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					Roger S. desVignes
1533 Sussex Drive, Plano, TX 75075
Tel : 972-578-1814
Email :

Served as Program Manager and Systems Integration Manager. Has over 10 years Project
Management experience as well as project life cycle process experience from requirements
specifications and analysis through design, implementation and verification. Has in depth experience
with project management methodologies and techniques.
With an MBA majoring in Finance and having managed Accounting and Finance functions, has solid
experience in project costing and budget tracking.
Has extensive experience in wireless and wireline technologies from PABX, local, toll to IP Switches,
terminal equipment, microwave, land mobile radio, cellular, 802.11 and satellite systems.
Member, Project Management Institute.

MBA     Finance              Florida Institute of Technology, FL      1982
Master of Engineering        University of Toronto, CAN               1976
B.Sc. Electrical Engineering Kingston University, UK                  1972

* Startup Operations                            *    Strategic / Operational planning
* Business development                          *    Business Process / Work Flow systems
* Operations Management                         *    Systems Planning and Implementation
* Project / Program management                  *    P&L / Balance Sheet management
* Systems integration                           *    Facilities design / implementation
* Expansion / turnaround strategies             *    Workforce planning / staff development
* Networks, Systems and Technologies             *   Cost reduction / productivity growth

TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION SERVICES, INC.                                      04/03 - Present
Technical Consultant: Designed 802.11 broadband wireless system including back office components.
Designed broadband wireless system for customer in Chicago. Prepared requirements analysis,
licensed versus unlicensed bands, equipment feature comparisons as well as a business case
analysis with ROI before convincing the customer to delay implementation of this $12.4M project. I
was the primary interface between company, customer upper level executives and vendors.
* Designed 802.11 systems using Navini, WaveRider and SOMA licensed and unlicensed band
systems. Designed WiFi and broadband internet assess for apartment and office buildings.
* Designed CTI Call Center systems using VoIP for customers in Central America and China and
prepared migration plans for move from legacy to VoIP switches.
* Used PMI processes, performed Initiating, planning, executing, control and closing functions.
Prepared overall project plan, structure, schedule and staffing requirements.

GLOBAL INTEGRATED SYSTEMS, INC. / WAI-WIZE.                                       12/89 – 04/03
Project Manager / Program Manager: (70 FTEs, $6.2 M budget): Managed Project Management,
Systems engineering / integration.
* Project Managed the installation, test, cut over and acceptance of trunked and conventional mobile
radio systems for 17 Federal Bureau of Prisons nationwide. Equipment consisted of Motorola MSF-5000,
Quantar, Quantro digital repeaters and ranged in size from 2 to 7 channel UHF, all with a single VHF
Base station. Included were tower/antenna systems, combiner / multicouplers, console positions, Central
Electronic Bank, MTS hand held portable and mobile radios. Managed the integration and onsite
installation of the radio systems, UPS, iron-work, halo ground and all associated signal and power
cabling. Sized power requirements and assisted in the operation, maintenance and safety training.
Prepared overall project plan, structure, risk plan, schedule and staffing requirements. Implemented
novel testing process which resulted in 20% labor savings.
* Project managed the implementation of the Cingular Wireless microwave replacement of 164 cellular
sites in five States, including RF path engineering, site surveys and installation specifications. Brought
critical project management skills Extensive planning and risk management reduced schedule by 11%,
resulting in a 7% ($375k) labor savings.
* Project managed the design, implementation, and acceptance of spread spectrum radio systems for
Valmet/City of Houston. The first system was implemented using Metricom’s Utilinet radios and controller
systems at 28 sites. A second system at the City of Austin was implemented using 55 remote and 3
master systems. Included were field surveys, engineering, factory integration, field installation, test,
commission, customer acceptance and close.
* Project managed the installation, test, acceptance and customer training of overbuild of 162 ABC
Televisions locations with new receivers and sub-carrier modules.
* Project managed the integration, implementation, test and turn-up of AVL / GPS systems on vehicle
fleets for Cities such as Denver, Atlanta, Baltimore using 450 MHz data radio systems and Global
Positioning Satellite receiver systems. Included were the project plan, human resource plan, risk
assessment, procurement plan, systems integration/implementation plan, field personnel and sub-
contractor management, installation and test specifications, acceptance and project close-out.
* Project managed the provision of equipment and system integration services for the upgrade of 120
Lucent cell sites from Series I to Series II systems including contract negotiations and logistics.
* Project managed the development of Terminal Administration Program (TAP) for NEC using C under
UNIX. With a development team of 5 persons, used software project management processes to manage
workflows and deliverables. Managed software development for FOCUS Test Bed for McDonnell
Douglas using C and Visual Basic. Project managed the development of an Expert System (5 personnel,
$750K budget) for NEAX61E Switch using C under UNIX. Included were domain engineering, knowledge
engineering and reasoning system design. Performed project costing, scheduling, deliverables, budget
tracking and weekly customer reporting presentations. Prepared project plan, change control plan.
* Used System Development Life Cycle methodologies and approaches such as CMM, RUP, etc. to
manage the successful completion of software projects.
* Performed technical assessment of SIP and H.323 based VoIP systems. Recommended SIP protocol
system choice.
* Project managed xDSL systems integration (Alcatel / Marconi), GPS/AVL (Raytheon) systems
integration, systems integration and implementation of trunked, conventional and spread spectrum radio
(Motorola, MDS) systems as well as fiber optic (Nortel, Alcatel) projects.
* Developed and implemented ISO9000 standards to maintain facility certification.

