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					Customer & Community Services
    Directorate Service Plan
Key Document Information

 Owner‟s name            Paul Blantern – Corporate Director of Customer and Community

 Source(s) of more       CCSD Division Service Plans
 information             Strategic Plan 2009-12 Integrated Risk Management Planning (IRMP)

 When approved and       Final Plan to be approved on 7th April 2009 by Cabinet Members (Cllr
 by whom                 André Gonzalez De Savage and Cllr Brandon Eldred)

 Review                  Plan is annually updated

 Version No              Key Milestone                                            Issue Date
 v0.1                    Initial Draft Template
 v0.2                    First working draft for consideration by CMT             10/11/2008
 v0.3                    CMT feedback incorporated
 v0.4                    Additional information added
 v0.5                    Additional information added
 v0.6                    Additional information added
 v0.6                    Additional information added
 v0.7                    Second working draft for consideration by Cabinet        09/12/2008
 v0.8                    Amendments further to DMT review
 v0.9                    Revisions following DMT awayday
 v0.10                   Additional information added
 v0.11                   Additional information added
 v0.12                   Third working draft for consideration by CMT             09/03/2009
 v0.13                   Amendments further to CMT review
 Final                   Final draft for cabinet member sign off                  30/03/2009

Introduction - Purpose of plan
This plan outlines the strategy of the Customer & Community Services Directorate, it‟s
priorities for 2009-10 and the activities it will undertake during this time to achieve these in
line with the corporate outcomes.

The plan will be used throughout 2009-10 to monitor and review progress of the
Directorate and its Divisions. The plan is for use by the County Council, the public and
businesses and organisations across Northamptonshire.

The Plan is supported by more detailed Divisional Plans, team plans and each member of
staff‟s personal plan (Performance, Appraisal and Development Programme (PADP)).

Customer & Community Services Directorate
Service Plan 2009-10

Executive Summary ......................................................................................................... 4

Preface by Corporate Director and Cabinet Member .................................................... 7

1.    Who we are and what we do ..................................................................................... 9
      1.1   What we do ....................................................................................................... 9
      1.2   How we are organised – structure chart, staffing and budget ......................... 10
      1.3   Key facts about Customer and Community Services Directorate ................... 13
      1.4   „Big Issues‟ for the Council and the Directorate .............................................. 14
      1.5   The users and communities we serve ............................................................ 16
2     How we are going to achieve ................................................................................. 17
      2.1   Overall Strategy .............................................................................................. 17
      2.2   Action planning: outcomes, actions, indicators and resources ....................... 20
      2.3   Communications, marketing and consultation ................................................ 20
      2.4   Equalities ........................................................................................................ 20
      2.5   Partnership strategies and working................................................................. 21
3     ‘Value for Money’ Report – what we deliver .......................................................... 22
      3.1   Reporting on 2008/09 ..................................................................................... 22
      3.2   Directorate scorecard for 2009-10 .................................................................. 27

Appendix 1 – Action Plan............................................................................................... 28
Appendix 2 – Marketing & Communications Summary .............................................. 40
Appendix 3 – Public Involvement Summary ................................................................ 42
Appendix 4 – Our Key Partnerships ............................................................................. 47
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Executive Summary
Directorate Medium-Term Strategy
The key themes of the medium-term strategy for Customer & Community Services
Directorate are listed below:

- Effective customer and community engagement
- Making sure the „Smith's‟ are safe (in their homes and on the street)
- Making sure our support services effectively enable our delivery to our customers

Corporate Outcomes
The Directorate contributes to all of the Council‟s four corporate outcomes:

A      Safer, freer and stronger communities
B      A cleaner, greener and more prosperous county
C      A more secure, healthy and independent future for our children, young people and
       our adults
D      A smaller more enabling Council focused on our customers

Directorate Objectives for 2009-10

(The key outcomes of the directorate are given in figure 3)
  Enhance our preventative, protective and intervention work within our communities
  Develop the strategy for culture & sport in Northamptonshire to help promote the
   momentum within the county for the 2012 Olympics, Paralympics and the Cultural
  Deliver the next stages of our Customer Service Strategy (including the
   recommendations from our „access to services‟ inspection)
  Implement the single status agreement (equal pay legislation compliance)
  Complete the effective leadership review
  Develop and implement the culture and behavioural change programme
  Continue the organisational development journey
  Complete the Information technology (IT) strategy and complete the implementation of
   the new hardware and applications and begin to further exploit them
  Develop our Local Government Shared Service offering with Cambridgeshire County
   Council and Slough Borough Council and where possible develop both front office and
   back office opportunities with our Northamptonshire partners.

Priorities and Key Actions for 2009-10

•   Reduce avoidable injuries,
•   Deliver home fire safety checks
•   Improve health & wellbeing through physical & cultural offerings
•   Develop physical infrastructure for our customer & community use – Libraries plus
•   Continue to create the customer frontline, including the further integration of services
    into & development of the Customer Service Centre (CSC)
•   Begin to develop robust customer intelligence through our new customer relationship
    management (CRM) system and customer insight (Mosaic) work

•   Self financing of some key services, including moving towards a profitable registration
    service, & maintaining income for revenue based services during the economic
•   Provide advice to our citizens to help during the downturn
•   Enable outstanding & valued employees through our development programme
•   Develop sector skills & capacity
•   Continue to exploit our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to improve the
    management and provision of people information and processes
•   Exploit ERP to deliver greater procurement and contract control
•   World class „tight-loose‟ HR policy & processes
•   Build organisational capacity and capability to enable change
•   Enhance the availability of operational Fire & Rescue personnel
•   Implement the standards of operational response in Fire & Rescue Service
•   Deliver our shared service vision & associated economies of scale, particularly with
    our Northamptonshire partners and our Local Government Shared Services (LGSS)
    venture with Cambridgeshire County Council & Slough Borough Council.
•   Deliver improved value for money for the goods and services we procure.
•   Implement the findings from the 2008 employee survey and associated action plan.

Key Contributions to LAA for 2009-10

The Customer and Community Services Directorate directly impacts the LAA priority
outcomes „increased participation in cultural, sporting and physical activity‟ and „safer
physical environments and tackling anti-social behaviour‟ through its Customer and
Culture Services and Protective Services Divisions. Our performance in relation to these
outcomes is measured by a variety of indicators within the National Indicator Set. We are
also responsible for 4 of the 18 Local Improvement Indicators.

The Directorate contributes in varying extents to all the themes of LAA2 (for 2008-11)
through its wide range of services. Examples of our work that help deliver these themes
are our Action, Reaction, Consequence (ARC) initiative that works with young people with
anti-social behaviour problems, our adult learning service that empowers people to live
more independently and our countryside services that have ensured that the citizens of
Northamptonshire have all Green Flag country parks to enjoy.

Key risks facing Directorate

   Given the role of the Directorate as the guardian of the customer front line, a key risk is
    that customers are significantly dissatisfied with the service they receive from the
    customer contact channels.
   The Council is not provided with efficient, effective, resilient and secure electronic
    information systems.
   The inability of the Council to respond to the Civil Contingencies Act or provide
    services as a result of business disruption
   Potential for industrial action in response to the major changes being undertaken by
    the Council (e.g. Single Status implementation)
   The move to the fire and rescue regional control centre
   Failure to meet budget target due to decline in income (e.g. in parks, adult learning,
    vocational training, archaeology and libraries) created by the recession
   Successful implementation of new standards of response for the fire service

   Organisational capacity and capability to deliver Council plan and major change
    programmes such as single status/LGSS/payroll concurrently
   Organisational maturity and discipline: In order for the Council to deliver its ambitions it
    needs to ensure that it has firm foundations in place. The basic building blocks to
    support a delivery-focused organisation are in need of review; improved people and
    financial information and control are essential prerequisites.
   Employee Engagement and Morale: the impact of implementing the Single Status
    Agreement at a time of significant organisational change should not be
    underestimated. Lessons learnt from other Councils and a well thought out
    communications exercise will be essential to manage the impact
   Financial constraint: the Council has a challenging MTFP with competing service
    pressures. For the Directorate to support the delivery of organisation capacity and
    capability to develop and improve investment is needed, particularly in the
    development of in-house project management and business analyst capacity.

Key Achievements in 2008-09 – a full list of significant number of directorate
achievements are found in section 3.1 Value for Money

   Introduction of phase 1 self-service into libraries leading to a significant increase in
    „working family friendly‟ opening hours which led to 12,000 extra visits a week
   In June Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology and ways of working were
    rolled out across the Council in partnership with Cambridgeshire County Council
    combining business and management processes and providing a single view of our
    data leading to a LGSS partnership with Cambridgeshire County Council and Slough
    Borough Council
   Successful review of top 4 layers of the whole organisation through Effective
    Leadership Review including changing senior management terms and condition and
    delivery of £1.8 million of savings
   Emergency Planning published the UK‟s first multi-faith prayer book for use in a crisis
   Trading Standards took action against 95 rogue trading activities including, for
    example, a two and a half years prison sentence for a doorstep criminal who targeted
    an elderly and disabled man.
   The re-engineering of services through the Excellence for our Customers programme
    has successfully incorporated the Adult Care Team and the complaints teams from
    Children and Young People, Health and Social Services, Corporate complaints and
    schools admissions into the CSC, with significant measurable improvements in
    customer service.
   Near completion of the IT „Martini‟ and other core projects which are the single largest
    transformation in the IT capability NCC has witnessed, enabling better accessibility of
    customers and employees to our services, including a new intra and internet.

Preface by Corporate Director and Cabinet Member
The Customer & Community Services Directorate was introduced in 2008 to support the
County Council:

      Help customers and communities to help themselves;
      To be a safety net for the vulnerable;
      To be a trusted advocate for citizens of the county.

In order to deliver this, and achieve the four corporate outcomes illustrated in Figure 2, the
directorate has three key themes:

      Effective customer and community engagement
      Making sure the „Smith's‟ are safe (in their homes and on the street)
      Making sure our support services effectively enable our delivery to our customers

The first theme, „Effective customer and community engagement’, will see the
continued improvement in access to all the Council and other partner services, for
example through the extension of face to face access to all services through libraries and
the continued re-engineering of Council services to ensure that customers queries can be
resolved at the first point of contact by customer service professionals. As a Directorate
we will continue to develop the county‟s understanding of who our customers and
communities are, especially given the growth and immigration we are witnessing, to help
us tailor our services to meet the choices of our customers across the county. An
important aspect of this theme is to further engender „community ownership‟ of our
county‟s assets, such as our parks, libraries, cultural and heritage sites and to develop
sport and adult learning in the county. This theme is predominantly delivered through the
Directorate‟s Customer and Cultural Services Division.

The second theme, „Making sure the Smith's are safe (in their homes and on the
street)’, is about the Council being trusted to be the safety net for our community, whether
through the provision of our Fire and Rescue Service or County Emergency Planning, the
protection provided by Trading Standards to both businesses and consumers, or the key
help and protection provided by the Community Safety or Drug and Alcohol Action Teams.
This safety net is at the core of public service and this year will see a number of key
initiatives, especially the introduction of new standards of operational response in the Fire
Service. Equally important is the health and safety of our workforce, which is also about
the safe systems of work and competency of the workforce to undertake their roles and
this is supported by the Directorate. This theme is predominantly delivered through the
Directorate‟s Protective Services Division.

