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									                                              SEMR Auction

Sheila Countryman-Bean
Mobile Phone: 425-760-5964
Home Phone: 425-349-1449

Procurement Co-Chairs
Dr. Dave Zunkel                                Joe Marine
Home Phone: 425-374-7297                       Cell: 425-343-2460

Please send or deliver all solicitation paper work, including donation receipts, any gift certificates, displays, etc.
to your team captain or fax directly to Terri. It is imperative that complete and accurate information (especially
addresses) be given for the catalog input and thank you letters.

SEMR Tax I.D. number for charitable contributions: 91-1498747

Auction Meetings: Third Tuesday of each month, 5:30 pm.

Sponsorship Chairs:                      Other Committee Chairs:
Julie Lienhard
Office Phone: 425-514-0817               Attendance: Paul Kulle & Buzz Rodland
Mobile Phone: 206-795-1571               Catalog input: Terri Stefnik fax: 425-514-0785
Office Fax: 425-514-0829                 Decorations: Kathleen Zunkel               Dessert Dash: Jon Rickey
                                         Live Auction: Joe Marine
Cathy Reese                              Raffle: Gail Painter & David Orr
12175 Clubhouse Lane                     Registration/Cashiering: Sharon Berry, Catherine McCloskey, John Hull
 Mukilteo, WA 98275                      Silent Auction: Gary Kenna
Home Phone: 425-347-8680                 Treasurer: Judith Underwood & Julie Lienhard
Office Fax: 425-338-9600                 Wine Cellar: Lois Shumski
Mobile Phone: 425-327-1239

Important Dates To Remember:
10/16   Kickoff
3/26    Solicitations deadline
4/5     Catalog to printer
4/2     Reservation deadline
4/9     Meeting at Events Center
4/10    Auction
                           DESCRIPTION OF RESPONSIBILITIES
                                       FOR THE
                                2010 ANNUAL AUCTION
1.   Commit yourself to a successful Auction and agree to work within the general plan for solicitations.

2.   Attend all meetings. Your attendance is important to the success of this event.

3.   During the campaign period, make enough calls to ensure that we reach our goal of $125,000 by securing
     at least $1500 worth of donations. New items only please unless antiques.

4.   Bi-weekly submit your paperwork, gift certificates and displays for the catalog to assure an accurate and
     timely accounting of all assets for this auction and to ensure that all donors receive the proper
     acknowledgment of their generosity. Send a thank you to your donor within one week of receiving the

5.   Actively recruit at least two new prospects to attend the auction on April 10, 2010.

6.   We all have talents and it is important we make the most of these talents to ensure a successful
     solicitation drive and auction. Remember, it is your community that benefits from all this hard work and
     that is something we can all be very proud of!

7.   Attend the auction with your guests and commemorate your hard work and energies spent by enjoying
     the evening and creating enthusiasm among your table of bidders.

8.   Attend the meeting following the auction to celebrate exceeding our goal.

9.   Attend the auction wrap-up meeting.

                               SOLICITATION EXPECTATIONS
1.   Customer service is of the utmost importance to ensure that each donor receives the best possible
     recognition for their generosity.

2.   Protect previous and prospective donors from being contacted several times by separate Rotarians.

3.   Honor each Rotarian’s right to approach their previous donors first.

4.   Up-front communication between Rotarians to handle potential conflicts or protect a donor is highly
     encouraged. If you need assistance, contact the Procurement Chairs, or the Auction Chair, in that order.

5.   Respect and adhere to all deadlines and timelines as well as procedures in regards to solicitation and the
     bookkeeping involved in a successful campaign.
                                     SOLICITATION GUIDELINES
Helpful Hints -

1.     Familiarize yourself with the list of donors from the previous auction.

3.     If you are in doubt who solicited the donation last year or if it has been solicited yet this year, check with
       the Procurement Chair.

4.     If you inadvertently approach or are approached by a previous donor that has given their donation to
       someone else in the past, do everything you can to honor their relationship with the previous solicitor.
       Do not place the donor in an awkward situation. It may be better to accept the donation for the Auction,
       then contact the previous solicitor and offer them the credit for that donation. At that time, establish
       which of you will solicit that donor next year and who will receive credit. You may wish to jointly
       solicit that donor. The issue of credit should remain a personal and professional issue between fellow
       Rotarians and should never touch that donor.

