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 The final page of the NSSE Web version asked students to respond to the following question in an open text box:

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Student Comments
August 2008
                                                                                                                       NSSE 2008 Student Comments

UnitID   Class Additional Comments
139861     1 This college needs more spaces and classes available for Anatomy and Physiology I and II. I had to attend another school as a
               transient student to complete these courses so that I would not fall behind in my classes. That upsets me that my own institution
               does not have enough classes available for their students to take an essential class for a nursing major.
139861     1 I wish that there was a little bit more todo at the village which probably sounds crazy.People just sit in their rooms and stay in their
               cliques. I feel like we (freshman) dont even know some of our neighbors that we live next door to for basically a year!

139861     1    I enjoy this college experience, but I am having so much trouble paying for it! I have a job, but since I am making money grants
                and scholarships don't apply to me because they figure I have the money to pay for it! That is the hardest part for me!

139861     1    Very pleased.
139861     1    quit admitting so many freshman! it is so hard to get the classes you need because there are not enough teachers! and when you
                do get the class the teacher is horrible! its no wonder it takes us mroe than 4 years to graduate it is not caues were are suppositly
                all out partying but because the classes we need are never avalible. it took me two years to get theatrical heritage which i only
                needed for my core and not for my major. and now since i had to take frivilous classes i am already behind so thanks! seriously
                when i took a semester at kennesaw it was so easy to find classes and there was no need for a seat modifier. yall need to get
                your act together with reistration and let people know that we have to take us and ga history tests in order to graduate. why do you
                think there are so many seniors that take it on the last day avalible?
139861     1    this school is amazing. we should expand the campus and make this a bigger school.
139861     1    I feel the choices of restaurant and night life outside of getting drunk are slim. There are bars and a couple other restaurants to
                enjoy but the food gets tiring. I knew I was coming to a small town when I applied here but I feel that because it is a college town
                there would be more nightlife besides hanging out at bars. Another thing is the wellness depot that has horrible inconvenient hours,
                you should just swipe your card and open the door and then thoroughly clean your machine before you leave, it should always be
                open. Thank you.
139861     1    dinning hall employees need to be more happy.
139861     1    My experience so far has been great both academically and socially.
139861     1    The school is amazing and great. I just hope that the number of students stays low at this school, that is why I enjoy it so much. I
                just feel that some advisors should be much more helpful.
139861     1    Overall a fantastic school, but Millegeville needs more things to do

                                                                                                                        NSSE 2008 Student Comments

UnitID   Class Additional Comments
139861     1 I have had a horrible experience here at GCSU. The faculty in the offices are disrespectful and far from helpful. My teachers rely
               on one method of teaching only(powerpoints). They offer an infirmary but don't have the right nurses there when you schedule an
               appointment 3 weeks in advance and then say sorry you'll have to wait 1 month again. There are not enough core classes offered
               for the amount of undergraduate students attending school. I cannot get any financial help from the school. I have yet to truly learn
               and retain what I am taught because half the time I am in class the teacher talks about things completely unrelated to the class.
               Everyday I come to dislike GCSU more and more. I will be transferring out come Spring 2009 once my core is complete.

139861     1    I feel that if the advisors were more available at different times that it would make me feel far more confident in the university as a
139861     1    Counseling Services should be more active in the lives of the students who come there. If they quit coming they should check in on
                how their progress is coming along.
139861     1    I think the registration process is very difficult and stressful. You barely get any of the classes you need, causing you to not be able
                to graduate on time (4 years).
139861     1    I love it here at GCSU and I would recommend it to anyone!
139861     1    Please, tell your advisors (one in particular) to actually meet with the students and check up on them periodically through email. I
                might as well not have an advisor. Because he failed to meet with me, I signed up for classes that didn't satisfy my major and
                ended up having to drop them. I am now working with few hours than I want and I am also behind thanks to that. I would also
                have liked to have someone to discuss possible career goals with.
139861     1    I feel that this school pushes diversity to heavily on its students, and I personally dislike that we are all adults here and can make
                our own decisions. I also wish that the College here would offer more support to the Greek System. Being Greek is the best thing I
                have done in College but I do not have the support of my family and really feel like the school hates us as well.

139861     1    none
139861     1    GCSU is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have grown so much. My parents tell me all the time that they are proud
                of me and they can tell that I've grown because I converse differently and I carry myself differently. I have become an independent
                young lady that doesn't come home on the weekends and plays a major role in helping around at school. GO BOBCATS!!!

139861     1    getting classes, especially as a freshman is harder than i expected. i understand that this school wants to keep small class sizes
                but this school is also accepting more students every year which makes it difficult for the students already here. that would be my
                biggest complaint.

