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					                                                            Acing the Federal Interview
BUSINESS SKILLS                                             "Your resume gets you the interview; the interview gets
                                                            you the job." What should you do and say during the
Ten Steps to a Federal Job                                  interview to get you that ever elusive job offer? The
The federal government is the largest employer in the       current buzz in federal interviewing is about "situational
U.S., with 1.8 million civilian employees. Over the next    interviewing," which is based on your previous behavior.
five years, 40 percent of the civilian workforce will be    Studies show that the way you behaved in a previous
eligible to retire, with over 70 percent of the Senior      similar circumstance is a strong predictor of how you will
Executive Service retirement eligible. You will be shown    act in a future situation. The Merit Systems Protection
the ins and outs of the federal hiring process, how to      Board is recommending that federal agencies use
search vacancy announcements, and how to navigate           situational interviewing, a tried and true technique. Come
through the USA Jobs Recruitment One-Stop system.           find out how this knowledge can help with your federal
Using proven techniques from "Ten Steps to a Federal        job interview. $70
Job," you will create an effective federal application       Sat 9am-4pm, Nov 06
                                                              #3078 XI 108 M1662       Laurel College Center
packet, which includes a federal-style resume, KSAs, and
cover letter. Please bring your resume and a vacancy
announcement to class. $70                                  Developing Sponsorship Opportunities:
 Sat 9am-4pm, Sep 11                                       Hidden Dollars
  #3083 XI 477 M1645      Laurel College Center             Find out how to obtain sponsorships for your special
                                                            events, develop associate memberships, and make the
Federal Employment : Resume                                 most of non-dues revenue sources on a year-long basis.
Learn how to create an outstanding federal resume. You      $25**
will target a particular occupational series using proven    Thu 6:30pm-9:30pm, Oct 28
                                                              #3051 XE 451 M1635       Laurel College Center
tips and techniques to improve your federal application
packet and to ensure that you provide all required
information. You will learn how to identify key words       Special Events
and use them effectively. Federal resumes will be           Have you ever wondered how the glitz and glamour of
converted into an online (scan-able) resume. Please bring   special events actually happens? Learn the basics of the
your resume and a federal vacancy announcement to           event planning process. You will be taught the critical
class. $70                                                  role of research, setting measurable objectives, marketing,
 Sat 9am-4pm, Oct 23                                       and evaluating. You will also identify the Five Ps of
  #3016 XB 319 M1647      Laurel College Center             successful planning and lay the foundation for expecting
                                                            the unexpected. $55
Writing Outstanding KSAs for Your Federal                    Tue,Thu 6:30pm-9:30pm, Oct 05-Oct 07
                                                              #3317 XI 102 M1628       Laurel College Center
Job Search
Gain a deeper understanding of the federal hiring process
and how to research federal job requirements. Most          Marketing Your Meetings and Exhibits
federal job announcements require applicants to address     Learn what to include in your marketing plan and how to
KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities). Discover the       understand the purpose of your meetings and exhibits.
importance of KSAs and how to write required KSA            This class will show you how to analyze your target
statements using a proven formula to improve your           market, determine the factors that will affect your budget,
federal application package. You can apply concepts         how to identify and understand your competition, and
learned in this class to develop great accomplishment       how to monitor the results of your marketing plan. Plan,
                                                            execute, analyze. $25**
statements for cover letters, resumes, and interviews.
Bring your resume and a federal vacancy announcement         Thu 6:30pm-9:30pm, Sep 30
                                                              #3064 XE 705 M1629       Laurel College Center
to class. $70
 Sat 9am-4pm, Oct 02                                       The Site Selection Process
  #3015 XB 316 M1646      Laurel College Center
                                                            Learn the basic steps of the site selection process. This
                                                            course will review the legal issues in selecting your site,
                                                            how to determine the physical requirements for the site,
                                                            what to consider when selecting meeting rooms, the
                                                            choices in configurations, how facilities charge for
                                                            meeting rooms and the formula for determining what size
                                                            room is needed. The right size room can save you money
                                                            and make your attendees more comfortable. $25**
                                                             Thu 6:30pm-9:30pm, Oct 14
                                                              #3058 XE 530 M1633       Laurel College Center
Working With Hotels                                          Basic Federal Tax Information for Small
Anyone interested in planning an event at a hotel will       Business
benefit by understanding hotel profit centers, contract      This course provides instruction to new or prospective
negotiations, legal issues and license requirements. This    business owners on their rights and obligations under our
course covers writing a request for proposal (RFP),          nation's tax systems. Topics include types of business
developing a meeting resume, and preparing addendums         entities and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
that will protect the organization. $25**                    Different tax forms are discussed, payroll requirements
 Thu 6:30pm-9:30pm, Oct 21                                  and reporting, initial filing requirements with the federal
  #3065 XE 706 M1634      Laurel College Center              government as well as with state taxing authorities, and a
                                                             myriad of other tax topics will be discussed. This course
Conference Planning Management                               is taught by a practicing CPA who specializes in start-up
Perfect your skills in time management, delegation and       business. $50
client relations. Hot topics include goal setting, site       Sat 9am-4pm, Oct 30
selection, budgeting, planning creative functions, and         #3019 XB 584 M1734       Laurel College Center
managing meeting logistics. $50
 Sat 9am-4pm, Oct 02                                        Separating Your Personal Credit From Your
  #3024 XB 611 M1632      Laurel College Center
                                                             Business Credit
                                                             Learn how to establish a line of credit for your business
Writing Grant Proposals                                      without having to resort to using personal credit. This
Develop and package convincing and hard-hitting grant        course will benefit you whether you are starting a
proposals that will sell your capabilities and meet the      business or are already running one. Learn how to analyze
needs of the funding organization. $50                       personal and business credit using sample credit reports.
