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									                            Nina T. Rodd, Ph.D., QME
                     West Tower, 609 Deep Valley Drive, Suite 200
                           Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274
                              Telephone: 310-378-7172

                         Schedule of Fees and Conditions
A.      Expert consulting time (report preparation, analysis, consultations, telephone
conferences, interviews, research, review of materials, testing, preparation, including
travel (portal to portal) will be billed at a rate of $450.00 per hour plus expenses. Any
time related to the case or project which is beyond the scope of an initial telephone
interview of the consultant may be considered billable time.

B.     A minimum retainer of $4500.00 will be required in advance for all work and
when this amount is exhausted retainer replenishment will be requested. A retainer is
required prior to any work being initiated.

C.     Estimates of time anticipated to be spent will be gladly provided upon request.

D.     Prepayment is required for deposition and court testimony.

E.      Depositions hourly rate is $600.00 and travel time is charged at an hourly rate of
$375.00 plus expenses. An advance payment of $600.00 is required, at least five (5)
working days prior to the deposition, which is credited towards the total bill. Billing is
made for preparation time, travel time, expenses incurred, time being deposed, waiting
time, and time spent to read and correct transcript if required. Cancellation of a
scheduled deposition, with less that 48 hours notice, shall result in a minimum billing of
two (2) hours.

F.     Court room testimony time, travel time and court room waiting time will be
charged as a full day at $3500.00 or half day at $2500.00. Cancellation of court room
testimony at less than 24 hours notice will result in a minimum billing of two (2) hours.
Same day cancellation will result in full day fee of $3500.00.

G.     Reasonable and customary expenses for travel and air fare may be billed in
addition to hourly rates. Estimates of expenses, anticipated to be spent, will be gladly
provided upon request.

H.      Check can be made payable to Nina T. Rodd, Ph.D. EID # 42-1675972

Nina T. Rodd, Ph.D., QME, DABPS

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