5.     If you have established a close relationship with a previous donor with the last year and feel you may be
       able to increase their level of giving over last year, contact the previous solicitor and discuss who should
       approach the donor and how the credit should be handled. Work out a plan for next year as well so the
       donor is protected. We all hold the same goal of successful and profitable Auction. With this goal in
       mind and our combined efforts, success can be assured.

7.     If a SEMR member works for an establishment that has donated to the Auction in previous years, they
       should be given their place of business as their first solicitation. The former solicitor should contact the
       new member soon after they join and personally make a gift of this solicitation discussing the history of
       this donation and answering any questions the new member may have. This does three things:

       1.     It establishes the importance of the Auction as our major fundraiser:

       2.     It enables a new member to be successful on their first solicitation attempt; and

       3.     Most importantly, makes the new member feel welcome and productive, establishing a friendship
              link with a seasoned Auction solicitor and fellow Rotarian.

8.     Anyone who loses a donation through this mentoring process would be allowed to choose a new contact
       from established donors that gave to the Auction last year, but were solicited by a Rotarian that has
       resigned within the year. A list is available through the Procurement Chair.

9.     Don’t be afraid to approach someone for a donation. Most businesses and individuals are happy to make
       a donation of goods or services to a worthy cause. Just make sure to properly thank them for their
       donation and get advertising materials to put next to the item.
                      ROTARY CLUB                                                               South Everett/Mukilteo
                                                                                      P.O. Box 3391 Everett, WA 98203


Any Business

Dear «FirstName»,

The South Everett-Mukilteo Rotary Club (SEMR) is gearing up for our 15th Annual Dinner and Auction, A Night On
Broadway-Act 2, April 10, 2010. We would like to invite you to partner with SEMR to support our club’s efforts in
providing valuable services and support for important causes throughout our community by donating an item or package for
our event.

The South Everett-Mukilteo Rotary Club is currently a group of 65 professional men and women from our local area who
give back to the community. We have served our community for more than 20 years and currently have an operating budget
of approx. $100K, all of which goes directly out to the community in a variety of projects including youth scholarships, as
well as some important international projects. For example, in 2009 SEMR made donations locally to: ACES High School,
Casino Road Boys and Girls Club, Christmas House, Cocoon House, Compass Health, Everett Food Bank, Housing Hope,
Little Red Schoolhouse, Mukilteo Boys and Girls Club, Mukilteo Food Bank, Red Cross, and Domestic Violence Services of
Snohomish County.

To ensure our event’s success and that our goals for these organizations are obtainable, we need your help. We hope you will
help our club continue to maintain our strong presence among our local community and the charities who serve the youth
and families in our greater area by supporting this event. We will be honored to recognize you at the event and in our
auction catalog to thank you for your generous support.

I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the donation of an item or package for our auction and have
enclosed an auction form to help with the process.

Thank you in advance for contributing to the success of our event and supporting your community. I look forward to
speaking with you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Your Name
South Everett-Mukilteo Rotary Club

                     South Everett Mukilteo Rotary Club Foundation – Federal Tax ID# 91-1498747
                          SUCCESSFUL ANSWERS

Q.   I am supposed to procure items for the Auction. I don’t know where to start! Any ideas?
A.   Start with yourself! What can you donate? What about the people you work with or your neighbors?
     How about the people who ask YOU for donations throughout the year?

Q.   OK, so I know a lot of people. I just don’t feel right asking them for something. How do I approach
     them without them feeling I am imposing?
A.   You are imposing! Remember, your friends and associates want to help you. They just need to know
     how. Make it easy for them by not asking for “SOMETHING”. Ask for something ”SPECIFIC”! You
     will be amazed at how responsive people are when they don’t have to make a decision. The biggest
     block to getting donations is expecting the people you ask to know WHAT to donate. Take the decision
     process to the next level. Decide ahead of time what the donor COULD donate, then ask if they would
     be willing to help out your organization by donating THAT item. Most people will say yes or offer an
     alternate idea.