 Fri 9am-4pm, Oct 01                                        Gain an overview of the different business structures and
  #3086 XI 673 M1630      Laurel College Center
                                                             the most-used business structure to establish corporate
                                                             credit. By the end of this course, you will have a quick
ENTREPRENEURSHIP, SELF-                                      plan you can use to start establishing corporate credit
EMPLOYMENT & SMALL BUSINESS                                  today. $25**
                                                              Tue 6:30pm-9:30pm, Oct 05
Business Plan: Blueprint for Success                           #3069 XE 991 M1733      Laurel College Center
Develop goals and objectives for your business ventures.      Tue 6:30pm-9:30pm, Nov 02
                                                               #3070 XE 991 M1744       Laurel College Center
You will examine the many elements of the business plan
and the various uses and dynamic nature of the planning
process. $50                                                 Contract Opportunities in the State and
 Sat 9am-4pm, Oct 09                                        County
  #3021 XB 592 M1732      Laurel College Center              This course is designed to connect businesses with actual
                                                             contract opportunities in the State of Maryland and
Marketing Strategies for Today and                           surrounding local jurisdictions. $25**
Tomorrow                                                      Mon 6:30pm-9:30pm, Nov 15
                                                               #3054 XE 495 M1728       Laurel College Center
Examine advertising and promotional techniques such as
press releases, brochures, newsletters, local magazines,
newspapers, radio, direct mail, and telephone yellow         Government Contracting: Marketing Your
pages. $50                                                   Business to Our Government
 Sat 9am-4pm, Nov 06                                        Designed for small businesses owned by women and/or
  #3017 XB 340 M1730      Laurel College Center              persons with disabilities, this course explains, in detail,
                                                             federal, state, and county governments procurement
Media Buzz                                                   programs established for business owners like you. $45
So, you have a great new business but no one knows            Wed 6:30pm-9pm, Nov 10-Nov 17
about it yet? Learn how to use the media to become             #3012 XB 111 M1739       Laurel College Center
known as an expert in your field. As an expert, media
outlets will contact you to come on their show free of       Intellectual Property (Copyrights,
charge. Learn the secret to this successful marketing idea   Trademarks, Trade Secrets) and Licensing
to get local and national exposure for your business         Everything your business develops and creates should
without paying thousands to a PR firm. $25**                 remain an exclusive asset of the business--for example,
 Mon 6:30pm-9:30pm, Oct 04                                  company names, logos, slogans, products, and services.
  #3034 XE 140 M1745      Laurel College Center              This course will cover the implications of copyright,
                                                             trademark, and trade secret laws and patents for your
                                                             business. Learn about licensing the intellectual property
                                                             assets of your business to individuals and companies, and
                                                             securing licenses from individuals and companies for use
                                                             in your business. $25**
                                                              Mon 6:30pm-9:30pm, Nov 01
                                                               #3045 XE 203 M1729       Laurel College Center
Accounting and Recordkeeping for Small                         How to Create a Women's Organization
Business                                                       Learn how you can create a successful women's
A certified public accountant will explain various             organization in your area. This class will include start-up
methods of accounting, how they function, and the factors      information, methods for attracting members, and ways to
to consider when selecting the method for your business.       establish the organization in the community. You will
A case study of an accounting system for a small business      create a simple marketing strategy involving free radio
will be completed in class. Required documentation for         ads, set benchmarks of success, and find speakers who
business transactions will be discussed; how long to keep      will speak for free. $55
business records will be reviewed. $50                          Mon 6:30pm-9:30pm, Nov 01-Nov 08
 Sat 9am-4pm, Oct 23                                            #3027 XB 939 M1637       Laurel College Center
  #3022 XB 593 M1736       Laurel College Center
                                                               Advanced Seasonal and Event Designs
Establishing a Consulting Practice                             For advanced floriculture students: learn the unique
If you have a marketable skill, you can develop your own       requirements and concepts of seasonal and party event
full or part-time consulting business by identifying future    designs. You will be working on larger designs in this
trends and opportunities in the consulting industry,           class. Pleae bring wire cutters and floral knife to first
estimating start-up costs and monthly expenses, locating       class. A $300 floral supplies fee* payable to the instructor
clients, and marketing your services. $50                      is due at the first class. 1.6 CEUs. $150
 Sat 9am-4pm, Oct 16                                           Mon 6:30pm-8:30pm, Sep 13-Nov 08
  #3020 XB 587 M1731       Laurel College Center                 #3609 XB 144 M1655       Laurel College Center

Recession Proof Business: Franchising                          The Business of Home Staging
About 75% of the adult population thinks about business        Love decorating? Ever said to yourself, "I can do that,"
ownership at some point, but only 5% ever actually             after watching one of those home staging shows on
become business owners because of fear of failure.             HGTV or A&E? Home staging is one of the fastest-
Franchising offers a less risky approach, but it is not for    growing home-based businesses in the US. It is a proven
everyone. Examine the pros and cons, finding a franchise       marketing tool used to help sell homes quickly and for top
that's right for you, investment levels, sources of funding,   dollar. This course will give you a high-level overview of
and many other topics that will help you decide whether        the concepts and principles involved in home staging and
to start a franchise and how to go about it. $25**             how to start a business. Instructor: Nicci Parrish, ASP.