                                                                                                                          NSSE 2008 Student Comments

UnitID   Class Additional Comments
139861     1 Personally, I think bobcat and central campus freshmen are two different worlds and with the completion of saga #2 we will be
               even more divided. Also I find the fine arts requirements to be cumbersome and really unrelated to the purpose of academic
               growth. The learning center would possibly have to be expanded in the near future because at certain times of the day I cannot
               even find a seat. I find the problem of unsufficient space frequently around campus: Herty hall, sodexho, bobcat food court, library
               lobby. I find my professors really hit or miss with good attitide and a drive to help me with concepts I cannot understand. I know
               that everything cannot be perfect but these have been my concerns with GCSU.
139861     1 I have greatly enjoyed my expierence here, but felt extremely poorly advised when applying to the school of education's middle
               grades cohort.
139861     1 I'll keep it short. Please improve awareness about events, activities, and opportunities on campus. This does not mean Campus
               Life, Athletics, Department of Music and so on are not planning exceptional events. It means our Communications department is
               not marketing them through a convenient, attractive, and efficient channel.
139861     1 Teacher surveys should be given out more than once a semester
139861     1 no
139861     1 I came here because the school is close to my family. Even though I have only been here for one whole semester, I have decided
               to stay here all four years. This is an exceptional institution; my instructors have been absolutely amazing. I have been advised by
               two separate individuals on a major, and I have now decided on one.
               Thank You.
139861     1 GCSU has been an AMAZING experience. I love the beautiful campus, small classes, and friendly students and faculty!
139861     1 Thank you so much for taking the time to ask us how we, as students, feel. It means a lot to know that our input and opinions are
               being looked at and considered when it comes to the future of our college that we love so much!

                -Jocelyn Jones
                Freshman Biology Major
139861     1    none
139861     1    Educational experience was alright but definitely not the best I could have ever had.
139861     1    The only real problem I have come in contact with is being unable to understand many of the professors.
139861     1    Personaly I think this school hypes itself up about how great it is but it lacks greatly in most ares. Filling out servays are useless,
                voting is a waste of time all because the school doesn't listen to any of it. Basicaly the school is full of hot air. Very disappointing.
                Most teachers don't want to teach and the remaining ones don't speak english good enough to teach well. Advisors are worthless.
                The school is only worried about the almighty dollar.
139861     1    I love GCSU. It is a fantastic school with great facilities and professors. Thanks!
139861     1    Younger students are not well-informed about when class registration will be. This needs to change!
139861     1    My only complaint is the advising some things I have been told were wrong or out of date and my inability to get into the classes I
                need to graduate.

                                                                                                                        NSSE 2008 Student Comments

UnitID   Class Additional Comments
139861     1 Its been hard since in my dorm (Foundation, 2nd floor), they put all the theatre majors on one floor. It would be nice to mix things
               up in the future, because its created problems. The theatre people hang out, and the rest of us tend to be excluded. Sure, we can
               go out with other people from different dorms, but it would be nice to feel accepted in our own hallway. I know several people who
               have moved out, and I myself am moving to another dorm. In the future, please keep in mind that when one floor mainly consists
               of people who share the same major, classes, practice schedules, ect...cliques can form easily.
               It would also be nice if the teachers were encouraged to put announcements and dates/ect. under the site provided with the course
               But other than that, its a very good school. Just the right size, and the teachers are helpful and seem to actually care about their

139861     1   I think that instead of using faculty like teachers as advisors, GC&SU should hire personel to actually be advisors and that be their
               only job. I feel the teachers dont really have time to be good advisors when it comes to selecting the right paths and courses for
139861     1   The school is awesome. The down really hurts the schools liberal persona. The town, with all the police, is ultra conservative and
               ultra religious, which is pretty much the opposite of the average college kid. The the police to cut back on the student fines. There
               are plenty or bad neighborhoods to patrol. I'm not only afraid of the ghetto, which i live a block from, but also of the police who wait
               to catch me down town. I understand D.U.I but come on, $1000 for Minor in Possession is goddamn ridiculous. peace

139861     1   The registration process at this school has made it very difficult to register for classes that I need to complete my undergraduate
               degree. I would like the process to be updated to make things smoother. I hate the mad scramble at 5:00 AM.

139861     1   Overall I have had a really good experience at GCSU thus far. I find my professors to be very helpful and willing to make time for
               me if necessary.
139861     1   Wiggidy bop
139861     1   I rarely have any complaints. I am very happy with Georgia College.
139861     1   My advisor was not available when needed and i was not given sufficiant information from the Financial Aid dept. concerning the
               rout i needed to take in deciding how many hours and what classes to take my second semster. mainly i was dsappointed in my
               advisor for not being able to "advise" me
139861     1   I think the educational aspect is great but I just wish that the school would try to stress to the students to not leave every weekend.
               It seems as if alot of students don't feel connected to the school because of it.
139861     1   The English 1101 and 1102 classes focus entirely to much on feelings and the person, and are not useful for writing true papers
               for future classes, classes where you can't use 'I' on a research paper, which is just a silly idea.
139861     1   I absolutely love Georgia College and State University. The class sizes are small enough that most of my professors know who I
               am, which makes getting extra help even easier. This was definitely the best school for me.

