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					Supplier information – LGCS/LocalBuy Contract BUS179-0809

Contract Details:
                              Contract Number:                         BUS 179 – 0809

                                                                       Supply of Oils, Lubricants, Automotive Fluids,
                                                                       Chemical Products, Coolants and AdBlue as well as
                                                                       related specialized Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Fluid
                              Contract Name:                           Transfer and Lubrication Equipment and
                                                                       Installation services.

Supplier Details:

                              Company Name:                            Fuchs Lubricants Australasia Pty Ltd

                              Webpage Address:                         www.fuchs.com.au

                              Telephone Number:                        Freecall 1800 1800 13

                              Contact:                                 Shane Parker or Michael Smith

                                                                       Shane.parker@fuchs.com.au or


Regional Details:
                              South Australian Local Government and entities

 Founded as a German family company in 1931, Fuchs today is a Group with global reach. Among the independent
 producers, Fuchs is the world’s largest independent manufacturer

 At FUCHS, it’s more than just supplying engine oils; it’s about dedication to customer support, back-up service,
 understanding and quality that keeps equipment running at optimal performance…all the time. No lubrication requirement is
 too complex, with FUCHS’ commitment to providing tailored, solutions that provide answers to every problem

 The Fuchs Group is at the leading edge in formulation and application technology of all types of rapidly biodegradable
 lubricants and functional fluids, leading the development of the PLANTO product range and a continued commitment to the
 environment through the Fuchs Environmental Policy.

 Through the dedication to maintain market leadership, Fuchs’ products and services are constantly evaluated and updated
 to meet the ever-increasing demands of industry. This ongoing process ensures that Fuchs Lubricants will consistently
 exceed all future requirements.
Product and/or Service Information:
Fuchs product range includes

Engine Oils
From passenger and high performance cars to transport fleets and the largest mining equipment, FUCHS’ comprehensive
range of engine oils are developed with global technology by local and international experts, for the harshest Australian

Gear and Transmission
FUCHS’ gear and transmission oils have been developed for the most advanced and complex gearboxes and power
transmission equipment as well as for more traditional mobile and fixed plant applications.

Hydraulic Oils
When it comes to quality and wear protection, FUCHS’ hydraulic fluids have an internationally proven reputation for
delivering simply the best choice and range.

The range of grease offered by FUCHS is designed as a comprehensive and balanced program of products that cater for
everything from everyday use to the most complex of products for major lubrication challenges, in pack sizes from 100
grams to thousands of kilograms.

Rapidly biodegradable lubricants including bio degradable and fire safe hydraulic oil

Tailored Solutions
Tailored solutions to unique applications. FUCHS’ worldwide philosophy is based on providing lubrication solutions to
the most complex of problems and there is no better example than the Speciality range. Whether it being developing a break-through
engine oil to withstand the punishment of over 7000 horsepower in a nitro-methane fuelled drag racing car or a highly specialised, water-
based, non-flammable hydraulic fluid for underground mines, FUCHS have the capability to solve every lubrication challenge.
Pricing Information:

Delivery Details:
                       FIS to all SA Local government locations

How to engage:
                       Contact Fuchs to review your lubrication requirements
                       Setup Account
                       Order Form
                       Letter of acceptance

Additional information / Notes:

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