MCI TELECOMMUNICATIONS CORP.                            04/86 – 12/89
Manager, East Region Switch and Network Support ( 31 FTEs, 4.9M budget) : Managed Second Level
Hardware and Software Technical Support (Engineers / Technicians) for the East Regions’ (22 States)
switches and terminal equipment. In addition, supported security, Fraud control, new software loads and
patches, product / system verification, Billing (CDR’s) and customer interface.

Reduced cost and improved productivity by thirty percent (30%) by computerizing several critical
functions and cross training staff in the latest technology disciplines. Developed and implemented
contingency plans for customer high-risk service areas to ensure robust network and worked with
customers to eliminate single points of failure.

CITICORP/CITIBANK                                  01/85 – 04/86
Director of Telecommunications ( 26 FTEs, $3.6M budget) : Managed Citicorp’s large IBM Data Center,
SNA Network, telemarketing and banking facilities.

SPRINT COMMUNICATIONS CORP.                          03/82 – 01/85
Manager, Network Systems Engineering (76 FTEs, $7.5M budget) : Managed fiber optic, multiplex,
microwave radio systems design, project management, system verification, test and installation
specifications. Managed the addition of 3,000,000 circuit miles and 120,000 ports of switch capacity.
Maintained 150 site, 3,000 mile fiber system in support of $5B of Revenue.

MITEL, INC.                                          06/81 - 03/82
Manager / Director of Operations: Product verification, test and documentation engineers / technicians
($6.4M annual budget) in support of the entire MITEL PABX product line in Florida and Puerto Rico.

TRW Vidar, INC.                                    09/79 – 06/81
Manager of Engineering: Digital Switch design, product / system verification, test and documentation.

NORTEL, INC.                                             04/73 – 09/79
Systems Engineer: Developed software test diagnostics. Project managed the manufacture, system
verification, and field trial of digital PABX, local and toll switches.

Affiliations :    Professional Engineer (P. Eng.), Canada; European Engineer (Eur. Ing.),
                  Chartered Engineer (C. Eng.), England
                  Currently seeking PMP Certification
Skills :          Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, Power Point, Word), XP and MS Project
International :   Traveled throughout Europe, Asia, Central and South America, Middle East
Languages:        Fluent English, Working Spanish
Citizenship :     US Citizen

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