                                                                                                                      NSSE 2008 Student Comments

UnitID   Class Additional Comments
139861     1 I wish there was another scholarship that this school would offer. I graduated in the top half of my class but I wasn't good enough
               to qualify for any of the scholarships offered here. My parents are not paying for anything either, so I'm completely on my own with
               financial aid, but it seems like that is no one's problem but mine. I'll be over 40,000 dollars in debt when I leave this institution,
               which will be more than I will make in an entire year being a teacher. I would rather financial aid be available to special cases like
               me instead of leaving us out here to fend for ourselves. Just because the parental contribution says they are supposed to pay,
               doesn't mean they actually do.
139861     1 Weekends are dead and boring. There are no effective math teachers at this school. Advisement is a joke because my adviser
               who is supposed to give me advice does not even know who I am.
139861     1 Registration is a nightmare. And I'm not referring to the 5am rush to punch in CRN numbers. I mean after the chaos has calmed
               down. Only a few classes were added after initial registration even though everything was zeroed out and I knew many people in
               need of more classes. Finding English classes and Understanding Visual Culture and Fine and Applied Art in Civilization was
               impossible. And those are CORE classes.
139861     1 I am displeased with the lack of minorities, particulary African Americans, on this campus. I feel that the school should make a
               greater effort to reach out to students at urban high schools, especially in the Atlanta area.
139861     1 Trying to balance the ratio between races would be very much appreciated because I ve known some people who feel out of place
               especially in the cafeteria.
139861     1 They need to have more morning classes and no classes that go beyond 8 PM. No Friday classes either!
139861     1 Students are not well enough informed of ways to get help with academics, financial aid, or housing.

                Additionally, I think the administration here is self destructive towards the university. The administration seems to work hard at
                maintaining the calibur of the school when they could be doing so much more. This could be an incredible university if the right
                people of authority(adminstration, professors, athletics department) stopped trying to fit the mold of a typical person in their
139861     1    I noticed that this survey focused a lot on Advising and I have some personal qualms with that issue. After my first advisor meeting
                with Virginia Simmons, I felt alienated and unwelcome to freely discuss personal decisions involving my major/career/education in
                general. I've had lots of questions but lacked the confidence in advising to return and ask them. We are given 15 minute scheduled
                slots to discuss whatever and normally we're brought in and shooed out in a timely manner. It has made planning out my college
                career much more difficult than I think it should be.
139861     1    I like this college and I'm glad I came here. I feel like I am getting a quality education.
139861     1    I don't believe that certain rules are enforced enough and I don't believe that most people in administrative positions have done a
                good job in fufilling their responsibilities to the students.
139861     1    My educational experience at GCSU has been wonderful as far as the Honors program and my teachers go, but the
                administration, especially Housing and Food Services, has put quite a damper on my ability to give total positive feedback.

                                                                                                                        NSSE 2008 Student Comments

UnitID   Class Additional Comments
139861     1 Blah.
139861     1 GCSU needs a better form of registring for the first year freshman classes. They also need to let all the freshman seminar
               teachers sit down with all of their students to discuss schedules.
139861     1
139861     1 Need a strong Finance Program for those who want to do something other than Accounting
139861     4 GC&SU is a Great Place to Learn!
139861     4 Most of the questions asked were for the traditional student and not the non. Some of the answers would have beeen better suited
               with a comment section or a not applicable.
139861     4 The cohort experience is one of the greatest assets to this university.
139861     4 I'm no longer enrolled.
139861     4 College in general is too institutionalized and do not give you the proper skills needed for life. on top of that most faculty members
               seem to be unsympathetic to the situation of the student and there does not seem to be much of a student voice that is allowed to
               express his or her true feelings about the institution.
139861     4 In this day in age the courses should be more receptive to students that must work full time in order to pay living expenses. It is
               not only adults with children who need to be accommodated, but young people pursuing a degree also. Some questions on this
               survey should also be looked at because there were several that did not have any answers that applied to me but was forced to
               choose one.
139861     4 Initially, I came to this school with the intention of staying 1 semester, then transferring to UGA. After the first semester, I decided
               to stay because I liked it so much. I have had a wonderful experience here.
139861     4 I absolutely love GCSU and would recommend this college to everyone!
139861     4 I feel GCSU does a great job in educating us, but does a awful job in allowing us to experince what we would do in a real job. I will
               graduate in May but have no idea what kind of job I can get or what I may do in a real job. I believe a required class should be
               added to the class requirments allowing us practice what we may do with our degree and allow us to look for jobs before
               graduating. Maybe even require students to attend 3-5 interviews within the course with possible companys to work for once
               graduating. Going to school is about getting educated to get a job so why don't they do anything to make us look for a job.

139861     4    I was deeply distressed when I transferred in that I was turned down to my chosen major because it was competitive. I was not
                informed of this when I inquired before transferring. I am now majoring in something different, which breaks my heart. I have had
                sympathetic and and helpful people advising me and guiding me, which I greatly appreciate. I am just VERY disappointed that I
                wasted so many semesters because the school would not admit me to the program I desired (and had already almost completed
139861     4    Georgia College & State University has been an excellent institution for the four years I have matriculated here. If I could do it over
                and choose another college, I would still choose GCSU.