 Mon 6:30pm-9:30pm, Oct 25                                    $50
  #3720 XE 298 M1748       Laurel College Center                Sat 9am-4pm, Nov 13
                                                                 #3730 XB 145 M1657       Laurel College Center
Crash Course in Event Planning
Come acquire the basics of event planning. Discover how        Such a Voice (Voice-Overs)
to organize, plan, and execute an event in style. Please       Voice-overs are hot today! You don't have to be an actor
bring an event that you are currently working on such as a     to get voice-over work, but it certainly doesn't hurt! With
meeting, conference, retreat, baby shower, birthday, or        such notable talent as James Earl Jones, Linda Hunt, and
reunion to class. We will work together to make your           Donald Sutherland lending their voices to commercials,
event a success! $45                                           films, and videos, one would think that it would be next to
 Tue,Thu 6:30pm-9pm, Nov 09-Nov 11                            impossible to break into this field. Not so! In this class
  #3029 XB 980 M1665       Laurel College Center               you'll learn about an exciting new way to get around the
                                                               competition and actually turn voice-overs into a thriving
Starting Your Meeting Planning Company                         full or part-time business! Larissa Gallagher, 15 years of
Have you ever thought of starting your own meeting             experience as a professional performer, will demonstrate
management company and didn't know where to begin?             voice-over technique and will introduce students to the
This program will provide you with the information you         voice-over business as a whole. She will talk about the
need to establish your own business. In addition, you will     numerous opportunities, the income potential, and the all-
receive information on developing and reaching target          important demo and how to have it produced. You'll step
markets such as associations, corporations, individuals,       up to the microphone to do some practice recording, and
the government, weddings and parties. $50                      best of all, hear the results! $49**
 Sat 9am-4pm, Sep 25                                           Sat 10am-12pm, Oct 02
  #3023 XB 595 M1627       Laurel College Center                 #2486 XE 100 J1618       Laurel College Center
Fashion Sketching I                                             Medication Administration
See the workings behind the fashion industry. Create a          Gain skills to administer medications safely to children in
technical flat sketch with construction details similar to      child care centers and family child care homes. This state-
the drawings on the back of a commercial dressmaking            approved curriculum provides 6 clock hours of MSDE
pattern. It is two-dimensional without a figure, drawn to       Core of Knowledge: Health, Safety and Nutrition and
scale. It helps explain the garment construction process,       addresses NAEYC standards for program accreditation.
details of design and how the garment will look when            Topics include practices and procedures for administering
sewn. Bring these supplies to class: full-page images of        over-the-counter and prescription medications in
fashion models striking great poses in fashionable clothes;     accordance with state child care licensing requirements;
tracing paper pad (size 9"x12"); fine point mechanical          instruction is provided by qualified health professionals.
pencil, pencil smudger, gum eraser, color markers; fine         MDSE Medication Administration handbook provided in
point black marker, scissors, masking tape; clear plastic       class. Core of Knowledge: 6 clock hrs. HSN. .6 CEUs.
1" ruler, large foam board for fashion presentation.            $59 (includes $15 materials fee*)
Optional supplies: pastel pencils (not chalk) and small          Sat 9am-3:30pm, Oct 16
swatches of fabric. A $10 materials fee* is due to the            #2590 ZB 684 J1726       Laurel College Center
instructor when you arrive for workbook and templates.
$30**                                                           Communication Skills for Child Care
 Sat 10am-1pm, Oct 30-Dec 04                                   Professionals
  #3037 XE 161 M1670        Laurel College Center               This course is designed for child care professionals as an
                                                                introduction to the basic concepts of developing strong
Fashion Sketching II                                            communication skills when working in a child care
Are you intrigued by the technical details of beautifully       center. Topics include: speaking, writing, interpersonal
sewn garments? Make fabulous dimensional fashion                communication strategies, and critical reading techniques,
sketches. Develop the techniques necessary to draw              with a focus on communication with parents and co-
garments and figures with style and detail. Create your         workers, and communication issues within a typical child
own signature style. Bring these supplies: full-page            care day. .9 CEUs. $75
images of fashion models striking great poses; tracing           Sat 9am-2pm, Sep 18-Sep 25
paper pad (9"x12"); fine point mechanical pencil, pencil          #2576 ZB 654 J1724       Laurel College Center
smudger, gum eraser, color markers; fine point black
marker, scissors, masking tape; clear plastic 1" ruler, large   Emergency Preparedness Training for Child
foam board for fashion presentations. Optional supplies:        Care Providers
pastel pencils (not chalk) and small swatches of fabric. A      Become prepared to keep children safe and secure in the
$20 materials fee is due to the instructor when you arrive,     event of emergency situations. Develop a written
for the workbook and template sheets. $40**                     emergency plan and a Ready-To-Go file in this one day
 Sat 12:30pm-4:30pm, Oct 02                                    class, and receive a FREE emergency backpack resource
  #3038 XE 162 M1667        Laurel College Center               kit. Box lunch/snacks will be provided. MSDE Core of
                                                                Knowledge: 3 hrs. Health, Safety & Nutrition,
CHILD CARE                                                      Professionalism, 3 hrs. .6 CEUs. $15
                                                                 Sat 9am-3:30pm, Dec 04
Child Care Certification I: Growth and                            #2591 ZB 655 J1727       Laurel College Center
This course covers the child development half of 90 hours       Child Care: 90 Hours
coursework plus communication skills. This certification        This certificate course is approved by the Maryland State
course satisfies half of the MSDE requirement of 90 hours       Department of Education to satisfy the requirement of 90
for child care teachers and directors, and also satisfies the   hours of training for directors and child care teachers to
9-hour Communication Skills requirement. Gain a broad           work with children birth to age six in group child care
overview of the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical      centers. In addition, the first half of our 90 hours course
development of the child from birth to age 13, and build        covers child growth and development from birth to
communication skills to use with parents, co-workers and        adolescence and will satisfy the first half of the 90 hours
the public. This course and a 45-hour course in age-            for directors and child care teachers in school-age
appropriate curriculum (preschool infant-toddler, or            before/after care group centers. This course may also be
school-age) are required to complete the 90-hour                used in place of the pre-service family child care modules.
