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									Working with the oil & gas industry to deliver skills solutions    Issue 03 January 2008

                                                 Skills Academy will help
                                                deliver long term success
                                                   tV explorer Bear Grylls
                                                 invites you to Go explore
02   Editorial                                                                                                                                                 OPITO Express


                                                                        A bright future
                                                                        on the horizon
                                                                               ews that the North Sea industry has             Gas Academy will support and enable the
                                                                         N     created its first ever skills academy           delivery of a workforce with appropriate and
                                                                        brought to a close a very exciting year in             relevant skills.
                                                                        OPITO’s history – and turns the page on a                Our industry has always suffered from
                                                                        brand new future for the industry as a whole.          poor profiling. We are simply not good at
                                                                          The announcement was met with                        communicating all that is good about this
                                                                        widespread support and probably, at least in           industry, particularly to young people. For me
                                                                        some quarters, a little relief. Relief that finally    one of the best things about the Academy
                                                                        the landscape has been tidied up and there             will be its remit in raising awareness of the
                                                                        is to be an industry-wide approach to the              tremendous career opportunities and lifestyles
                                                                        crucial issue of developing and delivering the         this industry has to offer.
            STOP PRESS                                                  workforce capability needed for the long-term            Our Go Explore campaign has already had a
                                                                        sustainability of the UKCS.                            great impact on young people looking to get
      RBG Limited, the                                                    The creation of OPITO – The Oil & Gas                into the industry. We must build on that and
      integrated oil, gas and                                           Academy will see the industry, for the first           work with education at all levels to encourage
      petrochemicals services                                           time, have an independent, employer-owned,             take-up of subjects such as maths and science.
      contractor, has become                                            led and funded organisation that will provide            I have an offer to the whole industry – we are
      one of the first firms                                            an effective link between the industry and             on the brink of a new era in oil and gas, let’s
      in the energy services Walter Diaper (left) of RBG Ltd receives   learning provision across the UK to improve            work together to make it a bright one. If you
      sector to gain OPITO      OPITO approval from David Doig.         the supply of relevantly qualified people into         need more information to understand what
      approval of its competency management system.                     the oil and gas sector. This surely must be a          this is all about, how it is funded, who owns
          Approval enables RBG to progress assessments of its           good thing.                                            and governs it, then please just call me and get
      workforce to recognised industry standards and it positions         The Academy will be a focal point for the            the truth and the facts.
      the company at the forefront of its industry peer group in        whole industry to come together to deliver
      terms of personnel competence development.                        on its skills and knowledge agenda. With               Chief Executive
                                                                        employers at the centre, OPITO – The Oil and           David Doig

       indonesian government partnership
       A landmark agreement has been reached after                       waters,” said OPITO chief executive David Doig.
       OPITO struck a major deal with the Indonesian                       “Our hope is that it will influence the wider
       government.                                                       region and see the same high level of OPITO
         A new competence standards framework will                       safety training for offshore workers, which already
       see thousands of Indonesian offshore workers                      operates in more than 20 countries around
       trained to the globally-recognised OPITO                          the globe, introduced in other key oil and gas
       technical and emergency response standards for                    provinces across south-east Asia.”
       the first time. The Indonesian industry in turn will                The standards will require the Indonesian           David Doig with representatives of the
       benefit from the robust quality assured training                  workforce to complete a training course based         Indonesian government.

       and competence environment provided by the                        on the OPITO Basic Offshore Safety Induction &          The agreement will also establish a high quality
       OPITO standard.                                                   Emergency Training (BOSIET) standard before           technical training supply chain in Indonesia,
         “This is another significant achievement for                    travelling offshore, and other more specialist        which will enable the indigenous workforce to
       OPITO as the Indonesian government holds the                      standards as the development programmes are           be trained and qualified to the highest technical
       mandate for training throughout all Indonesian                    fully implemented.                                    standards for offshore workers.
 www.opito.com                                                                                                                                                  News      03

