Building an IMC Campaign This outline is designed to be compatible with Clow and Baack Advertising Promotion and Integrated Marketing Communications

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					                                       Building an IMC Campaign

      This outline is designed to be compatible with Clow and Baack, Advertising, Promotion, and
Integrated Marketing Communications textbook.
      In preparing the IMC campaign, it is recommended that you consider utilizing the following
outline. This outline is based on three overall IMC objectives: (1) Consumer target markets; (2) Business
to business target markets; (3) Marketing/distribution channels to successfully approach those target
      From these three communication objectives, you can integrate the various IMC components into a
seamless communication plan.
This is a detailed outline. Many portions of this outline may not apply to your plan. Customize the outline
as necessary to fit your individual situation.

Integrated Marketing Communications Plan
1.0   Executive Summary                                        Freq. Shopper Program
      1.1   Table of Contents                               5.3   Media Plan
                                                            5.4   Evaluation
2.0   Promotion Opportunity Analysis
      2.1   Communications Market Analysis            6.0   IM C Objective Two (Distribution Channel)
            2.1.1 Competitive Analysis                      6.1   Budget
            2.1.2 Opportunity Analysis                      6.2   IMC Methodologies
            2.1.3 Target Market Analysis                          6.2.1 Advertising
            2.1.4. Customer Analysis                            Adv. Goals and Budget
      2.2   Market Segmentation Strategy                        Creative Brief
                                                                Advertising Design
3.0   Corporate Strategies                                        6.2.2 Trade Promotions
      3.1   Corporate Image Strategy                            Budget Allocation
      3.2   Brand Development Strategy                          Trade Promo Selection
      3.3   Brand Positioning Strategy                          Package Design
      3.4   Distribution Strategy                                 6.2.3 Personal Selling
      3.5   Business-to-Business Strategy                         6.2.4 Database Programs
      3.6   Public Relations Strategy                           Data W arehouse
      3.7   Evaluation                                          Direct Marketing
                                                            6.3   Media Plan
4.0   IMC Management                                        6.4   Evaluation
      4.1  IMC Objectives
      4.2  IMC Budget                                 7.0   IMC Objective Three (Business-to-Business)
      4.3  Agency Selection                                 7.1  Budget
      4.4  Internet W eb site                               7.2  IMC Methodologies
                                                                 7.2.1 Advertising
5.0   IMC Objective One (Consumer)                             Adv Goals and Budget
      5.1  Budget                                              Creative Brief
      5.2  IMC Methodologies                                   Advertising Design
           5.2.1 Advertising                                     7.2.2 Consumer (B-to-B) Promotions
         Adv Goals and Budget                 Budget Allocation
         Creative Brief                       Consumer Promotions
         Advertising Design                   Sample Consumer Promo
           5.2.2 Consumer Promotions                             7.2.3 Personal Selling
         Budget Allocation                      7.2.4 Sponsorship Programs
         Consumer Promotion                     7.2.5 Database Programs
         Sample Cons. Promos)                 Data W arehouse
           5.2.3 Personal Selling                              Direct Marketing
           5.2.4 Sponsorship Programs                          Permission Marketing
           5.2.5 Database Programs                             Freq. Shopper Program
         Data W arehouse                   7.3  Media Plan
         Direct Marketing                  7.4  Evaluation
         Permission Marketing
Building an IMC Campaign                                                                                    2