                                                                                                                          NSSE 2008 Student Comments

UnitID   Class Additional Comments
139861     4 It's very difficult to get the classes you need when you want to take them. For example, I was a declared Spanish minor. I had
               taken through Spanish 5 in high school. I was unable to get into Spanish 2 until the second semester of my Sophomore year here.
               Then, I was unable to get into Spanish 3 until the second semester of my Junior year. This made being a Spanish minor almost
               impossible, because the departments will not do seat modifiers, even if you are a DECLARED minor. It was really frustrating to not
               be able to achieve that goal of mine. Every friend I've talked to has experienced similar frustrations registering for small classes
               like foreign language, history, etc.
139861     4 I enjoyed my time here at GCSU. However, I would have loved to participate in a graduation ceremony during my actual graduation
               time. The fact that there is no December graduation is disappointing.
               HANDLED BETTER
139861     4 Emily Gomez is the best professor ever.
139861     4 The school advertises that it is a liberal arts university and that is a large part in why I attended this school. I feel, if you will, a bait
               and switch was pulled. This campus has no student activism, nor does it promote it. The only thing this campus seems to support
               is greek life and mediocore academic preformance. If one was to walk around our campus, they would have no idea a war was
               going on. However, they would know where to go to rush Pi Kappa Phi or any other greek organization. Much to my dismay, there
               was nor is anything liberal about this campus, the faculty, or the students.
139861     4 There are a lot of institutional and departmental policies that make obtaining a degree, or in my case a second bachelor's degree,
               very difficult. Many of these policies could be clarified. It would also be very useful to reevaluate the process by which transfer
               credits are assessed. I have talked to many transfer students and not one was satisfied with how their courses transferred into
               GCSU. I think that reveals a problem in the system.
139861     4 Put simply, the classes are so dumbed down that I can learn more from a documentary on television about a chosen subject than I
               can from GCSU. Students are only expected to memorize ideas and not apply concepts. Students whine to the teachers that they
               are too hard, and in response, the teachers make it easier. It's pathetic. The HOPE scholarship is killing this state--allowing
               crybaby students who never attend class, who think it's hysterical that they got a 40 on their midterm and who don't even know
               which building houses the library to "play" at attending college--wasting the time of the students who are serious about learning by
               putting in their inane, naive 2 cents worth in class. There is virtually no way to have an intellegent conversation in a classroom here-
               -unless I take a teacher to table talk and even then it's such a limited amount of time to really glean any usable, intellegent
               information from them. It's a travesty--Georgia public schools are among the worst in the US, and now I realize that those
               students, armed with their straight A averages from their third-rate high schools and showing up with their HOPE scholarships are
               just a positive pat on the back for the horrendous state of education here. There is NO WAY that graduates from this university
139861     4 n/a

                                                                                                                      NSSE 2008 Student Comments

UnitID   Class Additional Comments
139861     4 There always seem to be an anti-commuter/anti-working student bias. I lose an hour or more a day commuting, fighting for
               parking, and walking multiple city blocks to class. I also am expected by my employer to work as close to 40 hours a week as
               possible. I have encountered numerous occassions where professors flat out said "you should not work and attend school".

139861     4   More help and guidance for students who are choosing a major. Help them find something they are interested in.
139861     4   Superb school staff in my field
139861     4   I think more could be done to prepare students for a job in their chosen field of study. More programs to help students to get
               internships or more education on what things are like in the field before they graduate
139861     4   GC&SU has disappointed me because it has been unable to accommodate those with 8-5 M-F jobs. I have had a very difficult time
               trying to get specific classes that I need to graduate, and no online or replacement alternatives have been available. I would not
               recommend this university to anyone unless this aspect is at least considered for a "revamp".
139861     4   get finance as a major
139861     4   I wish there GC&SU had a better job fair, or that the business school had or created more opportunities to do interships, or other
               job opportunities. I have been keeping up with UGA's job fairs and intership programs, and they blow GCSU's out of the water. If
               Ihad to pick a school to go to again this would have been a major consideration in my college selection decision.

139861     4   The financial aid department at this institution was very difficult. I struggled with financial aid department every semester I
               attended college at this insitution. I feel the people at the financial aid department were hard to get answers from and if you get an
               answer there is no explanation as to why it MUST BE this way.
139861     4   Georgia College and State University is a wonderful college. Parking is terrible. Staff should be given preference for parking but if
               they refuse then students should be able to purchase the parking permits. I recieved three tickets because I had to illegally park or
               miss class. Off campus students should have their own parking spaces before other students. The only other problem with the
               school is that advisors are overwhelmed and therefore their performance is terrible. One is rushed when seeking advisement and
               then blamed when something goes wrong.
139861     4   I love Georgia College & State University!
139861     4   I would not trade my education from this college for anything in the world. It was truly the most remarkable learning experience I've
               ever had.
139861     4   I will never forget how horrible and disrespectful one professor was to me. He announced a grade in front of other students and
               threatened me. I was dissatisfied with how the chair of the dept. handled the situation and I lost an immense amount of respect for
               this university from the experience. I also feel the advisors i have had have been a joke. absolutely no help whatsoever.

