Expedited Letter for 501C3 Application to the Irs by ofy72667


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									Costs if we file for 501 (c) (3) status:

Articles of Incorporation -                    $125
Record /Title search -                         $15
Registered Agent fee -                         $149
Obtain tax ID -                                $49
Bureau of Charitable Organization filing -     $25
IRS filing fee -                               $700
Total -                                        $1063

If LegalZoom files for us:
State application fees, registered agent fee, record/title search fee, obtaining tax ID,
preparing 501 (c) (3) IRS application -
Bureau of Charitable organization               $25
IRS filing fee -                                $700
Total -                                         $1992

A registered agent:
1. Provides a layer of privacy, protecting the Network Chair from being served with a
legal proceeding in front of other individuals at work or some other place.
2. Allows the freedom to change our address without filing costly change of address fees
with the state.

The application completion is intensive but not as scary as it looks. The state application
should be submitted first. Approval as a state recognized corporation is very fast (within
a week of applying) and the tax ID number is received. The IRS application completion
can be a daunting task. Accompanying the application must be the Articles of
Incorporation that will be received from the State, bylaws and proposed budget.
Approval time is 3 to 6 months in most cases. A letter requesting an expedited review
can be submitted and with a good reason, they will review the application quicker. I
sent in my application at the end of April. I sent in a request for an expedited review the
first week of June. I received confirmation as a 501 (c) (3) corporation on June 8th.

Steven A. Gauvry, Promoter

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