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									    Cost reduction & efficiency
• Reduce waste and inefficiencies in your
  publications efforts
• Reduce your costs
• Real world examples from UF:
  • UF reduced the number of printed
    publications from 300+ to 150
  • Web played a significant role in the reduction
  Why are we talking about this?
• In this age of financial uncertainty, its critical
  that we evaluate our costs on a regular basis
• In this age of the Web, social networks, blogs,
  etc., you’ve got to address costs and “original
  thinking” in everything you do
• If you don’t, you could be in for a rough ride
    Why are we talking about this?
•   U of Michigan Expects $2 Billion Loss by December 31

•   U of Louisiana system Must Cut $33.4 Million

•   Arizona: State Universities’ Building Projects in Limbo

•   Junior College Squeeze www.newsweek.com/id/175061

•   Utah: College Faculty, Staff Can Count on Layoffs

•   Disappearing Faculty Jobs. www.insidehighered.com/news/2008/12/18/jobs
  Let me give you a good example…or two
• Copyzilla
   – 50 copies of a 150-page double-sided annual report, all color …
     photocopied & bound! The cost of creating a document like this,
     bound and in color, exceeded $5,000.
   – Good alternative: a skilled designer could have reduced the size of
     this report by half without eliminating data. This would have also
     allowed it to be printed on an offset press, which would have been
     less expensive, saved paper and resulted in a higher quality
     document. Even including possible design charges, the cost would
     have been closer to $3,000.

• Better alternative: in publications where printed file
  copies are required, it is becoming perfectly acceptable to
  print a short executive summary – typically 6 to 8 pages --
  and place the remainder of the document online. In this
  example, the cost would have been around $250 instead
  of more than $5,000.
• Best alternative: place the entire document online, and
  send links by email to the recipients explaining UF’s
  commitment to the environment by converting to
  electronic delivery.
      The Solid Gold Blue Color Bar

• A small blue bar was placed on each page of a 100-page
  document. That small blue bar changed the price-per-
  page from 2.6 to 39-cents per copy. $39 with the bar -
  $2.60 without.
• Good alternative: design the cover in color to create a
  quality impression, and copy the remainder of the pages
  in black & white.
• Best alternative: place the document online, where color
  is free!
                A 16 to 1 Ratio
• UF published brochures for all 16 colleges
   – Major duplication of effort
   – Major duplication of material
   – UF eliminated all 16 and replaced with three focused
      • General Preview guide
      • Diversity guide
      • Parental workbook
   – Savings of approximately $100,000
Now, how to do it at your institution?
             Think Before You Ink!
  Campus-wide Communications Initiative
• Address all issues (Print, Electronic, Copies,
• Reach faculty and staff
  – Change of behavior required
  – Good for business
• Internal Communications Plan
  – Email outreach
  – PowerPoint presentations
  – Online focus
          Think Before You Ink!
 Campus-wide Communications Initiative

• Cost reduction programs
  – Printer Certification
  – Print-to-Web publications
  – Photocopies and printouts
  – The Daily Mail
Now, how to do it at your institution?
         Printer Certification Program
•   Reduce from 170 to 20+ print suppliers
•   Reduced, Pre-negotiated pricing
•   Priority service from selected vendors
•   More convenient bidding processes
•   Emphasis on third-party certification of
    sustainability practices
Print-to-Web or Electronic Conversion
• Many publications can communicate
  effectively in an electronic format
  – Provide guidelines for determining which publications are the best
    candidates for conversion, as well as tools and support to facilitate the
  – Guidelines created by UFCN
  – Web templates to speed process

• Aggressive timeline
  – Conversions underway immediately
  – Momentum critical to success
 Simple Copy Management Plan
• The Wild Card
  –   Copy costs much greater than anticipated
  –   Controlled by faculty and staff outside UFCN
  –   Will require major change in office procedures
  –   Four major players = $1.75 million
       •   FedEx/Kinko’s ($591,227)
       •   Target Copy ($751,358)
       •   Renaissance Copy ($92,132)
       •   Xerox Contract ($314,412)
     Managing Mail & Deliveries
• $2,555,000 – Amount UF spent in postage and deliveries
  on campus last fiscal year
   – $644,000 – Bulk mail costs for publications and correspondence
     mailing during the last fiscal year
• Remind faculty & staff to think about postage & delivery
  expenses before sending that package or letter --
• Remind faculty & staff -- $2.55 million
• Remind faculty & staff -- $2.55 million
• Remind faculty & staff -- $2.55 million
    Online support for everyone on campus

•   Do your part as an Administrator
•   Do your part as a Faculty Member
•   Do your part as a Staff Member
•   Do your part as a Student
•   http://ufcn.urel.ufl.edu/ink/index.shtml
For Administrators
For Faculty Members
For Staff Members
For Students
 Never give up, never give in
– UF has saved $1.5 million in 12 months
– Moved -- or eliminated -- 121 publications
  from print to electronic (301 to 185)
– Consolidated print work with approximately
  30 printers, down from 170
– Photocopies and Postage charges will be
  evaluated at the end of the fiscal year
        Don’t forget your checklist!
•   Do your homework – It will open eyes
•   Start with support of your leadership group
•   Then, gain support of your com network
•   Create a plan for each area
    –   Printer consolidation
    –   Print-to-electronic conversions
    –   Simple copy management plan
    –   Postage and delivery expenses
    Don’t forget your checklist!
• Develop “stretch” goals. If it’s too easy,
  people won’t pay attention
• Challenge yourself with the timeline. If it
  takes a year, it’s too long
• Report your success regularly. It will help
  create disciples
• Stress the impact on sustainability
         The battle never ends
• Despite your best efforts, people will slip
   – You’ve got to constantly remind them
      • Use success stories. . . Including dollars saved!
      • Share those stories with your communications group, your
        deans, your directors, your department heads.
   – Sponsor and/or conduct seminars
      • At UF, we produce quarterly “Breakfast Buzz” updates and
        seminars around campus
      • We also utilize HEE, CASE and others

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