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Example of Chemistry Research Proposal document sample

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									Cruise Schedule Spreadsheet

Vessel Name          Country           Departure Date      Arrival Date       Departure Port       Arrival Port          Specific Area         General Ocean Area     Navy Grid (1)

(1) A view of the US Navy Grid can be found here: http://www.researchvessels.org/navgrid.htm
(2) General Discipline Examples include Biology, Chemistry, Education, Equipment Tests, Geology, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Meteorology, Multi-Discipline, Physical Oceanography, Transit, etc…
(3) Proposal ID is used to help search for additional information on the particular science mission, for example an NSF proposal number like OCExxxxxxxx
(4) Major Project is used for multi-cruise experiments supporting a major research project, such as BITS, CLIVAR, GLOBEC, HOTS, WOCE, etc...

        Specific Experiment            General Discipline (2)   Chief Scientist   Funding Agency   Proposal Id (3)   Major Project (4)   Notes

Transit, etc…


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