Go Explore with TV’s Bear
 T      elevision explorer Bear Grylls swapped jungle
        survival for a taste of life as an offshore oil and
                                                               record for being the youngest Briton to climb Mount
                                                               Everest at the age of 23, said: “The best thing about my     new website
gas worker when he called on young people across               job is that I get to travel the world, meet new people
the country to take up an exciting offshore career.            and do things that most people can only dream of.            is a winner!
  The intrepid adventurer, best known for his popular          There aren’t many other jobs that compare, but the
Channel 4 series Man vs Wild, helped launch Go                 opportunities in oil and gas come pretty close.               www.oilandgas4u recorded a massive
Explore, OPITO’s campaign aimed at raising awareness             “There is the potential to travel to some of the most       increase in visitor numbers in the two
among 16 to 25 year-olds of the career opportunities           far-reaching areas of the world, work in some of the          months following the launch of the Go
available in the offshore oil and gas industry.                most challenging environments and operate some of             Explore campaign.
  Launched in September during Offshore Europe,                the most advanced technology. From roustabout to                Statistics showed the number of
Go Explore uses the internet and digital media as              tool-pusher to offshore installation manager, the job         visitors to the site increased by an
well as advertising on buses, radio and the press              prospects are as exciting as the job titles.”                 astonishing 980% from 1,623 to 17,500
throughout Scotland and the north of England to                  David Doig, chief executive of OPITO, said: “The Go         across September and October, while
refer young people to the on-line information portal,          Explore campaign aims to dispel the myths which               the number of page views rose almost
www.oilandgas4u.com, which has been completely                 surround working offshore and highlight the exclusive         400% from 10,795 to 41,767 in the first
re-vamped.                                                     combination of factors that make up an exciting               four weeks of the campaign alone.
  The website allows prospective employees to                  career.                                                         On the back of the media drive, the
explore recruitment opportunities offshore and find              “The oil and gas sector is thriving and here for many       number of people taking the online
out about the pay and rewards,                                  years to come. It offers unrivalled career development       taster test increased 330% from 488
training and safety                                             and travel opportunities to its employees. It’s              (between September 3-9) to 2099
schemes as well                                                 not a typical 9am-5pm job and the work is often              (September 10-16), with a 151% increase
as the practical                                                        challenging, but the excellent salaries              in passes.
aspects of living                                                            combined with generous onshore leave              “I am delighted with the impact of the
and working                                                                    provide a lifestyle that is matched by few    Go Explore campaign, which can be
offshore.                                                                               other industries.”                   measured by the early success of the
  Bear, who                                                                                                                  relaunched oilandgas4u.com website,”
holds the                                                                                                                    said chief executive David Doig.
                                                                                                                               “A 980% increase in the number of
                                                                                                                             visitors to the site in such a short space
                                                                                                                             of time shows that the campaign is
   Apprentice Alasdair
   Ramage, Bear Grylls                                                                                                       generating a real interest among young
   and David Doig                                                                                                            people of the benefits to be gleaned
   launch Go Explore.                                                                                                        from an exciting offshore career.”

    Screening makes people, places and time
    The online Skills Screening tool, which aims              for new entrants, it can also be used to test            Walter Diaper, competency training advisor
    to solve the recruitment issue by getting the             the skills of existing workers for personal            at RBG Ltd, added: “Skills Screening has
    right people in the right place at the right time,        development and people who have returned               proved invaluable to RBG in providing a tool
    has proved a hit with the industry since it was           to work on maintenance programmes and                  for recruitment to establish an individual’s
    launched in June 2006.                                    hook-ups.                                              knowledge of their trade.”
      Created by OPITO in partnership with the                  Liz Thornton, training and development
    Offshore Contractors Association with funding             manager at Wood Group Engineering (North
    from the OTF, it sets a standard across the energy        Sea) Ltd, said: “Skills Screening has been an
    sector as part of the attraction and filtering            important development for us as it provides
    model for bringing in new people by screening             the capability to remotely conduct trade tests         For a taster visit www.opito.net/
    potential recruits online at mobilisation.                quickly and efficiently. It is easy to use from a      skillsscreening or for more information
      While the software gives a guarantee of                 candidate and operator perspective and the             contact Diane Johnston on diane.johnston@
    underpinning knowledge in specific disciplines            transition to its use was seamless.”                   opito.net
04   The Oil and Gas Academy                                                                                                                            OPITO Express


