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					Comp Concepts Chpt 6 & 7 Study Guide

Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

____    1. A collection of Web pages can be grouped into a Web site.

____    2. A Web client is an Internet-based computer that accepts requests from browsers.

____    3. XHTML is the follow-up version to HTML 4.

____    4. HTML is called a markup language because authors mark up their documents by inserting special
           instructions, called HTML tags, that specify how the document should appear when displayed on a computer

____    5. In an HTTP communication, your browser opens a socket, connects to a similar open socket at the Web
           server, and issues a command, such as "send me an HTML document."

____    6. Traditionally, port 25 is devoted to HTTP traffic, port 21 deals with SMTP e-mail traffic, and port 80 handles

____    7. IE and Firefox updates only cost $10 a year.

____    8. Any server that creates a cookie can only request that cookie during the current session; it cannot request the
           cookie the next time you connect to one of its Web pages.

____    9. Periodically, you should review the information on your Web pages and verify that the links still connect to
           existing Web pages.

____ 10. Scripting languages are designed to replace normal HTML.

____ 11. A server-side script consists of statements that are run on a server.

____ 12. Privacy advocates question the wisdom of search engines retaining queries.

____ 13. Whereas S-HTTP creates a secure connection between a client and a server over which any amount of data
         can be sent securely, SSL is simply designed to encrypt and then transmit an individual message.

____ 14. In banking jargon, a one-time-use credit card number is called a controlled payment number.

____ 15. A conversion process called SMTP provides a clever way of disguising digital photos, sounds, and other
         media as plain ASCII code that can travel over the Internet as e-mail attachments.

____ 16. Smileys are symbols that can be added to e-mail messages to convey emotions and take the edge off
         potentially inflammatory remarks.

____ 17. Netiquette is online jargon for “Internet etiquette.”
____ 18. E-mail is based on store-and-forward technology.

____ 19. Web-based e-mail gives you the option of downloading your mail or leaving it on the server.

____ 20. The major advantage of POP e-mail is that you can access your messages from any computer connected to the

____ 21. If you turn off cookies, you probably will not be able to make online purchases.

____ 22. Rather than block all cookies, you can block cookies from specific sites.

____ 23. Fake sites might offer a secure connection for transmitting your credit card number.

____ 24. Pharming is less surreptitious and easier to detect than most other hacker schemes.

____ 25. The figure above shows an antispoofing tool that helps to confirm that the site you’re actually visiting is the
         one you intended to visit.

____ 26. The main routes for data traffic across the Internet are referred to as the Internet spine.

____ 27. The Domain Name System is a database stored on one central Internet computer.

____ 28. The installation cost of a dial-up Internet connection runs about $25.

____ 29. The topology of a CATV system looks a lot like the physical topology for a computer network.

____ 30. A cable modem is a device that converts your computer's signal into one that can travel over the CATV

____ 31. In many rural areas, satellite Internet service is the only alternative to a dial-up connection.

____ 32. Wi-Fi hotspot availability is currently limited.
____ 33. New developments in WiMAX might make mobile enhancements to Wi-Fi unnecessary.

____ 34. Portable satellite service is a good match for people on tight budgets.

____ 35. A PDA has a large enough screen to display most Internet services and Web pages at their normal size.

____ 36. Today’s VoIP systems allow you to use a standard telephone handset to make or receive calls.

____ 37. FTP allows authorized remote users to change file names and delete files.

____ 38. Firewall software is designed to help keep your computer secure.

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 39. A podcast is an audio file that is distributed through downloads or the use of a feed, such as ____.
         a. Ajax                                            c. XML
         b. DHTML                                           d. RSS
____ 40. A Web ____ is the product or output of one or more Web-based files displayed in a format similar to a page
         in a book.
         a. page                                        c. book
         b. link                                        d. manual
____ 41. A(n) ____ is a software program that runs on your computer and helps you access Web pages.
         a. explorer                                    c. navigator
         b. browser                                     d. manager

____ 42. In the above figure, showbiz is the ____.
         a. Web protocol standard                           c. folder name
         b. Web server name                                 d. filename extension
____ 43. In the above figure, is the _____.
         a. Web protocol standard                      c. folder name
         b. Web server name                            d. filename extension
____ 44. An HTML document is sometimes referred to as a(n) ____ document.
         a. linked                                  c. text
         b. annotated                               d. source
____ 45. The ____ tag creates a horizontal line.
         a. <line>                                          c. <br>
         b. <hr />                                          d. <li>
____ 46. ____ is a protocol that works in conjunction with TCP/IP to get Web resources to your desktop.
         a. HTML                                         c. HTTP
         b. URL                                          d. FTP
____ 47. HTTP is classified as a ____ protocol.
            a. status                                         c. server
            b. port-based                                     d. stateless
____ 48. When your browser fetches pages and graphics to form a Web page, it stores that material on your computer
         in temporary files sometimes referred to as a Web ____.
         a. cache                                       c. converter
         b. plug-in                                     d. source
____ 49. A(n) ____ application is a program that extends a browser’s ability to work with file formats.
         a. plug                                        c. PDF
         b. installation                                d. helper
____ 50. Server-side scripts can be written using ____.
         a. Perl                                        c. Java
         b. C++                                         d. all of the above

