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									“Building Bridges to Opportunities”
This introduction to America’s One-Stop Operating System and Consortium
includes the following sections:

          • Executive Summary (Slides #3 to #8)

              • Consortium Members and Overview (Slides #3 to #5)

              • System Features (Slide #6)

              • System Functionality (Slide #7)

              • What people are saying (Slide #8)

          • Special Application Features (Slide #9 to #17)

          • AOSOS Information Online (Slide 18)

          • AOSOS Case Management Tour (Slides #19 to #27)
                                                                          Slide 2
                       What do the diverse workforce development systems
                                of these states have in common?
Executive Summary

                    Kentucky                 Nevada                New Jersey

                    New York              Rhode Island            Virgin Islands

                       Answer: The state of the art workforce programs
                           case management & reporting system!

                                                                                   Slide 3
                              America’s One-Stop Operating System Overview

                              The America’s One-Stop Operating System or AOSOS universal
Executive Summary

                    case management and reporting system was initially designed and built by a
                    partnership of federal, state, and local workforce professionals with over
                    $25M in federal grant funds.

                               Since July 2004, the AOSOS Consortium has been a self-governing,
                    self-sufficient partnership of employment security agencies that has enhanced
                    the system and ensured its continued compliance with all federal regulations.
                    Our tried and proven system has been successfully supporting state workforce
                    development systems since January 2001.

                              The multi-agency, multi-program system provides one truly
                    integrated solution for the One-Stop environment of today and tomorrow. An
                    easy to access web-based system with robust security features, AOSOS
                    supports an unlimited number of partners and programs and their unique
                    business and reporting needs.

                                                                                                    Slide 4
                    AOSOS supports the business operations of One-Stop Career Center
                    partners by facilitating the case management and services of the
                    workforce investment system stakeholders:
Executive Summary

                                                                 Workforce Staff


                                              Service & Training Providers


                                                                                       Slide 5
                                            State of the Art Workforce Programs
                                         Case Management & Reporting at a Glance


                                         •   ADA 508 Compliance
Executive Summary

                             •   WISPR Reporting Compliance (7-1-2007)

                         •       Common Measures Performance Reporting

                     • Federal Workforce & Unique State Program Support
                    (WIA, Wagner-Peyser, Veterans, Trade Act & Your State Program)

                                  •    Robust System Interface Abilities
                                      – UI, Wage Record and State Systems
                                            – National Job Boards

                                         • Flexible Data Screens
                                      (Overnight deployment of new screens
                                        without lengthy IT development)

                                                                                     Slide 6
                                                    State of the Art Workforce Programs
                                                 Case Management & Reporting at a Glance


                    •   Universal Registration                 •   Employer Relations
Executive Summary

                    •   Comprehensive Assessment               •   Job Order Management

                    •   WIA Eligibility Determination          •   Federal Performance Reporting

                    •   Partner Referral Management            •   Local Management Reporting

                    •   Employment Plans                       •   One Stop Customer Surveys

                    •   Counselor Notes                        •   Provider Management & Tracking

                    •   Service Delivery Tracking              •   Notification and Correspondence

                    •   Individual Participation Accounts      •   Security Management

                    •   Scheduling/Calendar                    •   Customer Self-Service Module
                                                                                                     Slide 7
                                                                           People Talk

                    “With no subscription fee for the first year,       “AOSOS is a wonderful workforce tool. The
                    AOSOS is a cost-effective way for states to bring   system allows me to collect and manage as
                    their workforce development systems into            much information as necessary to meet the
                    compliance with federal regulations and meet        specific service needs of my individual
Executive Summary

                    USDOL’s new WISPR reporting requirements.           customers. Its customer and employer case
                                                                        management capabilities enhance my ability to
                                Steve Reenstra, Assistant Director      perform a placement interview.”
                                One-Stop Coordination & Support                     Jackie Novatin
                                                                                    Placement Interviewer

                    “AOSOS is a comprehensive
                    case management system that
                    enables me to easily track my
                    customers from enrollment
                    through completion and beyond.
                    I appreciate the thoroughness of                    “AOSOS has provided New York’s workforce
                    the system and its many                             professionals with a single tool for multiple
                    components. It is an intuitive                      agencies to provide coordinated services in a
                    and user-friendly system.”                          one-stop setting.”
                                 Particia Loughney                                  Don Sutherland
                                 E &T Counselor                                     OSOS Project Coordinator

                                                                                                                        Slide 8
Special Application Features

                                          Before we take you on a brief tour of the case management
                               system used to “build bridges to opportunities” for our customers, we’d
                               like to share with you a few special application features that help set
                               AOSOS apart from other systems including:

                                   • Flexible Data Screens
                                   • Staff Inbox/Scheduling
                                   • Correspondence Capabilities
                                   • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System
                                   • Inter-Agency Referral Management
                                   • Federal Reports and Local Management Information
                                   • Customer Self-Service Module

                                                                                                         Slide 9
                               Custom searchable, “Flexible Data Screens,” like the Literacy/Numeracy
                               Tests tab below, can be defined in the administrative module, integrated with
Special Application Features

                               the database and literally, implemented overnight. This feature allows you to
                               address special state needs without lengthy IT development efforts.