      training academy
     Employer-led body links industry and training
               PITO – The Oil & Gas Academy was formally
       O       launched in Aberdeen on December 4 by
      Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks at a breakfast event
      attended by over 150 leaders from education
      and industry. It was also launched in Norwich on
      December 5 to a similar audience.
        The launch followed Oil & Gas UK’s
      announcement in November when the creation
      of the Academy was mooted. At the OPITO launch,
      the industry revealed how the Academy will work
      to develop and deliver the workforce capability
      needed for business success and the long-term
      sustainability of the UKCS through a first-of-its kind
      skills academy.
        For the first time, the industry will have an          Annette Thomas (left) joins speakers David Doig and Malcolm Webb to launch OPITO –
                                                               The Oil and Gas Academy.
      independent, employer-led organisation that will
      provide an effective link between the industry and       is all about creating new ways of addressing the        Gas Academy has a board made up of industry
      learning provision across the UK to improve the          skills issues to make a difference that is positively   leaders representing employers, trade bodies
      supply of relevantly qualified people into the oil       felt by the whole industry. It will create new          and trade unions. It will actively engage with
      and gas sector.                                          relationships which will result in tangible outcomes    employers by listening closely to them in order to
        The Academy results from the merger of oil             that respond to different companies’ needs.                           identify, understand and evaluate
      and skills body, OPITO, and the Offshore Training           “There are good initiatives throughout our                           their needs. Those needs will be
      Foundation. Chief executive of the newly formed          industry but they are being carried out in a                              translated into practical projects
      academy, David Doig, explains: “The Academy will         piecemeal fashion. By consolidating the                                    and initiatives and delivered by
      be a focal point for the whole industry to come          efforts and resources currently                                            the academy through its work
      together to deliver on its skills and knowledge          being invested by                                                            in three core areas: Faculty of
      agenda. With employers at the centre, the OPITO          employers, the                                                                   Learning, Learning Supply
      Oil and Gas Academy will support and enable              Academy will                                                                            and Enterprise and
      the delivery of a workforce with appropriate             provide a sharper,                                                                            Innovation.
      and relevant skills. This will be achieved through       clearer focus on
      three distinct areas; working with education and         delivering a
        academia, working with training providers,             much greater
                 and working with government and               return.”
                        trade bodies as well as enterprise        OPITO –
                              agencies and local               The Oil &
                                              “The Academy
  www.opito.com                                                                                                                                          News       05

                                                                                              Guests at the
                                                                                              Academy launch.
                                                                                                                       Raft of new
                                                                                                                       A new set of training and competence
                                                                                                                       standards have been introduced for the
                                                                                                                       fabric maintenance industry.
                                                                                                                         Working with representatives from the
                                                                                                                       main employers of the industry, OPITO
                                                                                                                       has developed approved competence
                                                                                                                       standards for blaster/painters, installers
                                                                                                                       of non-metallic insulation systems and
                                                                                                                       waste management specialists.
                                                                                                                         Experienced personnel can be
                                                                                                                       assessed against the standard, by their

