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									                               MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR
                                     & GET ON BOARD

                                     BOOKING SHEET
    See over for a description of the Magical Mystery Tour & Get on Board

Step 1 – Booking Get on Board
School Name                    Address                                  Contact Teacher

Telephone                      Email address

Preferred date/s for Get On Board presentation (please give 4 weeks notice)
Preferred date for Get On Board journey planning workshop (can be same as
Please provide forms for Student Smart Riders                                 Yes

Number of students attending

Planned destination/ date and time
Please now submit this to your Local TravelSmart Officer and keep a copy

Step 2 – Booking Magical Mystery Tour (final year students)
     Our school completed the Get on Board Presentation on _________________(date)
     Our school completed the Get on Board Journey Planning Workshop on
     On ________________(date) we are going to use the follow bus services:
      Time: _______________ Bus route number _______________
      Time: _______________ Bus route number _______________
      Time: _______________ Bus route number _______________
      Time: _______________ Bus route number _______________
We also will use the ______________________train line(s), and other services
      Our students’ parents have given permission for the excursion and are aware that students
       will need a SmartRider (with at least $1 credit) or the appropriate cash fare.
      Please send us _____(max 60) children’s cinema passes             For :
       and ________ (max. 6) adults cinema passes                        Greater Union
(On achieving Gold Level schools can receive this reward)                Ace
Please now submit this to your Local TravelSmart Officer and keep a copy
Step 3 – Do your excursion and get transport fares reimbursed (on achieving
Silver level schools can receive this reward)
      We had ____ students and ____ adults do a Magical Mystery Tour on ______________
      We caught the bus/train from _______________________ and got off at
      It cost us a total of: $________________________
      I have attached an invoice from the school for the reimbursement of this amount
Please now submit this to your Local TravelSmart Officer and keep a copy
                               What do these programs offer?

Get on Board (Transperth)                                                            Maximum numbers:-
    A 60 minute multi media presentation by a qualified teacher,                     Maximum 60
      showing students how to use public transport safety and confidently.              children. Numbers
    A 45 – 60 minute interactive journey planning workshop, to facilitate              will be subject to
      the students planning their Magical Mystery Tour excursion.                       service availability
                                                                                      A maximum of 6
Magical Mystery Tour (TravelSmart to School)                                            adults can have
   An excursion using public transport for final year students. For Silver             cinema admission
      Level schools public transport fares are reimbursed by TravelSmart to             funded
      School. Additionally, at Gold Level cinema admission is covered by
      TravelSmart to School.

                  Tips to make the most of your Magical Mystery Tour
               Encourage parents to get SmartRiders for their children and to load credit
                onto them. This will mean they can use the special 50c fare and will make
                things run smoother at the train station or getting onto the bus.
               If students are going to use cash, get them to bring the exact change for the
                excursion in an envelope. Alternatively it may be easier to collect the money
                and have one adult buy all the tickets.
               Remember, if you are buying 1 or 2 zone tickets, passengers will need to buy
                1 ticket for the journey there and another for the return. Expect tickets to cost:

            Zone                                   Student            Adult
            1 Zone (one way)                       $1.00              $2.50
            2 Zone (one way)                       $1.50              $3.70
            DayRider (whole day ticket, only       $3.60              $9.00
            available after 9am)
               Note: If travelling more than 2 Zones please purchase DayRider tickets.
               Use a maths lesson to get the students to calculate the total cost of the public
                transport tickets for Step 3 on the previous page.
               If you have any queries regarding using public transport on your Magical
                Mystery Tour, please contact Transperth’s Education Coordinator, Carol-Ann
                Prinsloo, on 9326 3970.

            Notes for TravelSmart Officers:-
               When you receive these booking forms please forward a copy at each step to
                   o Transperth – Carol-Ann Prinsloo, ,
                     Telephone 9326 3970, Fax 9326 2487
                   o Department of Transport –TravelSmart to School,
           , Telephone 9216 8482, Fax 9216 8497
               It is very important that Transperth is advised if the time or date of the
                intended Magical Mystery Tour changes.

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