____ 51. HTML ____, as shown in the figure above, are typically used to collect payment and shipping information at
         the “checkout” counter of e-commerce Web sites.
         a. frames                                     c. gateways
         b. tables                                     d. forms
____ 52. Applications written in the Java programming language are called Java _____.
         a. frames                                      c. applets
         b. servlets                                    d. fragments
____ 53. A(n) ____ certificate is an electronic attachment to a file that verifies the identity of its source.
         a. authentication                                c. analog
         b. digital                                       d. authority
____ 54. ____, as shown in the above figure, provides tools specifically designed to enter and format Web page text,
         graphics, and links.
         a. A text editor                                c. Web Creator
         b. Web authoring software                       d. W3C
____ 55. The ____ wildcard character allows a search engine to find pages with any derivation of a basic word.
         a. +                                          c. *
         b. &                                          d. $
____ 56. In addition to using search engines, you can also find Web-based information using a(n) ____ engine that
         searches a series of other search engines and compiles the search results.
         a. compiled                                      c. metasearch
         b. stuffed                                       d. secure
____ 57. Large volume sites, such as, tend to use a group of multiple servers, also known as _____.
         a. server groups                               c. server farms
         b. server houses                               d. server co-ops
____ 58. Online auctions are examples of ____ e-commerce.
         a. C2C                                      c. B2B
         b. B2C                                      d. B2G
____ 59. ____ e-commerce involves one enterprise buying goods or services from another enterprise.
         a. C2C                                       c. B2B
         b. B2C                                       d. B2G
____ 60. ____ e-commerce aims to help businesses sell to governments.
         a. G2B                                         c. C2G
         b. B2G                                         d. G2G
____ 61. A(n) ____ ad overlays the content on a Web page, sometimes obscuring it until you click the ad or its timer
         expires and the ad disappears.
         a. banner                                     c. pop-up
         b. hover                                      d. click-through
____ 62. The successor to SSL is ____, which is a protocol that encrypts data traveling between a client computer and
         an HTTP server.
         a. TLS                                         c. P2P
         b. S-HTTP                                      d. EDGE
____ 63. Technologies that create secure connections include all of the following EXCEPT ____.
         a. SSL                                          c. S-HTTP
         b. TLS                                          d. STP
____ 64. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
         a. Secure connectiosn differ from secure      c. A secure Web site uses password security
            Web sites.                                    to prevent unauthorized access to pages on
                                                          the site.
         b. A secure connection encrypts the data      d. Web pages that provide a secure
            transmitted between your computer and a       connection start with shttp: instead of
            Web site.                                     http:.
____ 65. PayPal is owned by ____.
         a.                                     c. Target
         b. eBay                                           d. Barnes and Noble
____ 66. Originally, e-mail messages were stored in a plain and simple format called ____ text.
         a. RTF                                          c. binary
         b. ASCII                                        d. MIME
____ 67. Before sending a large attachment, you can use ____ to shrink it.
         a. Compress                                    c. Netiquette
         b. WinZip                                      d. Microsoft Outlook
____ 68. Web-based mail allows you to use a(n) ____ as e-mail client software.
         a. operating system                           c. browser
         b. server                                     d. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
____ 69. ____ is similar to POP but it gives you the option of downloading your mail or leaving it on the server.
         a. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
         b. IMAP (Internet Messaging Access Protocol)
         c. PIN (Private Identification Number)
         d. URL (Uniform Resource Locator)
____ 70. Using POP requires e-mail ____ software.
         a. server                                         c. resource
         b. management                                     d. client
____ 71. Which of the following is NOT antispyware?
         a. Pest Control                                   c. United Virutalities
         b. Spy Sweeper                                    d. Spybot Search & Destroy
____ 72. Flash ____ can collect and store personal data, such as a user’s name or the user’s progress in a game.
         a. cookies                                       c. icons
         b. bugs                                          d. indices
____ 73. When you view a page infested with a(n) ____, an HTTP set-cookie request automatically goes to a
         third-party server, which can be the site of a marketer or hacker.
            a. Flash cookie                                 c. Web bug
            b. anonymous proxy server                       d. spam filter
____ 74. A trade-off to the anonymity offered by anonymous ____ is that they tend not to operate at the same speed as
         your regular browser.
         a. FTP sites                                  c. URLs
         b. proxies                                    d. indices
____ 75. Fake sites are a key part of illegitimate ____ schemes.
         a. filtering                                      c. proxy
         b. hypertexting                                   d. pharming
____ 76. Which of the following is anonymizer software?
         a. Pest Control                               c. United Virutalities
         b. Torpark                                    d. Spybot Search & Destroy
____ 77. Using fake sites and URLs to misdirect users is called ____.
         a. lurking                                      c. pharming
         b. spoofing                                     d. anonymizing
____ 78. Antispam software usually includes the technology to block common spams, but you can create your own
         ____ for spam that that misses.
         a. quick checks                                c. keys
         b. filters                                     d. routes