Q.   Most of my associates are Attorneys or Accountants. Should I be asking for legal assistance or tax help to
     be donated?
A.   While both of these ideas will sell, they must be sold in the Silent Auction because people won’t bid on
     them “Live”. As an alternative, try to see what special interests your associates have when they are not
     working. Do they go boating, fishing, flying, or backpacking? Perhaps they have a condo at a resort or a
     cabin in the mountains. Do they belong to a golf club? Would they donate a ride in a classic car or are
     they gourmet chefs who might donate a dinner? Don’t lock in on the profession. Most good donation
     ideas come from what people do when they are not working.

Q.   I have a friend who has a great item and he only wants $500 back if it sells for more than that at the
     auction. Should I take it?
A.   This is called a “consignment” item. Generally, consignments are a bad idea for your organization.
     Look at it this way, if this item sells for $600, and you give your friend $500, the organization made
     $100. However, $600 of “bidding power” is taken out of the auction. The person who benefits the most
     is your friend. Thank him for his generosity and ask him to let you have the item at no cost.

Q.   I can get a cruise package for half price, but only if it sells for more than a set amount. If it doesn’t get at
     least the minimum, we don’t have to buy it. Does this sound like a good deal?
A.   This is known as selling with a “reserve” amount. It works the same as a consignment sale. The cruise
     packages the one exception to the no consignments rule. Since cruises are always popular, there is an
     advantage to having one in the live Auction. I would limit this process to a single item during the
     evening since any proceeds from a reserve sale are limited by the amount you will have to pay for the

Q.   I can get a round of golf with a celebrity. Is this a good item?
A.   Yes!

Q.   I have an airplane. Would a ride in my airplane be a good item?
A.   Yes it would. Also, any other “unique experience” would sell well. Some examples: A ride in a fast
     boat, a cruise on a yacht, a classic car ride, a motorcycle tour to the mountains with a picnic lunch, or
     anything else people might not be able to go to a store to buy.
Q.   I like to fish and have a boat. How would a day of salmon fishing do at the auction?
A.   Always a very good seller. Throw in a picnic lunch or stop at a waterfront restaurant to complete the

Q.   My company makes really neat stuff. Would a tour of the plant to see how we make it be a good item?
A.   You are on the right track! Remember, people like to buy unique experiences and unusual items. “Think
     Unique” is the best way to procure auction items.

Q.   I can get tickets to the Sonics or a Husky game. Are these good Auction items?
A.   You bet! However, if you really want these tickets to be “one of a kind”, how about packaging the
     Husky game with a boat cruise to the stadium, or have a dinner downtown included with the Sonic

Q.   Some of the people I talk to don’t really want to donate any tangible items. Would we take a cash
A.   Yes, absolutely! Cash is always good. We have expenses for decorations, mailings and other out-of-
     pocket expenses. Cash underwriting is an excellent donation.

Q.   Some of the people I talk to want to know if they can “write off” their donation against their taxes. How
     do they do that?
A.   They need to talk to their accountants. However, if they qualify, the fair market value of an item is
     generally the amount take as a write off. In most cases, the value is what the item would sell for in a
     store. In the case of items not available in stores, the amount the item sold for at auction may possible
     determine the value. Be sure to advise checking with their accountants since all situations are different.

Q.   I was going to get an item donated but I found out someone else has already donated the same thing.
     Should I just forget it?
A.   No! Duplicate items are OK! Often, having more than one of the same thing allows some flexibility
     since one of them could be combined with other items for a unique package. We also have the ability to
     trade duplicate items with other organizations for one of their duplicates. Never turn down an item.

Q.   I don’t have time to contact a bunch of people to get items because I work all day and when I get home I
     am tired. How can I help?
A.   You have more time than you think! It is best to contact potential donors as you go about your normal
     routine. For example, as you are at work you can ask co-workers. If you have vendors calling you, ask
     them at that time for a donation. Ask clients in the course of your routine contact. When you go
     shopping ask a few of the store owners where you shop. It is not necessary to set aside specific time to
     get donations if you make it part of your normal routine.

