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									                                                                   Benefits Realisation and Sustainability Plan
                                                                            Programme/Project/                                     Activity/Project
Reporting Period:
                                                                            Business Manager:                                      Sponsor:

                                                                                                                                   RAG Status         Project Phase:             0
Prepared by:                                                                Date Prepared:
                                                                                                                                         R            Click for phases
Programme, Project or Service Improvement Plan: Example: Comprehensive Performance Assessment Action Plan
                                                                                                                                   Click for RAG description

                                      Benefits Area 1                                          Benefits Area 2                                          Benefits Area 3

  Description of    Extend the Havering / Prince2 Project Management        Extend the Havering / Prince2 Project Management       Extend the Havering / Prince2 Project Management
    Benefits        Methodology across all corporate functions              Methodology across all remaining council departments   Methodology across all partnership activities
 Business areas
    affected        Finance, Legal & HR                                     CA & C, SS, Ed, Env, Finance, CEd, H&R                 HSP, LPSA
                    1. Brief all relevant parties
                    2. Arrange Project Management training             3.
   Action Plan      Ensure internal announcement
  Responsibility  Ray Whitehouse / David Yates                              Ray Whitehouse / David Yates / HOS                     Ray Whitehouse / David Yates / Shazia Ullah
                  1. Schedule of Briefing Sessions arranged           2.
 Achievements to Training courses designed                            3.
       date       Internal announcement drafted
                  1. Hold Briefing Sessions
                  2.Allow all attendees to book onto the courses
Achievements next 3.Gain Communications Team approval for the
      period      announcement
   Supporting     CPA Action Plan
  Documentation Havering/Prince2 Methodology
                                              Milestones / key   End milestone or
                                      Risks    deliverables       key deliverable   Budgetary status
Within specification (all
milestones/key deliverables met
and budget in line with that
agreed, any risks likely to occur
have no material impact on the
project’s ability to deliver
including inter-dependencies)          G             G                  G                  G
Out of specification but
recoverable (one milestone/key
deliverable not met and budget
out of line but recoverable by
next reporting period, a risk
likely to occur that has a material
impact on the project’s ability to
deliver including inter-
dependencies but has a
mitigation plan in place)              A             A                  A                  A
Out of specification and not
recoverable (more than one
milestone not met and budget out
of line and not recoverable
within next reporting period,
more than one risk likely to
occur and have a material impact
on the project’s ability to deliver
including inter-dependencies
and/ or no mitigation plans in
place)                                 R             R                  R                  R
                              Phase 0                  Phase 1                   Phase 2                   Phase 3                 Phase 4                  Phase 5
                           Concept Evaluation           Planning &               Development          Trials, Acceptance &          Start-up &         Post Implementation
                             and Proposal           Design Specification                            Implementation planning          Go-Live                 & Audit
                       ·    Evaluation          · Agreed User              · ICT Design             ·   Evaluation            · Cut Over               ·   Audit results
                                                    Specif ications
                       ·    Strategic Fit                                      Specif ications      ·   Trials                · Support                ·   Lessons
                                                ·   Firm Cost Estimates    ·
    Objectives         ·    Business Case                                      Development          ·   Acceptance            · Publicity              ·   Payback
                                                ·   Acceptable             ·
                       ·    Proposal                PID’s/Plans
                                                                               Technical            ·   Sign-Off                                       ·   Closure
                       ·    Feasibility         ·   ITT                                             ·   Implementation Plan

                       · Appoint PM/champ       ·   Form Team              ·   Design Spec.         ·   User Trials           · Cut -Over Plans        · Post
                       · Investigation          ·   PID                    ·   Code                 ·   Process Updates       · Release Notes              Review
                       · Implementation         ·   Project Plan           ·   Process              ·   Training              · Support SLA            · Lessons learnt
Typical Steps                                   ·   Detailed User          ·   Test Plan            ·   I T proving
                                                                                                                                                       · Closure Report
  for Phase            · Technical                  Specif ications
                                                                           ·   Initial Validation   ·   Sign-Off
                       · Assessment             · Define Resources                                                                                     · Payback
                                                                           ·   Progress                                                                    Assessment
                       · Initial Cost Benefit                              ·   Exceptions
                                                · Risk Analysis
                                                · Detailed Costing         ·   Infrastructure

                               2% to 5%                   5% to 20%               40% to 70%             10% to 20%                 3% to 5%                  1% to 2%
                           Champion/PM              Core Project Team           Project Team &      Project Team, Users &     Cut-Over resource + PM        Champion/PM
Est. Resource                    +                                             Development Team         Training team
                        Time from functional
                         experts as needed
  Products             · Concept                · Integrated Project       · Product ready for      · Approved Product        · Satisfied Customer &   · Steady State and
                       · Proposal               · Plan                     · User Trials                                        Payback                    Business Case
                                                                                                                                                       Phase 5 Review
                                                                                                                                                       + Post Impl Rev
          Reviews      Phase 0 Review           Phase 1 Review             Phase 2 Review           Phase 3 Review            Phase 4 Review
                                                                                                                                                       + Lessons Rev
                                                                                                                                                       + Payback Rev

                               2-4 weeks                  4-6 weeks               4-10 weeks                1-2 weeks               4-10 weeks                4-8 weeks
                               4-8 weeks                  8-12 weeks              8-20 weeks                4-8 weeks               8-20 weeks               8-26 weeks
Project_Name   RAG_Status   Current_Phase       Project_Manager                  Capital2003
                                                                      EstimatedCompletion Capital2003Spent
     #REF!     R                            0                     0      1/0/1900 #REF!      #REF!
         Revenue2003Spent ExternalBudgetSpent
Revenue2003       ExternalBudget
 #REF!     #REF!    #REF!     #REF!

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