The third theme, „Making sure our support services effectively enable our delivery to
our customers’, is the key to the success of any 21st century business, whether public,
private or third sector. This theme is about ensuring that our business enablers,
Information technology (IT), Organisational Development and Human Resources
(OD&HR), including business change processes, and our Procurement processes are
both efficient and effective, and support the whole organisation in a manner that enables,
not hinders, service delivery to our customers. We have been making huge progress in
this area during 2008, but 2009-10 will see the completion and consequent exploitation of
our core IT strategy investment, the completion of our effective leadership and pay and
benefits reviews, the continued development & exploitation of our enterprise resource
planning (ERP) system (for finance, HR and procure to pay processes) that went live
during 2008, including the continued development of our Local Government Shared
Services Partnership with Cambridgeshire County Council and Slough Borough Council
which centres around our nationally recognised installation of a shared ERP platform. This
theme is predominantly delivered through the Directorate‟s IT, OD&HR and Procurement
and Shared Services Divisions

Paul Blantern                   Cllr André Gonzalez De       Cllr Brandon Eldred
Corporate Director of           Savage                       Portfolio Holder for Fire &
Customer & Community            Portfolio Holder for         Community Safety
Services                        Customer & Community

1. Who we are and what we do
   1.1 What we do

   Customer and Community Services is a diverse directorate that consists of both front-
   line and enabling services. The directorate is made up of five divisions that both
   engage with our customers directly, through such services as our country parks,
   libraries and customer service centre (CSC) as well as work closely with our Council
   colleagues to enable all Council staff to effectively deliver excellent services to
   Northamptonshire‟s customers and citizens.

   Due to the wide range of services the Customer and Community Services Directorate
   (CSSD) provides, the work of the directorate relates to each of the Council‟s corporate

   Established in June 2008, Customer & Cultural Services brings together customer
   and community focused services into one division providing opportunities for the
   Council, and for the county, as we look to develop and improve our customer
   engagement with and through our services.

   Organisational Development & Human Resources (OD & HR) plays a significant
   part in ensuring that the Council becomes smaller and more enabling, focused on our
   customers and working to make sure we have outstanding and valued leaders,
   managers and employees providing and/or commissioning excellent services.

   Protective Services lead on the Council‟s risk and regulatory services, including fire
   and rescue, emergency planning, business continuity planning, trading standards and
   community safety, all working together to ensure that the citizens of Northamptonshire
   are safe wherever they are and in whatever they do.

   The purpose of the Information Technology (IT) division is to provide effective and
   accessible IT systems to enable staff to effectively deliver excellent services to NCC‟s

   The role of Shared Services & Procurement is to provide specialist advice and
   support to services to ensure that the Council obtains the best value on all goods,
   works and services it commissions from external providers. Procurement is concerned
   with the end-to-end procurement cycle, not simply the transaction of buying. It involves
   understanding the Council as a commissioner of services and as an integral part of the
   supply chain. Shared Services is about enabling the exploitation and development of
   our Oracle ERP and delivering our vision of creating a Local Government Shared
   Service, as well as developing other synergies across the public sector in

   1.2 How we are organised – structure chart, staffing and budget

    The Customer and Community Services Directorate has circa 2400 employees and
    consists of both front-line and enabling services. Its five divisions and the teams within
    these are detailed below (Figure 1):

                                             Paul Blantern
                        Corporate Director of Customer and Community Services

    Sue Grace           Christine Reed        Martyn            Stephen          Paul White
     Head of               Head of           Emberson           McCarthy        Head of Shared
    Customer &          Organisational       Chief Fire          Head of          Service &
     Cultural           Development &         Officer          Information       Procurement
     Services               Human                            Technology (IT)
                          (OD & HR)

 Adult Learning          Schools & non-    Fire & rescue     Data &             Procurement
                         schools:                            telecoms
 Archaeology                               Emergency                            Enterprise
                         Professional      Planning          Project            Resource
 Archives & Heritage                                         Management         Planning (ERP)
                         Transactional     Drug & Alcohol    Technology         system
 Arts Development                          Action team       Services           business owner
 Countryside             Development       Community         Customer           Shared
 Services                                  Safety            Solutions &        Services
                         Health & Safety                     Innovation         (working with
 Customer Service                          Trading                              other
 Centre                  Human             Standards                            organisations to
                         Resources                                              deliver common
 Knuston Hall – adult                                                           services)
 learning centre

 Libraries &
 Information Services
 & Learning
 Resources for

 Registration Service

 Sport – the County
 Sports Partnership,

   Figure 1: Customer & Community Services Directorate Structure

The revenue budget for Customer & Community Services for 2009-10 is as follows:

Analysis of Service Area by Key Activities                      Budget

Division of Service:

Customer Services                                                     2,071

Information Technology                                                6,219

Excellence for our Customers                                          5,890

Chief Fire Officer                                                   29,181

Culture & Related Services                                            7,577

Human Resources                                                       3,734

Procurement                                                               811

                                       Total Net Expenditure         55,483

                                                               Net Budget
Subjective Analysis                                             2009-10

Employees                                                            41,693

Running Costs                                                        22,802

Gross Expenditure                                                    64,495

Income                                                               -9,012

                                       Total Net Expenditure         55,483

Our capital investments are set out below:

                                                           Spending     Spending
                                                           Forecast     Forecast
                      Scheme Name                                                    Forecast
                                                            2009-10      2010-13
                                                             £'000s       £'000s
Excellence for our Customers                                    7,900            0        7,900
Corby library - relocation                                      1,000            0        1,000
Brackley Fire Station -Relocation                                 646            0          646
IT and communications provision                                 4,600       13,300       17,900
Firelink                                                          130            0          130
Home Fire Risk Check Initiative                                   121            0          121
Irchester Country Park -play area and facilities                  100            0          100
Archaeological Archive                                             63            0           63
Libraries minor works                                              22            0           22
Archive Service (from C.I)                                         17            0           17
Released Total                                                 15,049       13,300       28,349

 In addition to the committed capital programme, the Directorate may have capital schemes which
are yet to be released into the committed programme, as they are awaiting consideration by the
Capital Asset Investment Group. Further information on the Council's Capital Programme can be
found in the Capital Programme Book 2009-2013.

    1.3 Key facts about Customer and Community Services Directorate

        The County Council and schools will spend £170 million on employing people to
         deliver services in 2009-10.
        We employ 16,573 people to provide services to residents of and visitors to
        In 2008/09 there were over 3.2 million visits to libraries and over 2 million visits to
         the country parks.
        There were 8,000 visits to the Record Office whilst some 36,000 people had
         access to the archive services across the county.
        Over 800,000 site visits occurred on our internet during the 7 days of severe
         weather of February 2009.
        There are 42 museums in the county which provide a focus for communities many
         of which are run by the community.
        More than 3200 adult students attended Knuston Hall‟s in-house course
         programme and undertook in excess of 50,000 hours of planned, tutored in-house
         learning throughout the year. Enrolments on Further Education and Adult
         Community Learning courses for the 2007/08 academic year were in the region of

           Between 27 August 2007 and 27 August 2008 the Customer Service Centre had
            taken 147,563 calls to the main Council number with 80% of these being
            answered within 15 seconds.
           The Registration Service had registered 8,000 births, 5,000 deaths and had
            conducted 2,200 marriages and civil partnerships.
           The numbers of people who directly benefited from our arts and sports services in
            2008/09 were 80,000 through arts and 7,000 through sports. These figures
            represent just a small portion of the total number of people participating in arts and
            sports across the county.
           Emergency Planning are a 24/7 response service and serves all the Districts and
            Boroughs in Northamptonshire as well as supporting a wide range of partners.
            The average service running cost to each person in Northamptonshire is just 80p
            per year.
           Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service currently have the 5 th highest public
            satisfaction level in the country with 71% being either satisfied or very satisfied
            and just 6% being less than satisfied.

   1.4 ‘Big Issues’ for the Council and the Directorate

   General challenges for all services

          Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act – the aim of this Act is
           to give local people and local communities more influence and power to improve
           their lives. It is about creating strong, prosperous communities and delivering better
           public services through a rebalancing of the relationship between central
           government, local government and local people.
          Public Involvement (Local Democracy, Economic Development &
           Construction Bill) – This Bill develops the focus on improving how people can use
           existing and new tools to exercise influence and control over the way their
           communities are served and will develop.
          National performance framework – A new national performance framework was
           announced as part of the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR07), which also
           set the tone for the funding of public services over the next 3 years. This framework
           includes Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA), Local Area Agreements (LAA)
           and a new National Indicator Set (NIS) that all areas across the country need to
           report on.
          Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA) – The Comprehensive Performance
           Assessment (CPA) with its focus on organisational assessment is being replaced in
           April 2009 by CAA. This shifts the primary focus to assessing how well partnerships
           understand the needs and priorities of their areas and how effectively they are
           serving them. However some organisational assessment will continue focused on
           „use of resources‟ and „managing performance‟.
          Local Area Agreement (LAA2) – LAA2 sets out the latest targets for the
           Northamptonshire Partnership agreed with Government. These will provide the
           specific focus for collaborative working across the county.
          Growth including Milton Keynes & South Midlands (MKSM) Growth Area –
           Northamptonshire‟s population is currently the fastest growing of any county and
           services are being planned and delivered with this challenge in mind. Plans for the
           future, for example in the form of the MKSM development, anticipate major growth
           continuing for many years, although because of the prospects for the economy,

       plans now need to be more flexible about the timing of such growth as well as the
       immediate local impact of the state of the economy.
      Economic downturn and its impact
       Our planning needs to take the economic downturn with the utmost seriousness, to
       consider its implications thoroughly and to monitor it‟s developing impact on our
       services and communities carefully. This understanding will enable us to show
       positive leadership in supporting users and communities through these unique
       circumstances. Early indications also suggest a tougher financial settlement for
       local government with further efficiencies to be identified.
      Tasting the Strawberry

                        Tasting the Strawberry is a concept to summarise of what we
                        believe our customers should experience when they come into
                        contact with the County Council. This positive experience should
                        be the same for all parts of the Council and services delivered in

      County Council elections - 2009 is a local election year for the County Council. In
       the context of this 'democratic renewal', the council‟s plans, activities and financial
       commitments for the coming year and beyond are open to change. Service plans
       are put together for 2009-10 knowing that whatever the election results, new
       political mandates can change priorities, direction and organisational focus.
       However at time of writing this plan fits with the council‟s vision.

    The key national, regional and local drivers for the Directorate are outlined below.

