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Greek Week 2010 March 28th– April 2nd.doc


									                      Greek Week 2010 March 28th– April 2nd

                                     Banner Competition
                                Question: Coby Smith or Pittman
You will need to buy a white sheet and cut it to 6 feet wide by 4 feet tall. For the
banner competition, please include all your teams’ Greek houses on the banner. You are
more than welcome to use any materials that you want as long as they are secured to the
banner so they do not fall off. You will be judged on how creative your banner is and
how much effort is put into making the banner. Your banner is due the Sunday of
Greek Week March 28th at the Alpha Gamma Rho house at 8 p.m. We will be hanging
them that night in the Student Union Atrium so please get it to the house by that time.

                              Pin Attire – Monday March 29th
                         Questions: Contact Kelvin Pollard or Lindsay Gin
   Tables will be set up from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Members from each chapter will
   come to the middle sidewalk on Library Lawn where there will be two tables setup
   with sign in. Each individual will need to be wearing pin attire, (this does not mean
   shorts and a t-shirt with your pin attached). Each chapter is encouraged to have 100%

                                        T-shirt sales
                      Questions: Contact Mandi Ford or Megan McGee
   T-Shirt order forms will be given to the Greek Week Chairs at their Meet and Greet
   on Sunday afternoon.
   T-Shirts order forms are due March 22nd at 10pm. Steering members will come to
   collect order forms.
   T-Shirts will be distributed the week of Greek Week!

                                     BLOOD DRIVE
                    Questions: Contact Megan Caudill or Michelle Loken
   Monday: We will be showing a movie in the waiting area
   Tuesday: Game days, guitard hero, WII, puzzles; we have prizes!
   Wednesday: Movie again
   Thursday: Karaoke and a DJ
   We have a ton of coupons of places around town for participants: Chick-Fil-A, Whataburger,
   Panera, Papa John's, Hideaway and Arby's

   1. Blood Drive will be Monday, March 28th – Thursday, April 1nd 10am-4pm
         a. You can donate blood in two places: Starlight Terrace and Library Lawn
2. Volunteers/Points:
3. Each donor will get a point, and if they want to earn a point but don't want to
   donate, they can make goody bags for the philanthropy and bring them to the
   blood drive. When they sign in to donate, we will have a separate list where they
   sign which house they're in.
4. Information
       a. When you go to donate blood, there will be 2 slips of paper, Pink and
       b. Pink = Donate
       c. Green = Deferral
       d. You will get whichever slip pertains to you and you will put your name
          and chapter on it. Then you will give your slip to the blood drive people
          they will take care of the rest.
       e. At the end of each night Greek Week Steering will collect these slips and
          add them to your total points.

                    Monday, March 29th, Philanthropic Dinner
        Questions: Contact Taylor Venus, Susan Murray or Rachel LeGrand
Restaurants and times will be released via email to Greek Week Chairs then later
again during the week of Greek Week

                 Tuesday, March 30st, House Director’s Tea
              Questions: Contact Lindsey Long or Charlie Crabtree
                         3:30 p.m. Centennial Lounge
                 House Director’s have already been informed

                  Tuesday, March 30st, Guest Speaker
                 Questions: Contact Kelvin Pollard or Lindsay Gin
                           Wes Watkins Center
   There will be a sign-in sheet for each chapter. Points will be designated per
   member that signs up.
   Presentation by David Coleman as “The Dating Docter” and “America’s Real-
   Life Hitch.” He is scheduled to speak from 7:00 p.m.-8:15 p.m. in the Wes
   Watkins Center.
                              Wednesday, March 31st Greek Awards
                               Student Union Ball Room – 7:00 p.m.

                                Wednesday, March 31st Field Day
          Questions: Contact Clay Merritt, Amy Cothrum, Kaitlin Logan, Brandon Highfill
                                 Location - South Formal Gardens
                                      Time - 4:30pm-6:30pm
       2:45:3:30 - Steering set up events
       3:30pm – 4:00pm – Pairings sign-in
       4:00pm – 6:00pm – Field Day Games

1.   Human Pyramid
2.   Egg Toss
3.   Relay Race
4.   Tug-O-War

1. Human Pyramid – Teams will consist of 10 people (7 boys and 3 girls). Each team will
   construct a pyramid with 4 people on the bottom level, 3 people on the 2nd level, 2
   people on the 3rd level and 1 person on the top level. Each team is allowed to have
   someone spot the top level of their pyramid. Event is elimination style. The field of
   teams will be spilt randomly into two groups (one group of 5 and one of 6). The first
   three teams finished (within their group) will advance from the 1st round into the final
   round for their group. In the final round the first team finished will be the winner of that
   group. Winners from each group will face off in a championship round. Note: once the
   top layer of the pyramid is complete (participant must have hands and knees resting on
   the participants below, spotter must not be touching the top lvl participant), timing will
   begin and the pyramid must stay intact for 8 seconds. If pyramid does not stay complete
   for 8 seconds the team is disqualified. If enough teams are disqualified to affect the
   placing, a runoff will be performed between the appropriate teams to determine the
   placing order (1st, 2nd, 3rd).