certification for child care. You must attend all class         Text required for the first class. (T) 9.0 CEUs. $320
hours and successfully complete class assignments to             Sat 8:30am-4:30pm, Sep 11-Dec 04
                                                                  #3098 ZB 457 M1749       Laurel College Center
receive a course certificate. (T) 5.4 CEUs. $230 (includes
$15 materials fee*)
 Sat 9am-4:30pm, Sep 04-Oct 23
  #2577 ZB 669 J1725        Laurel College Center
School Age Child Care Administration                           OTHER OCCUPATIONS
This certificate course has been approved by the
Maryland State Department of Education to meet the             CDL Learner's Permit Prep
additional course requirement to be the director of a          Prepare for the MVA, CDL Class-A or B Commercial
school-age child care program. Topics include program          Driver permit exam. Topics include general knowledge,
design and management, budget, daily operations, staff         air brakes, transporting passengers, and combination
management, and curriculum activities. Text required at        vehicles. We recommend you obtain a CDL Learners
first class. (T) 4.5 CEUs. $175                                Manual at the local MVA office and read sections 1-6
 Sat 8:30am-4:30pm, Oct 23-Dec 04                             before class starts. $60
  #3100 ZB 483 M1750         Laurel College Center
                                                                Tue,Thu 6pm-9pm, Nov 02-Nov 04
                                                                 #3319 ZB 110 M1743       Laurel College Center
School-Age Curriculum Development: 45
Hours                                                          Electrical - Level 1
This certificate course has been approved by the               This course is the first level of the National Center for
Maryland State Department of Education to satisfy the          Construction Education and Research (NCCER)
curriculum portion (second half of the 90 hours) required      curriculum for electrical students. You will receive an
for group leaders and directors/coordinators in                overview of the electrical trade and available career paths
before/after care group centers and home centers to work       available. Topics include electrical safety, electrical test
with children 5-13 years of age. Prerequisite: Child           equipment, and electrical theory one. Textbook,
Growth and Development to work with children birth to          calculator, and NEC2008 Code book is required. (T)
13. Text required at first class. (T) 4.5 CEUs. $175           Note: (1) to receive NCCER credit for completion of
 Sat 8:30am-4:30pm, Oct 30-Dec 11                             previous basic electricity courses, you must request and
   #3104 ZB 656 M1752        Laurel College Center             pass Electrical Theory 1 & 2. (2) Construction Math is
(No class on November 28.)
                                                               highly recommended for those who need a math review.
                                                               2.5 CEUs. $265
Child Care Administration for Directors                         Thu 5:45pm-9:30pm, Sep 02-Oct 14
This course is designed to meet all the new MSDE                 #3093 XM 100 M1626       Laurel College Center
administrative requirements for center directors. Topics
will include program design and management, budget,            Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
daily     operations,      staff    management,         and    This course helps prepare you for CFC certification. It
curriculum/activities. Text required at first class. (T) 4.5   focuses on the basics of air conditioning and refrigeration
CEUs. $175                                                     including theory, test equipment, types of refrigerants,
 Sat 8:30am-4:30pm, Sep 11-Oct 16                             charging, refrigeration controls, recovery and recycling,
  #3107 ZB 675 M1751         Laurel College Center
                                                               compressors and metering devices, vacuum pumps and
                                                               troubleshooting. Upon successful completion, you will
FOOD SERVICE                                                   receive a certificate. Purchase textbook at HCC Bookstore
                                                               or online. 6.0 CEUs. $600
Introduction to the Hospitality Industry                        Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu 12:30pm-3:30pm, Sep 13-Oct 14
Learn basic management theories and principles as they           #3719 XM 104 M1746       Laurel College Center
apply to hotels and resorts, restaurants, food service
operations, clubs, cruise ships, meeting and event             Construction Estimating I
planning, conference centers, convention bureaus, and          This course is an introduction to construction estimating,
casino hotels. You will study business ethics, franchising,    It includes the purpose, basic methods of preparing
management contracts, human resources, marketing, and          estimates, types of estimates, and specifics relative to
sales. (T) $360                                                selected construction trades. Prerequisites: Math
 Mon,Wed 12pm-1:15pm, Aug 30-Dec 15                           Competency and XM 339. Text required at first class.
   #3018 XB 341 M1640       Laurel College Center              Text required at first class. (T) 4.2 CEUs. $380
(No class September 7 and November 25.)
                                                                Mon 6pm-9pm, Aug 30-Dec 06
                                                                 #3094 XM 348 M1638       Laurel College Center
Gain an overview of food microbiology, important food-
borne disease, standards enforced by food service
regulatory agencies, and applied measures for the
prevention of food-borne diseases and other
microbiological problems. Learn about the Hazard
Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system.
Successful      class   completion fulfills  ServSafe
Certification. (T) $120
 Mon,Wed 8am-9:30am, Nov 03-Dec 13
  #3724 ZB 113 M1747         Laurel College Center
Real Estate: Appraisal Principles &                            Computers & Information
This course is the first in a series of four (4) courses
designed to meet the education requirements of the
Maryland Real Estate Appraisers Commission for the             COMPUTER BASICS
Licensed Real Estate Appraiser classification. Topics to
be covered include: real property concepts and                 Introduction to Keyboarding
characteristics, legal considerations, influences on real      Keyboarding is needed for computer familiarity. Finger
estate values, types of value, economic principles, real       placement, basic computer parts, typing speed, and
estate markets and analysis, the valuation process,            accuracy are taught. This hands-on class prepares you for
property description, and an overview of the approaches        the skills needed for other computer training.
to value. The course meets for a total of 60 classroom         Text/software is available at the Bookstore (not included
hours. Attendance is mandatory. A final examination will       in course cost). (T) $134 (includes $45 computer fee*)
be given. A calculator is required for this course. Any         Tue 6:30pm-9:30pm, Sep 14-Oct 19
basic calculator will suffice. However, if the student           #2481 XA 355 J1615      Laurel College Center
desires to purchase a financial calculator, the Hewlett-
Packard 12C is recommended (and is required for the            Career Track: Word 2007
third course in this series; Appraisal Practices and           For the computer beginner who needs an introduction to
Analysis Part II). (T) 6.0 CEUs. $640                          basic computer concepts and the Windows operating
 Mon,Wed 6pm-10pm, Sep 08-Nov 01                              system, and who wants to learn basic word processing.