    National / International
     Flu pandemic planning
     Achieving the relevant performance indicators from the National Indicator Set
     Meeting the challenges of the Transformational Government (T-Gov) agenda
     Reductions in size of national and regional cultural agencies
     Change in Sport England‟s funding to no longer support physical activity
     Comprehensive Spending Reviews (CSR07/CSR10)
     The current economic position is impacting our supplier base with the increased
        risk relating to security of supply and competition in some sectors of the market.
     Changes in the EU Procurement Directives that will impact the way local
        authorities undertake procurement
     Budget constraints of efficiency agenda
     Community Safety planning for Olympics

     Taking advantage of collaborative opportunities in order to achieve greater value
       for money and to meet the agenda under the Northamptonshire Sustainable
       Community Strategy (SCS) and the Comprehensive Area Assessment
     Delivery of the Northamptonshire Local Area Agreement – including achievement
       of performance indicators
     Meeting income generation & budget pressures due to the credit crunch and
           o Careful need to balance between procuring locally and procuring collectively
           o Potential loss of income
            o Archaeology development slowdown
            o Supplier stability
            o Recruitment and retention pressures eased
            o Social changes and service demands during recessions
            o Voluntary sector sustainability
       Sustainable Procurement - measured as part of the CAA process from Autumn
       Organisational capacity and capability to change
       Employee Engagement and Morale during this time of major organisational
       Delivery of the Single Status Agreement
       Delivery of Local Government Shared Service (LGSS)
       Changes in EU procurement directive
       IT security issues in working with partners
       Capacity and capability of assets and need to meet modernisation agenda

   1.5 The users and communities we serve

    Northamptonshire has a population of around 678,300 and the Customer and
    Community Services Directorate has services available to every one of these people
    as well as visitors to the county.

    We also support the Chief Executive, 6 Corporate Directors/Assistant Chief
    Executives, 73 Members, 23 Heads of Service, all county Council Members, 339 Head
    Teachers/Chairs of Governors and 350 Senior Managers as well as approximately
    4,500 IT users 10,000 suppliers. The service also works directly with other key
    stakeholders including, trade unions, employees and partners.

2 How we are going to achieve
   2.1 Overall Strategy

   The Directorate is committed to delivering the Council‟s vision to progress in the
   medium term “to make Northamptonshire an excellent place to live and work”. The
   „Jigsaw‟ (Figure 2) below details the links between national and local outcomes.

    Figure 2: Corporate „Jigsaw‟ showing how the outcomes, major projects and key
    enablers help deliver the sustainable communities strategy

    The Council Plan has 8 Major Projects and 11 Key Enabler Projects all of which to
    differing extents the Directorate will need to support.

    The Directorate is contributes significantly to the delivery of the Growth &
    Regeneration, Northampton Town Centre, County Heritage & Promotion and
    Excellence for our Customers major projects as well as the OD & HR Culture Change
    programme, Customer Service Strategy and Value for Money key enablers and
    through the effective management of these will make a significant contribution to the
    delivery of the corporate outcomes.

    The vision for what we want to deliver is represented by the Customer and Community
    Services Strategy Map (Figure 3) linked particularly, but not exclusively to, the
    corporate outcome of „a smaller more enabling Council focused on our customers‟. It
    summarises the outcomes we want to see for our customers and how these outcomes
    are supported by the way we use our finances and our business processes. We will
    achieve this by identifying where we need to develop and improve our ways of

    Each outcome, set within one of the four scorecard perspectives, is supported by a
    rationale and is measured by a series of performance indicators with lead and lag
    (ultimate) measures as set out in our Balanced Scorecard (Appendix 5).

    Progress will be monitored monthly at Directorate Management Team meetings
    through the review of this service plan, the Directorate balanced scorecard and
    Directorate risk register. If any potential target failures or increased risks are identified
    these are escalated to the corporate performance board that meets monthly.

                      A smaller more enabling council focused on our customers

                                                                                         Feel empowered to participate
                Feel safe, free, healthy, independent
                                                                                            in culture, leisure, sport
                      and part of my community
                                                                                               and the community

                                                                         Have their
    To achieve                                                          promises kept
     our vision                     Have the ability to know & access                                 Be treated
   customers will:                   services when & how they want                                like an individual

                               Value for money services
     CCSD will
                                  effectively procured
    finance our                                                       Effectively used
    services by:                                                           assets
                                                                                               Access to new resources
                                                                                               (including 2012 funding)
                      Optimum establishment

                                                                        Providing                    Facilitating
                                     Exploiting technology
   To satisfy our                                                       Trusted                ‘community engagement
                                    systems (including ERP)
  customer CCSD                                                     community services              & ownership’
    will excel at:

                                                                   Owning the customer

                                                             Enabling choice and
                      Enabling organisational
                                                            differentiating services              Providing customer
                      development & change
                                                                  to customers                        access to
                                                                                                information & services

 To achieve NCC‟s                                                                                Customer promises
 vision CCSD must                                                                                    & redress
 learn and develop:
                           Local government                        Customer & community
                            shared service                      intelligence & understanding

                                             Outstanding & valued
                                                  employees                                Customer front line

                                   Cultural & behavioural             Implement
                                    change programme                 single status
      Effective & Accessible                                                                        LibrariesPlus
            IT systems

Figure 3: CCSD Strategy map – demonstrating links between CCSD Outcomes

   2.2 Action planning: outcomes, actions, indicators and resources

   The activities of the Directorate are listed in Appendix 1 which detail how we will
   contribute to the corporate outcomes, LAA outcomes and Directorate objectives.
   However, there are more detailed plans to support the work of the Directorate and or
   partners, such as Fire & Rescue Service IRMP (incident and risk management plan,
   the customer service strategy and associated plans, the culture and sport strategy etc
   as well as the Divisional service plans.

   The indicators to measure these are in Appendix 5, the Directorate scorecard.

   2.3 Communications, marketing and consultation

   The marketing and communications activity is summarised in Appendix 2. It details
   what will be required to what timescale and to what level of detail.

   Appendix 3 shows the public involvement activity, which is planned for the whole
   Directorate during 2009-10.

   2.4 Equalities

   The Council aims to develop quality services that meet the needs of its diverse citizens
   and in doing so to meet its legal requirements. To help do this the Council is using the
   Equality Standard for Local Government as its framework for continuous improvement.
   This sets out a generic framework for local authorities to mainstream and effectively
   audit equality across service areas and through which legal obligations to anti-
   discrimination laws can be met. Through its five-level framework, the Equality Standard
   acts as a guide seeking to encourage a local response to local circumstances. The
   County Council has now achieved Level 3 on the Equality Standard.

   The Customer & Community Services Directorate supports the Council to continually
   improve equality in a number of ways. Our HR recruitment processes are key to
   ensuring we are an equal opportunity employer and by completing Equality Impact
   Assessments for all new budget proposals for service investments and efficiencies we
   can be sure that our services are not impacting on people in a negative way.

   Equalities is also a key theme of our Employee Survey delivered bi-annually by the
   Organisational Development and Human Resources Division. Results of our latest
   survey, published in December 2008 showed that we are seen as an equal
   opportunities employer by 76% of our employees, with 72% feeling they are treated
   with fairness and respect. Following the survey the directorate has agreed specific
   actions for 2009-10 to bring further improvements.

   The equalities of our Fire & Rescue Service is driven by the National Equality and
   Diversity Strategy 2008-2018, which outlines the government commitments to promote
   equality and diversity, tackle disadvantage, and build cohesive and sustainable
   communities. The Strategy sets out a vision for the Fire and Rescue Authority and the
   goals which must be met by 2018 to achieve this vision. It is designed to guide and
   support every Fire and Rescue to deliver an effective service to everyone in the
   community and to treat all employees with fairness, dignity and respect.

   To support this further our Fire and Rescue Service have devised their own local
   strategy which demonstrates a commitment to place equality and diversity at the heart
   of the service. The strategy sets out the objectives, commitment and responsibilities for
   creating and maintaining a diverse culture.

   Through our customer insight (Mosaic) work we will be able to better support
   vulnerable groups in Northamptonshire as well as better understand our residents,
   enabling us to design our services around their needs.

   2.5 Partnership strategies and working

   Through the Public Service Board (PSB) and the delivery of the Sustainable
   Communities Strategy and it‟s associated LAA2 targets, the Customer and Community
   Services Directorate works proactively with all partners represented on the PSB
   including the NHS Northamptonshire Police, Learning and Skills Council (LSC) and our
   District and Borough partners.

   Further detail of our partners is shown in Appendix 4.

3 ‘Value for Money’ Report – what we deliver
   3.1 Reporting on 2008/09


    The IT Division participates in an annual, national benchmarking exercise and the
    results indicate that Northamptonshire:
           o Spends less on IT per head of population than any other participating
           o Has the smallest number of IT staff;
           o Has 11% less staff dealing with 11% more users;
           o Experienced a 29% increase in the number of users per member of support
           o Has the second largest ratio of users to support staff;
           o Is in the top half of counties for first point of contact resolution rates;
           o Is the best in terms of ICT staff development;
           o Is in the top quartile for acquisition costs of workstations and laptops.

    Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) are members of national and
    local benchmarking forums. The family Group Two performance meeting
    participates in benchmarking opportunities amongst its 13 members.

    NFRS also hold performance meetings at a local level with the East Midlands
    Planning Improvement Group (EMPIG) where the benchmarking of performance
    indicators is also a focus of the five Fire and Rescue Services.

    Using data from the period 2007/08, the benchmarking exercises can conclude that
       NFRS achieved a 19% reduction in primary fires (2nd highest reduction in the
          region whilst having the 2nd lowest Community Fire Safety expenditure per head
          of population.
       Attend the fewest number of dwelling fires which do not have a smoke alarm
          fitted in the East Midlands and Group Two FRS
       The number of injuries arising from accidental dwelling fires per 100,000
          population is the second lowest in the East Midlands region
       98.73 % of people in accidental dwelling fires escape unharmed, the highest
          number in the East Midlands and Group two fire and rescue services
       Attend the second fewest malicious false alarms in the East Midlands region
       Is one of the cheapest NFRS in relation to expenditure per head of population
          on the provision of fire and rescue services in the country and have been for the
          past five years.

