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Examples of Job Application Letter for Engineering Student by lmz29365

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Examples of Job Application Letter for Engineering Student document sample

More Info
									Co-op Job                                                                              2006F-014/DW
To pick up a detailed job description, note the Co-op Job # and take it to:
Room 4333D (New Westminster campus);              Room A3030 (David Lam Campus)

Co-op Job #:      2006F-014/DW
Work Term:        2006F
Location:         Surrey
Duties:           The successful candidate will:
                      Work under the supervision of a Vehicle Analyst
                      Use computer assisted draughting (CAD) to synthesize the designs for ancillaries on new
                       vehicles. The drawings will be of a variety of structural elements and compartments used on
                       crane trucks. Examples are jib fittings, boom rests, trailer hitch assemblies, pole racks and
                       equipment brackets
                      Be required to prepare general arrangement, assembly and detail drawings. Skill in preparing
                       three dimensional drawings is desirable.
                      Assist in the engineering process for procurement and outfitting of new vehicles
                      Draft technical specifications, tender invitations and purchase requisitions
                      Participate in the evaluation of tenders and the recommendation for award

Qualifications:   The successful candidate will be a 3rd or 4th year Mechanical Engineering Student with:
                          Ability in simple mechanical stress analysis is desirable
                          Excellent written and oral communications skills
                          A proven ability to work well independently and as a member of a team

Additional        As a condition of employment, a background check clearance will be
Information:      required.

Deadlines:        New Westminster Campus:                                 David Lam Campus:
                  4 pm, 19-May-2006                                       4 pm, 17-May-2006

                                                                                        Co-operative Education
Co-op Job                                                                            2006F-014/DW

Available Information
 Detailed Job
 Position:                MECHANICAL ENGINEERING
 Employer:                BC Hydro
 Work Term:               2006F
 Co-op Job #:             2006F-014/DW
 (attach a post-it with
 this number,
 but do not include in
 cover letter)
 Employer Job #:          JOB # 14 FALL 2006
 (quote this number, if
 Location:                Surrey
 Wage:                    TBA
 Employer’s Web Site:

 Information:             Please include a completed "Quick Reference
                          Form" with your resume

 Address your cover       To Whom It May Concern
 letter and resume to:

 To apply for this position, submit your resume and cover letter to the Co-op office by or before the deadline date
 stated for the campus where you are dropping off your application.
 If you need help with your resume or cover letter, please make an appointment to see:
         Dana Wakabayashi (New West Campus: Room 4333A, 604-527-5608)
         Zebeen Panju (New West Campus: Room 4333C, 604-527-5769)
         Brenda Read (New West Campus: Room 4365, 604-527-5457)
         Annette Siu (David Lam Campus: Room A3011, 604-777-6021)

 Don’t forget to sign your cover letter!

                                                                                         Co-operative Education

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