                                                                                                                    NSSE 2008 Student Comments

UnitID   Class Additional Comments
139861     4 Your advisors do not take care of transfer students at all. I had no idea what catalog I fell under, what classes I needed and what I
               already had, and I would send my advisor emails that would never get responded to and they would never have office hours or be
               on campus when I was here. I took so many uneccessary classes as a result of this and could've graduated already. I also had a
               teacher give me an F in a class b/c I was absent for more than 4 days b/c I was in a serious car accident despite the fact that I
               withdrew in time to have a W and had documentation. The institution still gave me an F upon my appeal. I'm only here b/c its the
               closest school with a 4 year program in my major. There have been very good professors and very helpful staff such as the Dept.
               Secretary and the Head of the Dept., but my advisement experience has been awful.

139861     4   things that need to be improved on:
               -registration (it is ludicrous to make student wake at 3:30 AM to register when they have class the next day)
               -the library is an incredible resource but the hours are horrendous! That would improve grades if it was open later.
               -parking is a disaster, i don't even know where to begin to improve
139861     4   Professors are very available to help students outside of classes. Class sizes are nice and most professors know your name.
               Construction on campus is nonstop and extremely annoying. Attendance policies are common (which I disagree with). Sometimes
               I feel like I'm not attending a "real" university because it seems as though my tuition money is going toward the campus
               atmosphere instead of toward much needed educational equipment and broadening our course options.

139861     4   I think that GCSU needs to start focusing on the arts more. The music, theatre and art program have been neglacted or quite
               some time, and something really needs to be done about that. Also, I think that career preparation needs to be focused on more
               than what is being done at present time for all majors.
139861     4   My advisor was not really interested in being an advisor so I do not believe I got any good advice because he really did not care. I
               think that the school needs to find a better way at getting advisors for students.
139861     4   Some of my answer choices were lowered because of experiences with a few select professors/ classes. Three of my professors
               went above and beyond however a few others actually turned me off to the subjects they taught- which were classes within my
               major requirements. It's very obvious when taking a class with a professor that's main interest is the research they do here at
               GC&SU instead of teaching. This is very important because part of the attraction to GC&SU is the smaller class size and closer
               interaction with teachers. That's a major reason people pick Georgia College over large schools like UGA but when that's not a
               factor anymore, you might as well pick the bigger name.
139861     4   I attended GC&SU primarily because it was the only school that accepted HOPE and offered my degree program that wasn't UGA.

139861     4   I graduated in December 2007, so some of these questions do not apply to me.

                                                                                                                       NSSE 2008 Student Comments

UnitID   Class Additional Comments
139861     4 I had a horrible advisor in the Psychology Department, but it was only one person so I sought advisement through the department
               head and other professors in the department with much success. I've thoroughly enjoyed almost all oif the classes I've taken at
               Georgia College. Th eonly thing I wish I could have cut out was some of the CORE classes because they took over time for
               courses in my major that I was more interested in.
139861     4 NOTE: my academic hours exceeded my HOPE scholarship. My last semester was paid for from student loans/savings bonds.

139861     4   The music department is in desperate need of funds. We are completely ignored and the school simply can not provide all that is
               needed. We need practice rooms and class rooms. We need money to help the department grow. I love my teachers. But this
               school has not done enough for the department of music and theatre, which has been the cause of my dissatisfaction with the
139861     4   This was a very comprehensive survey.
139861     4   I love Georgia College. I could not see myself anywhere else. My professors are extremely helpful and caring. They know what is
               going on with me, not only academically but also personally and I feel that they want me to be well- rounded and very successful.
               My friends in other majors do not seem to be as close to their professors and it seems that they do not have the type of advising I
               have. I can meet with my advisor at any point and she can actually help me make key decisions for my life. I have found where I
               belong at GCSU. I have a strong group of friends and we stay on the weekends. I have not been home at all this semester. I
               have leadership roles in a variety of organizations on campus and I know many of my peers. GCSU is the perfect size and feel for
139861     4   Most of my professors are very communicative and easy to work with, but some of them seem to resent the presence of students
               at a college; in other words, no one should be inflicted with Dr. Barkovski as an advisor. I always had to find someone else to talk
               to when I needed questions answered. Dr. Moody was extremely helpful, but then she retired.
139861     4   There is not enough faculty. Courses need to be offered almost every semester..not every other, especially for the majors with
               smaller numbers. faculty needs a lot of improvement.
139861     4   I love the school and would definitely go here again if I was going to start over.
139861     4   It is very frustrating to have a class with a teacher that cannot speak English cleary. Accounting is a very difficult subject and there
               are at least three professors at this university that cannot correctly pronounce essential accounting terms. This makes learning
               very difficult. Also, the professors teaching the same courses should have more similarities. (strategic management) I am taking
               a very difficult teacher because the class fit into my schedule and my friend is taking an easy teacher. It is frustrating to get a C
               even though I worked very hard and my friend get an A without barely showing up to class.

