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									                                                                           VET Lecturer Qualification and Experience Matrix Exe mplar
                                               Version: 4.1                                           Approved: M anager Accreditation and Quality

                                               Administered: Quality Officer                          Next Review: December 2009

This matrix maps the lecturer’s qualifications and experience to the unit of competence or module of the qualifications/courses they will be delivering and assessing. This information is
required for compliance with the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF).
NOTE: Do not use acronyms without full title reference.

                                                   Name: Veronica Huginns
            Staff Member Details
                                                   School: Education and Information Technology, Law and Busine ss

                                                   ICA10105 – Certificate I in Information Technology
      Qualification(s) to be delivered             ICA20105 – Certificate II in Information Technology
        (Include Code and Name)                    BSZ30301 – Certificate III in Business

 Workplace Training and Asse ssment
                                                   Name: Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Asse ssment                                        Code: TAA40104
 Qualification(s) held
 A Supervi sor i s required if no current          Name of Supervisor: Not required
 Workplace Training and Asse ssment
 Qualification is held

                                                                                                                                                                       Version: 4.1
                                                      VET Lecturer Qualification and Experience Matrix Exemplar
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Staff Member’s Formal Qualifications
List all Qualifications (Code-Name-Year) you have                           Employment History and Relevant Industry Experience/Training
obtained, e.g. degrees, certificates, formal training,                                           (must be verifiable)
licences, tickets, etc.
Educational/Vocational Qualifications                      Posi tion(s) held/120
1. Diploma of Teaching                                     Employer/approx. start - end dates (YYYY-YYYY)
         (Adelaide CAE) 1978                               1. Lecturer Information Tec hnology/Centralian TAFE / 1986 – 1996
2. Bachelor of Education                                   2. Manager/ Darwin Skills Development Scheme (DS DS) / 2004 - 2006
         (Curtin University) 1988                          3. Owner/Manager of Souvenir Ret ail Business (Kalgoorlie 1996 -1998; Albany 1999-2004)
3. Graduate Diploma Educational Computing
         (Curtin University) 1989                          Industry Experience and Training
4. Certificate IV in Small Business Management             1. Advanced Micros oft Access Course (4 days – 1995)
                                                           2. Senior First Aid Certificate (2006)
          (NEIS, 2003)
                                                           3. Provided P rofessional Development for ESL Lecturers: Using Computers in ESL
                                                           4. Adult Community Educator/ Lecturer in Computing at various TAFE Colleges

                                                           Current Appointments and/or Memberships of Profe ssi onal/Industry Associations
                                                           1. Member of the Australian Computer Society (ACS ) since 1991
                                                           2. Member of the Chamber of Commerce since 1999