    Out of the 9 regional DAAT teams Northamptonshire exceeded its targets for effective
    engagement and were also above the national average, placing us third in the region.
    We consequently received a 4% increase in our allocation of adult pooled treatment

    Cultural Services - Comparison of Culture data from Audit Commission‟s Value For
    Money Profile tool as at 23rd January 2009:

       Data based on estimates for 2007-08 as at 23rd January 2009, e.g. CIPFA data
        for libraries is not yet published
       Used April 07 neighbour group (new grouping for April 2007)

     Culture - Total £'s /head: In ascending order from lowest for 2007
     Authority name                            2003        2004      2005      2006    2007
     Northamptonshire County Council          15.71       16.32     14.82     13.26   13.05
     Gloucestershire County Council           17.04       18.79     19.11     18.79   18.92
     Bedfordshire County Council              23.13       23.72     24.17     23.85   19.69
     Cambridgeshire County Council            16.13       16.24     16.56     19.56   19.99
     Wiltshire County Council                 16.70       17.17     17.71     18.13   20.73
     Essex County Council                     22.92       23.18     22.96     25.17   20.99
     Kent County Council                      18.32       19.92     21.97     24.01   21.80
     Cheshire County Council                  19.40       20.51     21.19     21.99   21.82
     Lancashire County Council                18.64       20.15     20.63     19.60   22.08
     Worcestershire County Council            15.93       17.35     20.00     21.18   23.05
     Staffordshire County Council             19.38       20.36     21.24     21.02   23.56
     Nottinghamshire County Council           21.93       27.61     27.56     27.14   25.04
     Oxfordshire County Council               20.18       22.13     24.68     24.78   25.14
     Leicestershire County Council            23.19       23.58     22.97     25.52   26.17
     Warwickshire County Council              21.47       25.62     23.73     25.59   26.75
     Derbyshire County Council                21.15       22.16     25.03     26.57   27.53

     Culture Total £'s /head                        Culture CPA score
     Authority name                         2007    Authority name                    2007
     Derbyshire County Council             27.53    Bedfordshire County Council          4
     Warwickshire County Council           26.75    Oxfordshire County Council           4
     Leicestershire County Council         26.17    Nottinghamshire County Council       4
     Oxfordshire County Council            25.14    Essex County Council                 4
     Nottinghamshire County Council        25.04    Leicestershire County Council        4
     Staffordshire County Council          23.56    Derbyshire County Council            4
     Worcestershire County Council         23.05    Cheshire County Council              4
     Lancashire County Council             22.08    Staffordshire County Council         3
     Cheshire County Council               21.82    Northamptonshire County Council      3
     Kent County Council                     21.8   Lancashire County Council            3
     Essex County Council                  20.99    Kent County Council                  3
     Wiltshire County Council              20.73    Gloucestershire County Council       3
     Cambridgeshire County Council         19.99    Worcestershire County Council        3
     Bedfordshire County Council           19.69    Cambridgeshire County Council        3
     Gloucestershire County Council        18.92    Wiltshire County Council             3
     Northamptonshire County Council       13.05    Warwickshire County Council          2

    Summary of achievements:

       Gained promising prospects in Access to Services inspection and moved to fair in
        Fire and Rescue CPA ending monitoring arrangements
       Introduction of new corporate strategies including customer service strategy,
        strategy for culture and sport, information management strategy and county-wide
        anti-social behaviour strategy

       Retained charter mark for Trading Standards, Libraries and Records Office for
        excellent customer service

    Information Technology
     Continuing development of the Council‟s website and e-enabled services achieved
        T (transactional) status for our web services this year.
      Development and introduction of intranet and internet
      Implementation of a complete IT asset inventory
      Delivery of the IT Martini project allowing access to Council IT software
        applications and data from different County Council offices around the County

    Organisational Development & Human Resources
     Completed pay and benefits evaluation and assimilation exercise for all 16000
       posts across the Council including schools
     Successful local negotiations for development of Pay & Benefits and best and final
       offer delivered to region
     Developed a Council wide Health and Safety Management System and reviewed
       the Health and Safety Policy to reflect the new organisational structures and
       ensure improved governance arrangements around the management and control
       of Health and Safety.
     Managed the recruitment and selection/assessment process and Member
       appointment process for 5 Corporate Directors/Assistant Chief Executives and 23
       Heads of Service
     Re-designed and implemented Senior Management pay and grading structure
     Developed and implemented the Leadership and Management Competency
       Framework and assessment process
     Implemented a cross Council review of leadership and management posts at tiers
       1and 2 delivering £750k savings
     Project managed the review of tiers 3 and 4 affecting 1600 employees across the
       Council leading to £1.5m savings and an organisational structure that aligns to the
       Council design principles
     Re-designed the PADP process and Performance Related Pay Scheme
     Successfully negotiated and implemented a review of the Early Retirement and
       Redundancy Policy removing enhancements for early retirement.
     Developed proposals to build an in-house team of project managers and business
       analysts to support the delivery of the Council Plan, subject to budget consultation
       and the Medium Term Financial Plan
     Met stretch income target of £186k in the Vocational Training Team and
       successfully won £650k of Learning and Skills Council (LSC) funding to support
       improved National vocational qualification (NVQ) offerings to front line employees
       and services
     Working in partnership with Oxfordshire and Cambridgeshire to deliver
       qualifications and training
     First Vocational Training Centre (VTC) nationwide to offer Leadership and
       Management in Care qualifications
       Complete review of all school based HR Policies.

    Protective Services
     Phase A rollout of new filing system to enable regional communications between
       Fire Service and other emergency services
     Introduction of animal rescue team at Wellingborough and new special purpose
       vehicle for getting large animals out of water
     Introduction of new standards of response to continue to ensure excellent
       response from the Fire Service
     Extension of no cold-calling zones to further protect the Northamptonshire
       residents from unwanted doorstep sales people
     First County wide Community Safety Agreement developed and agreed by Safer
       Stronger Communities Board (as required by Police and Justice Act 2006)
     LAA2 (Safer and Stronger Communities) targets negotiated and agreed
     SDVC accreditation received (Specialist Domestic Violence Court)
     IIP bid successful (Intensive Intervention Programme for young people at risk of
     New needle exchange scheme which has quintupled the number of community
       outlets available
     Introduced Command & Control training programme for Chief Executive and
       Director level managers
     The Fire and Rescue Service has adopted new standards of operational
       response, which provide a set of standards across the county designed to meet
       locally determined needs.
     Figures for people injured in accidental dwelling fires have reduced from 8.87 per
       10,000 pop in 2004/05 to an all time low of 4.78 in 2007/08 – a reduction of
       approximately 46%, placing us now ahead of the national average
     Deliberate fires have reduced by 56% since 2003/04.
     The Fire and Rescue Service has developed effective partnerships with Borough
       and District authorities resulting in joint fire and rescue/local authority inspections,
       data sharing, referral schemes and formal Service Level Agreements targeted
       inspections of HMOs have taken place and through improvement requirements
       placed upon the landlords, the safety of the residents within these premises has
       been greatly enhanced. The service has demonstrated a determined approach to
       enforce the necessary requirements which is evidenced by a number of
       enforcement notices that have been served to date (9 for the year to date),
       including one resulting in prosecution and conviction.
     The Fire and Rescue Service has achieved success through co-responding
       schemes in partnership with the East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS)
       whereby achievement of intervention targets for life threatening emergencies has
       been improved by 80% in areas covered by the schemes.
     The winning of £285k of funding to plan and implement an Alcohol Arrest Referral
       Scheme across Northamptonshire which will extend until April 2011 and aim to
       reduce the violent crime associated with alcohol abuse across the main urban
       centers of the county. Northamptonshire is one of only 9 such projects in the
       country and is being closely monitored by the Home Office.
     The Bridge project which gained recognition by the National Treatment Agency in
       their 2007/8 Annual Report for innovation and good practice. They were also
       featured in the NOMS Skills and Employment Guide. Providing activities to drug
        and alcohol mis-users from both criminal justice and generic treatment services,
        The Bridge can offer treatment itself in the form of sports and gym activities that
        divert individuals from substance misuse
       Emergency Planning delivered and maintained Service Level Agreements with all
        district and borough Councils in delivering the Civil Contingencies Act duties
       Developed NOS complaint training programme for Emergency Planning
       Emergency Planning introduced Command & Control training programme for
        Chief Executive and Director level managers
       Emergency Planning won the RSPCA Gold Award (contingencies) for animal
       A series of internal and external training and exercises on emergency planning
        and business continuity held throughout the year
       Business continuity process shared at regional level and acknowledged as good
       Detecting unsafe consumer goods such as candles, children‟s play equipment,
        jewellery and furniture which have resulted in product recalls and/or rectification
       Gained accreditation as part of the National Specialist Domestic Violence Court
       Successful funding bid to Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF)
        of £476,000 to support an Intensive Intervention Programme for 50 of the most
        challenging vulnerable young people across the county over the next two years.
       Agreement between the Police and our Community Safety team to support a pilot
        Victim Support Worker in the Western BCU area who will produce a victim charter
        and an information pack for victims as well as feeding back to victims of Anti-
        Social Behaviour in Northampton, Daventry and South Northants on what has
        been done.
       Deliberate fires have reduced by 56% since 2003/04.
       Our Youth intervention work e.g. young firefighters, Action Reaction Consequence
        (ARC) scheme etc, is helping to tackle anti-social behaviour in the community. As
        a result there is a 93% drop in offending by those who take part. One of the 18
        young people in Northamptonshire who took part in the Action Reaction
        Consequences (ARC) scheme has applied to become a retained firefighter and
        three others are now in employment. Since the 13 to 21 year olds took the course,
        there have been no reports of arson from the participants, while those at school
        have achieved 100 per cent attendance.
       Calls to emergency incidents have reduced by 26% since 2003/04 (12,501 down
        to 9,241).

    Customer & Cultural Services
     Delivered a range of activities to support our commitment in the local area
       agreement to „increase participation in culture, sport and physical activity‟
       including introducing 6 health hubs in libraries supported by 30 health trainers,
       delivering the Learn2B project in Adult Learning to support people recovering from
       mental health episodes or long term illness by offering mentors who encourage
       take up of a range of cultural & physical activities and delivering the „Get Active‟
       campaign aimed at getting more adults partaking in their recommended 3 x
       30mins of physical activity, be it jogging, walking, swimming or dance.

       Secured money for new high ropes at Irchester country park delivered for Spring
       Halved cost and increased level of debt management advise in libraries in
        response to the credit crunch
       Knuston Hall reached a significant milestone of providing £1,000,000 worth of
        Adult Learning activity for the community within a two year period
       Libraries across the county are now open an extra 430 hours a week thanks to
        new self-service technology being introduced by the county Council. The new
        book scanning technology has been introduced at 14 of the county‟s busiest
        libraries meaning librarians can be freed up to help customers in the library and
        help at other locations in the county allowing more libraries to extend their opening
       The continuing development of the Customer Service Centre (CSC) which has
        significantly improved access to our services and the quality of our response.
           o This has reduced calls to the Council‟s main general enquiry line by 40% as
               a result of answering more calls first time, so customers do not need to keep
               calling back until calls are answered.
           o This has reduced the number of missed/abandoned phone calls to the
       In the first year of operation (August 2007 to August 2008), the Council received
        147,563 calls to the main general enquiries number and answered 80% of these
        calls within 15 seconds, a considerable improvement on the previous service
       Our Library Service has been awarded the Investing in Volunteers Quality Award
        the first service in the Council to receive this
       All five of Northamptonshire‟s country parks (Barnwell, Fermyn Woods, Irchester,
        Sywell and Brixworth) won Green Flag Awards for excellence this year.

    Shared Services & Procurement
     Contribution to £2 million procurement efficiencies and sub-regional and regional
       relationships developed
     Finalists in this year‟s Society of Procurement Officers (SOPO) awards.
     Delivered the Shared Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Platform across
       two County Councils and though this partnership working with Cambridgeshire
       County Council actively delivered value for money and a unique partnership
       recognised nationally.
     Led the agenda for the creation of a future Local Government Shared Service
       including a creation of a formal partnership between the three founding Local
       Authorities of Northamptonshire County Council, Slough Borough Council and
       Cambridgeshire County Council.

   3.2 Directorate scorecard for 2009-10

   This is included as Appendix 5.

