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					                                                                                                                                                                                                    Overlap Assessment Worksheet

Section 1: Assessment Team
                                               Departments      Instructions                                             Department Name 1                 Dept 2         Dept 3
                                         Enterprise Architect
                                      Program/Business Rep
Section 2: Overlap Identification
                                             Project Name       Name in ITCP submission                                                                    Project Name   Project Name   Findings
       Program Service or Functions Addressed by the Project    Short description of the main purpose of the                                                                             Compare what has been entered on
                                                                project.                                                                                                                 the row and enter any findings
                                                                                                                                                                                         based on the comparison

                                                 Alternatives   List all feasible alternatives.

                               (BRM sub function description)   BRM Sub function description here
                (SRM Primary service component description)     SRM Primary service component description here
             (SRM Secondary service component description)      SRM Secondary service component description here
                (SRM Tertiary service component description)    SRM Tertiary service component description here
                  (TRM Primary service standard description)    TRM Primary service standard description here
               (TRM Secondary service standard description)     TRM Secondary service standard description here
                  (TRM Tertiary service standard description)   TRM Tertiary service standard description here
                                     Collaboration Areas        The following collaboration areas are common to
                                                                many projects. Indicate if the project utilizes one or
                                                                more of these processes by entering a "Y" next to
                                                                any collaboration area that will be incorporated
                                                                into the project.

                           Document/Content Management
                                       Case Management
                                     Grants Management

Section 3: Overlap Assessment
                                               Public Need      What, if any, public need is addressed by this
                                             Public Access      Will the proposed solution provide direct public
                                                                access to State databases by private sector
                                                                organizations or citizens?
                                        Customers/Users         Who will be using and/or benefitting from the
                                                                project (Citizens, internal users, inter-departmental
                                                                users, county users, other systems, etc.). List all
                                                                that apply.
                           Funding and Fiscal Impact

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                                                                                                                                      Overlap Assessment Worksheet

                                                   Priority   Is this a high priority long-term need? High priority
                                                              would include projects that cannot be deferred or
                                              Fiscal Impact   What kind of fiscal impact will occur if the project is
                                                              not delivered (fines, sanctions, lost revenue
                                                              generation, savings, cost avoidance, etc.)?

                                                   Funding    What is the anticipated source(s) of funding)?

                                             Procurement      What is the propsed procurement strategy (CMAS,
                                                              MSA, RFQ, RFP, etc.)?

                                    Project Justification     Why will the project be developed? Legislative
                                                              mandate, modernization, etc.?
                                           External Factors   Are there any external conditions/factors that
                                                              influence the project?
                                           Business Impact    What business objectives must be met in order for
                                                              the project to succeed?
                    Business Functional Requirements          What are the key business capabilities for the
                                                              project? For example, public facing Internet, case
                                                              management, licensing, etc.?
                                   Equipment Specified        If known, what equipment will be needed for the
                                                              project (e.g., mainframe, web server, middleware
                                                              server, printers, etc.)?
                               Development Approach           Will the project use a COTS or develop a custom
                                                              software solution?
                                               Integration    Will the solution integrate with other systems?
                                                              Examples are data exchanges via an interface,
                                                              consuming or advertising a shared service, or
                                                              subscribing to a service.
            Location where the Project will be Hosted         Where will the project equipment and applications
                                                              reside (OTECH data center, Department, vendor
                                                              location, etc. - see Executive Order S-03-10)?

                         Need for Equipment Location          For a location other than OTECH, why is there a
                                                              need to host the proposed solution in an alternative
                                  Infrastructure Impact       Will the proposed solution require any changes to
                                                              the existing technology infrastructure?

                          Timeline for Implementation         What is the expected timeframe for the project to
                                                              go into production?
                                           Operational Life   What is the anticipated operational life of the
                                                              proposed project?
                              Timeline Flexible or Fixed      Can the timeline accommodate joint development
                                                              or is the implementation date firm? Will the Project
                                                              will be delivered in phases or will all functionality
                                                              be available upon release? Can one project build
                                                              components that can be re-used on another


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                                                                                                                               Overlap Assessment Worksheet

                                      Security Concerns   Are there any other special security considerations
                                                          (Personal information, health records, encryption,
                                                          physical security issues, etc.) that must be
                                                          addressed? If yes, describe them.

                                       Other Concerns
                         Other Collaboration Concerns     Are there any other special concerns the
                                                          Department may have that would prevent or
                                                          facilitate collaboration with another Department
                                                          when developing the solution?

Section 4: Collaboration Analysis
                                                          After completing the template, compare each item
                                                          in Section 3 to determine as to whether or not an
                                                          overlap exists. For example, in the Customers/Users
                                                          area, areas of collaboration may be identified that
                                                          can be leveraged (i.e., training, common
                                                          security/signon, help desk, etc.) based on the user

                                  Fiscal Collaboration    Compare the factors under the Funding and Fiscal
                                                          Impact section of Section 3. Determine if the
                                                          funding and/or procurement methods will pose an
                                                          impediment to collaboration or facilitate
                                                          collaboration (i.e., joint requirements leading to
                                                          common solution components). Enter the finding
                                Project Collaboration     Compare the Business Impact and Business
                                                          Functional Requirements entries under the
                                                          Requirements section. If two or more of the
                                                          projects share common business requirements,
                                                          enter the overlapping functionality here. If the
                                                          functionality sounds similar but has different
                                                          business objectives, indicate that as well. Examples
                                                          of common business functionality may include
                                                          licensing and case management. Also compare the
                                                          entries in the Timeline section. Indicate whether
                                                          the projects can be developed simultaneously or
                                                          phased-in should collaboration occur. Indicate the
                                                          type and nature of collaboration opportunities that
                                                          will be examined.

                   Technical Solution Collaboration       Compare the Equipment Specified , Development
                                                          Approach and Integration entries under the
                                                          Requirements section. These entries contain the
                                                          technical aspects of the solutions. Compare the
                                                          entries and indicate whether or not a common
                                                          development approach will be used (COTS vs
                                                          custom), similar hardware is required, and whether
                                                          or not the solutions will interface with the same
                                                          systems. Also indicate if there are any security
                                                          issues by comparing the entries in the Security
                                                          section. Indicate where collaboration opportunities
                                                          might exist and provide a description of thos

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                                                                                                                           Overlap Assessment Worksheet

                          Operational Collaboration   The Location where the Project will be Hosted ,
                                                      Need for Equipment Location and Infrastructure
                                                      Impact entries of the Requirements section
                                                      examine operational factors. If the solutions are
                                                      hosted in an OTECH facility then it may be possible
                                                      to share common equipment and infrastructure. If,
                                                      on the other hand, the equipment must be housed
                                                      in an alternate facility (e.g., county office,
                                                      Department, etc.) assess collaboration possibilities
                                                      from this standpoint. Indicate whether or not the
                                                      possibility for operational collaboration exists
                                                      based on the entries and what is envisioned. Also,
                                                      examine your post-implementation needs for
                                                      functions such as help desk, end-user device
                                                      support, etc. for collaboration possibilities.

Section 5: Recommendation
                                                      The department or Agency will identify
                                                      recommendations regarding this overlap
                                                      assessment. The recommndation should determine
                                                      if the concept will be pursued as a shared
                                                      investment opportunity or not. A brief rationale or
                                                      justification is needed.

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