            Critical Thinking questions
            (Multiple Choice)

____ 79. If a Web site can gather information that allows a Web server to present ad banners targeted to products you
         previously purchased at that Web site, it is using ____.
         a. cookies                                        c. sockets
         b. plug-ins                                       d. style sheets
____ 80. Java applets ____.
         a. are installed on your computer                  c. leave a permanent footprint
         b. cannot start other programs                     d. can create files on your computer
____ 81. To purchase an airline ticket from SkyAir airlines, you visit their Web site, enter your specifications, and
         purchase a ticket. You’ve just experienced _____ e-commerce.
         a. B2B (business-to-business)                   c. B2G (business-to-government)
         b. B2C (business-to-consumer)                   d. C2C (consumer-to-consumer)
____ 82. You want to include your boss on a message to your hired freelancer, but do not want the hired freelancer to
         see that your boss is included on the message. How can you achieve this?
         a. Cc: your boss on the message
         b. Bcc: your boss on the message
         c. add a priority to the message
         d. Cc: both your boss and your hired freelancer

            Case Based Critical Thinking Questions

            Case 1
            Marissa is concerned about Internet security for e-commerce. While researching the topic, she has learned
            about ActiveX controls and Java applets.

____ 83. To identify the creator of an ActiveX control, Marissa should look at the control’s ____.
         a. digital receipt                              c. digital certificate
         b. ActiveX certificate                          d. ActiveX applet
____ 84. Which of the following is NOT true?
         a. Java applets are installed on your computer.
         b. Applets cannot make any network connections except to the originating site.
         c. Java applets cannot start other programs.
         d. When working with a Web page that contains an <applet> tag, your browser downloads
            the applet and executes its instructions.

            Case 3
            Melissa is about to create an e-mail account. She plans to use her e-mail account to contact her many friends
            and to aid in the search for a job. She plans to e-mail her resume with a general message to each of the
            potential employers. The same message can be used for each of the recipients.

____ 85. To e-mail her resume as an attachment, Melissa should try to make sure that the size of the attachment is ____
         or less.
         a. 10 KB                                       c. 100 KB
         b. 50 KB                                       d. 200 KB
____ 86. To e-mail her resume to all of her target employers without the employers knowing that she is e-mailing to
         multiple recipients, she should use ____.
         a. Bcc                                          c. Reply All
         b. Cc                                           d. To
____ 87. Which of the following is NOT true about e-mail?
         a. You can enlarge text size for easier reading.
         b. High priority is usually indicated by a bullet or italicized text.
         c. You can refuse to accept messages that arrive from a particular e-mail address.
         d. You should automate replies to messages that you receive while you are on vacation.

            Case 4
            Elizabeth is doing a series of Internet searches. She is finding that there are efficient and precise ways to do
            these searches.