  #3103 ZB 640 M1738       Laurel College Center               Bring a USB-compatible flash drive or memory card to all
                                                               class sessions.(T) 2.4 CEUs. $190 (includes $30 computer
Real Estate: Appraisal Practices & Analysis                    fee*)
Part I                                                          Sat 9am-12pm, Oct 02-Nov 20
This course is third in a series of four courses that meet       #3721 XA 103 M1815      Laurel College Center
the education requirements of the Maryland Real Estate
Appraisers Commission for the Licensed Real Estate             Working With Windows
Appraiser classification. Topics include residential           Learn the basic operating system concepts and features of
markets and analysis, highest and best use, site valuation     this operating system, including the desktop, online Help,
and the cost approach. To meet requirements you must           My Computer, Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer,
attend all 30 classroom hours. A final examination will be     accessories and Web integration features. Gain the skills
given. Calculator required. (T) $320                           needed to create a document, organize files, work with
 Mon,Wed 6pm-10pm, Nov 08-Dec 02                              Windows Messenger, create an efficient work
  #3316 ZB 641 M1621       Laurel College Center               environment, work with media, clean up system, and find
                                                               information on the Internet. .9 CEUs. $150 (includes $55
Real Estate Principles and Practices for                       computer fee*)
Salespersons                                                    Mon,Wed,Fri 6:30pm-9:30pm, Sep 27-Oct 01
                                                                 #2615 XA 713 J1808      Laurel College Center
This course is approved by the Maryland Real Estate
Commission for a real estate sales license. It introduces
concepts of property types, interests in real estate,          OFFICE APPLICATIONS
property description, agency, contract law, finance,
valuation, taxation, license law, and fair housing, ethics     Microsoft Word Level 1
and environmental concerns. This course meets for a total      Learn to create, edit, and print a document. Become
of 60 classroom hours. Students must have 100 percent          familiar with basic Microsoft Word features. Prerequisite:
attendance and pass the final course exam in order to          Microsoft Windows. 1.2 CEUs. $205 (includes $80
qualify for the state examination. Students are encouraged     computer fee*)
to read the first 4 textbook chapters before the first class    Tue,Thu 6:30pm-9:30pm, Nov 02-Nov 11
session. Text required at first class. (T) 6.0 CEUs. $500        #2618 XA 869 J1811      Laurel College Center
 Tue,Thu 10am-1:15pm, Sep 07-Nov 11
  #3099 ZB 461 M1737       Laurel College Center               Microsoft Excel Level 1
                                                               Learn to create, modify, print, and format worksheets, use
                                                               templates, styles and AutoFormats, and find and replace
                                                               data. Prerequisite: Working with Windows or equivalent.
                                                               1.2 CEUs. $205 (includes $80 computer fee*)
                                                                Tue,Thu 6:30pm-9:30pm, Oct 05-Oct 14
                                                                 #2617 XA 872 J1810      Laurel College Center
Microsoft Excel Level 2                                         Introduction to Illustrator CS3
Learn how to create 3-dimensional formulas, display             In this 12-hour course you will learn the basic features of
multiple workbooks, filter lists using autofilter and outline   Illustrator CS3. Topics include Free Form Drawing,
data. You will also learn how to create charts, import data     Graphs, Text Manipulation, and Document Creation. (T)
from other Office applications, create comments and             1.2 CEUs. $135 (includes $45 computer fee*)
publish worksheets to the Web. Prerequisite: Microsoft           Sat 1pm-4pm, Oct 02-Oct 23
Excel Level 1 or equivalent. 1.2 CEUs. $205 (includes             #2998 XA 301 M1823        Laurel College Center
$80 computer fee*)
 Tue,Thu 6:30pm-9:30pm, Oct 19-Oct 28                          Toolbar in Photoshop
  #2616 XA 873 J1809        Laurel College Center               Study the toolbar features basic to all Photoshop versions
                                                                from 6.0 to CS3. This class will show and explain in
PowerPoint Presentations                                        detail the varieties of expression of each tool's capability.