Appendix 1 – Action Plan
                                                                                        Customer & Community Services Directorate
                                                                                                   Service Plan 2009-10
                                                                                       Key Actions                                                            Key Measures
                                                Description                                                        Risks          Lead                         Description
                                                                         Date           What achieved
                                          Feel safe, free, healthy, independent and part of my community
                                          Trading Standards Service will                       Both teams will work across borders,
                                          enhance its impact on rogue                          to focus on fraudulent and malicious
                                          trading activities through with the                  trading practices that cause serious
                                          regional „Scambusters‟ and Illegal                   consumer detriment. They will take a
                                          Money Lending teams                                  proactive intelligence led approach to
                                                                                               tackle regional level 2 targets identified
                                                                                               under the control strategies. The
                                                                                  By March     teams will implement preventative
                                                                                                                                            David Hedger       By March 2010
                                                                                    2010       measures by working with NCC
                                                                                               Trading Standards Service to give
                                                                                               early warnings to consumers and
                                                                                               businesses about specific dishonest
  Safer, freer and stronger communities

                                                                                               trading practices as they arise. Finally
                                                                                               they will offer specialist enforcement
                                                                                               expertise to NCC to support
                                          Development and delivery of
                                          integrated low threshold and
                                                                                    TBC                                                       Manager
                                          supportive care services
                                          Development and delivery of
                                                                                                                                            HUB Project
                                          integrated structured treatment for
                                                                                    TBC                                                      Manager
                                          substance misusers in
                                          Northampton and Kettering
                                          Delivery of universal services to                                                                   Strategic
                                          schools                                 April 2009                                                Communities
                                                                                                                                            Officer DAAT
                                          Deliver 20 accommodation units                                                                       PHaSE
                                          for drug users exiting structured                                                                    Project
                                                                                 March 2010
                                          community and residential                                                                           Manager
                                          treatment                                                                                            (DAAT)
                                          Northamptonshire Alcohol Arrest          October
                                                                                                                                            DIP Manager
                                          Referral Scheme                           2008
                                          Commissioning of new partnership
                                          working model for DAAT and              April 2009
                                          Delivery of new Tier 4 purchasing                                                                   National
                                          model for residential rehabilitation                                                               Treatment
                                          to ensure VFM and enhanced                                                                         Agency in
                                                                                 June 2009
                                          outcomes for clients                                                                              conjunction
                                                                                                                                            with regional
                                                                                                                                            DAAT leads
                                          Community safety will develop a        May 2009      Final Strategy completed                        Elaine
b320c6b0-cf9b-48e2-9409-66426f661e9c.doc                                                                                                                 28
         Concern About Crime Strategy                                                                  Guarnieri
                                                            Action plan developed and pilot
                                               June 2009    projects identified with NCC Services
                                                            Presentation of final strategy and        Taylor/Elaine
                                                            action plan to cabinet                     Guarnieri

                                               Jul/Aug      Implement action plan
                                                            Revise agreement with the Police in         Elaine
                                                            respect of visible policing                Guarnieri
                                               Sept 2009
                                                            Re-establish oversight group to
                                               Apr 2009     monitor the success of visible policing
                                                            Development of partnership                 Guarnieri
                                                            communication to market countywide
                                                            and local partnership success stories         Jane
                                               Ongoing                                                Taylor/Elaine
                                               from April                                              Guarnieri

                                               July 2009                                                  Jane

                                                                                                      Jane Taylor
         Domestic Abuse                        Apr 09       Recommendations delivered to                Rachel
         Community Safety will work in                      improve services for children and           Duncan
         partnership to develop an                          young people
         integrated 4 tier service model for
         victims & drive the development of                 Implementation of fully resourced
         a countywide specialist service for   May 09       countywide Sunflower service
         high risk victims                                  provision                                   Rachel
                                                            Non-mandated perpetrator pilot to
                                               May 09
                                                            Delivery plan for children and young
                                                            people recommendations to be                Rachel
                                                            developed                                   Duncan
                                               Jun 09
                                                            Full multi-agency implementation of
                                                            DASH risk assessment for domestic
                                                            abuse, stalking, harassment and             Rachel
                                                            honour based violence                       Duncan

                                               Aug 09       Evaluation of Sunflower centre
                                                            procedures and practice completed
                                                            and adoption of consistent
                                                            frameworks, procedures and policies

b320c6b0-cf9b-48e2-9409-66426f661e9c.doc                                                                           29
                                                        Establish agreement of countywide          Duncan
                                                        process for sanctuary schemes with
                                                        partners including release of County
                                                        Sanctuary Guide for Agencies
                                             Sep 09


                                             Oct 09

         Community Safety will work in       Jun 09     Work in partnership to review and
         partnership to co-ordinate and                 revise the Community Safety
         performance manage the „safer‟                 Agreement in line with the new
         element of LAA2 and the                        Policing Act
         Community Safety Agreement
                                                        Work in partnership with the Police
                                                        and the Northamptonshire Partnership
                                             Sep 09     Office to establish robust performance
                                                        management around the LAA 2
                                                        Strategy and Action Plan agreed by

         Community Safety will work in                  Action Plan for Strategy delivery
         partnership to develop a                       overseen by Reassurance and ASB
         partnership reassurance and ASB                Delivery Group
                                                                                                  Leo Jones
         strategy and oversee its delivery   March 09

                                                                                                  Leo Jones
         Community Safety will work in       Ongoing    Continue to engage with CDRPs,               Jane
         partnership to support the                     BSGs, PROGs to act as a conduit for      Taylor/Elaine
         development of the Crime and                   matters arising concerning services       Guarnieri
         Disorder Reduction Partnerships                within the County Council
         (CDRPs) in line with the Police
         and Justice Act 2006 and review                Work in partnership to support
         our engagement in CDRPs and                    embedding of the Safer Communities
         countywide partnerships                        Board
                                                        Work in partnership to support the       Jane Taylor
                                                        refresh of the CDRP locality plans.

b320c6b0-cf9b-48e2-9409-66426f661e9c.doc                                                                      30
                                                            Negotiate and agree with Heads of
                                             Mar 2010       Service to have clear representation of
                                                            NCC Services on CDRPs                          Jane
                                                            Develop work with new service areas         Guarnieri
                                                            to embed the section 17 Community
                                             Jul 2009       Safety responsibility

                                                                                                       Jane Taylor

                                             Jul 2009


         Anti- Social Behaviour              July 09        All three Anti-Social Behaviour Units to    Leo Jones
         Community safety will work in                      have clear partnership governance
         partnership to reduce anti-social                  structures
         behaviour across the county
                                                            Protocols for the 3 ASB Units to be
                                                            agreed by reassurance and ASB
                                                            Partnership as part of their action plan
                                             July 09                                                    Leo Jones
                                                            Fund, recruit and co-ordinate with
                                                            Northants Police an ASB Victim
                                                            Support Worker as a pilot in the west
                                                            of the county who will co-ordinate the
                                                            development of a victim charter and
                                                            information pack for victims about
                                             April/May 09   what has been done                          Leo Jones

                                                            Co-ordinate ASB Training events
                                                            across the county to improve local and
                                                            county agencies responses to tackling
                                                            ASB and the adoption of the tiered
                                                            approach to intervention.

                                                            Work in partnership with CBC and
                                                            NCC CYPD to create a countywide
                                                            FIP tackling ASB and Youth Crime.

                                             July 2009
                                                                                                        Leo Jones

b320c6b0-cf9b-48e2-9409-66426f661e9c.doc                                                                            31
                                                            July 2009
                                                                                                                                                       Leo Jones

                     Providing Trusted community services
                     Develop emergency & contingency
                                                                                                                                                       Head of
                     planning in county – including          By March
                                                                                     Plan and training.                                               Emergency
                     training for new senior officers &        2010
                     Fire & Rescue will work with                           Growth areas are risk profiled and
                     partners and agencies to identify                         investment requirements are
                     and accommodate the implications                        incorporated into MTP planning
                     of the MK&SM development plans          By March
                                                               2010       Formula for developer contributions is
                                                                            embedded within supplementary
                                                                                 planning documents.

                     F&R actively promote the use of                      A partnership scheme for the
                     fire suppression systems in                          subsidised installation of Domestic
                     premises as a fire safety initiative     By June     sprinklers in high risk houses in                                            Protection
                     and educate other agencies in             2009       multiple occupation is available to                                          Manager
                     their use                                            landlords

                     The F&R Service will develop an                       The operational road risk strategy is
                                                              By May                                                                                  Operations
                     Operational Road Risk strategy                           published and implemented
                                                               2009                                                                                    Manager
                     The F&R service will seek to
                     reduce deliberate vehicle fires         By March     Deliberate vehicle fires are reduced in                                     Operations
                     through enhanced fire                     2010                  line with targets                                                 Manager
                     investigation techniques
                     F&R will identify / implement
                                                                            Actions and milestones in support of
                     improvements to enhance                                                                                                           Service
                                                             By March     this will be incorporated in each annual
                     performance against the revised                                                                                                 Improvement
                                                               2012                    IRMP document.
                     Standards of Operational                                                                                                          Manager
                     Response (SOR)
                      We will enhance our partnership                      A partnership agreement is in place
                     working with East Midlands                            providing reciprocal benefits for both
                                                            March 2012                                                                                  Manager
                     Ambulance Service                                     services and improved outcomes for
                                                                                      the community
                     Develop emergency & contingency
                                                                                                                                                       Head of
                     planning in county – including          By March
                                                                                     Plan and training.                                               Emergency
                     training for new senior officers &        2010
                     Facilitating community engagement and ownership
prosperous county
A cleaner, greener

                     Major Project: Delivering the          By April 09   Project Mandate, Brief & PID all           Lack of resources,              Project             NI010 Visits to museums or galleries - non
                     County Heritage and Promotion                        completed identifying 3 themes and 7       including staff capacity, to    Sponsor – Sue       corp
     and more

                     This major project provides an                       strands of activity with associated        meet aspirations of the         Grace               NCC4.2 No of uses of heritage resources (rate
                     opportunity for the County Council                   resource requirements                      plan.                           Project Lead –      per 10,000 population)
                     and its partners to develop a more                   This sets the framework for activity in    Ability of partners to          Sarah Bridges        NCC4.1 % of heritage assets covered by
                     integrated approach to planning                      2009-10                                    prioritise this work in their                       register and made available on the internet
                     for heritage across a range of                                                                  delivery plans – much of
                     domains – museums, archives,                                                                    this activity is contingent
                     archaeology and the historic                                                                    on partnership working
                     environment – this will form the
b320c6b0-cf9b-48e2-9409-66426f661e9c.doc                                                                                                                            32
                                  basis of the heritage delivery plan
                                  for the county as part of the
                                  Strategy for Culture and Sport [see