139861     4   I wish the number of students in classes would be raised. Especially for the biology and other science classes. Many students are
               not graduating on time, and are struggling to get the classes they need because of the small number of seats in each class and
               the fact that professors are unwilling to alter the number (especially for upper science courses).

                                                                                                                      NSSE 2008 Student Comments

UnitID   Class Additional Comments
139861     4 The quality I received from the advisement center was superb but once receiving a faculty advisor, I did not get as good of quality
               advisement. Also, I would prefer if my professors in my major were experts or at least knowledgeable in the subject that he or she
               is teaching. Overall, however, I have been happy with the quality of education here.
139861     4 The Special Education cohort has been a dissapointing experience due to our cohort leader's inexperience and lack of
               organizational skills. If you were to ask anyone within this years senior sped. cohort what they think of our mentor leader they
               would most likely tell you she has done a poor job and we feel unprepared in some areas due to this. I would not recommend
               anyone to that program simply because I would fear they would go through the same mess we have been through.

139861     4   GCSU has a problem with hiring teachers that can not communicate in English effectively, making the learning experience very
               difficult. Also, GCSU prides itself on "group projects" which are not reasonable for the working student, who also commutes.

139861     4   I have enjoyed my time at GCSU especially in the cohort program and would not trade the experiences for anything.
139861     4   Senior year, mainly the last semester, is very stressful to students, and little is done to ensure that students graduate on time and
               with interview prepardness. I wish that more would have been done to address resumes, cover letters, and mock interviews at the
               senior level and that professors would have been more willing to work with studnets to ensure that they graduate ontime.

139861     4   the advising needs to be done better in the sense that towards your senior year, there isn't much departmental direction in how to
               go about obtaining an internship or job
139861     4   In regards to my advisement comment: THe advisors in the Biology department, specifically pre-professionally aimed are not
               educated enough to be advising on that topic. They are ususally unavailable and not timely in an e-mail response if they respond
               at all. I have always been very usatisied with my advisor and had to seek out side, professional assitance.
139861     4   The only thing I regret from my college experience, now that I am a senior, is that I did not get involved. In freshman seminar it was
               stressed to get involved but I did not hear about it much after that. Freshman need to have things to fill out their resumes which
               they are not worried about that early in their college career.
139861     4   I only wish that as an English major I was better directed into the career world. I graduated December of 2008 and seem to have
               very few options, aside from graduate school, which, truly, I'd rather not attend. My sister (who also attended the university) major
               in Mass Communications; Public Relations found a job within a couple months. Her major not only walked her through the
               resume process but her classes included several activities that she could include on her resume. I, however, despite the invaluable
               knowledge I attained at the school, don't know what to do next and feel somewhat lost.
139861     4   My time here has been amazing. The athletics department is so great and encourages not only athletic success but also
               academic. I have been somewhat dissapointed with my major, I have recieved enough information, but it seems other students at
               other schools have learned more. Overall, I love it here and recommend it to others!

                                                                                                                       NSSE 2008 Student Comments

UnitID   Class Additional Comments
139861     4 Going to GC&SU has been the best decision I have ever made. I have been very involved with my classes and the faculty. I enjoy
               the small classes, as I've built friendships with students as well as faculty. I have been able to get one-on-one attention and have
               been able to get involved and do research.
139861     4 I would just like to further comment on one of my previous answers: I gave a low rating to the office staff of the college, and this is
               because of the people in the business office. In the four years that I have been at this institution, the people working at the
               business office have been rude, sarcastic, and condescending. I often felt as if I wasn't taken seriously because the staff
               considered themselves "adults" and considered me a "child."
139861     4 This school has been wonderful all four years that I have been here. I've loved every minute of it. I can not imagine being
               anywhere else. I think the staff and faculty really care about the students and their success. I have never talked to a friend at
               another school that could say the same.
139861     4 The Modern Foreign Language department is in need of help. They lag behind the other excellent programs we offer. We have
               nothing to guide students into their future if they major in a foreign language. We do not have an honors society, a fraternity, or job
               fairs for people in this major. They have poor advisement and absolutely no guidance for life after graduation! I see the
               opportunities offered for business majors, but cannot partake because I am not in the School of Business. But, I have nothing
               opened to me as a Spanish major.
139861     4 The Mass Communication program is amazing and is probably one of the best programs on the campus because you are given
               the tools you need to get a job right out of college.
139861     4 There needs to be more emphasis on how to apply to graduate school and not just how to enter the workforce
139861     4 I love the small community of the college. It allowed me to get close to the other students and the professors.
139861     4 Since I am a non-trditional student(I am 38 yrs.old) these surveys are not really related to me.The campus life is not related to me.
               I have to work and take care of a family, so I don't have time to socialize. Also when admitted to the nursing program I will have to
               make arrangements as far as working, the job I have had for the past 20 years I won't be able to keep. So I feel some things need
               to be rearranged. Not all students are between the age of 18-25. All I am saying is think of the non traditional students they can be
               an asset also.
139861     4 Georgia College has been my home for the past four years, and I could not have dreamt of a better University for myself. I have
               been encouraged and supported through not just faculty on campus, but staff as well, to become the person I am today. Georgia
               College is a student-center university, and I would encourage any high school senior to attend!
139861     4 I really struggled to get the classes that I needed, especially as a freshman and sophomore. I had to take 3 summer classes in
               order to make up for missing out on classes during the semester. More professors should be hired to accomodate the growing
               number of students GCSU gets each year.
139861     4 I've enjoyed GCSU. However, classes are not always offered that are needed so that people can graduate within 4 years.
139861     4 My main complaint with the college was the lack of parking for the students, especially commuters and also being billed for
               services I never used such as athletic compound and transportation.