Create and modify presentation slides that combine text,        This course will inform and enlighten everyone from the
clip art drawings, tables, charts, and graphs. Learn to run     novice to the experienced Photoshop user. .9 CEUs. $90
a basic PowerPoint presentation. Prerequisites: Microsoft       (includes $20 computer fee*)
Windows experience and basic knowledge of Microsoft              Fri 6pm-9pm, Sep 17-Oct 01
Word. .6 CEUs. $130 (includes $40 computer fee*)                  #3009 XA 928 M1820        Laurel College Center
 Tue,Thu 6:30pm-9:30pm, Nov 30-Dec 02
  #2614 XA 786 J1807        Laurel College Center               Photoshop Skills - Working With Layers
                                                                Practice the intricacies of working with layers. This skill
DATABASES                                                       is needed by all Photoshop users from version 6.0 through
                                                                CS3. This class will show and explain in detail the
Introduction to MS-SQL                                          varieties of expression capable by the manipulation of a
It's difficult to know where to start when designing a          photograph in layered form. This course will inform and
relational database and easy to make the mistake of             enlighten everyone from the novice to the experienced
assuming that the functionality of a database will take         Photoshop user. .9 CEUs. $90 (includes $20 computer
shape over time or fall into the database is built. This        fee*)
course covers the steps to effectively plan and design           Thu 6pm-9pm, Oct 07-Oct 21
                                                                  #3010 XA 929 M1821        Laurel College Center
functional, efficient databases. Topics will include: an
introduction to SQL and relational database management
systems, the fundamentals of SQL concepts and                   Introduction to Photoshop CS3
principles, and creating and altering RDBMS objects.            Learn the basic of Photoshop CS3. Prerequisites:
Prerequisites: General understanding of operating systems       knowledge of the PC and Windows. (T) $130 (includes
and some familiarity with data tables and how to create         $30 computer fee*)
queries. $145 (includes $45 computer fee*)                       Wed 6pm-9pm, Oct 27-Nov 17
                                                                  #2996 XA 107 M1828        Laurel College Center
 Tue 6pm-9pm, Sep 28-Oct 19
  #3011 XA 933 M1819        Laurel College Center
                                                                Advanced Photoshop CS3
Intermediate MS-SQL                                             In this second Photoshop CS3 professional version class,
A continuation of the introductory course, this course will     students will continue their studies to master this software
cover Data Manipulation Language (DML), Sessions,               for photographic use.Prerequisite: Intro to Photoshop CS3
Transactions, and Locks, Understanding the SELECT               (T) $130 (includes $30 computer fee*)
Statement, Multitable Queries, SQL Functions, and SQL            Wed 6pm-9pm, Nov 24-Dec 15
                                                                  #2997 XA 108 M1826        Laurel College Center
Operators. Prerequisite: XA 933: Introduction to SQL is
highly recommended OR hands-on experience with any
of    the     major      databases    in     use     (SQL
Server/Oracle/MySQL).(T) $145 (includes $25 computer
 Tue 6pm-9pm, Nov 02-Nov 23
  #2994 XA 105 M1829        Laurel College Center


Introduction to Microsoft Publisher: Version
This instructor-led 12-hour class provides an introduction
to MS-Publisher for both print media and Web
publishing. (T) 1.2 CEUs. $155 (includes $45 computer
 Sat 1pm-4pm, Nov 06-Dec 04
  #2992 XA 101 M1822        Laurel College Center
Healthcare                                                          Oil Painting Landscapes
                                                                    Practice the basics of one of the most popular and
                                                                    rewarding of all art media. Investigate color mixing and
PATIENT CARE                                                        brush techniques. Assignments will consist of several
                                                                    quick studies and one sustained project. Beginners and
Certified Nursing Assistant: Theory                                 continuing students welcome. NOTE: A choice between
As a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), you will be on              oil and acrylic painting will be offered. A supply list will
the front lines of patient care and provide services that are       be provided at the first class. Materials needed for the first
critical to daily operations in health care settings. Your          class session will be provided. Cost of materials
skills and compassion will help to ease stress and                  approximately $50 (Independent Purchase.) Please bring
discomfort for those who are unable to care for                     the materials you have at home to the first class session
themselves. This course, approved by the Maryland Board             for review by instructor. $110
of Nursing, provides training in anatomy and physiology,             Sat 10am-1pm, Oct 30-Dec 04
life span development, infection control, taking vital                   #3091 XI 879 M1643      Laurel College Center
signs, and a variety of patient care skills. The supervised
clinical experience takes place in local nursing homes.             History and Practice of Watercolor I
You must successfully complete both the Theory and                  This class introduces you to the basic watercolor
Clinical at HCC in order to receive certification. A free           techniques needed to control the medium, balance
literacy screening is required and completed at the first           composition, and manipulate color. Composition will be
class. Students who do not pass cannot continue in the              taught through still life and landscape studies. A supply
course and will be referred to other courses. CNA                   list will be provided at the first class session. Materials for
program requirements: Criminal background pre-check                 the first class session will be provided. Materials cost of
($48.50), Negative 2-step TB skin test or chest X-ray, and          approximately $60 (independent purchase) NOTE: There
immunizations (reviewed in class). Materials requ                   will be a materials review during the first class session.
 Mon,Wed,Thu 9am-1:45pm, Oct 06-Dec 16                             Please bring the materials you have on hand at home to
   #2556 XH 177 J1721           Laurel College Center
                                                                    the first class for review by instructor. $110
(And clinical on Thurs. & Friday 7-3 pm Nov. 12, 18, 19; and Dec.
2, 3, 9, 10. You must also register for (2557) XH 652 J1722          Sat 10am-1pm, Sep 18-Oct 16
Certified Nursing Assistant: Clinical.)                                  #3090 XI 859 M1642      Laurel College Center

Certified Nursing Assistant: Clinical                               HISTORY & CULTURE
Supervised clinical at local nursing homes. Refund policy
does not apply to this course. 4.5 CEUs. $280                       Destination: Great Britain
 Thu,Fri 7am-3pm, Nov 12-Dec 10                                    Although the main purpose of this course is to study how
  #2557 XH 652 J1722       Laurel College Center                    to sell and market Great Britain as a travel destination, it
 Fri 8am-11am, Nov 12-Dec 10                                       would also be appropriate for anyone wishing to travel to
   #2557 XH 652 J1722           Laurel College Center
(You must register for Certified Nursing Assistant: Theory,         Great Britain. Topics covered will include history,
(#2556) XH 177 J1721. Clinical meets on: Nov 12, 18,19; Dec         culture, geography, cities, and regions. $45**
2,3,9,10.)                                                           Sat 9am-3pm, Oct 02