the Academy’s three core areas
                                                                                                                       employers, to ensure they have the
                                                                                                                       necessary capabilities to undertake
                                                                                                                       various projects. Employers will
Faculty of Learning                                         training standards, quality assurance of training          monitor adherence to the competence
   This will enable the Academy to collaborate with         provision, innovative skills solutions and workforce       standards themselves.
education and academia. Working at the highest              development programmes as well as the facilitation           The OPITO board has approved the
levels with schools, colleges and universities, the         and management of programmes such as the                   new standard and two pilot courses
Academy will seek to inject practical, relevant             industry’s Modern Apprenticeships and Petroleum            are currently being audited. Full details
industry-based learning into the curriculum.                Open Learning courses. The Academy will continue           are already available online through
  In relation to schools, the Academy will seek to          to fulfil these roles.                                     the OPITO library for training providers
enhance the access to technology and science                  “It is anticipated that the Academy will, to a large     considering applying for approval to
for children, increase the number of pupils taking          extent, be self-sustaining but, through the Offshore       offer the course.
Scottish Standard, Higher and Advanced Higher               Training Foundation, the industry will inject funding        The announcement comes at the end
grades and English GCSE and A Level grades in               to kick-start new initiatives to address specific skills   of an exciting year for OPITO standards,
maths and science, develop curriculum materials             issues.”                                                   which have seen the release of the
that enhance the understanding of the industry.               Operational funding will be generated using              revised BOSIET/FOET and Tropical
  The overall aims will be to increase the number           existing income streams from the sales of products         BOSIET/FOET standards as well as the
of people entering the industry with relevant               and services to the industry. Other income streams         development of the Offshore Drilling
qualifications.                                             will be derived from the development of national           Industry Green Hand Standard, currently
                                                            and international offerings using tried and tested         undergoing a final consultation round.
Learning Supply                                             business models that already exist within OPITO.             OPITO standards manager Tricia
   To influence and support the development of a              The increased remit of OPITO means that new              Wilson said: “2008 looks equally
learning infrastructure that is relevant to the industry,   skills and additional resources are required to            inspiring with standards for normally
the Academy will engage with commercial and                 complement and support the existing team. A                unmanned installations, offshore
non-commercial learning providers. This arm of the          recruitment campaign will shortly be under way             surveying and positioning, offshore
Academy will aim to ensure a world-class learning           to find people for key positions in the Academy to         telecommunications and well services
supply that supports a world-class industry.                support the existing team within OPITO. At least 11        in the pipeline.
                                                            new jobs will be created. A £700,000 investment              “It’s challenging work, but I have had
Enterprise and Innovation                                   in OPITO’s building at Portlethen is also planned to       tremendous help both internally and
   Working with trade bodies, government agencies           provide the working space and environment to meet          externally and what could be better
and others, the Academy will pro-actively identify          the Academy’s needs.                                       than knowing that OPITO is helping
opportunities, facilitate innovation and share best           The Academy will be wholly focused on oil and            the industry focus their efforts by
practice to support the industry’s learning needs.          gas but will, through its membership of Cogent,            producing documents that reflect
   Mr Doig adds: “OPITO has an international                contribute to the wider national skills and education      best practice in both competency and
  reputation for delivering common global                   policy agenda and share best practice.                     safety?”
06     News                                                                                                                                          OPITO Express

                                                                                                                                     The hunt is on to find a
                                                                                                                                     suitable location for OPITO’s
                                                                                                                                     new Middle East/Africa

     Regional manager
     heads up Asia
     Pacific office
     Newly-appointed regional manager for the Asia
     Pacific region Peter Lammiman (44) will play a

                                                                     OPITO develops its
     significant part in OPITO’s overall growth strategy.
     With more than 20 years experience in the oil and
     gas industry, Mr Lammiman will be responsible for

                                                                     international presence
     leading business development in the Asian Pacific
     region from the Kuala Lumpur office.
       “The regional oil and gas operators, contractors
     and workforce in general have benefited greatly
     by having a permanent OPITO presence within                             PITO has embarked on an international       The search has begun to find suitable
     the region and I am looking forward to increasing                 O     development drive with the creation       premises within the Middle East/Africa
     our profile in the region and promoting OPITO’s                  of a new regional office servicing the Middle    region. Once established, the office is
     key aims of raising the bar on standards and safety              East/Africa market and a key appointment to      expected to have an immediate effect on
     within the industry,” he said.                                   lead business in the Asia Pacific region.        the promotion of common global industry
       “Companies will benefit through gaining more                     The Aberdeen-headquartered organisation,       standards, whilst providing greater support
     knowledge regarding other OPITO products and                     which currently operates one regional office     to developing regions seeking improvements
     services which are currently not widely used in the              in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, aims to increase      in both workforce safety and competence.
     region. These services will contribute to increasing             its presence and raise the bar on industry         Chief executive David Doig said:
     workers competence thus improving operational                    standards and training worldwide through         “International business is now a significant
     safety performance.”                                             the creation of a network of bases around        element of the OPITO business model, with
       Mr Lammiman started his new role in Malaysia                   the globe.                                       23 countries now using the OPITO standards.
     in December.                                                       These offices will support the rising          An increased local presence in key areas
                                                                      number of OPITO-approved training                around the globe is key to sustaining the
              STOP PRESS                                              providers in oil and gas provinces, linking      existing OPITO market and enabling the
                                                                      each region to the specialist technical skills   continued export of product excellence from
        Global hose and fittings supplier Hydrasun has become         in Aberdeen.                                     the UKCS.”
        only the ninth company in the world – and the first in
        its field – to gain OPITO approval of its learning and
        competence management system.
           The alignment of its training and assessment
                                                                    total develops workforce with opito
        systems to meet OPITO criteria brings Hydrasun in           OPITO has been awarded a major contract by           This has resulted in the largest project
        line with internationally recognised standards of           Total E&P UK Plc.                                  undertaken to date by the competence services
        best practice. Certification ensures employees are            The scope is for the provision of independent    department of OPITO. The outcomes of the work
        fully assessed on their capability to consistently          specialist services to work with Total to design   started in mid 2007 have been well received
        perform their job roles to a strictly defined standard of   develop and implement their enhanced               by Total. This has resulted in the scope of work
        performance.                                                competence management system, which is used        being broadened and the contract extended for
                                                                    as the basis for developing its workforce.         a further two years.
 www.opito.com                                                                                                                               Community news                 07