____ 88. Her first search is for pages that include the term “railroad history,” but she is not interested in “cars”. What
         would be the search operator right before the keyword “cars”?
         a. And                                             c. Or
         b. Not                                             d. Quotation Marks
____ 89. A(n) ____ operates routers, communications equipment, and other network devices that handle the physical
         aspects of transmitting and receiving data between their subscribers and the Internet.
         a. ISP (Internet Service Provider)              c. DSS (Digital Satellite Service)
         b. DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)                d. PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)
____ 90. ____, such as MCI, Sprint, or AT&T, supply ISPs with access to high-speed transmission lines that form the
         backbone of the Internet.
         a. DNSs (Domain Name Servers)                c. NSPs (Network Service Providers)
            b. E-mail Servers                                d. Web Servers
____ 91. In communications terminology, ____ means changing the characteristics of a signal, as when a modem
         changes a digital pulse into an analog audio signal.
         a. resonance                                     c. demodulation
         b. amplification                                 d. modulation
____ 92. ____ breaks a message or file into packets.
         a. IP (Internet Protocol)                           c. ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode)
         b. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)              d. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
____ 93. Most Internet users have a(n) ____ IP address, for as long as they remain connected.
         a. non-volatile                                 c. flash
         b. volatile                                     d. dynamic
____ 94. A domain name ends with an extension that indicates its ____ domain.
         a. top-level                                  c. bottom-level
         b. low-level                                  d. high-level
____ 95. An Internet utility called ____ sends a signal to a specific Internet address and waits for a reply.
         a. Traceroute                                     c. ICMP
         b. Ping                                           d. Pang
____ 96. A technology called ____ makes it possible for one person's computer to directly access the contents of
         another person's hard disk.
         a. 4TN                                         c. HTM
         b. P2P                                         d. URL
____ 97. If Ping receives a reply to the signal it sends, it reports that the computer is online and displays the ____.
         a. amplitude                                         c. frequency
         b. elapsed time for the round-trip message           d. wavelength of the round-trip message
____ 98. Which of the following is the most inexpensive type of Internet connection?
         a. dial-up connection                          c. DSS
         b. cable modem access                          d. ISDN
____ 99. A(n) ____ modem is a device that changes a computer's signals into a form that can travel over cable TV
         a. analog                                    c. cable
         b. extensible                                d. TV
____ 100. Under ideal conditions, WiMAX can transmit data at ____.
          a. 25 Mbps                                  c. 25 Gbps
          b. 70 Mbps                                  d. 70 Gbps
____ 101. What is the range of upstream speeds for portable satellite service?
          a. 10-50 Kbps                                  c. 10-50 Mbps
          b. 50-500 Kbps                                 d. 50-500 Mbps
____ 102. ____ is a 3G technology that works on GSM and GPRS cellular networks.
          a. EV-DO                                    c. HSUPA
          b. EDGE                                     d. APMS
____ 103. ____ is a 3G technology developed by Qualcomm and currently deployed by Alltel, Sprint, and Verizon in
          major U.S. markets.
          a. HSUPA                                    c. APMS
          b. EV-DO                                    d. EDGE
____ 104. ____ is a 3.5G technology with theoretical maximum speeds in excess of 5 Mbps.
          a. HSUPA                                       c. EDGE
          b. EV-DO                                       d. APMS
____ 105. Which of the following is the slowest phone for transmitting data?
          a. HSUPA                                        c. EV-DO
          b. GSM/GPRS                                     d. EDGE
____ 106. A(n) ____ is a device that converts analog voice signals into digital data packets.
          a. UDP                                          c. USB
          b. ATA                                          d. VPN
____ 107. ____ allows telephone-style conversations to travel over the Internet to virtually anywhere in the world.
          a. E-commerce                                   c. Broadcasting
          b. IP telephony                                 d. Multicasting