                                                                                                               Slide 10
                               The Inbox provides staff with scheduling, reminders of customer
                               appointments, and multiple triggers of training events and follow-up
Special Application Features


                                                                                                      Slide 11
                               AOSOS’ correspondence module generates hardcopy letters, electronic mail,
                               mailing labels and envelopes for one or multiple customers through stock or
Special Application Features

                               customized templates that import information from the database fields.

                                                                                                             Slide 12
                               Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - AOSOS will interface with an IVR
                               system to contact customers through automated phone messaging to alert
Special Application Features

                               them to training opportunities, job opportunities, customer follow-up, and
                               customized broadcast messages to meet local needs.

                                                                                                            Slide 13
                               Using the Inter-Agency Referral utility, staff electronically refer customers
                               between One-Stop partner agencies with a record of the referral maintained in
Special Application Features

                               the customer’s Service History window.

                                                                                                               Slide 14
                               Federal Reporting & Local Management Information

                                                Reports are available on intuitive screens that
Special Application Features

                                                allow you to drill down to see which customers
                                                are included in each report cell, combination of
                                                report cells or each performance measure
                                                numerator and denominator.

                                                                                            Slide 15
                                                           Federal Reporting & Local Management Information

                                                                           Reports are available on intuitive screens that
                                                                           allow you to drill down to see which customers
Special Application Features

                                                                           are included in each report cell, combination of
                                                                           report cells or each performance measure
                                                                           numerator and denominator.
                                                                           For example,…

                               Which 9002A Report
                               MSFW customers are
                               also veterans and
                               included in both
                               highlighted report cells?

                                                                                                                         Slide 16
                               The AOSOS Self-Service module can be used by customers to develop and
                               post resumes to the state’s resume bank, search for jobs, set up job scouts to
Special Application Features

                               automatically notify the customer of job opportunities. Self-service activities
                               can be captured for common measures reporting.

                                                                                                                 Slide 17
                               Take a brief tour of AOSOS now or find additional information about the system
                                 and consortium on the AOSOS Information website at: www.ososinfo.org/
Special Application Features

                                                                                                            Slide 28
                                                     The tour begins with customer intake…

                             Starting with intake, staff collect and manage information necessary to serve the
AOSOS Case Management Tour

                             customer. The Customer Detail module tabs include basic information, including the
                             “Gen. Info’s” basic customer demographics displayed below.

                                                                                                          Slide 19
                                                          Information collection on 508 complaint screens…

                             Collect as much information as necessary to serve your customer on a series of
AOSOS Case Management Tour

                             tabbed screens including the Additional Information Tab (below), Objectives, Work
                             History, Education/Licenses, Skills, Comments and Tests tabs.

                               Clicking the “Programs/Public Assistance
                               Selection” button above or checking
                               “Service Veteran” field opens windows
                               with additional information fields.

                                                                                                           Slide 20
                                                    The tour continues…
AOSOS Case Management Tour

                             Is this customer job ready, possessing “in-demand” skills?

                              YES – Proceed to the Employer Module and its job
                              search and matching functionality.

                              NO – Proceed to the Customer Assessment Module.

                                                                                          Slide 21
                                                                     Comprehensive Assessment

                             The Comprehensive Assessment module is used to collect additional information to help the
AOSOS Case Management Tour

                             counselor make informed decisions regarding the customer’s suitability for “intensive services”
                             or “training,” and whether special barriers to employment exist. AOSOS provides for the
                             logical collection and documentation of an employment plan.

                                                                                                   Comp Assess Tabs:
                                                                                                   • Employment
                                                                                                   • Education
                                                                                                   • Financial
                                                                                                   • Family
                                                                                                   • Health
                                                                                                   • Treatments
                                                                                                   • Legal
                                                                                                   • Housing
                                                                                                   • Transportation
                                                                                                   • Comments

                                                                                                                       Slide 22
                                                                Document & Track Services

                             Schedule services and training documenting dates, costs, fund allocation(s) and
AOSOS Case Management Tour

                             program(s) affiliation. In addition, authorizations can be printed, attendance tracked,
                             and IPA service summaries viewed.

                                                                                                               Slide 23
                                                            Capturing Outcome Information…

                             Outcome information including employment retention, credential attainment and
AOSOS Case Management Tour

                             youth measures are captured through interfaces with Wage Record and WRIS to
                             capture wage data and supplemental information entered on the Outcomes Tab.

                                                                                                         Slide 24
                                                         Case Managing Providers & Services…

                             AOSOS provides case management of service providers and their service offerings.
AOSOS Case Management Tour

                                                                                                          Slide 25
                                                        Case Managing Employers & Job Orders…

                             Employers and their job opportunities are case managed within the Employer
AOSOS Case Management Tour

                             Module. Staff can search for employers and/or specific types of job opportunities
                             using comprehensive search criteria against current or archives job orders.

                                                                                                             Slide 26
                             From job matching to job order to referral to documentation of the
                             results, AOSOS is the premier labor exchange system.
AOSOS Case Management Tour

                                                                                           Slide 27
                               Thank you for your interest! Find additional information about the system and
                                  consortium on the AOSOS Information website at: www.ososinfo.org/
Special Application Features

                                                                                                               Slide 28

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