A winning formula                                                                                                    H2S standard
        amryn Mathers has the world at his feet
 C      after scooping the distinguished OPITO                                                                       A new training standard has been
Apprentice of the Year Award 2007.                                                                                   launched which provides quality-assured
The future is looking rosy for the talented                                                                          OPITO-accredited training in basic H2S
18-year-old who is in his second year of the OPITO                                                                   safety, fully trackable through the Vantage
Mechanical Technician apprentice scheme at                                                                           system.
Aberdeen College.                                                                                                       The training standard introduces
  Camryn beat off competition from students at                                                                       delegates to the characteristics of
both Aberdeen College and Jewel & Esk Valley                                                                         hydrogen sulphide gas and the potential
College in Edinburgh to win the top award.                                                                           physiological effects of exposure as well as
  “I’m really pleased that my hard work throughout                                                                   the use of H2S detection equipment and
the year has been recognised,” he said. “I try to be                                                                 escape breathing apparatus.
as successful as possible at whatever I do in life and                                                                  Industry demand for a common
not waste the opportunities I am lucky enough to                                                                     standard for H2S Safety Training resulted
                                                         Camryn Mathers, OPITO Apprentice of the Year 2007.
have.                                                                                                                in a workshop convened in Abu Dhabi in
  “Winning is a huge achievement for me as it will         OPITO chief executive David Doig said: “It is             February 2007. More than 125 industry
hopefully help me secure a good job at the end           encouraging to see the oil and gas industry is attracting   contacts worldwide were involved in
of the course and go on to have a successful and         such a wealth of talent and choosing a winner was           shaping the draft standard in time for a
rewarding career.”                                       immensely difficult, such was quality of the work and       pilot course, which took place at the Qatar
  Camyrn has to complete his onshore training            level of knowledge demonstrated by the nominees.            International Safety Centre in Doha last
in Aberdeen before being posted offshore for a             “However, Camyrn is an outstanding apprentice             July.
further two years on-the-job training at the end         and we are proud to present him with the award –               A total of 16 participants from companies
of which he will be a fully qualified mechanical         we’re confident he has a great future ahead of him in       such as Qatar Shell, ConocoPhillips, Dubai
technician.                                              engineering.”                                               Petroleum, Dolphin Energy, Occidental
                                                                                                                     and Nabors Drilling were asked to test the
                                                                                                                     ability of delivering a course against the
                                                                                                                     requirements of the draft standard.
                                                                                                                        Following approval by the OPITO
                                                                                                                     board in November, the Basic H2S Safety
                                                                                                                     Training Standard has been published and
                                                                                                                     is available to training providers to seek
                                                                                                                     OPITO accreditation to deliver the course.
                                                                                                                        It is expected that employers, particularly
                                                                                                                     in the Middle East, will adopt the standard
                                                                                                                     to ensure consistent training delivery and
                                                                                                                     the ability to manage certification through
                                                                                                                     the central register.

                                                                                                                           STOP PRESS
  experiments in the pipeline for pupils                                                                             A total of 93 new trainees from as far afield as
                                                                                                                     Great Yarmouth, Cambridge, Hull, Middlesbrough,
  School pupils were able to find out how oil is recovered, why the sky is blue and how you can smash a              Linlithgow, Aberdeen, Orkney and Shetland joined
  wine glass using sound when a mobile science laboratory rolled into the north-east in September.                   the Upsteam MA Industry scheme in September.
    Designed to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, Lab in a Lorry is a free initiative           OPITO currently has 273 trainees at various stages
  which offers 11 to 14-year-olds the opportunity to explore science through specially created interactive           on the three-and-a-half year program. More than
  experiments.                                                                                                       £52million has been invested by the industry
    One of the 44ft Labs was in Aberdeen during Offshore Europe to celebrate a new funding agreement                 in this scheme, which has delivered almost 800
  which has seen the Offshore Training Foundation join founding partners the Institute of Physics and the            technicians in the six years since its inception.
  Schlumberger Foundation.
08                                              Staff news                                                                                                                              OPITO Express