                                  Delivery of the following: Creating
                                  Connections: the Strategy for
                                  Culture & Sport in
                                  Northamptonshire – this is the
                                  framework strategy outlining how         By April 09   Creating Connections and its             Lack of endorsement from       Sue Grace         NI 8 – Adult participation in sport - annual
                                  we will deliver against the LAA                        governance & delivery mechanisms         partners inhibits ability to                     Sport – no of participants all ages
                                  outcome                                                endorsed by all partners.                implement Strategy and                           NI 9 – Use of public libraries – annual
                                      It is supported by the              By May 09     Culture Policy and Planning post in      Delivery Plans                 Grace             Total number of physical and virtual visits to
                                       following Delivery Plans                          place to support implementation          Lack of resources,             Kempster          libraries
                                      Libraries‟ – The Way Forward                                                               including staff capacity, to                     NI 10 & NCC 4.1 & 4.2 above
                                      The Heritage Delivery Plan                                                                 deliver strategy & plans                         NI 11 – Engagement in the Arts
                                       which links to the NCC Major                                                               Inability of partners to be    Sarah Bridges     Number of arts participants
                                       Project for County Heritage &                                                              able to prioritise this work
                                       Promotion                                                                                  against delivery of
                                      Northamptonshire Sports‟                                                                   business as usual              Chris Holmes
                                       Delivery Plan
                                      The Arts Delivery Plan                            All Delivery Plans in place and agreed
                                      The Delivery Plans for 2012                       by partners                                                             Carrie
                                                                           By April 09                                                                           Carruthers

                                                                                                                                                                 Chris Holmes /

                                  Feel empowered to participate in culture, leisure, sport and the community
children, for our young people,

                                  Creating Connections: The                              See above under Commissioning
 A more secure, healthy and
  independent future for our

                                  Strategy for Culture & Sport is a                      „Community Owned, Cultural and
                                  partnership strategy for the county                    Leisure Services
       and for our adults

                                  it has two main purposes:

                                  It is the delivery plan for the Local
                                  Area Agreement outcome, under
                                  the Stronger Communities theme
                                  „to increase participation in culture,
                                  sport & physical activity‟;

                                  It is the means by which we and
                                  our partners will prepare for the
                                  2012 Olympics, Paralympics and
                                  Cultural Olympiad

                                  Outstanding & valued CCSD employees



        , more

          d on

                                  The F&R service will deliver Level



                                  1 fire investigation training to all
                                  operational staff

b320c6b0-cf9b-48e2-9409-66426f661e9c.doc                                                                                                                                      33
         Embed the Health and safety           March 2010   Employees and customers who can                                        Christine Reed    Number of RIDDOR reportable accidents
         management System and Policy                       learn from and use our services in a
         Ensure H&S training package for                    safe and supportive environment                                                          Number of reportable accidents per employee
         all managers is delivered
         Develop H&S improvement plan                                                                                                                % of achievement in ROSPA Safety Audit
         for each Directorate and monitor
         performance against
         Identify appropriate H&S
         strategies with services for
         accident hot spot areas

         Develop and Implement Executive       March 2010   Outstanding and valued employees                                       Christine Reed    % of staff rated as performing or above at
         Development                                                                                                                                 appraisal
         Programme/Leadership                               Effective leaders and managers
         Community Programme                                                                                                                         Employee Survey Engagement Index
                                                                                                                                                     Employee Survey Opportunities at work to
                                                                                                                                                     learn and Grow Index

         Develop Culture and Behavioural Change Programme
         Key Enabler Project:                  March 2010   Outstanding and valued employees                                       Christine Reed    % of staff rated as performing or above at
         Organisational and Cultural                                                                                                                 appraisal
         Change Programme                                   Effective Leaders and Managers
         Embed Leadership and                                                                                                                        Employee Survey Engagement Index
         Management Competency and                          One Council ethos focussed on the
         Behaviour Framework.                               customer and delivering our promises                                                     Employee Survey Performance Management
         Develop Staff Competency and
         Behaviour Framework.                                                                                                                        Employee Survey Proud to Work for the
                                                                                                                                                     Council Index
         Define and embed organisational
         values promoting and embedding                                                                                                              Employee Survey understanding customer
         a “one Council ethos focussed on                                                                                                            service index
         the Customer and delivering on
         our promises”.

         Have their promises kept
         Implementation of CRM and             By May 09    CRM requirements identified            Staff capacity in IT to         Head of           NI 14 % of contact as a result of service failure
         workflow technologies (K2 Black                    CRM and K2 implemented                 deliver                         Customer &
         Pearl) to ensure service              By July 09                                          Ineffective identification of   Cultural
         requests/complaints etc managed                                                           requirements so technical       Services &
         & tracked throughout NCC                                                                  solutions do not meet           Head of IT
                                                                                                   Business need
         Be treated like an individual
         Implementation of                     By April09   Recommendations built into project     Capacity, resources and         Head of           NCC10.1 Percentage of residents satisfied
         recommendations from Customer                      plan for development of the Customer   skills to deliver               Customer and      with the way in which the Council dealt with
         Insight work and roll out of CRM in                Front Line                             Ineffective                     Cultural          them -
         CSC and across the customer                        CRM implemented                        change/transformation           Services
         front line                                                                                management
                                               By July 09                                          Need for partners‟ support
                                                                                                   to deliver joined up
                                                                                                   customer services in
b320c6b0-cf9b-48e2-9409-66426f661e9c.doc                                                                                                        34
         Have the ability to know & access services when & how they want
         Internet development so our web        By March 09   Integration of IT project to move to a      Capacity and resources to       Head of             SOCITIM rating and NCC website recognised
         presence is customer focused and                     new web platform with the CSC project       deliver the change to a         Customer &          by partners & regulators as exemplifying good
         customers are able increasingly to                   to develop a more customer focused          customer focussed site          Cultural            practice re customer focus
         „self-serve‟ through the web                         website – plan with recommendations                                         Services and
                                                              completed                                                                   Head of IT
         Marketing & promotion campaign                       Clear plan established for the                                              Head of             Campaign delivered as per plan
         & LibraryPlus initiative to make                     campaign & implementation                                                   Communicatio
         access to services and channel                       Budget achieved and implementation                                          ns in
         choice more visible to customers       By Sept 09                                                                                partnership
                                                                                                                                          with Head of
                                                By April 10                                                                               Customer &
         Value for money services effectively procured
         Delivering the Medium Term             By March      Individual annual procurement related       The current economic            Head of             See scorecard appendix 5
         Procurement Strategy which maps        2010          savings achieved as well as other           climate is likely to increase   Shared
         out our direction of travel over the                 targets detailed in the plan                pressure for the use of         Service and
         period 2007 to 2010 including                                                                    local SME suppliers that        Procurement
         procurement related saving                                                                       may be conflict with using
                                                                                                          fewer national based
                                                                                                          suppliers to gain
                                                                                                          economies of scale via
                                                                                                          collaborative contracts
         Procurement will encourage and         By March      At least 60% of contracts advertised        Insufficient time is left in    Head of             See Appendix 5
         monitor the advertising of contract    2010          by value                                    the planning process for        Shared
         opportunities advertised                                                                         new contracts                   Service and
         Effectively used assets
         Develop Irchester park leisure &       By June       New cafe, staff mess hut, play area         Unforeseen delays to            Countryside         Increase in visits & income to Irchester
         cafe facilities                        2009          and high ropes course all built and         construction – e.g. bad         Services            Country park
                                                              ready for public use                        weather, lack of supplies/      Manager
         Provision of new mixed use             Corby &       New mixed use facilities incorporating      Unforeseen delays to            Note – lead for     Opening of facility on time and on budget
         facilities in Corby, Daventry and      Daventry by   libraries, registration service and other   construction, cost over-        all projects sits
         Towcester libraries                    2010          services as appropriate                     run, lack of joint planning     with respective
                                                Towcester                                                 around management of            District/Boroug
                                                tbc                                                       and fit out of spaces           h authority
                                                                                                                                          NCC - Head of
                                                                                                                                          Customer &
                                                                                                                                          Libraries &
                                                                                                                                          Manager – all
                                                                                                                                          as part of

b320c6b0-cf9b-48e2-9409-66426f661e9c.doc                                                                                                                35
         The Fire Service will build a new                                                                                                  Brigade
                                                  By March
         fire station in Brackley to meet the                            To be added 2/3/09.                                               Manager
         needs of the community                                                                                                            (People)
         To work with Fire and Rescue
         services in the Region to deliver all
         enabling convergence to facilitate       By March
                                                                          To be added 2/3/09                                               Manager
         delivery of the Regional Control           2011
         Centre in line with the Regional
         The F&R Service will deliver a
                                                  By March                                                                               and Property
         property strategy for all operational                            To be added 2/3/09
                                                    2010                                                                                   Manager
         and support facilities

         Optimum establishment
         Implement the Establishment             May 2009       Management of people and resources                                      Christine Reed      Number of new/changed and deleted posts in
         Control Policy and Procedures                                                                                                                      addition to funded establishment

         Complete Effective Leadership           May 2009       Effective Organisation Design                                           Christine Reed      % of OD and HR Projects delivered on time
         review                                                                                                                                             and to budget

         Exploited technology systems
         F&R will implement the national
                                                  By March                                                                                Fire‟s ICT
         Firelink Project to enhance our                                  To be added 2/3/09
                                                    2010                                                                                  Manager
         radio communications
         Deliver ISO20000 conformance &          Mar 2010       Service Delivery and Data security to     IT Capacity                   Gary Thomas         Mar 2010
         ISO27001 security conformance in                       International standards                   Organisational Maturity       Stephen
         IT                                                                                               Readiness for change          McCarthy

         County Wide Network – voice data        Oct 2010       Voice over IP telephone and data          Budget                        Gary Thomas         Oct 2010
         convergence (voice, email, SMS,                        integration
         Instant messaging)

         Exploit SharePoint for                  Mar 2010       Document Management; one                  Readiness for change          Michael Juer        Mar 2010
         Collaboration and Business                             knowledge base; staff sharing             Organisational maturity
         Intelligence                                           documents.                                Business Capacity