2. Egg Toss – One male and one female form each team. Each male starts out with an egg.
      a. 1st Round: Stand 3 feet apart. After each round the tosser changes, e.g. the female
         will start the second round with the egg.
      b. Following Rounds: Distance will increase by 3 feet each round.
      c. Note: If egg breaks at anytime, that team is out. Must catch egg beyond the
         tape. If caught before the tape, one strike is made. After two strikes, your team is
         out (these strikes are assuming the egg is still intact). Teams will go one at a time
         and will have 10 seconds to throw.

3. Relay Race – This relay will consist of 4 events (MUST HAVE 3 guys and 4 girls for
   the entire relay race). Note: the teams will be split into two main groups. Same style
   as pyramid above except ONLY the top teams from each group will move on into
   the championship round. The format of the race is of the following:
       a. Wheelbarrow: Requires two males
       b. 3 Legged Race: Requires two females
       c. Ball Between Back: Requires one male and one female. Teams will start on the
          ground with ball between their backs. Team must make it to their feet and run to
          the opposite side of the field (and cross finish line with ball between their back)
          before the bat spin can start. If ball comes loose before the finish line, team must
          stop when and where the ball came free at and have another team member place
          the ball back between the two participants again.
       d. Bat Spin/Run: Requires one female representative. Must make 10 complete
          rotations (360 degrees) with forehead placed on one end of the bat. Then must
          run to the other end of the course and cross the finish line.
       Note: the first team to cross the finish line after the bat spin wins the event.
       Note: no male or female can participate in more than one leg of the race.

4. Tug-O-War – Old fashion tug-o-war, each team will consist of 10 people (MUST
   consist of 5 guys and 5 girls) It is tournament style. Last team standing wins the event.

                                   POINT SYSTEM

       In each event, the top three teams will receive the following points.
       1st Place – 5pts
       2nd Place – 3pts
       3rd Place – 2pt

       And after tallying up the points for each team from each of the four events, the top
       three teams will be awarded the following points that will be added to their Greek
       Week points.
       1st Place Overall Winner – 100pts
       2nd Place Overall Winner – 75pts
       3rd Place Overall Winner – 50pts

                    Thursday, April 2nd Greek God / Goddess Pageant
            Questions: Cheyenne Allen, Lauren Oseland, Ben Robin, Jamie Vickery
                         7:00pm: (Student Union Ballroom)
   The pageant is not a mandatory event, BUT admission is free and we encourage the
    attendance of your entire chapter to support your representative as the people’s choice award
    is based on attendance and monetary contribution to our fundraiser during the pageant.
   Signs, noisemakers, etc. are allowed at the pageant, BUT they must not be used in a
    distracting manner while a contestant is on stage. Guests may display their signs during the
    transitional moments in the show, but otherwise, they must not be visible during the various
    components of the pageant.
   Seats are on a first come, first serve basis – no saving seats
   All guests must be respectful of every contestant, intermission act, MC, judge and director.
    Any derogatory comments or distracting behavior will not be tolerated and we reserve the
    right to ask guests to leave
   Make sure that you come early and allot enough time to sign in and find a seat as the pageant
    will start promptly at 7:00

                                      Thanda School Supplies Drive
                                   Questions: Kelvin Pollard, Lindsay Gin
           Each pairing will be given a box where you can donate their designate supplies; they
           will be picked up by steering members before Wednesday (supplies are worth bonus
           The supplies needed are:

1) Pack of pens (BIC Cristal red, blue, or black $1/pack @ Walmart)
     Alpha Chi Omega, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Lambda Gamma, Omega Psi Phi

2) Pack of pencils (Dixon 24-pack $1/pack @ Walmart)
     Alpha Delta Pi, Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Tau Delta, Theta Chi

3) Kids' scissors ($1/pair @ Walmart)
     Chi Omega, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Beta Sigma

4) Pink erasers or pencil-topper erasers ($1/pack @ Walmart)
     Delta Delta Delta, Phi Gamma Delta, Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Kappa Alpha

5) Individual manual pencil sharpeners ($1/sharpener @ Walmart)
     Gamma Phi Beta, Sigma Chi, Kappa Alpha Psi

6) Highlighters (2-pack/$1 @ Walmart)
     Kappa Alpha Theta, Phi Delta Theta, Kappa Alpha Order, Alpha Pi Omega

7) Simple calculators ($1/calculator @ Walmart)
     Kappa Delta, Lambda Chi Alpha, Farm House, Phi Sigma Nu

8) Crayola 24-pack of crayons ($1/pack @ Walmart)
     Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kappa Sigma, Phi Kappa Tau, Tau Kappa Epsilon
9) Glue sticks (2-pack/$1.25 @ Walmart)
     Phi Mu, Beta Theta Pi, Delta Epsilon Phi

10) Watercolor paint (Roseart 8-count - $1/pack @ Walmart)
     Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Gamma Rho, Delta Sigma Phi

11) Rubber rulers ($1/ruler @ Walmart)
     Zeta Tau Alpha, Sigma Nu, Delta Sigma Theta

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