                                                                         #3685 XE 359 M1658      Laurel College Center

Lifestyle & Leisure
                                                                    Destination: Ireland
                                                                    Discover Ireland as a travel destination! Learn about Irish
CRAFTS & HOBBIES                                                    history, culture, geography, cities, and regions. Gain
                                                                    insider travel information tips. Whether you are planning
Drawing I                                                           to visit Ireland or are a travel agent, you can benefit from
Learn how to draw what you see. In-class and homework               this class. $45**
assignments consist of practice with geometric objects,              Sat 9am-3pm, Nov 20
still-life subjects, composition, and shadow. You will                   #3044 XE 167 M1675      Laurel College Center
work in pencil and charcoal. The instructor will provide
charcoal and paper for the first class session and hand out         Genealogy: An Advanced Course
a supply list needed for subsequent classes. Approximate            This class is for the experienced genealogist who needs
materials cost is $20 (independent purchase). $110                  help in climbing over those "brick walls," i.e.; deciphering
 Tue 6:30pm-9:30pm, Sep 21-Oct 19                                  old handwriting, locating and evaluating those hard-to-
   #3088 XI 768 M1639         Laurel College Center                 find records, defining all those terms, what to share
                                                                    "ethically," preserving documents and photos, and writing
Drawing II                                                          the "Great American Novel" (your family history). A trip
Continue with techniques practiced in the Drawing I class           to a research facility will be scheduled. (Students provide
but now apply them to the human form and portraiture.               own transportation and entrance fee, if required.)A $5
Studio/model fee included. $150 (includes $40 materials             materials fee* is due to the instructor at the first class. (T)
fee*)                                                               $104**
 Tue 6:30pm-9:30pm, Nov 09-Dec 07                                   Wed 7pm-9:30pm, Sep 15-Nov 03
   #3092 XI 926 M1641         Laurel College Center                      #2491 XE 511 J1620      Laurel College Center
                                                              Redecorate Your Home with Light
HOME & GARDEN                                                 Bring your home to life with interior lighting, which can
                                                              give form and texture to a room, warm a dark corner,
Interior Decorating Basics                                    highlight a favorite piece of art, or create just the right
Have you ever wanted to redecorate but did not know           mood. Instructor: Gina Courbron, IRIS, CISS, IDS
how to begin? This class is for you. Learn basic              Associate. $20**
decorating principals, and how to get started on your          Thu 7pm-9pm, Nov 04
                                                                #3731 XE 360 M1631       Laurel College Center
room make-over. Gain confidence by learning basic color,
lighting, furniture arrangement, and accessorizing
techniques. $25**                                             Simplesizing Using Feng Shui
 Thu 6:30pm-9:30pm, Sep 23                                   Are you a pack rat, live with a pack rat or know of one?
                                                              Do you get upset when required to give up your
  #3055 XE 498 M1648       Laurel College Center
                                                              possessions? Yarrow teaches in this course the
The Impact of Energy on Your Space                            unfavorable consequences that befall a packrat lifestyle.
Creating beneficial feng shui energy flow and getting into    And why it is that many people cling to items that have
the flow necessitates understanding how energy works.         long outlived their usefulness? Join us for one of the most
Also known as chi, prana, or qi in some countries, energy     contemporary, dynamic, and humorous approaches to
is everywhere. You will learn how to assess energy in         "clearing your clutter" guided by ancient Feng Shui
your home, identify where energy is stuck or moving too       principles. Instructor: Yarrow, Certified Feng Shui
fast, and feng shui techniques to remedy the situation.       Practioner and Consultant. $25**
Bring to class a scaled drawing, complete with furniture       Tue 6:30pm-9:30pm, Nov 09
                                                                #3729 XE 363 M1661       Laurel College Center
arrangement and indicate openings, doors, and windows
in your residential space. $25**
 Tue 6:30pm-9:30pm, Oct 19                                   Finishing Touches
  #3032 XE 108 M1651       Laurel College Center              Once you have the shell of your room just the way you
                                                              want it, it's time to think about what finishing touches
Colorful Home Environments                                    you'll add. Learn many simple ways that you can make
Gain the confidence to bring beautiful color into your        the room look finished, welcoming, and comfortable.
surroundings. Learn about the psychology of color and         Renew your entire home, or simply change one room.
how it affects our moods. Get helpful tips on how to          Instructor: Gina Courbron, IRIS, CISS, IDS, Interior
select a color scheme and paint hues that beautify and        Designer. $20**
enhance your living space. $25**                               Thu 6:30pm-9:30pm, Nov 11
 Thu 6:30pm-9:30pm, Oct 07                                     #3732 XE 386 M1663       Laurel College Center
  #3046 XE 314 M1649       Laurel College Center
                                                              Parties for Every Occasion
What Is Your Personal Decorating Style?                       This "party time" course demonstrates how to plan
Have you ever dreamed of creating rooms in your home          colorful and fun-filled parties and highlights several party
that genuinely express who you are and how you want to        styles, touching on most walks of life. To guarantee
live? The instructor and students will begin class by         planning success, "party time" is a guide on using proven
sharing professional room designs that are expressive and     best practices for children's parties, holiday gatherings,
original. These will be critiqued and analyzed, building a    themed festivities, destination affairs, cocktail and dinner
foundation for recognizing well-conceived interiors, how      receptions, and many other socials. $25**
they are created, and why they are successful. In the          Mon 6:30pm-9:30pm, Oct 18
                                                                #3727 XE 357 M1656       Laurel College Center
second session, you will share how you would implement
your personal style through selection of materials,
finishes, furnishings, color and pictures. Instructor: Gina   LANGUAGES
G. Courbron IRIS, CISS, IDA Associate. $35**
 Thu 7pm-9pm, Dec 02-Dec 09                                  Sign Language I
  #3733 XE 361 M1644       Laurel College Center              An introduction to American Sign Language, this course
                                                              includes finger spelling, sending and receiving signs,
The Art of Furniture Arrangement                              background information on deafness, and interaction with
Do you ever think that your home and furniture are            the deaf community. Text required at first class. (T) $170
conspiring against you? Learn guidelines to help you           Wed 6:30pm-9:30pm, Oct 06-Dec 01
create enjoyable spaces and functional arrangements that        #3080 XI 309 M1676       Laurel College Center
make guests and family feel comfortable and at ease.