         Integration of key systems using        On-going       Integrated Systems                        Understanding of data         Michael Juer        On-going
         Microsoft BizTalk                                                                                sharing; commercial
                                                                                                          constraints on licensing.
         Access to new resources (including 2012 funding)
         Project to improve strategic            On-going       Develop and co-ordinate a range of        Lack to capacity to co-       Cultural            To lever into the county/NCC at least £7 for
         planning                                               activities, with a focus on the lead up   ordinate projects and write   Services‟           every £1 of NCC investment into arts/culture &
         across all partners around                             to 2012, that lever resources into the    funding bids                  Managers            sport
         investment priorities for culture &                    county                                                                  [dependant on
         sport                                                                                                                          specific
                                                                                                                                        project] and
                                                                                                                                        l partners
         Owning the customer promise
         Exploit new CRM4 in customer            By May         CRM 4 implemented in the CSC and          Capacity of staff given       Head of IT in       Project completed as per plan.
         front end to track job completion       2009,          first phase of library roll out, staff    other priorities              partnership         Customer baseline data established across a
                                                 exploitation   trained, customer data starting to be                                   with Head of        range areas
                                                 by March       collected                                                               Customer &
b320c6b0-cf9b-48e2-9409-66426f661e9c.doc                                                                                                               36
                                              2010                                                                                Culture
         Implement black pearl workflow       May 2009       Solution implemented ready for             IT Capacity               Michael Juer        May 2009
         solution onto business processes                    exploitation                               Readiness for change
         to track service delivery                                                                      Organisational maturity
                                                                                                        Business Capacity
         Embed new complaints,                By May         New corporate policy, procedure &                                    Customer            Baseline established for volume and nature of
         comments and compliments policy      2009           guidance notes                                                       Care and            corporate complaints
         into NCC and make explicit for                      New promotional material as part of                                  Complaints
         customers                            By Sept        wider campaign on access to services                                 Manager
         Enabling choice and differentiating services to customers
         Complete & share Access to           By July 2009   Summary document prepared and                                        Head of             Delivery of tailored service offer through NCC
         Services Mosaic categorisation                      communication plans developed to                                     Customer &          access channels
         with all NCC services & PSB                         share this information                                               Cultural            Development of strategic approach to
         partners                                                                                                                 Services            Customer Services with District & Boroughs
                                                                                                                                                      informed by customer segmentation – as per
         Begin analysis of CRM4 data into     By Jan 2012    To have collated CRM data and to                                     Head of             Refining of tailored service offer as a result of
         patterns of customer demand                         have refreshed the implementation                                    Customer &          analysis of CRM data – as per plan
                                                             plan for the Customer Strategy in the                                Cultural
                                                             light of this data [annual review of the                             Services
                                                             strategy following the customer
                                                             segmentation work completed in Jan
         Facilitating organisational development & change
         Major Project: Excellence for
         our Customers; Pay and
         Benefits/Single Status
         Reaching a collective agreement
         and implementing the pay and
         benefits strategy arising from the
         Single Status Agreement.
         Ensuring that we effectively
         manage the inherent tension
         between meeting our legal
         obligations; recognising that we
         have a diverse workforce;
         managing the impact on
         recruitment and retention whilst
         taking into account employee
         impact, the financial constraints
         and the business implications
         Implement Single Status
                                              April 2010     Equal pay and single status compliant.                               Christine Reed      Yes vote to union ballot to pay and reward
                                                             Pay and reward package fully                                                             proposals

                                                             Recruitment and retention

         Providing customer access to information & services
         Security of email and file sharing   May 2009       Secure email available to identified       Functionality of GCSx     Michael Juer        May 2009

b320c6b0-cf9b-48e2-9409-66426f661e9c.doc                                                                                                         37
         between partners ( through                          users
         implementing Government
         Local government shared service
         To be the first successful LGSS JV   As project     As project plan including                As Project Risk Log   Head of           See Appendix 5
         providing shared and common          plan           - EU Procurement Notice Posted                                 Shared
         corporate support functions to the                  - Preferred bidder identified                                  Service and
         partner Local Authorities                           - LGSS JV Live                                                 Procurement t
         We will lead the exploitation and    As project     Specific milestones in project plan      As Project Risk Log   Head of           See Appendix 5
         joint development of our shared      plan                                                                          shared
         Oracle ERP platform to improve                                                                                     Service and
         our processes and delivery                                                                                         Procurement
         efficiencies and improvements
         across our purchase to pay and
         HR processes. Ensuring that any
         future development is consistent
         with the LGSS vision.
         Customer & community intelligence & understanding
         Customer relationship                 Apr 2009       Implemented MS CRM4                     IT Capacity           Michael Juer      Apr 2009
         management version 4 upgrade                                                                                       Gary Thomas
         Customer promise & redress
         Lead CLG practitioners groups on
         white paper‟s customer redress
         Implement improvements               By June 09     To have reviewed the standards and                             Head of           New set of customer standards and associated
         stemming fro the Access to                          developed new ones in relation to                              Customer &        metrics that we can monitor – as per plan
         services inspection report (due                     corporate outcomes and based on                                Cultural
         Feb 09), but particularly a review                  customer testing.                                              Services
         of customer service standards for                   To have these standards connected
         all services and making sure they                   through to the balanced scorecard,
         are clear for customers                             monitoring, review & redress and to
                                                             individual service area standards.
                                              As part of
                                              next service
         Customer front line
         Phase 2 of customer service          By end of      Redesign & implementation of 2                                 Head of           Actions delivered as per plan
         strategy project                     April 2009     further services into CSC                                      Customer &
                                                             Optimisation of current CSC operation.                         Cultural
                                                             Requirements defined for CRM and                               Services
                                                             web channels.
                                                             Development of the IT roadmap
                                                             required to enable the creation of the
                                                             customer front line
                                                             Design the future operating model for
                                                             the customer frontline
         Design and plan the development      By April       Have an agreed plan for how this is to                         Head of           Plan agreed
         of the partnership with              2009           progress.                                                      Customer and
         Northamptonshire Police Contact                     Links to development of strategic                              Cultural
         over joint approaches to customer                   approach to customer services with                             Services
         service                                             Districts and Boroughs
         Libraries plus
b320c6b0-cf9b-48e2-9409-66426f661e9c.doc                                                                                                 38
         Libraries‟ self-service phase two      By March      To have completed re-branding and                                    Head of             Plan delivered on target and on budget
         and the re-branding of all libraries   2010          self service phase 2 across the whole                                Customer and
         to improve visibility and reputation                 service                                                              Cultural
         and to free up space and staff                                                                                            Services
         capacity to enable Libraries to
         develop as „walk-in‟ centres for
         Council and public/third sector
         Work with Districts & Boroughs to      By Oct 2009   Strategic plan agreed, and some                                      Head of             Strategic Plan in place for 2010/11 and pilot
         develop a more strategic approach                    practical opportunities pursued to                                   Customer and        schemes developed and delivered [East
         to the joint delivery of Customer                    develop the operational model for joint                              Cultural            Northants, Daventry, Northampton Borough]
         Services across all channels as                      delivery                                                             Services
         Effective & accessible IT systems
         Citizen Access through replacing       Aug 2009      New Peoples Network                       IT Capacity                Michael Juer
         People‟s Network in Libraries                                                                  Supplier delivery
         Completion of Martini (desktop) to     May 2009      New desktop available at all council      IT Capacity                Gary Thomas
         enable access to NCC data via                        sites                                     Technical performance      Michael Juer
         internet & mobile technology
         Continued delivery of IT strategy      Mar 2010      Service Transformation                    Budget                     Stephen
         to plan                                                                                        IT Capacity                McCarthy
                                                                                                        Organisational readiness
                                                                                                        for change

b320c6b0-cf9b-48e2-9409-66426f661e9c.doc                                                                                                          39
Appendix 2 – Marketing & Communications Summary
 What activity or service       What objectives would you like to achieve with           Which customers do you                When would           Estimated
 needs marketing or             marketing communications?                                need to communicate                   this activity        budget
 communicating?                                                                          with?                                 need to take         required for
                                                                                                                               place?               this work?
 IT Strategy – the art of the   Raise awareness of the IT Strategy and the change        Internal customers                    Continuously         £10k
 possible                       programme this will enable.                                                                    through 09/10
 Positive Action                Recruitment Awareness                                    Women and BME 18-50                   All year             £15,000
 Corby Home Safety              Awareness of the new scheme in Corby, generation of      Relevant children                     January              £500
 Equipment Scheme Launch        scheme referrals                                         organisations
 No Smoking Day and re-         Awareness of scheme and smoking related safety           All, especially parents with          March                £500
 launch of smoke free homes     messages                                                 young children
 Boat Fire Safety Week          Awareness of scheme                                      Transient and residential boat        May                  £200
 Student Fire Safety            Awareness of fire safety in halls, HIMOs                 All students                          Oct                  £500
 Diwali                         Awareness of fire safety using Diva lamps and other      All relevant communities              Oct                  £500
                                naked flames
 Christmas fire safety          Fire safety seasonal risks                               All                                   Dec                  £100
 Be Prepared leaflets           Ongoing Warning & Informing & Resilience– needs          County wide                           Ongoing – order      £2500
                                bringing up to date statutory requirement                                                      probably July 09
 Information for vulnerable     Ongoing – new product came out of cryptosporidium, etc   County wide                           Ongoing - under      £2500
 groups                         statutory requirement                                                                          development
 Seven Flood wise events        Ongoing statutory requirement                            County wide                           Pre-programmed       £1200
 around County                                                                                                                 throughout year
 Business Continuity            Ongoing – review of existing and update statutory        County wide                           May                  £2000
 promotions                     requirement
 Electric Blanket Testing       Contribute to the reduction of avoidable injuries, by    Those with blankets to test           October 2009         £300
 2009                           ensuring compliance with product safety legislation      and/or friends or family who
                                                                                         reside in or near the place
                                                                                         where the testing is to take
 Development of further “No     Protect vulnerable consumers and reduce the fear of      Those in the area likely to be        April 2009 to        Minimal
 Cold Calling Zones” (NCCZ)     crime                                                    affected by the new NCCZ              March 2010
 Development of the             Protect vulnerable consumers and reduce the fear of      All vulnerable consumers              April 2009 to        £500
 Doorstep Action Network        crime                                                                                          March 2010
 Re-vitalisation of the Banks   Increased awareness of the risks to elderly and          All vulnerable consumers              April 2009 to June   £500
 and Building Societies         vulnerable consumers when dealing with rogue traders                                           2009
 Publication of training        Contribute to the reduction in sales of age restricted   Relevant retailers                    April 2009 to        £500
 seminars to retailers of Age   products                                                                                       September 2009
b320c6b0-cf9b-48e2-9409-66426f661e9c.doc                                                                                  40
 restricted products
 Development of a trader    Increased awareness of the availability of the scheme,   Relevant businesses and all        April 2009 to 2010   £2000
 approval scheme            both to traders and, once launched consumers             consumers in

b320c6b0-cf9b-48e2-9409-66426f661e9c.doc                                                                           41
Appendix 3 – Public Involvement Summary
 What activity or service     What objectives would you like to achieve with             Which stakeholders do              When would           Estimated
 needs to be consulted        public involvement?                                        you need to involve?               this activity        budget
 on or to involve                                                                                                           need to take         required for
 stakeholders?                                                                                                              place?               this work?

 Council and Service Plans    Ensure that key strategic plans for Health and Adult       General public, users and          Dec 09-Feb 10        Corporate
                              Social Services are shaped by the views of customers       carers, partners                                        budget
                              and carers
 Budget                       Understand people‟s views about:                           Local residents / service          Dec 09-Feb 10        Corporate
                              - what is a reasonable level of council tax increase,      users                                                   budget
                              - how good we are at providing value for money,            Council tax payers
                              - proposals for how we spend their money                   Local organisations
                              And make their views more positive
 Integrated Risk Management   Stakeholder/ public consultation, engagement and           Public,                            Consultation         £3000
 Plan 09/10 Draft service     feedback on Fire Service Priorities and Objectives for     Councillors (Town, Borough,        already agreed by
 Plan.                        the 09/10 Plan.                                            District, County etc.)             the IRMP Sub
                                                                                         Chamber of commerce                Committee14
                              12-week public consultation as per Fire Service Circular   Industrial Premises/               November 2008 –
                              7/2003.                                                    Companies.                         9 February 2009
                                                                                         Unions – FBU, RFU,
                                                                                         UNISON, FOA.
                                                                                         Alarm Centres
                                                                                         Other Emergency Services.
                                                                                         Internal and External
 Customer satisfaction        Knowledge on levels of performance in delivery of          All service users                  All year follow up   £1,000
 feedback surveys:            services to the public and businesses                                                         surveys, managed
 After the incident                                                                                                         in-house
 After the HFSC
 After the FS Inspection
 BP St James                  Local BCM and flood preparedness for industry and          All local residents BP St          Quarterly (4         £400 (total)
                              residents                                                  James area                         events)
 DIRFT                        Local BCM and flood preparedness for industry and          Occupiers DIRFT                    Quarterly (4         £400 (total)
                              residents                                                                                     events)
 7 Flood wise events around   Ongoing                                                    County wide                        Pre-programmed       £1200
 County                                                                                                                     throughout year
 Bi annual BCM promotions     Local BCM and flood preparedness for industry and          County wide                        TBC Feb 09 plus      £1200
b320c6b0-cf9b-48e2-9409-66426f661e9c.doc                                                                               42
 What activity or service     What objectives would you like to achieve with        Which stakeholders do                 When would         Estimated
 needs to be consulted        public involvement?                                   you need to involve?                  this activity      budget
 on or to involve                                                                                                         need to take       required for
 stakeholders?                                                                                                            place?             this work?