                                                                                                                     NSSE 2008 Student Comments

UnitID   Class Additional Comments
139861     4 ALL professors in the psychology department are very helpful and strive to know each individual PSYC Major student, so when we
               graduate they can write a letter of recommendation.
139861     4 the program that i am in is currently going through a lot of changes. in the past there were advisors n teachers that did diminished
               the program but i feel that the changes they have been making and the new additions to the physical education program is a
               positive step forward in helping students achieve the necessary skills for thier careers.
139861     4 I greatly enjoy being apart of the GCSU community. The Art Department, and various mentors I have from other departments on
               campus have greatly attributed to my academic, professional, and personal growth.

               Our President Dr. Leland is a passionate leader who serves as a great example to the entire GCSU community.

               Oh by the way to whom this may concern I look forward to seeing you all at the GCSU Adopt-A-Grandparent Senior Prom. Take
139861     4   I was a transfer student, and feel that GCSU left me behind because of this. I had absolutly no support in transfering and had to
               figure everything out on my own. When told to contact my advisor with questions, I found out I was not assigned an advisor!
               PLEASE take care of the transfers! We need just as much help as the other students!
139861     4   More night classes need to be offered specifically capstone courses and 4000 level courses for those students that work full time
               as well as go to school. I had a problem with my work schedule interferring with my school schedule and the Head of the
               Department was very rude and unresponsive. Had this not been my last semester I would have transferred colleges and finished
               elsewhere I was that disgusted with his dealing with this problem. Very unprofessional and rude. Seemed like it was a problem to
               help me or be bothered.
139861     4   Advisement in the Information Systems department when it came to scheduling courses was not helpful. They only offer certain
               classes in the fall, and I was not told this by anyone, and almost had to postpone my graduation because of this. Also, the
               drop/add period without academic penalty needs to be longer than 1 week.
139861     4   Faculty advisors are very helpful.
139861     4   You all have gotten a lot of money out of me.

               All I see is more police and a plaster-mold cookie-cutter glossed-over promotional-ad of a college.

               My teachers have been amazing. Pay them more. The second you STOP trying to create a "community" is the second you START
               actually having one.
139861     4   Getting the classes I needed to graduate was unnecessarily difficult and near impossible at times. During my sophomore year, my
               adviser had a freshman hold on my account which could not be removed since he was out of town during registration week.
               Because of this, I could not get the classes that I needed and had to take a semester off. In addition, the college lost my
               graduation application which I had to complete again and wait even longer to get processed.

                                                                                                                   NSSE 2008 Student Comments

UnitID   Class Additional Comments
139861     4 Need more classes, and try to weed out the people that do not care about their education.
139861     4 Attending GCSU was one of the best experiences of my life. It was the only institution to which I applied, and I would not have
               done anything differently if given the chance. GCSU provided me with some great opportunities and I look forward to giving back
               as I continue my professional career.
139861     4 If there could have been more reasoning in how core curriculum was designed compared to how major courses are planned out. It
               seems that everyone should be required to take at least two semesters of a foreign language but unfortunately for some that is not
               true and they must take four.
139861     4 I think that internships need to be required for business students including Economics.
139861     4 I felt that this survey is actually decent and will provide fairly accurate responses to whomever reads it.
139861     4 I have enjoyed my time here at GCSU tremendously and it has successfully prepared me to enter graduate school in the Fall. I am
               not the same person today as I was when I entered as a freshmen 4 years ago. I have grown and been challenged in ways I never
139861     4 don't lose focus on growing so much that you forget about the reasons people come here and the atmosphere
139861     4 My favorite professor left the school because she said the higher up administration treated her poorly, we have to many vice
               presidents and there was a general misuse of the school's money.
139861     4 I have recieved very poor advising within the mass com program. All of my advisment has had to come from Dr. Mike Martino (in
               the kineseology dept.), an excellent professor and close friend.
139861     4 I have had a great experience here. I have got to know some great teachers, mainly because of the size. I will plan on staying in
               touch with the school and the faculty that i have met long after i graduate.
139861     4 I think that the Computer Science Department need to get more interesting and stop mixing CS classes with IS. we, the CS major
               don't learn enough for when we get out. Professor need to give much harder assignment even at the entry level class. I wasn't
               challenge enough in the program. Now I am thinking twice about get my Master in IS at GCSU. Thanks
139861     4 There is not enough basketball courts for all the students to play on and there are too many non students already taking up the
               limited space!!! There are so many other activities in the gym that the courts are usually all full.
139861     4 The faculty have been supportive of my career goals, and I will continue to call on them after I graduate.
139861     4 I came here as a backup, and I would not change my experience for the world.

