Growing Orchids - The Top 5 Things You Must Know About Orchid Growing

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					            Growing Orchids - The Top 5 Things You Must Know About Orchid Growing

Even for people who are used to gardening, growing orchids can be a difficult task. These plants have a
tendency to have a reputation for being needy or difficult to grow. But anyone with real orchid growing
knowledge can tell you, this isn't really the case.

Just by learning several easy fundamentals, you can effectively cultivate generally ANY orchid with an
outstanding outcome. That's why I've collected this list of "FAQs" to answer the biggest questions (and
bust some myths)....

FAQ #1: Aren't They Difficult to Grow?

Orchids aren't quite as difficult to cultivate as you might believe. You just have to know what specific
needs your species of orchid has and then do your best to meet them. Each orchid needs varying
amounts of sunlight and water, and none of them do well with soil whatsoever. So it's simple to
comprehend why growing them can seem difficult. Just make sure to look for an orchid whose needs you
can match, and you should have no problems!

FAQ #2: What's the Most Ideal Orchid for Beginners?

It's commonly agreed that the most ideal orchid for beginners is the phalaenopsis orchid, or "moth
orchid". These orchids are tough up against beginner's blunders and don't take long to flower. But all the
while, they grow incredible flowers that you'll adore.

They're also quite abundant and cheap, so you could even purchase a few in case you accidentally
neglect one of them (which does sometimes occur, sad to say). All in all, they're just an amazing plant to
practice with when growing orchids!

FAQ #3: How Do I Choose a Good Orchid?

Selecting a good orchid is the same as choosing any other healthy plant. You want to be sure that the
shoots and leaves look strong and well. Be sure that the orchid is capable of standing up under its own
weight and doesn't look wilted.

If you can, look at the root system to be sure it's healthy and thriving. Search for the presence of flower
spikes to get an idea of how many flowers you can anticipate your orchid to produce. (It can help you to
create a checklist before you go orchid shopping, so that you will not forget what to search for.)

FAQ #4: How Can I Keep My Orchid Healthy?

Keeping an orchid healthy is a complicated subject, but basically, it all boils down to maintaining the right
environment for your orchid at all times.

If it needs plenty of air circulation, don't keep it imprisoned in a heavy mix. If it needs indirect sunlight,
don't place it directly in the sun. If it needs high humidity, don't place it somewhere it will be dehydrated.

Take action to be sure that you learn what the specific needs of your orchid are (there are a few thousand
unique species of orchids out there!) Also take care to watch your plant to see how it responds to varying
orchid care methods you try on your orchid growing journey.
FAQ #5: Why Isn't it Blossoming?

This is most likely the most frequently asked question of all. Orchid growers can be a little worried about
when their orchids are going to blossom. Not like annuals or perennials, orchids have been known to take
up to three years to blossom, and re-blossoming after that can be unpredictable. This is why you need to
take action to discover the age of your orchid when you purchase it.

Orchids labeled as "BS" are ready to blossom within the next year. And those labeled "NBS" can take
longer than that. Each orchid has varying times in which it's estimated to blossom, so for a lot of people,
the answer to this query is basically, "it's just not ready to blossom yet."

If your orchid should be blossoming, however, and it isn't, then you need to make some changes to the
care you're providing it. Make sure that all of its environmental and nutritional needs are being met. When
growing orchids, do not forget blossoming requires a lot of energy and optimal health.

And if you like to get more of your questions answered about growing orchids, download my
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Description: Even for people who are familiar with gardening, growing orchids can pose a unique challenge. These flowers tend to have a reputation for being finicky or difficult to grow. But anyone with actual orchid growing experience can tell you, this isn't necessarily the case. That's why in this article you'll discover the top 5 "FAQs" (and dispel a few myths) about growing orchids.