____ 108. The figure above illustrates the basic architecture of a(n) ____ computing system.
          a. messaging                                      c. grid
          b. portal                                         d. FTP
____ 109. ____ management software divides computational problems into pieces that are farmed out to individual
          computers for processing.
          a. Grid                                     c. Socket
          b. Packet                                   d. Network
____ 110. An FTP server runs software that listens on ports ____ for requests coming in from other computers.
          a. 15 and 16                                    c. 50 and 51
          b. 8 and 9                                      d. 20 and 21
____ 111. In the late 1990s, ____ burst onto the national scene when college students became aware of a technology
          called Napster that provided free access to hit songs.
          a. Telnet                                         c. file sharing
          b. FTP                                            d. Usenet
____ 112. In BitTorrent lingo, a _____ is a group of computers temporarily networked to download a file.
          a. seeder                                      c. swarm
          b. leecher                                     d. tracker
____ 113. In BitTorrent lingo, a ____ is a client that does not allow other clients to download file pieces.
          a. tracker                                         c. leecher
          b. choker                                          d. swarm
____ 114. One of the most common ways of gaining unauthorized access to a network-based computer is by looking for
          open ____.
          a. keys                                     c. probes
          b. ports                                    d. packets
____ 115. A port ____ is the use of automated software to locate computers that have open ports and are vulnerable to
          unauthorized access.
          a. ping                                         c. VPN
          b. shield                                       d. probe
____ 116. You can use ____ software to open and close ports on your computer.
          a. firewall                                   c. intrusion
          b. DHCP                                       d. antivirus
____ 117. The firewall software included with Windows XP is ____.
          a. ICF                                       c. Traceroute
          b. FQDN                                      d. DNS
____ 118. ____ is the process your router uses to keep track of packets and their corresponding private or public IP
          a. SMTP                                          c. VoIP
          b. UDP                                           d. NAT
____ 119. It is possible to secure remote connections by setting up ____ access to a remote access server in a corporate
          a. VPN                                           c. ISDN
          b. ATA                                           d. EV-DO
____ 120. A modem transmits a ____ tone for a 0 data bit.
          a. 1,070 Hz                                     c. 1,070 GHz
          b. 1,070 MHz                                    d. 1,070 JHz
____ 121. The actual speed of a 56 Kkps modem is ____.
          a. 34 Kbps                                   c. 56 Kbps
          b. 44 Kbps                                   d. 66 Kbps
____ 122. Current DSL technology can transport data at speeds up to ____ downstream for a distance of about 1.25
          a. 3 Mbps                                      c. 3 Gbps
          b. 6 Mbps                                      d. 6 Kbps
____ 123. With cable Internet service, a standard home service plan offers ____ downstream.
          a. 384 Kbps                                     c. 6 Mbps
          b. 384 Mbps                                     d. 6 Gbps
____ 124. Daily plans for 24 hours of Wi-Fi hotspot access run ____.
            a. US$4-$10                                     c. US$25-$30
            b. US$14-$20                                    d. There is typically no cost for Wi-Fi
                                                               hotspot access.
____ 125. One ____ service provider encourages its customers to “Just plug in and jump online anywhere within the
          service area.”
          a. ISDN                                       c. ATA
          b. WiMAX                                      d. VoIP
____ 126. Monthly service fees for portable satellite service range from ____.
          a. US$10-$30                                      c. US$50-$75
          b. US$30-$60                                      d. US$100-$300
____ 127. Prices for cellular service provider plans fluctuate but can range from ____ per month and up.
          a. $10                                            c. $75
          b. $30                                            d. $100
____ 128. Which of the following is independently published firewall software?
          a. ICF                                         c. DOCSIS
          b. Sprint                                      d. BlackICE
____ 129. Most firewall software is preconfigured to block only unnecessarily open ____ targeted by hackers.
          a. patches                                      c. routes
          b. ports                                        d. signals
____ 130. Packets with ____ addresses are kept within a LAN by a router.
          a. remote                                      c. indexed
          b. virtual                                     d. local

Complete each statement.

     131. The term ____________________ was first used in the mid-1960s to describe a computer system that could
          store literary documents, link them according to logical relationships, and allow readers to comment and
          annotate what they read.

     132. The ____________________ is a collection of files that can be linked and accessed using HTTP.

     133. The ____________________ is an interlinked collection of information.

     134. A browser assembles a document on your computer screen according to the specifications contained in
          ____________________ tags.

     135. Web ____________________ software provides tools specifically designed to enter and format Web page
          text, graphics, and links.

     136. A series of scripting statements (e.g., written in JavaScript or VBScript) is called a(n)

     137. The term ____________________ popularly refers to a Web site that provides a variety of tools to help you
          find information.
138. ____________________ is typically used to describe financial transactions that are conducted over a
     computer network.

139. Banner and popup ads earn revenue for hosting merchants based on ____________________ --- the number
     of times that site visitors click the ad to connect to the advertiser’s site.

140. A(n) ____________________ is an advertisement, typically embedded at the top of a Web page.

141. A(n) ____________________ is an advertisement that appears in a separate window when you enter a Web

142. A(n) ____________________ is a cyberspace version of the metal cart you wheel around a store and fill up
     with merchandise.

143. ____________________ is an extension of HTTP that simply encrypts the text of an HTTP message before it
     is sent.

144. PayPal is an example of a(n) ____________________ payment service.

145. A(n) ____________________ provides the rights to a storage area, or “mailbox,” supplied by an e-mail
     provider, such as an ISP.

146. If you click an ad, a third party can surreptitiously create a(n) ____________________ cookie and use it to
     track your activities at any site containing banner ads from that third party.

147. ____________________ is a type of security software designed to identify and neutralize Web bugs,
     ad-serving cookies, and other spyware.

148. Individuals who prefer not to leave a trail of their Internet activities surf through a(n)
     ____________________ proxy service, which uses an intermediary server to relay Web page requests after
     masking the originating IP address.

149. ____________________ is an exploit that redirects users to fake sites by “poisoning” a domain name server
     with a false IP address.

150. Unwanted electronic junk mail about medical products, low-cost loans, and fake software upgrades that
     arrives in your online mailbox is ____________________.

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