                                                                                                                                                Version: 4.1
                                                 VET Lecturer Qualification and Experience Matrix Exemplar
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     Units of Competency to be delivered                      Trainer’s Competence to Deliver/Assess the Elements of the Unit of Competency
(BS BCMN305A) Organise workplace information                As manager of the DS DS (position 2) I was responsible for the organisation’s planning and reporting. I had
BSBCMN305A/01 Collect and assess information                to collect information from staff and trainees and produce weekly reports on staff and student activities.
BSBCMN305A/02 Organise information                          Information collected for assessing include: lesson plans, lesson reports, student feedback, minutes of
BSBCMN305A/03 Review information needs                      staff meetings. The information collected had to be organised and formatted to conform with general
                                                            reporting procedures for int ernal and external reporting. Information was regularly reported to the Board,
                                                            updated when necessary and stored according to company processes. Information could be re viewed on
                                                            request and was stored for easy ret rieval.
(BS BADM305A) Create and use database s                     As Lecturer in IT (position 1) I taught Access and Paradox from beginner to tertiary level. This included the
BSBADM305A/01 Use safe work practices                       design of a simple, multiple table database, creating the database and using the database. Using the
BSBADM305A/02 Create simple databases                       database included writing queries to produce various reports according to specific requirements.
BSBADM305A/03 Create simple database queries                As a business owner / manager (position 3 above) I designed my own business database, using simple
BSBADM305A/04 Use simple databases                          tables of information on customers and suppliers. I also managed the shop inventory using the Micros oft
                                                            Access Database Program.
                                                            In my managerial position at DS DS I entered data regularly into the local database and manipulated a
                                                            simple database to monitor the use of resources. I ensured that all computer workstations complied with
                                                            current work safety practices and ergonomic issues.
Sample of Clustering similar units                          Throughout my career in all positions above, I operated a personal computer on a daily basis. My teaching
(ICAITU128A) Operate a personal computer                    includes training adults, senior and tertiary students at various levels of computing skills. All basic teaching
ICA ITU128A/01 Start a computer and access basic            included teaching and assessing computer start-up and shut-down procedures. In my position as manager
                system information and features             DSDS it was my responsibility to instruct staff to follow correct procedures to start -up and shut down
ICA ITU128A/02 Navigate and manipulate desktop              computer systems.
ICA ITU128A/03 Organise basic directory and folder          I would use the word processor almost daily, and throughout my teaching career gave instructions in
               structures                                   creating, saving, editing and printing documents. I frequently had to configure computer systems to allow
ICA ITU128A/04 Organise files for user and/or               printing on a variety of printers, networked and standalone. In my position 3 above I had to follow
               organis ational requirements                 organisational procedures to store files and follow backup procedures regularly. Throughout my career I
ICA ITU128A/05 Print information                            have kept abreast with the latest computer technology and soft ware.
ICA ITU128A/06 Correctly shut down computer
                                                            I have had the opport unity to use many different word processing programs and used a variety of
BSBCMN213A Produce simple word processed                    approaches to produce docum ents which had to be formatted following organisational guidelines or style
            Documents                                       manuals. (Positions 1 and 2 above). As the manager (position 2) I was responsible that all workstations
BSBCMN213/01 Use safe work practices                        and classroom comput er stations met basic ergonomic requirements and that paper waste was minimised.
BSBCMN213/02 Confirm document requirements
BSBCMN213/02 Produce documents                              As a member of the A CS I am keeping abreast with developments in ICT.

                                                                                                                                                        Version: 4.1
                                                 VET Lecturer Qualification and Experience Matrix Exemplar
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 BSBADM309A Process accounts payable and
              receivable                                       In my position as manager DSDS I had to check documents for accuracy and authorisation and refer
 BSBADM309A/01 Maintain financial journal systems              errors for resolution in accordance with organisational policy. I supervised the inputs and outputs of cash
 BSBADM309A/02 Prepare bank reconciliations                    and credit journal system in accordance with organisational policy and procedures and accounting
 BSBADM309A/03 Maintain accounts payable and                   requirements.
               accounts receivable systems                     I updated the cash journals and prepared regular reconciliation reports within designated timelines. I had to
 BSBADM309A/04 Proc ess payments for accounts                  check payment documentation for accuracy of information and discrepancies. I regularly followed up
               payable                                         outstanding accounts following organisation’s processes. In my own business, I managed accounts using
 BSBADM309A/05 Prepare statements for accounts                 MYOB.
 BSBADM309A/05 Follow up outstanding accounts
 BSBCMN302A Organi se personal work priorities and             I hold BSBCMN302A part of my Certificate IV in Small Business Management.
             development                                       (If you hold the unit of competency there is no need to quote specific industry experience.)
                                                               In addition I always followed good work practices in my own business and had to organise my work as
                                                               team leader at DSDS.

Declaration by the Lecturer
The information contained in this Lecturer Qualification and Experience Matrix is correct at the time of completion.

Lecturer’s signature: ______________________________________________________                            Date: ______________________________

Head of School/Team Leader signature: _______________________________________                           Date: ______________________________

                                                                                                                                                        Version: 4.1
                                                    VET Lecturer Qualification and Experience Matrix Exemplar
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