         Don’t be afraid to ask questions about procurement!
      If your team captain doesn’t have the answer then contact
                       the Procurement Chair.
                           AUCTION DONATION IDEAS
Business Services                          Special Dinners
Secretarial Services                       In-home gourmet meals
Telephone Answering                        Catered dinners
Contractor/Architectural advice            Local restaurant gift certificates
Masonry/Carpentry/Electrical               Picnic baskets
Nursery Landscaping Service                Gourmet “box lunches”
Plant Service                              Lunch on a boat
                                           Dinner with a celebrity
Cruise packages                            Thrill Seekers
Ski resort packages                        Bungee jumping
Hawaii trip/Mexico trip                    Skydiving package
Two for one air plane tickets              White water rafting
Regional trips                             Hang gliding lessons
                                           Ride in an acrobatic airplane
Sports Activities
Golf packages                              Night on the Town
Tennis club visit for a day                Dinner at Space Needle
Workout at a health club                   Limo/Dinner/Overnight at hotel
Back packing trip                          Sheraton Buffet
Fishing trip with guide
Sports or exercise equipment               Weekend Getaways
                                           Condo or Cabin
Family Packages                            Ski resort
Museum of Flight passes                    Vancouver getaway
Museum tickets                             Local cruise to Victoria
Pacific Science Center tickets
Day on a sail boat/motor boat              Event Tickets
                                           Sonic tickets
Handmade Items                             Seahawk tickets
Quilts                                     Mariners tickets
Baskets (filled)                           Husky tickets
“Instant Wine Cellar”                      Silvertips tickets
“Instant Play Room”                        Play or concert tickets
Photo albums
                                           Unique Experiences
Sports Memorabilia                         Fire station birthday party
Mariner autographed anything, Husky        Ride on a working tug boat
Football, Husky Package, Cougar Package,   Boeing Flight Simulator
Sonic Basketball, Seahawk Football.        Police K-9 unit ride for a night
                                           Longacres Race track
Special Packages
Carl Care Package                          Goods
“Queen for a day” package                  Appliances
Garden tool package                        Radios/CD Players
Thanksgiving food basket                   TV’s
Business Equipment                         Furniture
Fax machine
Computer and accessories
                            BASKET THEME SUGGESTIONS

Baking needs: cookbook, sifter, measuring        Holiday decorations
spoons, cups, mixes
                                                 Teddy Bears
Washington wines and cheeses
                                                 Pets: Bed, treats, toys, leash, water dish
Gardening: large pot for basket, tools,
apron, gloves, bulbs, seeds, hose                Disney:Movies, theme character(s), books

Cookie basket: recipes, cutters, cookie          Car care: Car wash/wax, flares, wash bucket
sheets, mitts
                                                 Do-It-Yourself: Hammer, nails/screws,
New baby: powder, diapers, wipes, oil,           screwdrivers, pliers, how-to books
lotion, picture frame, piggy bank
                                                 Computer accessories: Mouse pads,
Toddler: pull toy, spoon/fork set, dish, large   software, games, disks, books
bib, books

Home alone:Cards, puzzle book, jigsaw            Red, white and blue “All American”
puzzle, pencil, paperback
                                                 Birthday party: plates, hats, invitations,
Popcorn: Varieties of corn, flavors, cheese,     party favors, balloons, decorations
                                                 Sewing basket: Scissors, measure,
Favorite dish: Recipe, ingredients and pan to    pins/cushion, mark paper
                                                 Washington cheeses and apples, foods
Bath salts, soaps, bubble bath, candles
                                                 Sports: Cards, ball, hat, stat book, tickets
Potpourri and containers
                                                 Travel: Travel books from countries, maps,
Barbecue: Tools, platter, recipe, napkins,       diary, film, photo album, disposable camera
plates, spices, bbq sauces, marinades
                                                 Artist: Brushes, paints, canvas, water colors,
Picnic: basket, gourmet foods, dishes, wine
                                                 Organizer, pens/ pencils, daytimer, calendar,
Stationary: Ribbon, tape, bows, paper, gift      stapler/puller, tape paper clips
bags, scissors, pens, stamps, paper, wax seal,
address book, cards, rubber stamps.              Couch potato: Pillow, chair arm organizer,
                                                 popcorn, bowl, cokes, beer, remote control
Golden Oldies Memorabilia (50’s 60’s 70’s)
Records, pictures, books, clothes                Cake decorating: Pans, tips, icing bags,
                                                 books, aprons, colors
Photography: Frames, albums, caption
stickers, stamps, film                           Be creative, there are always
Fishing: Tackle box, flies, fish scales, hook    new and unusual ideas for
remover, pliers, knife, “Brag Journal”           baskets. Have fun with it and
                                                 don’t be afraid to try
Nursery Rhymes:
Books, toys, stuffed figures                     something different!

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