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Job Spec


Easy Bean makes one-pot meals based on 100% natural ingredients. We have a
small commercial kitchen based on a farm in South Barrow, Somerset. We are a
new entrepreneurial company that started trading in Nov 2007 and our largest
customer is Waitrose. Our prepared food is produced in small batches and has a
“home made quality”. Supplied chilled to independent retailers through
wholesalers and into Waitrose and Ocado directly.

For full background information please go to www.easybean.co.uk

This is a role for a superb organizer who enjoys being hands on and who believes
in our brand. The success of taking easy bean to festivals and events will be the
coordinator’s responsibility. A good measure of just how successful will be the
amount of revenue that is generated. The package we offer at this stage reflects
our situation of still being a small company, but we think with a great future.

Responsibilities to include:

      Planning - working closely with the MD (marketing team) draw up
       experiential campaigns and in the first instance for the summer of 2010.
       Campaigns should be targeted according to our market and consumer.
       Set targets and budgets.

      Brand Ambassador – understand and be in tune with the easy bean
       brand, presenting at all times with enthusiasm. Ensure all reporting staff are
       equally well briefed and enthused.

      Manage and coordinate easy bean at shows and festivals – manage the
       booking, set up, staffing and running of easy bean stands at selected
       shows and festivals. This will be very hands on and entail a lot of travel.
      Promote trial – with creative ideas find ways of promoting trial of easy
       bean; including in-store, the work place, the unexpected place!

      Manage budgets

      Business development – when less active with events, there will be a
       requirement to assist with developing new business and in particular
       following up leads from trade shows. This then requires good admin skills.

      Team player – be proactive in creating a great bean team.

The proposal is for a 6 month contract that could lead into a permanent and full
time position. It is difficult to give a schedule due to the nature of the work,
taking time off in lieu will be encouraged to compensate for the need to work at
week ends.

As a guide £16,500 to £18,750 pa to be paid monthly in arrears + statutory
holiday allowance. Terms would be assessed at the end of 6 months and with a
view to introducing a bonus scheme.

Person Spec

      Energetic, happy and friendly person who loves interacting with the
       public. Loves the idea of working at festivals and all that it entails.

      Great honesty and integrity.

      Freedom to be able to spend a lot of time away from home and enjoy
       doing so.

      Experience of working at shows and festivals considered an advantage

      Good organizer and an eye for detail

      Experience of supervising staff

      We are a very small company and we hope to engender a really good
       and friendly team spirit. Please see our beanifesto on our website for what
       we believe in – it would be good if this fits in with the candidates attitudes.

      Last but not least the MD is a real foodie at heart and likes to think people
       are working with a product that really interests them. We hope anyone
       working for easy bean becomes a bean ambassador!
CLB 09.02.10

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