                                                                                      David saddles up
                                                                                      for oil show
                                                                                              bucking bronco brought a touch of Houston
                                                                                       A      spirit to the north of Scotland during Offshore   Yee-ha!

                                                non-stop                              Europe 2007 when OPITO hosted a fun-filled
                                                                                      barbecue hoe-down.
                                                                                                                                                OPITO chief

                                                year for Sally
                                                                                                                                                David Doig
                                                                                        It was back to the frontier days for the industry’s     joins in the
                                                                                      movers and shakers as they took the bull by the           fun.
                                                A year after she joined OPITO,        horns and joined around 200 young apprentices at
                                                trainee business assistant Sally      the event. As well as getting a chance to meet with
                                                McKay has gone from fresh-            the future workforce, invited guests got to hear from
                                                faced school leaver to vital          TV explorer Bear Grylls, try out their riding skills on
                                                member of the Central Register        the bucking bronco and line dance to country and
                                                team.                                 western band Country Edition.
                                                  Since joining the organisation        More than 40,000 visitors passed through the doors
                                                in October 2006, 17-year-             of the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre
                                                old Sally has completed               during the four days of OE07, making it one of the
                                                an SVQ Level 2 in Business            most successful events to date.
                                                Administration and is currently
                                                working towards completing
                                                her European Computing                                                                            wired for sound
                                                Driving License.                                                                                  Pupils from across Aberdeen City and Shire battled it out
                                                  In February 2007 Sally took                                                                     recently to win the top spot in the Northsound 1 Energy
                                                on responsibility for the SQA                                                                     Schools Challenge 2007, sponsored by OPITO and the
                                                registrations and she now                                                                         Energy Institute.
                                                deals with the registration and                                                                     The annual challenge saw 16 teams from secondary
                                                certification of candidates for                                                                   schools put their knowledge to the test as they were
                                                OPITO.                                                                                            quizzed on topics such as entertainment, sport, oil and
                                                  “OPITO is an organisation that                                                                  gas, music and movies with the competition broadcast on
                                                encourages self development                                                                       Northsound 1.
                                                and I have had many                                                                                 Each team is made up of four pupils from S3 to S6, who
                                                opportunities to further my                                                                       were put through their paces by Northsound 1 DJ Andy
                                                personal development,” she                                                                        James.
                                                said.                                                                                               After a tough fight, Alford Academy were named the
                                                  “I have taken part in fire       The winning Alford team, from left, Molly Dobson,              winners during the final on December 23. The team received
                                                warden training, emergency         Lauren Anderson, Chris Mclean and Jenna Anderson.              a trophy and £600 for their school as well as £50 each.
                                                response training and next
                                                year I will also be become one
                                                of OPITO’s first aid appointed        Challenge makes youngsters fit for the future
                                                employees. Working in the             Young people from across Aberdeen have learnt               Community (SBC) Grampian and corporate sports
                                                oil and gas industry is one           how to kick, putt and volley their way into health          events organiser, activitymix. It saw youngsters
                                                of those areas that you don’t         and fitness thanks to OPITO.                                from communities across the city take part in a
                                                really know a great deal                The company was among a group of north-east               range of activities not easily accessible to them,
                                                about unless you are actually
 Written and designed by The BIG Partnership.

                                                                                      businesses to sponsor the third annual Community            from touch rugby and golf to hockey, basketball
                                                involved in it so my friends are      Sports Challenge event in September, part of                and football.
                                                quite interested in any major         a scheme aimed at encouraging children from                   OPITO’s Sam Howard and Gordon MacNeil were
                                                developments in the oil and           deprived parts of Aberdeen to become more                   among colleagues who lent their support at
                                                gas industry and they are keen        involved in sports.                                         various events throughout the course of the five-
                                                to become part of this.”                The event was run by Scottish Business in the             week Challenge.

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