Additional Information:                                 information search should be used to develop a
                                                        media plan in later chapters. Factors that affect the
Pick Your Client                                        purchase decision should be identified as well as
      An effective Integrated Marketing                 current trends that may have an impact. Identifying
Communications program involves applying the            these factors will help in developing the tactical
concepts and techniques contained in the Clow and portion of the IMC campaign.
Baack textbook. To help understand how the                     When completed, this section of the IMC
process unfolds, pick a client to be used throughout campaign should demonstrate your solid
the entire book. Possible client choices include local understanding of how consumers make product-
small businesses, non-profit organizations,             purchasing decisions along with the factors that
restaurants, sandwich shops, family businesses, and might influence those decisions.
so on. Use care if selecting a client that is part of a
global organization as this will significantly          Developing the Business-to-Business Component
increase the scope of your project.                     of an IMC Program
                                                               Most products and services have potential
Developing a Brand Name and an Image                    business buyers. These business customers may be
Management Program                                      reached through direct channels or through some
      Chapter 2 will aid in the development of a        type of distribution method. Consider potential
corporate image and a brand strategy reflecting         business-to-business customers as well as channel
Section 3 of the IMC Campaign outline. A                members who would purchase the product.
brand/corporate name and an accompanying logo           Wholesalers, distributors, and retailers should be
should be designed and chosen. This is in large part identified. Section 3.4 of the IMC campaign outline
the second IMC assignment. The corporate identity deals with the distribution strategy. Section 3.5
assignment should include, but not be limited to:       examines the business-to-business marketing angle.
1.    logo                                              Discussing the type of good or service being
2.    tagline                                           marketed as well as the type of customers who may
3.    letterhead and envelope                           purchase the product is helpful in understanding
4.    business card                                     and reaching these markets. Recall that business
5.    one other collateral piece specific to the        purchase decisions are made through use of the
      client’s business                                 buying center concept. Identify individuals within
6.    any specific items that are part of the           the customer’s organization who are stakeholders in
      assignment for the currents semester.             the decision. For example, who would use the
                                                        product, who would influence the purchase, what
      The corporate image to be conveyed to the         type of purchase situation is involved (straight
various publics is specified. Your group should         rebuy, a modified rebuy, or new task purchase)?
discuss how this would be accomplished. At this         Each type of purchase leads to a different design for
point you should realize the importance of              a promotional campaign.
integrating the corporate strategy, brand name,
logo, and positioning strategy together with the        Conducting a Promotions Opportunity Analysis
other portions of the plan.                             (POA) for Your Product
                                                               This is critical, as the POA lays the
Inducing Consumers to Buy a Product                     foundation for the IMC plan. You must conduct a
      Developing a high quality IMC program             promotions opportunity analysis as discussed in the
requires an understanding of your target markets’       text. Step 1 of the promotions opportunity analysis
buying behaviors. Specific customer/target market       is to perform a communications market analysis,
analysis, section 2.1.4, is the most relevant section. including
You should address the consumer decision-making 1)             Competitive analysis: who are they and what
process and how it relates to your client’s products           is their strategy?
and/or services. Information yielded by an external 2)         Opportunity analysis: what opportunities
Building an IMC Campaign                                                                                    3

      exist that you can exploit? How does this         Selecting an Executional Framework for an IMC
      relate to your three primary communications       Advertising Campaign
      objectives?                                              Most students enjoy this part. To get a feel
3)    Segment/Target market analysis                    for the challenge in creating an advertisement, you
4)    Customer analysis.                                should create at least one broadcast ad and one print
      The fifth part of the communications market       ad. You may describe the advertisements that
analysis, the position analysis, should have been       would be prepared. For broadcast advertisements,
completed in conjunction materials found in with        create a storyboard with 6 to 12 captures. It is
Ch. 4.                                                  important to allocate a budget for the creation of
      A major part the IMC plan is the market           each advertisement. Consider the various message
segmentation strategy. Based on your                    strategies to employ, including cognitive, affective,
communications market analysis and especially           conative, and brand strategies. Decide on an
your target market analysis, you should decide what     executional framework format, such as animation,
segmentation strategy you will use and which target     slice of life, testimonial, dramatization, or one of
market(s) you will pursue. This is section 2.2 of the   the others. Finally, a spokesperson should be
IMC Campaign.                                           chosen for the advertisement. If the spokesperson is
                                                        a celebrity, the cost of the celebrity endorsement
Constructing an Advertising Program                     must be considered.
      Should an outside agency be used, or is an in-
house effort satisfactory. Keep in mind that part of  Selecting Media for an IMC Advertising
your assignment is to play the role of an outside     Campaign
consultant recommending the proper course for                For each target market, a medium should be
your client.                                          chosen that will best reach the market. You should
      The final part of this chapter presents the     decide how much money will be spent on the
Creative Brief, which is found in Sections,   media plan after deducting the cost of advertising and of the IMC Campaign outline.      production.
Following the example used in the text and based             Once the budget is completed, you then
upon their promotion opportunity analysis, you        develop a media plan. The plan should be for one
should prepare a Creative Brief.                      year and include the following information:
                                                      a)     media choice (television, radio, magazine,
Choosing the Correct Appeal for an IMC                etc.)
Advertising Campaign                                  b)     program within media (Friends, Monday
       The three key theories presented in the text          Night Football, Survivor, etc.)
should be utilized in the development of              c)     cost per advertisement, number of
advertisements. These include: the Hierarchy of              advertisements, and total cost
Effects model, Means-Ends Theory, and visual and d)          CPM
verbal imaging. A Means-End Chain should be           e)     rating points, gross rating points, and cost per
prepared for each Creative Brief. If prepared                rating point
properly, the Means-End Chain should work for any f)         a discussion of frequency and reach
type of media choice and more importantly, guide
in the actual development of the advertisement.              If rating points, audience size, and other data
       Next, decide on the type of appeal to be used. are not available, you may estimate these figures
The appeal may be different for print ads than for    and provide a justification of how you arrived at
television advertising or billboard ads. You have     these estimates. It may be helpful to prepare tables
already developed the media plan, which means you such as the one illustrated in the chapter. The
will know the type of advertisement required for      presentation should include a media plan, especially
each medium.                                          for (a) and (b) above, as well as a rationale for each
                                                      decision. Be sure to also consider business-to-
                                                      business advertising needs as well as advertising
Building an IMC Campaign                                                                                      4