                              residents                                                                                   one other
 Operations Argus             Anti-terror & Emergency awareness for pubs & clubs    County wide                           Pre-programmed     £200
                                                                                                                          throughout year
 Consumer Consultation        Engagement with NCC residents in the development of   Members of the NCC                    June 2009 and      £2,000
 2009                         the 2010/11 trading standards service plan.           residents‟ panel. Members of          January 2010       (residents
                                                                                    the Children and Young                                   panel)
                                                                                    people‟s partnership area                                £500 for other
                                                                                    boards.                                                  methods
 Business Consultation 2009   Engagement with NCC businesses in the development     Businesses in the county              Throughout 2009-   £500
                              of the 2010/11 trading standards service plan.                                              10
 Development of No cold       Raise awareness of the initiative amongst local       All those directly affected by        Throughout 2009-   Minimal
 calling zones                community                                             the NCCZ                              10
 Development of doorstep      Raise awareness of the initiative amongst local       Every partner who deals with          Throughout 2009-   £500
 action network               community                                             elderly, vulnerable victims of        10

Customer and Cultural Services Division

Below is an overview of the marketing/public involvement activity for Customer & Cultural Services Division in 2009-10:

User engagement & involvement

Cultural Services is fundamentally about people getting involved. This ranges from joining a adult learning class to learn a new
language, training to improve your sports‟ coaching skills, being involved in a reading group at the local library, promoting an
arts event in your village hall, piecing together your family tree or the history of your house, volunteering at a country park and
even digging up the bones and discovering the artefacts of your ancestors. Some of the ways people can engage with Cultural
Services are summarised below:


      Countryside: 4,530 volunteer days a year engaged in the conservation management of Country Parks and an estimated
       5,000 days a year of community volunteering effort generated as a result of the Pocket Park scheme;

b320c6b0-cf9b-48e2-9409-66426f661e9c.doc                                                                             43
      Sports, through the Active People survey the county has a volunteering rate of 5.57% against an East Midlands average
       of 5.07% and a national average of 4.70%, opportunities include coaching, club administration, sports leadership etc.;
      For libraries over 100 volunteers regularly deliver books to around 1,000 housebound customers. A number of volunteers
       are involved in specific local studies projects. In 2008/09 over 40 young volunteers (14 -16) supported children through
       the Summer Reading Challenge by listening to them talk about the books they‟d enjoyed and helping out with activities;
      Archives and heritage, volunteers at the record office will be engaged in work to support the online archives database
       from the beginning of this year;
      Twenty-five of the publicly accessible museums are run by volunteers only, with another 16 using a mix of volunteers and
       paid staff. The role of volunteers may include staffing the museum when it is open, working on the collections or displays
       and trying to engage the public in their work;
      Liaison work with some 145 local groups and individuals under the Portable Antiquities scheme has resulted in the
       recording of 1,765 items, all of which have the potential to tell us something about the archaeology of the county.

The Library Service has recently been awarded the Investing in Volunteers Quality Award and is the first service in the Council
to receive this. We are now looking at how we can roll out this good practice elsewhere in Customer and Cultural Services

User groups and forums that help inform and shape future work

      Cultural Forum across the whole county and its sub-groups e.g. heritage working group, arts partnership, sports sub-
      Archive users and Stakeholders advisory group;
      Northamptonshire Museums Forum;
      Over 500 Friends of the Library Service including individuals, families, businesses, honorary members and non-profit
       organisations. Four Friends Plus groups have formed for Abington, Burton Latimer, Towcester and Irchester libraries to
       actively work to attract extra funding;
      Youth Forum for sport;
      Adult learning learners‟ forum;
      Friends of Country Park groups;
      County Sports Partnership Executive Board & stakeholders groups, Forums x 4;
      Supported Learning (learning Difficulties) learners‟ forum;
      Artists in Learning network;
      Pocket Park community groups;
      Northamptonshire Environment Network;
      Community Sports Networks x 7;
      Knuston Hall formal and informal weekly face-to-face meetings between senior staff and students and tutors during which
       current activity is evaluated and future events discussed.
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Evaluation & customer feedback

This is an important aspect of engagement across Customer & Cultural Services.

There is a consistent approach to the evaluation of customers‟ views on activities and events and feedback forms for unsolicited
comments are available in all frontline services. Services also undertake a range of consultations e.g. the CSC will soon be
monitoring its customer satisfaction on a monthly basis against the service it provides through the Centre.

The Library Service is piloting for NCC standalone, portable monitors which use electronic questionnaires to deliver its customer
survey about self-service in 12 libraries.

Services tell customers about the results of engagement and consultation in a variety of ways: e.g. summary results of
consultations on the Council‟s Consultation Database and „You said … we did‟ posters in libraries in response to specific
comments as appropriate.

Following a reduction in opening hours in April 2006 - 16.8% of all comments in the Adult Public Library User Survey 2006
related to opening hours and the number of complaints about these increased significantly compared to the previous year. The
Library Service proposed increasing hours on the back of the introduction of self service and consulted on the proposed
changes. Feedback was very positive and following the consultation changes were also made to the proposals for seven
libraries. Libraries were open an additional 431 hours from June 2008.

To address the negative comments following the introduction of one late return charge for all types of user, including children in
April 2006, introduced as a result of the 2006/07 budget allocation, the Library Service doubled the loan period for children‟s
books in July 2007 and significantly reduced children‟s late return charges in April 2008.

This type of engagement, consulting people and enabling them to influence the development of services, are all core features of
the Charter Mark award. This has been held by the Libraries and Archives services for a number of years now. This year work
will continue to ensure the upgraded award Customer Service Excellence can be retained by these services and extended into
other services such as the CSC.

Some further examples of feedback & evaluation include:

      Knuston Hall, evaluation and feedback which enables every participant to communicate in a thorough way with the
       planning team, across all aspects of their Knuston experience and opportunities for course tutors to meet face to face

b320c6b0-cf9b-48e2-9409-66426f661e9c.doc                                                                45
       with a member of the planning team (a senior manager) to provide feedback and give advice that contributes to the
       planning cycle; this is followed up with a more formal written evaluation which is sent to every course tutor.
      Adult Learning has developed a Learner Consultation strategy which has been endorsed through peer review across the
       East Midlands. The service gathers feedback from learners through:
                     Individual end of course reviews;
                     Sample postal surveys of learners 2 weeks after induction each term (2 learners per class);
                     Annual postal survey of a sample of approximately 2,500 learners each year;
                     Regular forums using pictorial feedback for learners with learning difficulties;
                     One off learner forums/consultations on specific issues.

One-off consultations take place around key changes to service delivery current examples include the user consultation around
Libraries‟ standards.

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        Appendix 4 – Our Key Partnerships
                                                                                               The PSB sets strategic vision for the
                                                                                               county and have accountability for
                                                                                               delivery of the SCSN and LAA. The              This group discusses and resolves
                         Chief Executives Group hold monthly meetings to discuss               PSB will promote Northamptonshire.             issues pertaining to local authority
                         issues that have arisen and provide advice to the PSB where                                                          business
                         appropriate and as requested and respond to the decisions
                         made by the PSB. Discussions on the transactional business
                         of public service.

Just do it! To carry out the directions of the CEX
within individual organisations, and to work                                                       Northamptonshire                                                           The equivalent of NCC’s “33”, this group is key to
alongside PSU members this group will comprise a                                                     Public Service                    Leaders and Chief                      cultural change within the Northamptonshire
                                                                                                        Board                          Executives Group                       partnership. Consisting of senior managers from
small selection of middle/senior managers from
partner organisations.                                                                                                                                                        all major organisations it will provide
                                                                                                                                                                              opportunities for networking, shared learning,
                                                                     “Nike” Group                                                                 The “66”
                                                                                                                                                                              critical friend activity, peer challenge, and will be
                                                                                                      Chief Executives
                                                                                                       Group (CEX)                                                            a source of knowledge and experience
  The Partnership Support Unit has been
  developed from the existing LAA office,
  and will provide support to the
  Partnership on policy, strategy,
                                                                                                  Partnership Support Unit
  performance management,
  development, etc

                                        Children and Young           Health and           Safer, Stronger          Regeneration               Economic
                                       People’s P’ship Board         Well-being            Communities              and growth               Development
                                                                       Board                  Board                   Board                     Board
                                                                                                                                                                                   Looking at Employment, Skills and learning,
                                                                                                                                                                                   the ED Board will bring together partners to
                                                                                                                                                                                   focus on the economy of Northamptonshire.
     The CYPPB facilitates co-                                                                                                                                                     This Board will be administered by
     operation between partner                                                                                                                                                     Northamptonshire Enterprise Ltd.
     organisations to improve the    This Board will have an overview of
     well-being of children and      delivery of support for vulnerable
     young people.                   people, and the health and well-
                                     being of the county’s residents                                                              This Board will be established to oversee
                                                                                                                                  Housing, Infrastructure and the
                                                                           The SSCB will focus on crime and                       Environment, focussing on the future
                                                                           community safety as well as                            growth of Northamptonshire and the
                                                                           community cohesion, participation,                     issues relating to it.
                                                                           empowerment and inclusion.

        b320c6b0-cf9b-48e2-9409-66426f661e9c.doc                                                                                                                      47
Partnerships have been developed with local partners, other local authorities and regional and sub-national groupings to enable
Procurement to conduct joint procurement projects for commercial benefit and develop best practice. The formal collaborative groupings
used by Procurement include:

    Central Buying Consortium
    East Midlands Improvement Partnership
    Northamptonshire Procurement Forum

   The Directorate is also working in partnership with Cambridgeshire County Council, Slough Borough Council and Fujitsu in a unique
   project developing a Local Government Shared Service (LGSS) for the delivery of transactional services.

The Trading Standards service will, within the Trading Standards East Midlands (TSEM) region engage fully with the newly formed
“Scambusters” and “Illegal money lending” units that have been developed following direct government investment aimed at tackling
crime at a regional level. Consumer Direct East Midlands, Community Legal Services Partnership, LACORS, Trading Standards Institute

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