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					  Pink and Say
by Patricia Polacco

        Ms. Rahmani
      January 26, 2011
    Assignment option #1
Pinkus Aylee (AKA Pink)

                        Birthday: July 4, 1848

                        Email: Pinksoldier@gmail.com

                        School: I didn’t go to school because I
                        was an owned slave but my master
                        taught me how to read.
 1. Reading about Civil War heroes (because he was a
    Civil War hero himself and they inspired him.)
 2. Spending time with family since we spend a lot of
    time apart.
 3. Keeping up with politics to see how the war is going.
 4. Teaching other African Americans how to read.

 1. Reading, since my master taught me how to and very
    few African Americans can read
 2. Working out to be strong and healthy enough to fight
 3. Karate to practice self defense
 4. Farming, it helps me relax and it’s a good time to
    bond with my mom
 5. Going to poetry readings, it helps me appreciate good
Favorite Quotes:
1. ‚I can’t rightly leave you here.‛ Pink to Say
2. ‚I prayed to the Lord every day. My prayers were
   surely answered ‘cause He brought my baby back here
   to stay.‛ Moe Moe Bay about her son coming back from
3. ‚Cause it’s my fight, Say…If we don’t fight, then who
   will?‛ Pink trying to convince Say to go back to war.
4. ‚I blessed this house because of all those beautiful
   books…but I cursed it too for what it stood for.‛ Pink
   about his master’s house.
5. ‚You goin’ to be an old man someday. When it is your
   time, the sweet Lord’ll send a hummin bird to fly your
   soul to heaven. Now, you ain’t afeared of hummin’
   birds, are you?‛ What Pink’s mother told Say in order
   to calm him before he went off to war again

Favorite Music:
1. I'm Coming Home by J.Cole ft. Skylar Grey
2. Not Afraid by Eminem
3. Toy Soldiers by Eminem
4. Just A Dream by Carrie Underwood (A song about an
   army wife who imagines her husband, who was killed
   in war, was just a dream.
5. Imagine by John Lennon (A song about freedom, peace,
   and equality in the world.)
6. My Country Tis of Thee by Samuel Francis Smith (A
   patriotic song and one of America’s ‚national anthems‛)
7. Freedom by Aretha Franklin
Favorite Books:
1. Abraham Lincoln: An Photobiography
2. Thank You, Mr. Falker by Patricia Polacco
3. Poetry by Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes

Favorite Movies:
1. Saving Private Ryan
2. Black Hawk Down
3. Dear John

      Pinkus is now friends with Sheldon “Say” Curtis
      Pinkus is now friends with Abraham Lincoln
                 Photo Album

              This is a picture of Say, Sheldon Russell
              Curtis, a young wounded soldier I found
              who was wearing the Union colors. His
              knee was wounded with a bullet lodged
              through it. I splashed water in his face and
              carried him all the way home. We trudged
              though streams and high grasses and we
              even ‚belly crawled‛ through the dry fields.

              This is a picture of my mother, Moe Moe
              Bay. She missed me so much. She said a
              ‚miracle‛ brought me back to her. She took
              care of my friend, Say. She made us
              porridge and washed our clothes. She even
              protected us when the marauders came. I
              miss her now. 
This is a picture of me showing Say how
‚paper talks.‛ I told him that my Master
taught me how to read so I can read to
him. He told me that he met Abraham
Lincoln and shook his hand!

 This is a picture of mother hugging me
 before I went back to fight in the war.
 We had packed cornbread, pork, and
 dried beans. Right after this the
 marauders showed up and we went to
 hide in the attic.

I put this picture in memory of the fallen
soldiers who protect and defend our
country each day. We should ‚vow to
remember them always.‛
                     Status Updates

1. Today I was walking through field and I saw a wounded
   white soldier laying in the grass. He was wearing the
   Union colors. He told me that he was shot in the knee. I
   knew I had to help him so I took him home with me.

2. Today I tried to convince Say to go back to fight in the war
   with me. I told him ‚As soon as you heal up we gotta get
   away from here. We puttin’ Moe Moe Bay in danger.‛

3. The marauders came today. We heard screams and shrieks
   coming from the woods. Say and I quickly hid in the cellar
   while mama distracted them. They ransacked our home
   looking for hidden soldiers. Mama was hurt  …

4. Say and I were captured today. We were walking and I was
   giving Say my spectacles so that no one would question
   why I have them. Just then someone approached me asking
   ‚What outfit you part of?‛ I lied and told them I was
   wearing a dead soldiers uniform. He didn’t believe us, my
   accent had given us away. We are prisoners of the
   Confederate Army now, being held up in a barn tonight.
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5. Today Say and I were separated. We were thrown into
   boxcars and driven to ‚Andersonville,‛ one of the worst
   Confederate camps. That was the last time I touched the
   hand that touched Mr. Lincoln…
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