that may need to be directed toward individual         role sellers play as well as how the supplier can
channel members. This portion of the media plan        offer training or incentives to enhance sales of the
will undoubtedly look different than the media plan    product at the retail level.
for consumers.
                                                      Generating Positive Publicity and Considering
Matching Trade Promotion Tactics with an IMC Sponsorships
Advertising Campaign                                          Section 3.6 of the IMC outline addresses the
       Most will not have any experience with trade public relations function. Sections 5.2.4 and 7.2.4
promotions. You should have already identified        address sponsorship and event marketing issues. In
channel members such as wholesalers, distributors, Section 3.6 regarding public relations, you should
and retailers. They should be reminded that, for      first identify various stakeholders then discuss the
most products, approximately 50% of the IMC           types of messages you will want to convey to the
budget will go to trade promotions.                   various stakeholder groups. Review the various
       Examine the various types of promotions. If a public relations tools that can be used for these
new product is being introduced, a slotting fee,      purposes.
which can range from $100 to $1,000 per store, may            Event and sponsorship marketing has become
be charged. If the product is going to be stocked in increasingly more popular. Consider how events
discount stores such as Wal-Mart, the slotting fee    and sponsorships create synergies between the
for just Wal-Mart will range from $280,000 to         event or group being sponsored, the consumers who
$2,800,000. To encourage retailers and wholesalers attend, the company, and the products themselves.
to stock the merchandise, an off-invoice allowance Note how the event or sponsorship fits into the
should be offered. Without a strong brand name to     overall budget and IMC approach. Events and
pull the product through the channel, this off-       sponsorships for the consumer market are presented
invoice allowance encourages channel members to in Section 5.2.4 of the IMC outline and in Section
push the product through to retail stores and         7.2.4 for business-to-business markets.
       In addition to the trade promotions, you must, Creating Internet Marketing Plans
if appropriate for your client, consider package              The Internet is a vital component of any IMC
design. Consider POP displays and how important       Campaign. Design at least the opening page of a
the package design is to retailers trying to stock    Web site. Develop how the site will be used and
crowded shelves and aisles.                           integrated into the IMC Campaign.

Creating Consumer Promotions for an IMC                Evaluating Your IMC Program
Campaign                                                     Review and integrate all of the materials
      For this portion of the IMC Campaign,            created to this point. Prepare an Executive
examine the consumer promotions to offer.              Summary, Section 1.0. Examine everything you
Consumer promotions should be considered for           have prepared to this point. The evaluation aspect
both the consumer markets (Objective 1) and the        of the IMC Campaign can be addressed in one of
business-to-business market (Objective 3).             two ways. It can be a separate section of the report
Consumer promotions are chosen that fit with           (Sections 5.4, 6.4, and 7.4); or it can be
advertisements and other elements of the IMC           incorporated into each section of the report.
campaign. You are required to design the actual        Regardless of the method used, you should discuss
consumer promotions items to be used, such as          methods of evaluation for each component of the
coupons or premiums.                                   IMC program.

Personal Selling and Database Management               The IMC plan may be easier to visualize with the
       Personal selling strategies vary based on the   graphic on the next page.
client and objectives involved. A discussion of the
consumer buying process will help understand the
Building an IMC Campaign   5

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