                                                                                                                       NSSE 2008 Student Comments

UnitID   Class Additional Comments
139861     4 Some of the course requirements to obtain a bachelors seem unreasonable. THis includes the three math courses I have had to
               take and the last one I am taking as well as the amount oof foreign languages that students need to take. It seems as if the school
               is indirectly forcing a student to choose a foregin language as their minor when students no longer have to take those classes in
               high school. The 12hrs of language classes could easily go to taking more classes towards that students major to allow them to
               double major or even make themselves more proficient in their desired major. This would have have a positive effect when
               searching for a job, because ethe student will feel as if they exceed in meeting requirements and they will not feel that they wasted
               THEIR money on the language courses. I would also like to say that the political science department is amazing and I appreciate
               everything they have done, and the one department which could use a vsat amount of improvment is the math department which
               seems much to difficult for students who are not math majors.

139861     4    GCSU was a wonderful college to attend. I went as a music major and feel like I recieved enough skills to get me into graduate
                school. I received an assistantship to the Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, and it would not have been possible without
                the GCSU music department. They are a great faculty.
139861     4    The Honors program was not exactly what I expected. I feel like the honors program should be one of the most prominent groups
                on campus. Eta Sigma Alpha seems to be an organization that only exists to keep itself going. I know the students have a
                majority say in the organization, but I feel like there should be more faculty input and oversight. I think the lessons taught in the
                colloqiums could be integrated into a "real world" project of some type during the freshman year. There seemed to be a
                disconnect between the classroom and the service learning/community outreach aspects. I also think the honors program needs
                to define what type members are desired. Either a group of really creative students who have problems instituting their ideas or
                hard working students who make top grades. Maybe a combination is the best choice.

                I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and I feel like I have been able to integrate the broad-based education to many areas of
                my life.

139861     4    My differint opinions on advisement at this institution come from having different advisors. Some advisors were great, others not so
139861     4    My biggest problem with this institution is with the foreign language requirement. I had to take 2 years (4 semesters) to fulfill my
                degree requirements. If I knew it was going to be so difficult to achieve, I would have stayed at the institution I was at.

139861     4    Work on the senior capstone program for the Mathematics Dept. I felt like I was not in a class. We never meet the entire

                                                                                                                         NSSE 2008 Student Comments

UnitID   Class Additional Comments
139861     4 I think the school is expensive for the decisions that it makes. There is a horrible parking problem that seems to be ignored and
               exerbated. The school also seems to monopilize itself by changing the terms of ID cards and voting for ordinances that prevent
               students from living in reasonable housing. I feel that the money that I spend for an education is being mismanaged with
               landscaping,and monopolizing.
139861     4 My program-Outdoor Education, was sold to me. The advisor I talked to made it seem like there is a lot that coul dbe done with
               this degree, but after going through the courses it really only seems to be for people who want to work on challenge courses or do
               group development activites, ie. be a group facilitator. I was under the understanding that this would help me get into the more
               technical side of things like rock climbing, but I was mistaken and that has negatively affected my view of the program and the field
               as a whole. Also, being from out-of-state the first year I had to pay a rediculous amount and I did not find out until later that there
               were scholarships for people who come from out-of-state.
139861     4 I really enjoyed my time at GCSU
139861     4 I am an international student. During the exam I usually spend more time than american students to be familiar with contents of
               exam problems. That is way sometimes I can't finish exams on time and there are problems that I could finish but I dodn't because
               time is finished. That reduces the grades discauraging for study. Students usually can take additional time during the exams
               unless they have some sertificates of disability, or illness. I think It would be very helpful for international students to let them have
               additional 10-15 minuts exam time without any sertificates of disability. Almost all the international students face such a problem,
               especially during fisrt years of study. Thank you for consederation.
139861     4 I requirements for the Environmenatl Science Degree are not reflective of what students need for grad school. To have all the
               extra courses for admission to most Environmental Science grad programs would take an extra year to complete. I feel that they
               could do away with the organismal component to the degree because it is not needed in the work force or grad school, unless you
               want to be a biologist and that is what a biology degree is for.


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