Manager

 Business                                                                                 Apprentice            Placement Officer
 t Advisor

                       Operations                Team Leader for                                                       Key Skills
                                                                                       Team Leader for Dental
                        Manager                     Business                                                          Co-ordinator
                                                                                           & Health Care
                       Tim Welch                    Services
                        Ext: 6854

 Business          Trainer / Assessors:        Trainer / Assessors:
Development             Light Vehicle                                                                                Skills for Life
  Advisor                  Vehicle                  CS/BA/TL                              Dental Lecturer                Tutor
                       – Body Repair                 CS/Retail            Pharmacy
                    : Hairdressing (P/T)                                   Lecturer                                  Skills for Life
                     Hairdressing (P/T)                                      (P/T)                                     Lecturer

                   Placement Officer:                                                                             Dental Assessor
                                                                           Trainer /
                                                                                             Trainer /               / Lecturer
                      Data Support                                                          Assessor
  Employee                                                                Pharmacy        Health & Social
                                                 Lecturers: AAT
Liaison Officer                                                                                Care                  Trainer /
                                                                                                                    Oral Health

                                                   Internal Verifiers
                                                 Business Administrator
                                                                                          Health & Social
  Employee                                             Tutor / IV                          Care Lecturer
Liaison Officer

                                                                                                       First Aid Lecturer

                                                                            Job Competence
No       Description of Duties

         Use Information Learning Technology (ILT) in the development
1        of learning materials and use multimedia learning resources in     4.2 A, B, C, D
         the delivery of the learning experience

2        Support the expansion and development of the provision             5.2 A, C, D

3        Assist in the development of effective support systems for         6.1 A, B, C, D, E
         students on mainstream programmes
4        Deliver specific programmes inline with college prospectus         3.3 A, B, C, D, E

5        Participate in curriculum development and planning                 6.1 B, D

         Maintain appropriate records for both academic and
6                                                                           4.1 A, C, D, E
         administrative purposes

         Carry out administrative duties in accordance with procedures
7                                                                           6.3 A, B, C, E, F
         specified in the relevant Quality Assurance Manual

         Carry out general academic duties in accordance with the
8                                                                           6.3 A, B, E
         general policy framework of the college

9        Take responsibility of courses and course tutorship                1.2 A, B, C, D

         Assume joint responsibility within course teams for quality of
10                                                                          6.2 A, B, C, D, E
         course delivery

11       Undertake appropriate in-service training when required to do so   5.1 A, B, C, D

         Ensure effective communication takes place with management,
12                                                                          3.3 A, B, C
         staff, students, customers and clients

13       Ensure a high level of confidentiality at all times                6.3 B, F

14       Support fully at all times the colleges aim and objectives         6.3 B, E, F

15       Have agreed teaching load                                          3.3 A, B, C, D, E

16       Identify and develop materials suitable for support purposes       4.1 A, B, C, D, E

         Be prepared to teach groups of students in one or more of the
17                                                                          7.1 A, B, C, D, E
         core programme areas
18               Carry out Internal Verification duties                               6.3 B, F

Standard Clauses - all Job Descriptions

       To work in an internal and external customer related way in accordance with adopted procedures and
        good practice.

       To assist in / manage the identification, development and implementation of Manual and Information
        Technology systems and procedures.

       To comply with the College’s Equal Opportunities Policy, Code of Conduct, other relevant policy,
        procedures and legislation.

       To comply with and / or ensure compliance with the College Data Protection Policies and the Data Act
        and other relevant legislation.

       To comply with Sandwell College’s safety policy and other safety procedures and guidelines are
        deemed part of the job description. Employees must look after their own Health & Safety and welfare
        and be mindful of other persons who may be affected by their acts. Employers must co-operate and
        comply with Management instructions regarding Health & Safety issues and report all accidents,
        incidents and problems as soon as practicable to their Supervisor, Manager or other senior members of
        staff available.

The responsibilities above cannot totally encompass or define all tasks which may be required of the
postholder. The outline responsibilities given above may, therefore, vary from time to time without materially
changing either the character or level of responsibility or grade.


                      Line Manager                        Post Holder                     Vice Principal




                                PERSON SPECIFICATION
Job Title: Lecturing                                                               JD Ref: A1207

      Candidates will be assessed for shortlist and interviewed against the following criteria.

       Short listing criteria                                Essential    Desirable

       1. Qualifications
       A degree and/or appropriate professional
1.1    qualification relevant to the Programme Area             YES                       CERT

       Certificate in Education or Level 4 Teaching
1.2                                                             YES                       CERT
       Hold a A1/A2 or be prepared to undertake the
1.3                                                             YES                       CERT
       award within an agreed timescale
       2. Experience
       Experience of excellent teaching and learning
2.1    practice.                                                YES                       AF/IV

       Demonstrate experience of preparing and
2.2    evaluating appropriate learning materials                YES                       AF/IV

       Experience of delivering relevant qualifications
2.3                                                                          YES            AF

2.4    Knowledge of key skills/functional skills                             YES            AF

2.5    Experience of internal verification/moderation                        YES          AF/IV

       3. Skills/Abilities

3.1    Be able to work as part of a team                        YES                       AF/IV
       Be able to present information to learners and
3.2                                                             YES                       AF/IV
       colleagues using ILT
3.3    Good organisational and administrative skills            YES                       AF/IV

3.4    Ability to work under pressure                           YES                         IV

3.5    Ability to inspire and motivate students                 YES                         IV
       Ability to teach using diverse methods and adapt
3.6                                                             YES                       AF/IV
       to needs of particular student groups
      4. Qualities
      Willingness to work within a team to implement
4.1                                                     YES    IV
      strategic policy
      Genuine understanding of and commitment to
4.2   Equal Opportunities in practice, sensitivity to   YES   AF/IV
      students, staff and client needs
      Prepared to actively participate in new
4.3                                                     YES    IV

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