Then, apply principals in your own living space and bring     Beginning French
examples to share and review with the instructor. $35**       Parlez francais! Acquire the grammar and conversational
 Thu 7pm-9pm, Oct 21-Oct 28                                  skills needed to speak French at a beginning level. Learn
  #3033 XE 138 M1650       Laurel College Center              to use vocabulary necessary in daily conversation, answer
                                                              simple questions, and write simple sentences in the
                                                              present tense.(T) $134
                                                               Thu 7pm-9:30pm, Sep 16-Nov 04
                                                                #2483 XI 331 J1617       Laurel College Center
Beginning German                                                WELLNESS: BODY, MIND, & SPIRIT
Become acquainted with the German people through their
native tongue. Learn the German phonetic system,                Introduction to Reiki Energy Healing
alphabet and pronunciation, and basic everyday                  Come and experience Reiki and learn about the history
vocabulary. The present tense of verbs and how to form          and methods used for spiritual healing. Tap into your own
questions, statements and imperatives are also taught.(T)       sacred healing abilities. $20**
$134                                                             Thu 7pm-9pm, Nov 11
 Tue 7pm-9:30pm, Sep 14-Nov 02                                   #3043 XE 166 M1674      Laurel College Center
  #2489 XI 471 J1619        Laurel College Center
                                                                Anger Management
Community Spanish                                               Don't let anger get the best of you! Discover ways to deal
This course is a survival guide for English speakers to         with the natural emotion of anger. Learn to develop
speak and understand small amounts of general and basic         communication, empathy, problem solving, and conflict
Spanish found in most routine interchanges in daily life        resolution skills. By using non-violent alternatives, you
with Spanish speakers. You will also learn basic cultural       can foster a "win-win" environment that channels your
information about Spanish-speaking groups. You will not         anger productively. .6 CEUs. $69
have to study grammar or learn verb conjugations, but            Tue 6:30pm-9:45pm, Oct 26-Nov 02
you will learn basic phrases through intensive drills and         #2567 XH 545 J1723      Laurel College Center
repetition. This is a fun and lively class that will give you
basic language skills to use when interacting with the          You Can Hear and See Your Inner Guide
ever-growing Latino population. Price includes a non-           Have you ever wondered what your purpose is? Do you
refundable fee for the manual and CD you receive in             ever think about who or what is out there that could guide
class. $145 (includes $35 materials fee*)                       you to find the right path for you? You have a guide
 Wed 7pm-9pm, Sep 15-Nov 03                                    inside of you (sometimes called the higher self). You just
  #2482 XI 846 J1616        Laurel College Center               need to learn to recognize that guide and pay attention to
                                                                the message. Using techniques from the facilitator's book,
Introduction to Spanish, Part I                                 you will be shown how to work with energy and creative
This short introductory course covers the basics of             visualization in order to unblock your mind. Learn to
Spanish for work and leisure. Topics will include:              recognize your inner guide, pay attention to your higher
pronunciation, vocabulary, and various dialogues through        needs, and design a path for your future. $20**
role-playing. As an incentive to continue in this 3-course       Tue 7pm-9pm, Nov 30
series, special rates are offered for advanced levels of          #3047 XE 316 M1653      Laurel College Center
Spanish. NOTE: Classes at Laurel use different texts and
formats from those at HCC main campus. (T) 2.0 CEUs.            Past Life Regression/Future Life
$130                                                            Progression
 Thu 6:30pm-9pm, Oct 07-Dec 02                                 Experience firsthand a review of your past lives or a peek
  #3084 XI 651 M1664        Laurel College Center
                                                                into your soul's future lives. Deepen your understanding
                                                                of    your    current     life.   Discussion     following
SPORTS & OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES                                     regression/progression. $20**
                                                                 Thu 7pm-9pm, Oct 28
US Coast Guard Captain's License                                  #3066 XE 713 M1654      Laurel College Center
This US Coast Guard approved class prepares you to test
(included in the class) for an OUPV, commonly known as          Develop Your Psychic Ability
a "6 Pack" USCG Captain's license. Captains who have            Psychic development--or could it be called "intuitive
this license are allowed to charter for up to 6 passengers,     development?" Come to this class and discover your
deliver boats for hire, operate shuttle boats, or work in the   intuitive gifts. Learn how messages are received, as well
marine industry. All student materials are included in the      as the meaning of divination tools and their uses. Get
fee. Learn about Deck/Safety General, Navigation, Rules         connected to the universal energy stream through guided
of the Road, and Chart Plotting. You will be prepared for       meditation and energy work. Feel free to bring your cards
the licensing test, tested (test fee included), and shown       or other divination tools to class for demonstration and
how to file for the license. For more information visit         practice. $20** $895 (includes $731 lab fee*)               Thu 7pm-9pm, Sep 23
 Sat 9am-6pm, Oct 16-Oct 23                                      #3050 XE 411 M1652      Laurel College Center
  #3097 ZB 109 M1740        Laurel College Center

How to Improve Your Writing 1
Part One of this two-part class covers how to organize
your thoughts and improve your writing. This class is also
useful for the credit student who wants to practice writing
skills prior to taking beginning credit writing classes at
the college level. Prerequisites: Although this class will
present English grammar, punctuation, and writing styles
the student needs to be fluent in spoken English and have
basic English reading and writing skills. (T) $100
 Mon 6:30pm-8:30pm, Sep 20-Oct 18
  #3725 XI 131 M1660       Laurel College Center

How to Improve Your Writing 2
Part Two of a two-part series, this class continues
coverage of English grammar, punctuation, and writing
skills. This class is also useful for the credit student who
wants to practice writing skills prior to taking beginning
credit writing classes at the college level. Prerequisites:
Although this class will present English grammar,
punctuation, and writing styles the student needs to be
fluent in spoken English and have basic English reading
and writing skills. $100
 Mon 6:30pm-8:30pm, Nov 01-Nov 29
  #3726 XI 132 M1636       Laurel College Center

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