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									                                       Executive Summary

[One page summary of the project – address main undertaking & deliverables of the project]

2. Introduction
[Includes mission of project; Company background]

3. Timeline for your project (scheduling  GANT/PERT chart )

4. Data collection
[Where/how you got the info that was utilized in the modeling of the system]

5. The Project Design
[Describe the function/scope of the project]

Figure # 1: Context level diagram

5.1 Use Cases
Discuss the users of the system (drawing from the context level diagram)

 Present use cases for each actor (Figure 2, 3, 4, …)
Brief notes as is necessary to inform the reader

 Integrated use case diagram for the entire business (Figure x)
Discuss the layers present

 Sample of use case descriptions

5.2 Class Diagram
Figure x+1

5.3 Activity Diagrams

5.4 Sequence Diagrams

6. Summary and Conclusion

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